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Which Variable Speed Pool Pump Is Best

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Pentair Superflo Variable Speed Pool Pump

What is the best variable speed pool pump for large pools?

Another entry on the list of our favorite variable speed pool pumps comes from Pentair, with the SuperFlo model. This bad boy is not only quiet and energy-efficient, when installed it will adapt to 115V or 230V power on its own. The SuperFlo moves water more efficiently at lower speeds compared to traditional pool pumps, making it an excellent choice for pools that require a pump that works up to 1.5HP.

A digital display makes programming, monitoring and operation of the pump simple. You can choose from three-speed settings or use the override setting to match the pump up to the specific requirements of your pool.

Customizable, quiet, easy to install, and hilariously efficient, the Pentair SuperFlo is a total beast.

Best Features Of The Blue Torrent Pumps Variable Speed

The pump offers some excellent and useful features which are compatible with all types of pool automation system as well as very easy to use. And it one of the best variable speed pool pump for inground pool in 2021. Lets see the top features of the pump

Built-in controller

The Blue Torrent Variable Speed Pump comes with a built-in controller that consequently controls the RPMs to augment execution and savings. It tends to be customized to meet your pools needs and run an assortment of pool gear all while saving you money which is really cool.

Hybrid motor

The motor is one of the most crucial parts of the swimming pool water system. The Blue torrent VS pump comes with a hybrid motor. The Variable speed motor is totally unique in relation to a single-speed motor.

Its synchronous magnetic motor uses whats called uncommon earth magnets. This magnetic innovation not just lessens the measure of power needs to run the motor, it everything except disposes of the heat that wears out single-speed motors.


I think it is one of the great things that I should mention. Whereas most of the brands provide a warranty for their items for one, two, three years warranty, the Blue torrent VS pool pump comes with a lifetime warranty. Yes, you heard, right. The pump comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump

Best Overall Pool Pump

Pentairs IntelliFlo variable speed pump is our choice for the best overall pool pump because it automates the entire pool cleaning process. With a 3 HP motor, the pump offers eight different speeds and a built-in timer.

Plus, Energy Star certification ensures that it uses less power than alternative models Pentair promises up to a 90 percent reduction in energy costs. Of course, the highlight is the fact that the pump can interface with your other digital pool and spa products meaning you dont have to trek out to the backyard at all hours to make sure the pump is running.

  • Can handle pools of all sizes


  • Can be challenging to determine the optimal flow rate and setting for your pool
  • The pump offers error codes when theres a problem, but you likely need pro help to figure out the fix

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Blue Torrent Pumps Variable Speed

In the best variable speed pool pump reviews, lets break down the Blue Torrent VS pump. Variable speed siphons permit you to program your GPM/flow to the specific amount you need or want. Control the entire rate of your pool water flow by setting the pool pumps RPM to exactly what is required, no more, no less.

Variable speed pool siphons offer the most elevated measure of adaptability and the least energy consumption, which is the greatest benefit of it.

Blue Torrent is one of the leading VS pump manufacturer companies which has a very good reputation in the market to construct high-quality pool pumps.

If you are thinking of buying the best variable speed pool pump, then the Variable speed pump can be an outstanding solution for you.

Which Pump Is Right For You

7 Best Variable Speed Pool Pumps 2020 Reviews

Your pool professional will help choose which speed and size pump is best for you.

If you have an above-ground swimming pool, a single-speed pump in the PowerFlo family of pumps is ideal for you.

TriStar, Super II, Super Pump and MaxFlo pumps come in a variety of single-speed pumps which gives you and your pool professional the opportunity to find a pool pump that is ideal for your specific application.

  • Types of Single

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Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Variable speed pumps are a rather new type of pump that uses permanent magnet motors and allow the speed to be adjusted to the exact flow rate you want it to be. These are the most versatile pumps due to the fact that they offer many different speed option from off to high speed.

With this, theres less friction on the filter and piping so that the pool can run with reduced energy consumption and users can worry about less damage. Variable speed pumps can run speeds as low as 600 RPM all the way up to 3450 RPM.

  • More efficient than single speed pumps
  • Quieter than other pool pump types
  • Puts less stress on the motor since speed can be adjusted
  • Most expensive pump type
  • On certain models, analog control limits number of speeds due to the number of available relays offered in automation system

Best Variable Speed Pool Pump For The Money In 2021

Are you seeking the best variable speed pool pump for the money in 2021? Great, you have to have got the right article. Here I will provide the best variable speed pool pump reviews from different brands. So, what are you waiting for? Lets explore the 5 best variable speed pool pump for inground pool.

The pool pump is one of the most crucial parts of the swimming pool. Without a high-quality and powerful pool pump, then the swimming pool is a nightmare, and finding the best variable speed pool pump for the money is a big challenge.

I guess you know that variable-speed pool siphons can spare you a great deal of cash, yet you may be frightened off by the costs and the overall troubles of making sense of which model is directly for your pool.

You cant simply ask the pool company, as theyll positively charge you more than its worth to suggest and introduce another pump.

Your pool pump needs to endeavor to move water and synthetics all through the pool, sift through dreadful items, and sometimes, help keep the water warmed or cooled.

They regularly suck up control and need to work lasting throughout the year. The pump is the core of your pool framework.

So without any delay, lets see what are the top-notch at the same time the best variable speed pool pump for inground pool in 2021.

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How Much Can You Save By Switching To A Variable Speed Pump

We have been narrating about energy efficiency with a variable speed pump from the beginning. Let us break down how much pool owners save with a variable speed pump.

When using a variable pump for your ground pool, you can easily reduce the efficiency of the pump by 30%, lending reduced energy expenditure by 70%. Sounds pretty amazing, doesnt it? Reports suggest that using a variable pump reduces the energy costs by 1/8th of what you were paying for the single-speed pumps.

Even when you are running your variable speed pump for 24 hours a day, an optimized flow rate saves up a lot more than you can imagine.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps Vs One And Two Speed Which Is Best

3 Reasons To Get A Variable Speed Pool Pump

If you are considering a new pool or even replacing your existing pool pump, you’re probably wondering which type of pool pump and filter system best meets your needs.

That’s a great question, and you’ve come to the right place to get some answers!

There are three general types of pool pumps: single speed, two speed, and variable speed.

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Hayward W3sp1580x15 Power Flo Pool Pump

  • The Hayward PowerFlo LX Single-Speed 1.
  • Heavy-duty motor offers dependable performance, energy efficiency and quiet operation
  • Durable, corrosion-proof housing for all-weather performance and quiet operation
  • Extra-large debris basket with clear cover keeps pool maintenance to a minimum
  • Drain plug provides easy maintenance of pump

Hayward Ecostar Variable Speed Pool Pump

EcoStar is a 230-Voltage pump, and it comes with a speed range between 1,000 to 3,450 RPM.

The hydraulic designed coupled with a no-rib basket translates to efficient debris removal, ensuring your pump doesnt clog easily.

The pump comes with a multi-position digital control interface that moves in different directions, and you can dismantle it and mount it to the wall if you wish. Plus, the pump has a service mode that enables swift cleaning of your pool.

Additionally, it has 8 custom speed settings and a 24-hour clock that youd normally expect from the highest quality VS pool pumps.

EcoStars ability to match its pump speed with the pools needs makes it one of the most energy-efficient pumps out there.

There are a few reports of customers saying the pump doesnt have great durability. It appears that theres a chance the pump may start to experience problems after a 3 to 5-year mark, which is still more than enough time for you to get your moneys worth if you were using a single-speed pump. Moreover, Hayward is quite good with its customer support, and some customers report receiving replacements even past the warranty period. But EcoStar may not be the best option if you are looking for the most durable pump.

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Hayward Ecostar Svrs Variable Speed Energy Efficient Pool Pump

The EcoStar Variable Speed Pool Pump is an energy-efficient pool pump that can help you save up to 90% on energy costs. To ensure you get the most out of this pump, its user interface is designed for flexibility, allowing you to position it in a location that is most convenient for you. Once in place, its integrated 24-hour timer and eight programmable speeds can be set up for effortless operation.

The EcoStar Variable Speed Pool Pump is also big on family safety. The pump has a Safety Vacuum Release System which prevents swimmer entrapment and its overall design protects it from freezing temperatures, meltdowns, and priming failures. So, if you are looking for a pump that is as efficient as it is safe, the EcoStar may be the best choice for you.

Where The Savings Count

Best Variable Speed Pool Pump Reviews 2020

Because variable speed pumps offer a much wider array of settings, they allow you to run your pool at optimum speed or the lowest speed to get the job done. This, in turn, creates less friction on your piping, filter, and accessories allowing your pool to run at a much lower energy level, as well as, less wear and tear, saving you money and increasing the lifespan of your equipment. This type of customization also allows you to program your pump to take advantage of lower rates through your electricity company when you are on off peak hours.

Buying a variable-speed pump may also qualify you for government incentives such as reduced utility rates. Power companies sometimes offer rebates to entice you to reduce your power consumption by using energy-efficient appliances and making smart choices. Local government may also offer after purchase rebates!

Tip: Check your local power companys website for rebate information before you buy a new pool pump. You may be eligible for rebates, incentives and further information from your local council about cutting energy usage around your home –

Fact: Having the right pool pump can save you more than $50 a month, so its definitely worthwhile seeking a good variable speed pool pump!

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Did You Know That A Swimming Pool Pump

  • Accounts for 25% of your households energy bill
  • Is the largest electricity consumer in your home
  • Uses three times the energy of a refrigerator
  • On average costs $427 per year to operate

Recently my wife and I built a swimming pool in our backyard and from a professional standpoint this was such a great learning experience. Building our pool allowed me to test out many of the pool products that I have recommended over the years. During this process I found there were products that I absolutely loved, but at the same time there were a few products that I have recommended on a daily basis that I would not recommend in the future again.

One of my favorite items connected to my pool is my . It is so quiet, gives me great flexibility with my water features and most important it is extremely energy efficient. During the time period that I was building our pool, I also started to participate quite a bit in a few online swimming pool forums and whenever the topic of pumps would arise I would be eager to suggest a variable speed pump. As I commented on this topic I noticed that there were a few who felt that variable speed pumps were not the best choice and in many cases would suggest a dual speed pump. So, I decided that I would dig a little deeper into this topic and I have shared my findings in this blog post.

Hayward W3sp2603vsp Super Pump Vs Variable

View on Amazon

can be called a twin of the Pentair IntelliFloThe only difference is a twice lower HP rate.

Lets consider each point separately.

Here is a variable-speed pool pump with a self-contained 24-hour clock and up to 8 custom speed and timer functions. All control goes through a built-in fully programmable touchpad. Once again, it can rotate in four different positions for your convenience.

Though the motor is slightly weaker, it features a permanent magnet design with totally enclosed fan-cooled technology . Your energy economy will form up to 80% over single-speed pumps.

Rotation per minute varies from 600 to 3450 RPM, and we also get 69GPM.

The unit suits all inground pools and can operate both in standalone mode or in connection with any automation system.

Cons are traditionally the same for such a top-level product, i.e., literally none. The only concerns are high price, tricky warranty conditions, and possible leakages.

Also, several touchpad positions make this Hayward more than a great product in terms of design compared to many other pumps in our review. Pick up Hayward W3SP2603VSP Super Pump VS if you look for the best design.

  • 3.0HP.

Each pump can turn over a certain amount of water.

In vehicles and other power tools, the highest horsepower is always the best choice, but here, it is not the case.

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How To Choose The Best Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Now that we have described the basic process to find the right size pool pump for yourself, let us elaborate a little more on that. Instead of just the size, let us delve more into some of the other factors that you need to consider when you are buying a 3hp variable speed pool pump or one below that.

Hayward Sp3206vsp Tristar Variable Speed Pool Pump

What Is The Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

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ideal for replacing 3HP single and dual speed pool pumps

Being an ENERGY Star rated pump, you are eligible for rebates. Under the hood, we have a totally enclosed fan cooled permanent magnet motor and has 4-speed settings.

We also have onboard diagnostics that detect priming failures while the automatic protection protects the motor in case of extreme temperature and voltage fluctuations.

To ensure maximum efficiency, the TriStar VS works with 2-inch and 2.5-inch plumbing.

When it comes to usability, Hayward designed this pump with a digital touchpad control interface that can be attached to the pump or wall-mounted. It boasts up to 8 custom timer functions and 24-hour programmable clock.

Additionally, it is compatible with automation systems like Hayward OmniLogic® among others.

When you read the negative reviews, you find complaints that this pump doesnt save energy. Well, this is not a shortcoming because such pool owners are running a pump that is too powerful for their needs. As a 3HP pump, you should install it if you have a large and busy pool that needs constant water circulation. One shortcoming is the loud noise when at maximum speed.

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Programming Options For Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Some variable-speed pumps have built-in programming features that make them super energy efficient. These pumps allow you to program them so they use just enough power to perform a particular task, such as operating a waterfall.

With these automation options, you dont have to remember to switch speeds yourself. The pump does it for you automatically. Its pretty simple to program, too. If you can set your pool timer, you can automate your pool pump.

Installation Requirements: Wired Vs Plug

Many pool pumps require direct wiring into your electrical system. At the same time, such pumps typically stipulate that they are compatible with inground, permanent installation models only.

Pumps for temporary setups often plug into an outlet rather than wiring into your propertys electrical grid. Depending on your pool type , setup plans , and the available facilities, you might choose either a wired or plug-in pump model.

In most cases, wired pumps are suitable for larger pools with higher volumes of water so a plug-in pump might be better for smaller or temporary pool setups.

Also, some jurisdictions may require that an electrician sign off the installation of a wired pool pump. Check your local building code requirements to determine whether you need a professional to assist, or if you can DIY.

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Vs Pump Pipe Size Connections

The most common PVC connections are 1.5 or 2. Some pumps will accept both pipe sizes, and some will accept only 2.5. Larger pipe size is best, as 1.5 pipe has flow limitations and more resistance. It is also important is to have 12 of straight pipe before the pump, and to use sweep elbows instead of hard 90° elbows.


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