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Who Makes The Best Inground Pool Liners

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Our Awesome Pool Liners

How To Replace An Inground Pool Liner

Backed by one of the best warranties in the industry, our liners are made to last. The vinyl we use is fortified with antimicrobial/antifungal additives and finished with a clear-coat to protect your liner. Our liners are designed to fit with a minimal burden of stretch which makes them last longer.

We are strong proponents of using a thicker wall with a thinner floor. This configuration allows the liner to stretch more uniformly instead of concentrating the stretch at the top portion of the wall. Although most of our patterns are available this way, many are also available with thicker wall and floor or, for the budget minded consumer, thinner wall and floor.

What Is Virgin Vinyl

I figured this term deserved a paragraph or two because you will see it everywhere.

I wish all vinyl were created equal, but then you would not be looking for pool liner reviews, and would not be reading this article to find the best above-ground pool liner. So, know this, while thickness matters, you only want to buy pool liners made of Virgin Vinyl .

Virgin Vinyl is a term used in the industry to describe vinyl that is 100 percent new vinyl or pure if you like. There is no added plastics or recycled vinyl in virgin vinyl. Liners made with added plastic or recycled vinyl, do not expand and contract evenly, and thus, do not fit as well, or stand up to extreme weather conditions. Ultimately, all this means is that pool liners made with recycled vinyl or plastic, do not last as long and should cost less.

What Is The Best Gauge For Pool Liners

20 gauge25 gauge

. Similarly, what is the best thickness for a pool liner?

To start, vinyl pool liners are usually 20, 27, 28, or 30 mils thick. The decision on whether or not to upgrade the thickness is yoursbut keep in mind that this detail that will be with you for 5-9 years. What you’ll want to know: The basics

Similarly, what is the best pool liner? Here are the best above ground pool liners you can buy:

  • Best overall: SmartLine Waves of Poseidon 24 Ft. Round Liner.
  • Best 24 ft pool liner: SmartLine Antilles Dolphin 24 Ft.
  • Best SmartLine pool liner: SmartLine Stone Harbor 12 Ft. by 24 Ft.
  • Best Swimline pool liner: In The Swim 24 Ft. Round Overlap.

One may also ask, is a thicker pool liner better?

The thicker a liner is, the higher the cost tends to be. Thicker liners offer a little added puncture/tear protection. Thinner liners have greater elasticity and can therefore provider a better fit in many cases. Thicker liners are more challenging to install properly.

How long will a 20 mil pool liner last?

10 years

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Inground Vinyl Pool Liner Thickness: Basics Costs And Options

Installation & Construction | Pool Manufacturing Process | Swimming Pool FAQs | Swimming Pool Design | Vinyl Liner Pool Information

Are you shopping for vinyl pool liners for your swimming pool and uncertain what thickness is best? Want to verify in laymans terms what your pool builder has offered? Unsure what a mil measurement even means?

At River Pools, we specialize in manufacturing fiberglass pools, and we also know a lot about other inground pool types. If you’re interested in a vinyl liner swimming pool for your home, we want to share some key information on the thickness of the liner to help you make the best choices while buying your pool.

To start, vinyl pool liners are usually 20, 27, 28, or 30 mils thick. The decision on whether or not to upgrade the thickness is yoursbut keep in mind that this detail that will be with you for 5-9 years.

What youll want to know:

  • The basics
  • If thicker liners last longer
  • How much more they cost
  • If theyre worth it
  • How to make sure your liner lasts as long as possible

How Do I Choose A Vinyl Pool Liner

How to Choose the Best Vinyl Pool Liners

Select the Thickness The thickness of the liner is less important than the fit. A liner that fits properly will last much longer than a thicker liner that doesnt. Vinyl pool liners do not fail because they are not thick enough. We recommend choosing a pool liner based on the pattern rather than the thickness.

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Comparison : Best Warranty

VinylAccording to, 94 percent of vinyl pool owners reported that their liner replacements were not covered by their pool warranties. Heres the reason: while a vinyl pool manufacturer might offer a 20 or 30-year warranty, theyre specifically covering defective workmanship, and full coverage often ends after two years. After that, the coverage percentage decreases every year. So, by the time your liner needs to be replaced, the warranty may cover as little as 10 percent of the replacement cost. No warranty covers the cost of draining and refilling your pool.

GuniteBecause gunite pools are built from the ground up, there is no such thing as a manufacturers warranty on them. Warranties come from the pool builder. Thus, they will vary from one builder to the next. Gunite pool buyers should ask their pool builder what type of warranties they offer for equipment, workmanship and structural defects.

FiberglassMost quality fiberglass pool manufacturers offer a warranty on both the structure and the surface of the pool shell, which are transferable to a new owner if you sell your home.

The structural warranty refers to the integrity of the pool walls themselves and their ability to withstand groundwater pressure. The surface warranty covers osmotic blistering

Look for a lifetime structural warranty and 15-year surface warranty.

Best Warranty

Is It Time To Replace Your Vinyl Pool Liner

Vinyl liners play a critical role in your pools makeup. Aesthetically, a beautiful liner can catch the eye. Functionally, a fully intact liner retains pool water.

While these facts may seem obvious, pool owners often ignore telltale signs that its time to change their vinyl liners. But why is installing a new liner important, and when is it time?

Installing a new vinyl liner will enhance the look of your swimming pool, and can ultimately be a transformative piece of any backyard makeover. No matter your style, we carry a wide variety of patterns to help you achieve it. Reflective liners are colorful and relaxed, while our vivid liners offer striking details. You can create a deep and seductive feel with alluring or infinity liners. All options make for a great pool facelift.

Most importantly, though, replacing your liner will give you a fresh layer of protection between pool water and pool floor. There are a number of unavoidable occurrences that wear down your pool over time. The greatest factor of vinyl deterioration comes from the beating sun evaporating your water and creating a chemical imbalance. But damage can occur in a number of ways. Damage can be detected by:


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A Perfect Fit For Any Pool

The Acqua di Lusso range of pool liners is available for inground pools that are either standard or custom shaped. Within our pool liner range are not only a great range of colours and patterns, but also offer versions for commercial and heated pools.

In fact in 2014 we refurbished the iconic One and Only Hayman Island 8.5 million litre swimming pool. You don’t get a test of a product much harder than that!

Our Acqua di Lusso range of inground pool liners are made using the highest quality pool liner materials, because when it comes to buying a swimming pool liner, you want to know that your investment will last. Thats why we only make UV-resistant pool liners that are ideally suited to the harsh Australian conditions.

Summary & Conclusion Best Above

Fiberglass vs Concrete vs Vinyl Inground Pools: Which is Best?

Above-ground swimming pool liners are not all created equal. Dont buy a pool liner if you cant tell how thick it is. If you are purchasing a pool liner from Company A, find out how Company A describes the quality and thickness of their products, and then buy the best they offer. Its just not that much more money.

You should also try to find out if the floor is thinner than the wall. Ask your sales professional to show you patterns available in their thickest vinyl. Unfortunately, many will not know the real measurements. So then buy HG versions or Perma 2500 liners. Never buy a pool liner based on the gauge, as in 20 gauge.

And remember the best above-ground pool liner you can buy is a 20/20 mil meaning a 20 mil wall and 20 mil floor.

We would like to sell you a quality liner. Moreover, we want to install it for you if you are in our service area. Pool Liner Shop

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Why Choose A Liner Because Of Thickness

Many professional builders actually prefer 20mil liners because they have more elasticity which helps them fit better in some cases. Thicker liners tend to be less pliable and much heavier which can make the installation more difficult. A proper fitting 20 mil liner will outlast an improper fitting thicker liner. There can be advantages to thicker liners though. 27mil and thicker liners can help protect against abrasive pool surfaces and provide additional puncture protection. Normally liners do not fail due to either issue, however, in some cases thickness can be an added benefit.

What Are Swimming Pool Liners

A swimming pool liner is fabricated using multiple sheets of vinyl seamed together. The material is specifically designed and hand-tailored to cover the floors and walls. While liners can be used decoratively, they also have important functional purposes.

First, the pool liner creates a pleasing, silky-smooth texture, preventing painful cuts or scrapes. Second, it retains water and prevents leakage that could seriously damage the pool or surrounding area. Available in a huge variety of colors and patterns, liners also define the overall look of the pool. For all of these reasons both aesthetic and practical a quality liner is an absolute must for both inground and above-ground pools.

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Comparison : Affordable And Available High

Features: Wide-open steps, Tanning ledges, Benches, Swim-outs, Beach entries, Sunken living areas

VinylWhile vinyl pool builders can install features like tanning ledges relatively inexpensively, they will still be covered with vinyl and may not be able to withstand the pressure of a ledge lounger without tearing. Sometimes, steps can be troublesome in vinyl liner pools when the steps are made of a polymer and covered in vinyl liner because they can make for slippery entrance and exit from the pool. In standard installations, pool buyers will often opt for either white plastic steps or a removable ladder.

And while some pool builders attempt to create the feel of a beach entry pool in a vinyl installation by creating sloped decking leading down to it, theres no such thing as a truly zero entry vinyl pool. Custom designs like sunken living areas are not possible in vinyl pools.

Basically, high-end features are not as available, must be custom-built, and are not always worth it in vinyl pools.

GuniteAny combination of features is possible with a gunite pool.

However, each feature can add significantly to the cost of the overall pool project.

For many years, high-end features like beach entries and sunken living areas have only been available in gunite pools. Both of these custom features have, until recently, been found mostly in luxury hotels and resorts.

With fiberglass pools there are a variety of built-in high-end features that give you luxury for a reasonable price.

Why Do Different Companies Have The Same Pool Liner Patterns With Different Names

Inground Vinyl Pool Liner Thickness: What You Need To Know

Some pool liner manufacturers design a pattern and have their suppliers print them. Creating a print gives them an advantage, as they hold the patent for the design. Suppliers cant just take a picture of anothers liner and sell it as their own.

The suppliers that provide the material to manufacturers also have in-house designers their prints often get sold to many liner manufacturers. Liner manufacturers can name the patterns designed by suppliers anything they want .

This branding/naming is why you see the same liner pattern sold by different companies, with different names. They are buying vinyl from the same suppliers. Remember, just because the design is the same, it does not mean the thickness is also the same. The same print is often used on five pieces of vinyl of various thickness and quality.

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Alternatives To Inground Vinyl Liner Pools

Liner maintenance is a common issue for inground vinyl liner pools. For comparison, fiberglass pools are actually fine for dogs to play in. Their claws cant puncture or tear the gel coat. Fiberglass pools also have no liner to replace, which reduces your lifetime cost of ownershipliner replacements cost more in the long run.

Concrete pools are durable as well and wont be scratched or split by dog claws or sharp objects that fall in the pool. While they have a higher lifetime cost for maintenance, they look classic and dont lose resale value due to future vinyl liner replacements.

For the best choice of pool for your family, we recommend you learn more about the differences between vinyl liner pools, concrete pools, and fiberglass pools before making your final decision. You can also download our free ebook which compares these three pool types in-depth by clicking the button below.

At River Pools, we manufacture and install world-class fiberglass swimming pools for customers across North America . We have pools of all shapes and sizes and for small to large backyards. We even have pools with built-in benches, tanning ledges, and spas.

Want to know how much your fiberglass pool might cost? Contact us today to request pricing and discuss the details of your pool project, or try out our pool pricing calculator tool below for a fast estimate:

Want to see about how much that cost will be with all your favorite pool accessories?

Vinyl Liner Manufacturer Stock

All manufacturers buy stock from suppliers, some from the same suppliers. Some vinyl is cheap and includes recycled plastics with little plasticizers. Some prints will not hold up well to chlorine and UV rays, some will. Some liner prints/patterns come in more than one thickness. Same print/different vinyl quality!

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Swimming Pool Liner Patterns & Designs

A swimming pool liner does more than just hold water it also completes your pools appearance. Simply by changing the liner, you can give your pool a complete makeover, getting the experience of a brand-new swimming pool at just a fraction of the cost.

Get creative and express yourself by choosing between our industry-leading offering of breathtaking above ground and inground swimming pool liner patterns, colors, and styles. From mosaic and geometric designs, to bold solid pool liner colors, to patterns inspired by nature, we carry a variety of the most popular above ground pool liner patterns. And with our patented Ultra-Seam technology, which comes standard on all of our pool liners, youll never see an unsightly seam again.

Inground Pool Liner Choices

Troubleshooting In-Ground Pool Liners : Pool Maintenance

An inground liner for your pool is not only an attractive and inexpensive method of renovating an inground swimming pool, but can also be used to line a new swimming pool. Vinyl pool liners are also ideally suited in situations where there is expected ground movement or where an existing concrete pool has cracked and leaked.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Inground Pool Liner

Most homeowners spend between $979 and $3,278 or an average of $2,122 for repairing or replacing an inground or above ground vinyl swimming pool liner. The cost can get as low as $350 for a simple patch of a tear and as high as $4,100 for a complete replacement. The average cost to repair or install a pool liner lands around $1,900.

Welcome To Best Pool Liners

Thank you for visiting Best Pool Liners, your local pool liner company. Our company has over 30 years of experience in pool liner replacements.

We specialize in pool liner replacements for both inground and above ground pools. We replace over 1500 pool liners yearly and as a result we have become experts in measuring & installing replacement pool liners for any pool shape or pool brand. We offer a variety of POOL LINER DESIGNS to match every pool owners style. Our pool liners come in 20 & 27 mil thicknesses & we provide the best warranty in the industry.

Dear valued customer, Whether you are looking to renovate your pool or install a replacement pool liner, one thing remains constant: Our company offers the best installation & best customer service in the industry. So please call us or fill out our contact form. We would love to hear from you. Thank you for your time.

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Gli Pool Liner Reviews

GLI sells both above-ground and In-ground pool liners. They like most use HG to describe their better offerings. I sell a pattern they make exclusively for Pool Corp/SCP called Beachview. Pool Corp is the largest pool supplies distributor .

The Beachview HG is an attractive pool liner and good quality.

Inground Vinyl Pool Liners

Vinyl Liner Pool Installation

Let Islander beautify your swimming pool with a professional pool liner installation. We are proud to carry Latham swimming pool liners, the highest quality swimming pool liner manufacturer made right here in Scotia, NY.

When Islander replaces your vinyl liner you can be sure they are not only the best fitting but also done by the best installers around. An inground liner needs to be measured correctly to insure a proper fit. Our estimator and installer have been doing this for over 25 years each and are the best around.

Islander Pools and Spas has built thousands of inground vinyl liner swimming pools in the Capital District. Chances are you may have one.

Please call us at 456-0958 for a free quote, and let us transform your pool back to when you knew THE BEST VACATION IS IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD.

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