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4 Person Hot Tub Costco

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Benefits Of Buying Hot Tubs At Costco

Costco HOT TUB review and opinion

There are numerous benefits of buying a hot tub at Costco. Here are some of them.

  • Affordability Costco is an ideal choice for people who are on a budget or dont want to spend a lot of money on their spa
  • Variety Costco offers different types of hot tubs in various shapes and sizes, including inflatable and in-ground models
  • Durable and low maintenance The hot tubs have high-quality materials that last for years. The low-maintenance design means that you wont have to spend time cleaning or maintaining your spa
  • Highly customizable You can choose between lounge and non-lounge seating, as well as other features like lighting, sound systems, and more
  • Flexible return policy Costco has an open-ended return policy on nearly all purchases. It will even accept returns of opened or used tubs, as long as its within six months of purchase and there is no damage or defect

Intex Purespa Plus 85


If you have the space, this might be the best inflatable hot tub you can find at this price. Capable of holding up to six people, this popular model features two contoured headrests and up to 170 high-powered bubble jets, which should melt away any stressors of the day.

The built-in Fiber-Tech construction is built to last, and the puncture-resistant exterior is made of three-ply laminated material. Setup/breakdown is a breeze, and the insulated cover is there to minimize heat loss in between steam sessions. Thereâs even a neat multi-colored LED light for added ambiance.

And priced at just under $700, this is one of the best value inflatable hot tubs right now.

How Does Costco Deliver A Hot Tub

Costco uses curbside delivery for its hot tubs. This means that theyll deliver it right to your driveway or garage so that you dont have to worry about moving it into your home or yard.

Curbside delivery is a service provided by retailers that allow you to order online and have your purchases delivered to your home. The driver will usually place the items in your garage or on the front porch, but some will leave them on the curb for you to retrieve. Costco takes approximately 2-4 weeks to deliver your hot tub.

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Whats The Best Time Of The Year To Buy A Hot Tub

The best time to buy a hot tub is in the fall . During this time, most retailers start offering discounts on hot tubs. It is also a good time because fewer people are looking for hot tubs at that time of year.

Costco sells its hot tubs primarily online. However, they occasionally offer roadshow opportunities where other hot tub retailers sell their merchandise at Costco outlets. In most cases, the sale starts on one weekend and runs through the week, ending the following weekend.

Intex Greywood Deluxe Inflatable Spa Hot Tub

4 Person Hot Tub For Sale


Intex’s Greywood Deluxe Hot Tub comes in two sizes: The larger of the two can fit up to six people, has a 290-gallon capacity, and 170 water jets. The smaller, 4-person model has a 210-gallon capacity, and 140 jets.

What makes both models a lot of fun, though, is the color-changing LED light, which provides a certain style when hot tubbing at night. Both models also come with two foam headrests, and the exterior has a gray wood-style look . They also have a wireless control panel, which lets you adjust the temperature, bubbles, and set a timer for when it should turn on and off. If you want a light show in your hot tub, this is the model for you.

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Coleman Saluspa Hawaii Square Inflatable Outdoor Hot Tub


Sometimes it’s hip to be square. Coleman’s Hawaii SaluSpa inflatable hot tub takes a different shape than other, circular hot tubs, but still has all the amenities you want: 114 bubble jets, a cushioned floor, and room for up to four people. It’s available in blue and gray.

Digital controls on the top of the pump are easy to navigate, and let you adjust the temperature, bubbles, and set timers. The filter cartridges are a cinch to replace, and the whole package is compact enough to store in the garage. The kit comes with the pool, one pool liner, a pool cover, a pump a chemical floater, two filter cartridges, an air pad protector, a repair patch, and an AirJet system.

Best Saltwater: Calderaspas Martinique 5

Caldera Spas

  • Foot ridge has great design

  • Cover included

  • Not very many jets

  • Salt water system adds to cost

If you are specifically looking for a saltwater option, look no further than The Martinique 5-Person hot tub from CalderaSpas. It comes with the FreshWater Salt System that keeps the water clean and clear up to a full year without additional treatment. This system also monitors the water of your hot tub and provides details and instructions on the attached screen.

The jets in the hot tub are also great, although there arent as many of them as in other hot tub options. The jets that are part of the foot ridge are notable as they can provide comfort to your calves and feet. The hot tub also comes with a cover that is custom-built for each hot tub and has a child lock.

Dimensions:89 x 76 x 34 inches | Shape: Square | Voltage: 230 | Water Capacity: 285 gallons | Number of Jets: 34

Our top pick is the Aquarest Spas 5-Person 29-Jet Plug and Play Spa it offers an excellent water filtration system, comfortable seating options, and is easy to set up. If youre looking for a more roomy option, the Jacuzzi Large Comfort Open Seating Hot Tub is a great value for its size and can seat 6-7 people. It also offers entertainment, smart home, and cold weather packages at an extra cost.

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Coleman Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub


After a long day of jogging, hiking, or rearranging furniture in your attic, thereâs nothing quite like sinking into your own personal jacuzzi. Brought to you by a brand most may associate with camping equipment, the green-and-white Coleman SaluSpa is a great option for end-of-the-day, on-the-patio relaxation.

Setup is super simple: no tools required. Thanks to durable PVC materials and secure I-beam construction, this hot tub is built to last, and it wonât lose its shape over time. The water heats up all the way to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and 114 bubble jets are there to soothe your aching muscles. The multi-function pump doesnât just heat the water, either it also inflates the SaluSpa, and regulates the water filtration system. Thanks to the Power Saving Timer, you can even control the temperature up to 72 hours in advance, so that blissful soak will be ready when you are.

Customer Reviews Of The Four Person Inflatable Hot Tub

Install Costco Hot Tub and Run 220V Electric

I wanted to see what owners of this hot tub thought about their purchase so I checked in a couple of places.

There were only 18 reviews on Costcos website which is not enough to be really useful so I pulled up the customer reviews for the Bestway Miami inflatable hot tub on Amazon.

The Miami and Laguna are both made by Bestway and, to the best that I can tell, have identical specifications:

  • 71 x 26 x 26 inches
  • 177 gallons
  • 120 air jets
  • 2-4 people

There were almost 3,500 customer reviews for this spa on Amazon which is a large enough data set to get a real feel for what customers think about this product.

  • Overall folks are pretty satisfied with the tub with 83% of customers leaving a 5 of 4 Star review.
  • About 11% of people were dissatisfied with their purchase and left either a 1 or 2 Star review.

The negative comments had two general themes:

  • Poor Quality
  • Horrible Customer Service

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Why Trust The Spruce

This article was researched and written by Katie Begley, a freelance writer specializing in home and family products. Katie has been writing for The Spruce since 2019. For this list, Katie considered top recommended products that had popular features like jets and lounge seating as well as those with customizable setups. She also consulted with St. Louis-based hot tub salespeople to find out which hot tubs their customers like and which they use themselves.

  • BEST HOT TUBS. BestReviews.

  • Indulge in One of These Top-Rated Hot Tubs to Transform Your Outdoor Space. Popular Mechanics.

  • Are Costco Hot Tubs Good Quality

    Costco hot tubs are a great option if you want to own a hot tub on a budget. The hot tubs come with decent quality at an affordable price.

    Most hot tubs last for 5-20 years, depending on the quality of their materials. Costco hot tubs last for at least five years, but some have stayed for ten years or more.

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    Can You Return A Costco Hot Tub

    Costco has a flexible return policy that allows you to return your hot tub within six months of purchase. You can exchange your hot tub for a different model or get a refund.

    If you buy a hot tub from Costco and it doesnt work out, you can return it for a refund. Heres how to do it:

    • Log in to your Costco account
    • Go to Orders and Returns
    • Follow the prompts to complete your return request
    • Once youve placed your request, youll receive a shipping label via email
    • Print the label
    • Pack up your hot tub and ship it back using the shipping label provided by Costco
    • Ensure you include the original packaging and all accessories when returning it

    The Winner Is The Aquajets 5

    Portable Hot Tubs Costco

    Jenica Currie is an expert content manager, producer, writer, and editor with over a decade of experience cultivating online communities. Before joining Dotdash Meredith, Jenica worked as a community manager for Just Answer, and as a community manager and managing editor at RealTravel, a former trip planning site.

    We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

    The Spruce / Sabrina Jiang

    The right hot tub offers year-round outdoor relaxation right in your own backyard. We researched dozens of models, evaluating them on durability, installation, value, and range of features.

    Our best overall pick is the Aquajets 5-Person 29-Jet Plug and Play Spa, which has plenty of seating, is easy to set up, and offers a top-notch filtration system.

    Here are the best hot tubs.

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    Costco Portable Hot Tub Reviews What Are They

    You might be wondering what these products are since there are so many different types of hot tubs out there. They are basically inflatable tubs that can be placed outdoors or indoors depending on your needs and preferences. Some people even have them in the backyard for a quick dip after a long day at work.

    These products are also known as portable. In other words, they can be easily moved from one place to another without any hassle. This is why they are also called inflatable or portable.

    You might be wondering what makes them so special and why people love them so much. Well, there are actually several benefits that you can enjoy when you own one of these products. COSTCO SALUSPA HOT TUBS

    They include:

    1. They are easy to use if youve never used one before, then youll like the fact that they dont require a lot of effort to use. All you need to do is set it up and turn it on in order to start enjoying its benefits right away

    2. They are comfortable these products provide a relaxing experience that most people love because they allow them to forget about their worries and relax

    3. They come in different sizes if youre looking for a product that can accommodate you and your family, then you can choose from different sizes that are suitable for different purposes. You can either choose a small one to use in your backyard or a larger one to use at the spa

    Does Costco Install Hot Tubs

    Costco does not install hot tubs for homeowners. Its employees are untrained in the service or installation of hot tubs. To install a hot tub at your home, you must hire an outside contractor.

    Before you install a hot tub in your backyard, there are some preparations that youll want to make beforehand.

    • Level the ground: Ensure that you level the area where you intend to place the tub. It also needs a firm base to support the weight of the water and the occupants
    • Space: You need ample space for the installation of the hot tub. You also need enough space around the tub to move around freely while using it
    • Electricity: You need to have electricity near where you want to install the hot tub for easier connection to a power source
    • Water supply: You need an adequate water supply near where you want to install the hot tub

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    Are Costco Hot Tubs Any Good

    Costco is a shopping warehouse giant known for quality items at discounted prices. One of the items you can get at Costco is hot tubs.

    But is it worth buying Costco hot tubs? This article will answer questions about Costco hot tubs so you can make an informed decision before purchasing one.

    Costco is a great place to buy a hot tub. They stock a range of in-door hot tubs and spas in different colors, sizes, and configurations at very competitive prices. Costco also offers outdoor models which are great if you want to install one in your backyard or on your patio.


    Best Inflatable Hot Tubs In 2022

    Cancun by Bestway 2-4 Person Inflatable Heated Hot Tub on QVC

    One of the best inflatable hot tubs will help you keep cozy

    The best inflatable hot tubs are easy to use, convenient and can be used indoors and outdoors. This is the case if you want ultimate relaxation all year round, and the best inflatable hot tubs will offer the perfect retreat. Best of all, you can also take it with you on vacation for that on-the-move, spa experience.

    But with so many different types of inflatable hot tub available , it can often be tricky to know which one is right for your household. First, what size are you looking for, and what would suit your outdoor space? Depending on the size of your family, there are four-person sizes or if you enjoy hosting backyard parties, you can opt for one that can accommodate up to eight people with ease. Also, what design and extra features do you need? You can find inflatable hot tubs with advanced features such as bubble jets, drinks holders, LED lights or comfy head rests to relax in style.

    We’ve rounded up a great selection of the best inflatable hot tubs to suit every backyard, lifestyle and budget right now.

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    Do I Need A Fence Around My Hot Tub

    The rules vary depending on which state you live in, but at the very least you will need a lockable barrier in place which meets the ASTM F 1346 requirements. To find out your specific regulations, you will need to contact your local government and, if relevant, your Homeowners Association.

    Itâs common for a fence to be required which should be a minimum of 4ft tall and not scalable. Under more strict regulations, some municipalities will demand a solid wall surrounding the tub. It shouldnât have additional access points, such as windows, and again shouldnât be climbable. At the very least, a lockable cover will be required. It should be able to take the weight of a person without collapsing.

    These barriers can add to the cost of introducing a hot tub to your backyard. But, for safety reasons, they are essential and must be taken into consideration before you purchase.

    Best Overall: Aquarest Spas Elite 500 5

    • Doesn’t have as many jets as other options

    • Might be a tight fit for 5

    Who else recommends it? BestReviews and Popular Mechanics also picked the Aquarest Spas Graystone Elite Hot Tub.

    What do buyers say? 300+ Wayfair reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

    With the Aquarest Spas 5-Person 29-Jet Plug and Play Spa, you can easily and affordably convert your backyard into a fun place to relax and unwind with friends. This hot tub is great for those who want something they can basically fill up and plug init only requires a standard 120-volt outlet, so you don’t need to hire an electrician to set it up. With room for five people, it features a lounger with lumbar support and four additional seats. It also features 29 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets along with dual-side adjustable air controls, so you can customize the pressure.

    This spa comes installed with two systems that work together to keep the water clean and clearthe EZ Kleen water filtration system filters 100 percent of the water while the Ozone Purification System reduces the need for chemicals. It is also designed to help you save energy with full-foam insulation and an ASTM-certified locking safety cover.

    Dimensions: 79 x 79 x 32 inches | Shape: Square | Voltage: 110 | Water Capacity: 215 gallons | Number of Jets: 29

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    Does Costco Do Service Repairs On Hot Tubs

    Costco does not do maintenance work on their hot tubs. If you need service or repairs, youll have to contact an outside contractor.The only exception is when they sell a hot tub with a warranty, in which case they will honor their agreement with the manufacturer. In this case, the manufacturer provides repair and support services to Costco customers.

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