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Who Makes Doheny Pool Pumps

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The Absolute 7 Best Pool Pumps Of 2021

Doheny’s replacing your above ground pool pump

January 10, 2021 By Denise Martin

As you probably know, there is a lot that goes into properly maintaining your swimming pool. One of these things is a good quality swimming pool pump.

In this post, we review the 7 best pool pumps that we were able to purchase and test on the market today. Lets dive in!

We know how difficult it can be to find the right one due to the seemingly endless amount of them available. So, to ensure that you have the best pool pump for your pool, we came up with seven top-selling units rated high for features such as ease of use and installation, efficiency, and operational noise.

Before we get into the units, however, we will touch on why a pool pump will be beneficial.

TLDR? Lets skip to the good stuff. Our #1 pick for the best pool pump goes to the Hayward SP2307X10 MaxFlo XL 1 HP Pool Pump.

Dohenys Replacement Pool Pump For Above Ground Pools

Dohenys pool pump stands out for its affordability. This above ground pool pump puts out one and a half horsepower, as much as the others on this list. It comes with a six foot cord, but you will need an extension cord for most applications. Be careful of the connectors, because they dont fit with all filters and hoses. It takes a while to prime. It pulls a lot of power when it starts up, which may trip a breaker if you try to connect it to some power sources.

Like the Hayward Power-Flo, if it is plugged in, it is on. If you want to turn it off, unplug it unless you have an on/off switch on the extension cord.

Sometimes you get what you pay for, so this unit isnt durable. If you drop it, youll break it. Getting the unit serviced is a challenge, but it is so cheap you can easily afford a replacement. Unlike the Hayward above ground pool pump, there arent regular user complaints about leaks.

Like its name suggests, this is a good cheap replacement pump for finishing out the season when your more expensive pool pump goes kaput. Just make sure it fits with your electrical system and filtration system or youre wasting your money.

Hayward Super Pump Vs

Hayward SP2603VSP Super Pump VS

  • Hayward SP2603VSP Super Pump VS manual
  • Hayward SP26115VSP Super Pump VS
  • Hayward SP2602VSP Super Pump VS
  • Features:

    • Permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled motor delivers maximum energy efficiency and reliability
    • Exceptionally quiet compared to single speed pumps
    • Fully programmable, touch pad control can be rotated to four different positions or mounted to the wall for more convenient access
    • Universal compatibility: operates independently, with Hayward automation*, or with competitive systems
    • Available in both 115V and 230V versions

    Series Overview

    A direct competitor to the Pentair SuperFlo VS, this inground pool pump from Hayward is designed to target the entry level variable speed pump market. It is available in separate 115V and 230V versions, unlike the SuperFlo VS which is one single model that operates on both 115V and 230V power. Another advantage that the Pentair SuperFlo VS has over the Hayward Super Pump VS is its superior flow rate, which although not a deciding factor when it comes to determining which of the two is better, allows the user to use the SuperFlo in pool systems with longer plumbing.

    Hayward SP2602VSP Super Pump VS

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    How Do You Maintain An Above Ground Pool

    Although above ground pools require less pool maintenance than inground pools, you cant just fill them with water and forget it. You still need to use equipment and chemicals in order to keep your pool water clean and safe for swimming.

    A swimming pool needs a pump to circulate the water and a filter to clean it. A popular choice for above ground pools is a filter system with a pump built in, such as Dohenys Sand Filter System, 24-inch Tank with 1.5 HP Pump, or a pump with an extra large basket, like the 1 HP pool pump.. Dohenys makes it simple to add the pool equipment that you need to your above ground pool purchase.

    In addition to the filter system, above ground pools need a sanitizer, such as chlorine, to kill bacteria and prevent algae from growing. Saltwater systems are also a popular choice for those who prefer pool water with fewer chemicals that is easier on skin, hair, and clothing. It is also important to keep the pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels balanced.

    Besides the chemicals and filter system, it is important to keep debris out of your pool by removing it with a vacuum or skimmer net, or using a pool cover. Pool walls should be brushed regularly as well.

    Hayward Sp2610x15 Pumper : The Speediest Pool Pump

    The Best Doheny Pool Pump To Buy In 2019

    For over 20 years now, this pumper has been the standard for many pool owners. As far as efficiency, the Hayward pumper provides a constant 3,450 revolutions every minute that can circulate a swimming pool really quickly.

    Because it is a centrifugal type of pumper with self-prioritizing functionality, it is capable of removing and blocking any form of air that tries to get into it through the suction pipe.

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    Above Ground Pool Pumps Popular Among Pool Owners

    Above ground pools tend to be seasonal pools, torn down at the end of the summer and packed away, while in-ground pools are a permanent feature of the home and often kept in use as long as possible.

    The above ground pool pump differs from the pool pumps for in ground pools in several respects. First, the above ground pool pump is often moved to and from storage along with the pool, while other pool pumps are fixed in one location. Secondly, in ground pool pumps tend to be mechanically and electrically permanently connected to the house and the in ground pool. The above ground pool pump may sit by the side of the pool to pump water, be attached to the side of the pool or be connected to it via flexible hoses it isnt a permanent fixture and neither are its connections. The side benefit of this arrangement is that you can move the pump to better position or change the hoses with ease.

    For these reasons, above ground pool pumps need to be easily moved around, just as easily set up whether for each season or parts swapped out for maintenance, and, most importantly, still meet the water flow needs of the pool and the swimmers.

    Inefficient Except At Billing

    We never received a confirmation of what we actually ordered, just an email stating that our order was placed. The invoice shows the products that were shipped, maybe. All of the products were thrown into one box all jumbled up. We have no idea whether we received what we ordered and if there are items that we did not order. A real mess.Now, we have to call Dohenys and straighten it all out and we really do not have time for this. Exceptionally bad and we will not use them anymore.

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    How Do You Bleed Air From Your Pool Pump

    To bleed the air from your swimming pool pump & filter system, first look for a small valve at the top of the filter housing that you should be able to open to let out the pool pump air.

    With the pump running, preferably on the filter setting, slowly open the valve, this should lead to a normal hissing sound, similar to when you let air our of pretty much anything. Keep the valve open until water starts to come out, once this happens you will know the air is out of your pool pump & filter system. Gently close the valve and youre done!

    Pentair 011018 Intelliflo Pool Pump

    Doheny’s pool pumps
    • 8 programmable speed settings for efficient performance
    • Compatible with popular pool control systems


    • Price may be a bit high

    As it is a variable-speed pump, you can expect to save 90% energy as compared to traditional single-speed pumps. You will really appreciate its quieter operation, even though it comes equipped with a powerful motor. The permanent magnet motor also improves the efficiency.

    You can take advantage of 8 programmable speed settings to use it as per your unique requirements. The good thing is that it is compatible with popular pool control systems. The only concern is related to its price that may be a bit on the higher side for some people.

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    A Brief History Of The Pool Pump

    Man has been building and using pools for health and recreation for thousands of years. Historians believe that the first recorded manmade pool was The Great Bath in acient Pakistan. It was build over 5,000 years ago, and historians believe that it was used for religious purposes.

    Pools for human use became popular once again, and has yet to die out.

    The Greeks created the first public bath houses called Paleastras. These were invented and built between 800 B.C.E. and 600 B.C.E. Plato, the famous Greek philospher, strongly encouraged parents and educators to teach their children to swim. He put as much stock in this knowledge as he did in academic studies.

    The Romans are credited as the true innovators because they built public bathhouses across major cities. They created heated pools, and it seems that they even tried to use silver plates to sanitize the water.

    The 18th century saw a rise in athletics and swim competitions begun and encouraged by Great Britain. Pools for human use became popular once again, and has yet to die out.

    The 20th century in the United States saw a boom in technological advancement which, in turn, changed the way public pools were built and maintained. Pool owners began chlorinating their pools and using rapid-sand filtration methods to avoid having to drain the water after each day’s use.

    Hayward Sp2302vsp Pumper : The Most Durable Pool Pump

    This is a highly effective pumper that makes less noise when in use. Plus, it comes predesigned with a timer that assists its users to time their usage and make amendments where needed.

    Even though this pumper is highly effective and dependable, it also has a higher chance of developing some problems when being used over the years. Besides, given that it is stuffed with over 2000 revolutions each minute, it is always going to give you some issues in terms of squeals.

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    New To Above Ground Pool Ownership And Doheny


    First time owner for above ground pool. Grandkids loved it and we got a lot of use out of it this past summer. Was advised to purchase a more powerful pump and to purchase it from your company. Received it promptly, East to install and works well. My only concern was it did not come with any maintenance instructions. Installation instructions yes but no maintenance instructions. will be purchasing more items from your company.

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    Hayward Sp1580 Powerflo Lx Pool Pump

    • A 60-cycle motor for efficient performance
    • Highly durable housing for corrosion protection
    • Drain plug to ensure easy maintenance


    • The price may be a bit high for some

    Suitable for your aboveground pool, the SP1580 PowerFlo LX pump is capable of using 1HP to filter the water. The motor is efficient and comes with a double-sized seal for an extended performance.

    It is nice to see that it comes in a corrosion-proof housing, which means you do not have to worry about using it in any weather or climate conditions. Interestingly, the motor comes with automatic thermal overload protection.

    You will not have an issue with pool maintenance because it contains an extra-large basket along with a drain plug. It is 100% drip proof and ensures quiet operation as well. It is a nice choice, but you may find the price to be a bit on the higher side.

    How Long Should You Run A Pool Pump

    Generally speaking, every swimming pool should turn over its water at least once a day, so to help with this, pool pumps should run for approximately 8-10 hours a day. While our team believes its always best to run the pool pump during the hottest times of the day, you dont necessarily have to run your swimming pool pump consecutively. You can choose to run it for two separate 4-5 hour sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening, as an example. Also, there are programmable pool timers that can help make this process easier for you if you dont have one already.

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    Best Variable Speed Pool Pumps 2021 Buyers Guide

    Did you know a malfunctioning pump could cost you an extra $150 $200 every month to maintain your swimming pool? If you have an older unit it can often save you money to replace older variable pool pumpers with a more modern unit that filters more efficiently.

    Since there are a ton of pool pumpers out there, it can be confusing to figure out whats right for your swimming pool. Were sharing this guide with our latest research on the best modern pool pumpers, coupled with other things youll need to look out for when shopping. Lets get started.

    • Editor’s Choice:

    Harris H1572730 Proforce 15 Hp Above Ground Pool Pump

    Doheny pool pump on intex/Coleman pool (hose fittings)
    • ProForce 1.5 HP pump is 115 Volts
    • The see-through cover allows quick inspection of strain
    • Meets all CSA and ETL requirements


    • The performance of the pump is a bit disappointing

    Harris H1572730 ProForce is made from heavy-duty corrosion-proof construction. Its stainless steel motor shaft has a reinforced thermoplastic body to offer more durability. The pump has been engineered to provide high efficiency and minimal noise.

    It has 1.5-inch internal threading and 1.5-inch external threading. The pump also includes standard 3-prong grounded 6 feet cord connection. Its motor has a double size seal for longer performance. You will find 1.5-inch connection sizes on the suction and discharge ports.

    The pump costs less as compared to other big brands but you can count on it as it meets the CSA and ETL requirements. However, some users have complained over the years, the pump tends to lose its efficiency.

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    Determine How Many Gallons The Pool Holds

    If you have a rectangular pool, multiple your pools length x width x average depth. This is found adding the depth of the shallow to the depth at the deep end and dividing by 2. Once you have the average depth, use the following formula to determine your pools water capacity: Gallons = Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5.

    For round pools, measure the pools diameter and average depth. This number is calculated the same as in rectangular pools, by adding the depth of the deep end to the depth of the shallow end and dividing by 2. To get the final number for how many gallons the pool holds, use the following formula: Gallons = Diameter x Diameter x Average Depth x 5.9.

    How Do You Install An Above Ground Pool

    Installing an above ground pool is pretty simple and can save a lot of money for most homeowners who are willing to put in a little bit of work. Installation includes leveling the ground, assembling the frame and walls, and installing the liner. Check out our guide, How to Install an Above Ground Pool, for more detailed instructions. For those who are not interested in DIY-ing it, local installers can take care of the entire process for you.

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    Above Ground Pool Pumps

    The 3/4 horsepower XP75117 and 1.5 horsepower XP75115 are suggested for above ground swimming pools. These models are single speed, 115-Volt pumps with a port size of 1.5 inches. The 3/4 HP pump only has a max flow rate of 2400 GPH, but the 1.5 HP pump has almost double the flow at 4900 GPH.

    There are three models that can be used for either above ground or inground pool systems. It is the XP75034, XP75038 and XP75035.

    There are important differences between these pumps. The XP75034 is a single speed, dual voltage, 1.5 horsepower pump with 2-inch port sizes. The XP75038 is the same except for its 1.5-inch port size. Lastly, the XP75035 is a single speed, 230V, 2 horsepower pool pump with 2-inch ports.

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