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2 Person Wooden Hot Tub

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Outdoor Wood Fired Hot Tubs Have Been Soothing Tired Bodies And Restless Minds Since The Beginning Of Time

DIY Wood Fired Hot Tub

From the dawn of civilization, steam baths in various shapes and forms have been soothing sore muscles and relieving stress. Known by many names throughout history, from Ancient Roman thermae and oriental ofuro to modern synonyms outdoor jacuzzi, outdoor spas or simply wood fired hot tubs, contemporary outdoor whirlpools combine the best of ancient practices and modern technologies.

In ancient Roman times, thermae, intricate public spa complexes, were not only helping the people of the great empire with their relaxation or health needs but were viewed as an integral part of their social lives. Wood-fired Roman thermae was the perfect place to engage in fruitful discussions, from foreign politics to local gossip. Not much has changed in that regard! To this day, contemporary garden jacuzzis and wood fired hot tubs, the descendants of thermae, have retained the ancient legacy of creating the perfect atmosphere for deep dives into interesting topics. A wood fired hot tub, placed in ones back garden, can be the key element for a great party and a hub for thrilling discussions that continue well into the night.

*Please note that the following words: jacuzzi, hot tubs, outdoor spas etc.. have been used synonymously to outdoor whirlpools as suggested by

Medium Size Wood Fired Hot Tubs Wooden Hot Tubs 6 Person Hot Tubs

With a diameter of 1800mm or 2000mm, our fiberglass wood fired hot tubs are the perfect size both for families with children or for groups of friends. Choose the integrated wood burning heater for a more compact version or an external wood burning heater for more space in the hot tub. Available in two heights , plus includes a raised seat for children. The glossy fiberglass outdoor wood burning hot tub can be equipped with a wide range of accessories, such as hydromassage or air bubble massage system, sand filter unit for purifying the water and LED lights for magical ambiance.

Person Wooden Hot Tub Fiberglass:

*Quick hint: dont forget to check technical sheets and 3d visuals of this model, choose from the list above.

A small and compact, without any unnecessary capacity a 2 person wooden hot tub with fiberglass liner. A luxurious, fiberglass lid with conical walls will impress you after the first try. For the best comfort, one should also consider hydro or air massage, as both of them may be installed in this model. The wooden lid perfectly fits the style, as well as the stairs. There is a possibility of having an electric heater or an external wood burner, but if you want, both of them can be installed in this model as well. This 2 person wooden hot tub with a fiberglass liner is very compact and will not require a lot of space in your yard, but will give an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy whenever you want. This2 person wooden hot tub heats up very quickly compared with bigger ones and will save you time and money. Fiberglass makes maintenance very easy, and for water care, we highly recommend the filtration system. No worries about dirty water and just a nice time spent in the tub. Not enough space, check our 6-8 person hot tub for sale.

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Relieving Stress And Pain

As stated by Dr. Bruce Becker, immersion therapy can make it easier for you to achieve a balanced state of mind, which means that submerging yourself in a hot tub can relieve your stress and help you improve your mental state.

When you soak yourself in a hot tub, the heat from the water makes your blood vessels widen, which results in better blood circulation. Thanks to the improved blood circulation, your muscles will get to relax, thus easing any aches and sores you may have.

Cedar Hot Tub From Nancy Quan Builds

2 Person Wood Fired Hot Tubs for Sale

The cedarwood hot tub this talented YouTuber shows us how to build is highly impressive youd hardly be able to guess that it was a homemade model rather than one she bought and had installed professionally. We can always learn so much from skilled DIYers like her, so why not give her video a watch and see if you can pick up a few hints and tips?

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Small Wooden Hot Tub With Polypropylene Liner:

Similar to the fiberglass models, these come with an insert, however, offer wooden accessories as well. Whereas the fiberglass model offers rounded walls, benches, and edges, the polypropylene counterpart is a lot more geometrical with straight walls and simple shapes. Lighter in weight compared to the fully wooden models provides a higher level of mobility.

Aleko Htio2brwh Inflatable Two

User-friendly with a straightforward interface, the ALEKO HTIO2BRWH is an excellent choice for beginners and non-tech-savvy people alike. Thanks to its simple digital control panel and easy installation process, anyone can set and use this fantastic hot tub.

With up to 130 high-powered water jets, this hot tub from ALEKO will make sure that you will have the best time of your life in the tube. Why go to an expensive spa when you can relax at home at a very low cost?

Key Features:

Warranty Not specified

With this instruction, youll be able to set up the ALEKO hot tub in no time.

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How To Build Wooden Hot Tub Wooden Spa Solutions

If youre looking for a detailed plan for building a hot tub from wood, this one should be of interest. In it, youll find advice about all the steps of the process, including buying the wood, cutting it, doing the joinery and more. This kind of plan will help you build a high-quality wood tub of your own, making it another recommended read.

Cons Of Two Person Hot Tub

Cedar Hot Tub

While two person hot tubs are great for two people, there are also certain disadvantages associated with these tubs. Here are some of the disadvantages of using two person hot tubs.

  • Might Feel Cramped As there are different designs of two person hot tubs available in the market, some designs might feel a bit cramped for people who are tall or large in size.
  • Even Small Tubs Need Space If youre planning to install your hot tub inside your house, you need to make sure there is ample space around the tub so that the room doesnt look overfilled.
  • Mold ProblemsAs most people use their two person hot tubs inside the house, mold often occurs if the place is not ventilated properly. Even small hot tubs need proper ventilation to prevent fungus, mold, and mildew.
  • Maintenance If youre using your two person hot tub regularly, you also need to keep it well maintained so that it keeps on working at an optimum level.

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Are Hot Tubs Good For Your Health

A hot tub is a tool that fits within the broader medical discipline of hydrotherapy. Warm water has been proven to soothe the human body in a number of different ways:

The heat widens blood vessels, assisting the flow of nutrient-rich blood through the body. A hot tubs directional jets can enhance this flow further.

The warmth can loosen tight muscles and reduce swelling.

The buoyancy takes weight off your joints, reducing wear and pain.

The ambience of a hot tub can help your mental state by easing stress and promoting relaxation.

Paradise For Two In Your Own Garden

What could possibly be more idyllic than a full-body soak for two in an authentic coopered red Cedar Wood Ofuro hot tub in your own garden, heated by a wood fire? The all-natural scent of cedar, combined with the crackle of a log fire and the aroma of the flowers in your garden is an exquisite experience that cannot be matched by anything else.

The 650mm interior depth of the hot tub provides a unique buoyant floating experience that cannot be emulated in any other spa or hot tub.

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Introduction: Two Person Cedar Hot Tub From An Ibc Tote

I’ve always wanted a hot tub in our current yard, but most off-the-shelf packages are expensive to buy and costly to run, large, and usually a kind of fugly big chunk of fiberglass. I’ve always liked the look of a cedar tub, but if you think the fiberglass tubs are expensive, wait till you start pricing cedar tubs. Thus, the goals of this project were to design a hot tub that was:

  • Relative inexpensive in materials: I was aiming for $500, and I think all told I was able to hit about $600.
  • Inexpensive to run: Most hot tubs are powered by electricity and require a 220v hookup. They can also be insulated poorly and cost significant money to keep heated. I wanted something that was well insulated and fired off propane.
  • Compact: I have a small yard in the city and I don’t want to dedicate a ton of room to a tub. I’ve got a roughly 4ft x 4ft space by the back stairs that I could easily dedicate to a tub, and I really only need a 2-person soaking tub.
  • Enter, the IBC tote.

    Now the only next steps are to source an IBC tank, frame it, insulate it, heat it, and then relax in 275 gallons of hot water.

    How Long Do Wooden Hot Tubs Last

    2 person hot tub with thermo wood cladding

    Wooden hot tubs can last for 20 years or longer. That’s said, it’s unlikely that a wooden hot tub will last for more than 30 years. This is especially true if it is not well maintained, or is left outside in the elements.

    Wood is a tough material, but being constantly exposed to water and heat does take its toll. No matter how much you try to protect your wooden hot tub, the wood will eventually rot. However, 20 years of use from a hot tub is still a very long time .

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    Diy Wood Fired Hot Tub

    The story behind this video is inspirational since this YouTuber tells us it was always his dream to build a hot tub of his own. In this video, he shows how he finally did it, and the results are fantastic. Were sure hes not the only one who dreamed of owning his hot tub, and if its a dream you share, why not see if you can recreate his plan yourself?

    How Much Does A Wooden Hot Tub Cost

    Wooden hot tubs start from as little as $3,000 for a simple wood-fired model. They go all the way up to around $10,000 once you add gas or electric heating, or other options like lights or jets.

    While wooden hot tubs will never be comparable in price to inflatable spas, they can work out cheaper than rotomolded or acrylic hot tubs of a similar size.

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    What Is A Wood

    The beautiful Northern Lights Ofuro Soaking Tubs have their origin in ancient Japan where hot water chin-soaking bathing was more of a sensual and spiritual ritual than just taking a bath. The outdoor wood-fired cedar wood hot tub promotes a feeling of well-being and harmony with ones natural surroundings, especially in your own garden.

    Manufactured according to the ancient cooperage art of cask and barrel-making, the Northern Lights Ofuro 2-person soaking tub is made from 40mm thick red cedar wood, bound by a stainless steel strap system.

    A stainless-steel wood-fired stove is connected to the tub to heat the water six times faster than an electric heater.

    The $300 Solar Hot Tub

    Round Cedar Hot Tubs

    This hot tub is said to only cost around $300. If youre working on a tight budget, this could be the hot tub you want.

    They used a stock tank and raised it on a cinderblock foundation. A small firebox was placed beneath the tub to begin the warming process, and they let the sun do the rest of the work.

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    Bestway Saluspa Miami Inflatable Two

    When it comes to inflatable hot tubs, its hard to top this model from Bestway, which boasts high-powered water jets that make you feel like youre in a high-end, professional spa. With a few simple touches of a button, you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation to de-stress.

    Equipped with a power-saving timer, the Bestway hot tub allows you to set the temperature up to 72 hours in advance. And once youve settled in the hot tub, theres no need to step out to adjust the temperature everything is right at your fingertip.

    Key Features:

    1 year limited warranty

    Watch this video to know more:

    Bestway 60038e St Lucia Two

    If you want a high-quality two-person hot tub with powerful water jets, this product from Bestway would be right up your alley. Equipped with a powerful water jet system, the Bestway 60038E offers you a luxurious spa experience right within the comforts of your home.

    Thanks to its AirJet massage system, this hot tub will relax your muscles and improve your blood circulation. With the control panel, you can easily change the temperature and the Air Jet massage system settings. Who knows getting the ultimate spa experience is so easy!

    Key Features:

    Manufacturers warranty can be requested from customer service

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    Superior Comfort & Design

    A wooden hot tub has the distinct advantage of fitting almost any setting from small hot tubs, to outdoor hot tub! From standalone installations to deck integrations our tubs have no limits. Designers and home owners are always coming up with unique design installations that makes a hot tub truly unique. Just visit our design studio to see some of the more common installation as well as our photo gallery which has lots of award winning designs to stimulate the imagination!

    Our models all have one thing in common. They all offer incomparable comfort for the most enjoyable hot tub experience. You can comfortably enjoy several consecutive hours in a hot tub with your family and friends and make the fun last until late into the night. Every one of our models is designed for use throughout the entire year. Our stove is 4 to 5 times more effective than comparable electric stoves on the market, thanks to which you can quickly heat up the water even on a cold February day. This is important because bathing in a hot tub under a starry winter night is said to be breath-takingly beautiful.

    Add A Power And Controller Box

    2 person wooden hot tub for sale UK 2021

    You’ll need a weathertight box to hold plugs and power distribution for the tub. I used a tactical ammo box from Harbor Freight. You know it’s high quality because it’s tactical.

    I passed an extension cord inside with a 3-way splitter plug, and then brought in the chunky GFCI plugs from the filter pump and heater pump controller. I plugged both of these in through two smart plugs. Now I can say “Hey Google, turn on the hot tub” and suddenly I’m living in the future that 1981 was dreaming of.

    I also have the filter smart plug on a schedule to run for 30 minutes twice a day.

    The ammo box comes with a rubber gasket around the top. Cut a slot in the side so the plugs can enter and the cord can slide down, allowing the top to still latch.

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    Connect The Pump To The Propane Heater

    I pulled connecting the pump to the heater out into its own step because the equipment you’re dealing with might be different than mine, and I have some general suggestions to make.

    The heater I’m using is the Camplux 1.58 GPM water heater. They also make a slightly cheaper 1.32 GPM version, however, when I bought the price was similar enough that I wanted to extra BTUs of the 1.58 version. That said, the smaller version should be just fine also. The system has a gas valve that controls the size of the flame. Unless I’m trying to quickly heat the tub, I run it at 1/2 flame or lower, meaning I’m not cranking it up to its full rated BTUs anyway . The water heater takes two D-cell batteries and is triggered by flow. When the circulator pump starts up the water heater uses the batteries to ignite the flame and start heating.

    There are other tankless propane water heaters available, some for significantly cheaper than the Camplux. I bought Camplux because the reviews looked good, and some of the reviews on the other units looked a bit not-good. On the other hand, some units are half the cost of the Camplux, so even if you have to throw one away you might still be ahead. In one of the reviews for a cheaper model I read that it didn’t include the gas line and regulator, so as you’re pricing out make sure that’s included.

    What Is The Average Life Of A Hot Tub

    The longevity of your hot tub will be determined by the quality of the tub, the conditions it is subject to and your care and maintenance efforts.

    As a ballpark figure, a hot tub can be expected to last anywherefrom five years to 20 or more. A high-quality, sheltered and well-maintained tub will last decades, while a cheap, exposed and neglected tub might struggle to even reach the five year mark.

    This is an important fact to remember when shopping for hot tubs, as while a lower upfront cost might be tempting, you may need to replace the tub multiple times to match the extended life of a higher priced but higher quality unit.

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