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How To Remove Dolphin Pool Cleaner From Pool

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Increases Wear And Tear

Dolphin Robot cleaner. How to clean and maintain. Swimming Pool Auto cleaning system review

You can swim while your bot cleans the pool, but it’s better not to. Swimming churns up the water. If the machine is in the water at the time, the current will buffet it, making it harder for it to complete its work. It’ll have to work harder to cover the same ground.

If you leave the machine in the water when you add chlorine, the change in pH can affect the plastic. Repeated exposure could cause the plastic to wear faster than it ordinarily would.

You may only need to run the cycle two to three times a week. Leaving the machine in the water during that time exposes it to the elements unnecessarily. This exposure could cause the seals to deteriorate faster, allowing for leaks and damage to the electronic components.

Anyone Know How To Remove The Floats On Dolphin Nautilus Cc

poolnovice1 said:I have a dolphin nautilus CC robot cleaner. After I got it back from warranty repair, it kept getting stuck on its side. I believe it is because they had removed the blue float that was on the cable and then put it back on all the way high up on other end of the cable. Ugh. I can’t figure out how to get it off and move it back down. Does anyone know?

List Of Best Pool Cleaners For Fiberglass Pools

  • StyleIn-Ground
  • Weight43.6 pounds

F9550 is an excellent all-purpose cleaner. Pick up the debris of all sizes and do it quietly. Dont be disappointed if you want to dive into freshwater, read the newspaper, or drink coffee while cleaning the pool. Its also cheaper than Dolphin Premier Robotic, so the reasonable question is why we dont rank it by value alone.

This is the best pool vacuum for fiberglass pool for beginners. Also, not all pools are always clean. It can feel like forever responding when trying to access the repository remotely. Also, the stairs are not cleaned. This is why I think basic cleaning is more valuable than dolphins, but its recommended to invest more money in good equipment for these reasons.


  • StyleInground suction cleaning robot
  • ColorBlue
  • Weight1 pounds

The Zodiac MX8 Suction Side Cleaner features powerful vacuum cleaner technology to maximize debris removal. You can connect the skimmer to a skimmer or a 1.5-inch vacuum line. Read it to know about how pool skimmer work. It has advanced dual navigation for excellent pool coverage without stuttering. Regardless of the size of your pool, you can thoroughly clean the pools walls, floors, and water lines.

This best robotic pool cleaner for fiberglass pools helps collect 99% of the debris in the pool while maintaining maximum cleaning power. I also find the cleaner easy to assemble since it only needs to be attached to a 1.5 vacuum line or scraper.


  • Style In-Ground Pools
  • Weight28.9 pounds

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Eliminate Slipping With A Firm Grip On Clean

Traditional wheeled robotic pool cleaners struggle with slipping as they clean. A layer of water can get in between the wheels and the pool surface, causing the robot to lose traction. This lost traction is a big blow to efficiency, and adds up in the long run for the pool owner. Dolphinâs engineers hold themselves to the highest standards of efficiency, and this slipping problem just wouldnât do for the all-new Cayman. The new Cayman comes standard with HyperGrip Rubber Tracks, an innovative tread solution. This pliable, water-optimized tread improves the Caymanâs directional control and eliminates slipping as it travels across the slopes of your pool floor and climbs and cleans the walls. This revolutionary step forward in robotic pool cleaner mobility ensures optimal performance for both effective and efficient cleaning cycles.

Dolphin Storage & Pool Closing

Dolphin Wave 300 XL

Use your hard wearing, durable Dolphin pool cleaning robot responsibly.

Your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner is built to be hard wearing and durable. To keep it that way Maytronics urges you to use your Dolphin pool cleaning robot responsibly. In general, your pools pH levels should be maintained at a range of 7.0-7.8. Chlorine levels should reach 4 ppm max. Adequate salt, or NaCl, levels are 5000 ppm. Ideal pool temperature is 43-93 deg. F.

When your pool and automatic pool cleaner are not in use, such as off-season or when you take perhaps a weeks- or months-long Summer vacation , Maytronics recommends stowing away that Dolphin robot. If you plan on leaving your unit unused for an extended period of time, there are steps you can take to adequately prep it for storage. This ensures that itll be raring to go, when you arenext month, season or year:

Disconnect your robot from its power supply. Drain all water from your Dolphin pool cleaner. Remove, clean and reinsert filter bags or cartridges. Roll up your Dolphins power cable avoiding any kinks. Store your robotic vacuum upside down under a shelter. Place it, ideally, out of reach of direct sunlight, rain or frost. Avoid storage area temps beyond 41-113 deg. F .

Bonus Tip! For best results store your robot on a sturdy Dolphin-sized caddy and under a covering, as these items offer added protection from the elements. Click HERE for a tutorial on Maytronics Dolphin caddy assembly.

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Helpful Hints Of Everyday Use

Regular care ensures that your Dolphin is ready year round.

Who couldnt use a little extra insight here and there? Well round out this piece with a few helpful hints and tips thatll come in handy any time of year.

They can be of tremendous value when youre using your Dolphin on a day-to-day or frequent basis. Again, I urge you to refer to your units own User Manual for specific instructions, as they may vary from model to model:

  • Begin by connecting the unit to a power supply.
  • Your power supply should be positioned in the shade.
  • NEVER power your Dolphin cable via an extension cord.
  • Power supplies should be 10+ ft. from the pools edge.
  • Rinse wonder brushes well, if so equipped, under running water.
  • Store your robot in the shadeif not on a caddy, then upside down.
  • Use minimal floating cable length, leaving any excess outside of the pool.
  • After EACH pool cleaning cycle, rinse the units filter bag or cartridge clean.
  • After EACH cycle, take your Dolphin out of the water to preserve plastic parts.
  • Soak combined or wonder brushes with water, if so equipped, prior to operation.
  • Unplug weekly, untangling the cable and letting it lay flat in the sun for a few hours.

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A Clogged Filter Could Damage The Machine

The most important reason to retrieve the cleaner after use is a practical one. Youll have to clean out the filter compartment. A clogged filter makes it difficult for the water to pass through the machine as its supposed to.

Clogging means that your bot works harder to clean the same area. It will work for a little while, butwill be far less energy-efficient. Running your machine with severe clogging increases the risk of burning out the motor.

Even if you have a top-loading filter compartment, youll have to bring the cleaner to the surface to remove the filter. Once youve gone to that trouble, you might as well fish it out of the pool.

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How To Use The Power Supply

Make sure the power supply is placed at least 12 feet from the edge of the pool. Connect the floating cable to the power supply, align the lug on the connector with the notch of the plug on the power supply, then turn clockwise. Press the ON/OFF button on the power supply to begin cleaning. The power supply for your Dolphin is not waterproof- it is water resistant. When in use, make sure it was either stored on the caddy or far away from the pool, so it does not get pulled in. Always use an electrical outlet protected with a Ground Fault Interrupter device this will protect your Dolphin from surges in power. Do not use an extension cord or surge protector to power your Dolphin.

How Do You Store Dolphin Pool Cleaner

How To: Repair A Dolphin Pool Cleaner

STORE CLEANERStorePool CleanerCleaner10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews 2020

  • Aquabot Breeze IQ Robotic Pool Cleaner.
  • Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Vac.
  • Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner.
  • Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum.
  • Kreepy Krauly Prowler 910 Pool Cleaner
  • Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner.
  • Cobalt NC22 Pool Cleaner Robot.

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Here Are Some Striking Features Of Our Robotic Pool Cleaners

  • Unmatched Cleaning: One of the greatest features of robotic pool cleaners is its ability to systemise and streamline pool cleaning. A robotic pool cleaner operates on sensors, logics, and is equipped with controls. This enables a user to navigate the robot swiftly and get the cleaning job done with minimal effort.
  • Excellent coverage: A robotic pool cleaner offers wide coverage. The reach in every nook and corner of the swimming pool
  • Expert brushing and scrubbing: A robotic pool cleaner not only vacuums a pool but also brush and scrubs them as well. The brush makes sure to remove the debris stuck with the help of its high-speed scrub systems.
  • Advanced filtration systems: Our robotic pool cleaners are power packed with independent pool filtration systems that enable the robot to remove debris from the water and filter it as it moves.
  • High suction power: Our range of advanced robotic pool cleaners have strong suction power capacity. The suction power ranges up to 250 Litres per minute enabling flawless and quick pool cleaning.

Powerclean Quad Scrubbing Brushes

Attacks Tough Contaminants

Virtually any pool cleaner can vacuum loose debris, but it takes a special type of robot to remove contaminants that adhere to the pool surface. Traditional cleaners merely pass over difficult to remove pathogens, leaving them fully intact. The Sigma robot was engineered from the ground up to deep clean.

Engineers gave Sigma quad scrubbing brushes that attack the bacteria, algae and biofilm that is firmly attached to the pool wall. PowerCleanâ⢠is especially effective against biofilm, a structured community of microorganisms that increase chlorine demand, destroys water quality, and frustrates pool owners. Guided by SmartNavâ⢠3.0, Sigma’s quad high RPM brush power scrubs every square inch of any pool with remarkable efficiency.

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Smart Efficient Robotic Navigation

Gone are the days of watching your robot aimlessly wander around your pool, wondering if it will ever pick up the leaves it has skipped day after day. The new Quantum is equipped with a SmartNav 2.0 Robotic Scanning to ensure that every inch of your pool surface is reached. SmartNav software delivers highly optimized scanning and coverage for a new level of clean. Quantum calculates the optimal pattern for faster cleaning and improved efficiency.

With its remarkable pool mapping system, the Quantum knows where it has and hasnât been to avoid overlapping cleaning paths and minimize cleaning time. With the ability to sense ladders and drains, Quantum won’t get hung up like ordinary cleaners. Microprocessor controlled Pool Scanning ensures complete efficient pool surface coverage.

Creating More By Consuming Less

Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Thereâs a new mandate that guides the engineering principles of Dolphin. Conserving resources while maximizing output. Thatâs why the Quantum operates on nearly 90% less power than old fashioned pressure side and suction side cleaners. While other pool cleaners can expend a massive 1800 watts of power, the Quantum requires only 180 watts. The newest Dolphin robot requires just 5 cents per hour of operation.

Quantumâs dual 24-volt, 3000 RPM DC motors propel its lightweight Exoskel body and dual scrubbing brushes over every square inch of the pool effortlessly, and with a quantum leap ahead in efficiency. This economical balance of power and efficiency is what keeps the Quantum ahead of traditional, power-hungry robots. Its motor lies low in the underbody, lowering the robots center of gravity and enhancing its lateral dynamics. Even weight distribution between front and rear promotes better balance and allows electrical energy to be converted into propulsion more efficiently. But thatâs not the whole efficiency story. Quantumâs two hour cleaning cycle means it cleans quickly and thoroughly so it operates less.

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An Overview On Pool Cleaners

Keeping a swimming pool clean is hard work, but its well worth it for the hours of fun every summer. With the right automatic pool cleaner, you can cut down on those hours of work, grabbing any dirt and debris and keeping all surfaces clean.

Pool cleaners have so many features, though, it can be easy to feel a little overwhelmed as you start shopping. Your first concern will no doubt be efficiency. After all, a pool cleaner that doesnt actually clean anything isnt worth having. One thing that factors into how well your pool cleaner performs is pressure. Just as a pressure washer can power off stains on your homes exterior, the right amount of pressure can blast away all of that grime on your pools surface.

Large debris is another challenge your pool cleaner will face. This generally comes down to suction. The stronger suction your pool cleaner has, the more likely it will be able to collect those more stubborn items, particularly leaves. Some cleaners have parts you can interchange on those days when you notice larger debris in the pool.

In order to maneuver around your pool, though, your cleaner will need to be lightweight enough to scale walls and climb stairs. It will also need to have sensors built in that can determine exactly which areas of your pool need to be cleaned on any given day. The more automatic this process is, the less time youll have to spend worrying about keeping your pool clean.

Programmable Frequency & Duration

Quantum is equipped with programmable run frequency and cleaning duration so youâre always in full control. With programmable modes, you can set Quantum to automatically run when you need it – daily, 2x per week or 3x per week. Quantum comes with a built-in, programmable weekly timer to ensure that even if you are out of town, your pool stays clean and ready to enjoy.

Quantum is engineered to clean quickly and thoroughly. This means you can schedule your robot to run less often. Quantum will complete a cleaning cycle in pools up to 50 feet long in just two hours. The new advanced controls allow you to run Quantum only as needed instead of every day, saving even more energy.

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How To Replace Maytronics Dolphin Impellers

Maytronics Robotic Pool cleaners use one of two available impellers depending on the model of pool robot. There is a black impeller and ayellow impeller. Its important to make sure that you order the correctimpeller for the model robot that you have. Otherwise, it may not fit and itwill not work. The black impeller is longer than the yellow version and theblack one has an extra leg on it. You should take a look at what is currentlybeing used and if you are getting a new one, make sure it is the same color.

What is an impeller? you may ask, an impeller brings thewater up through the robot and is the catalyst in the filtering process. It works to bring the debris into the robotscartridge or filter bag while circulating the water out.

Its definitely a best practice to clean your impeller offat least weekly or bi-weekly depending on the usage. If you dont clean it withsome regularity, it will not filter debris and if never cleaned, has thepotential of burning the robots motor out.

To access the impeller, you will want to first remove thecover which is always located on the top of the robot. This is accomplished by removingthe single screw. Some models have a lever instead of a screw where you open itup near the filter. Open the filter door on the robot then you are able to popoff your impeller cover. The impeller used in this model is the black coloredone. If you were to use a yellow one it wouldnt work as it wont even fit.

The yellow impeller is part number 9995269-R1

A Sum Far Greater Than The Parts

How to Service Dolphin Robot swimming pool cleaner. Fix repair Pools Demystified. MRT

Groundbreaking List of Patented Features

Everything we do day in, day out is geared toward maintaining and enhancing your pool ownership experience. From triple DC motors and microprocessors to gyroscopic systems, we’re constantly working to get the most out of every electron. But we aren’t satisfied with just using less energy. The demands of pool owners everywhere are changing and we’re listening. With new gyroscopic control and a level of efficiency never seen before, the new benchmark is set. Triple DC motors and gravity defying suction deliver an exceptional user experience while reducing energy use up to 90%. In a class by itself, the Dolphin Sigma was designed from the ground up to be easier to buy, own and operate.

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Caring For Dolphin Filter Bags & Cartridges

Maytronics Dolphin filters make it easy to keep your pool free of coarse, fine and ultra-fine debris.

Your drop-and-go Dolphin is equipped with a multi-layer filter system that traps everything from coarse to fine and ultra-fine particles. As a happy consequence, your in-ground or above-ground swimming pool offers you nothing but sparkling clean pool water. Though, more importantly, you and your guests can comfortably enjoy yourselves knowing that youre safe from harmful bacteria.

Achieving that level of cleanfrom pool surface to pool floordoes require a bit of routine filter maintenance on your part. Maytronics has made it as simple as possible to enhance your residential or commercial swimming pool experience, since all you typically need to do is: Pull the filter out, rinse it clean with a hose, let it air dry and reseat it. Answers to Dolphin user questions about filters follow.

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