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Can You Heat An Above Ground Pool

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Types Of Pool Heaters

How to heat your above ground pool cheap & easy

As you can see from our list, you have quite a few choices when it comes to heating your above ground pool. But all of those fit into three basic categories: solar, electric, or gas.

Each one accomplishes the same task but in completely different ways. And some are more efficient and effective than others.;

Can Above Ground Pools Be Heated

Is the water in your above ground pool a little cooler than you prefer? Or are you looking to extend your swimming season a bit longer into the fall?

Don’t think that just because you have an above ground pool you can’t enjoy the same heated water and longer swimming season that inground pools can have as both inground and above ground pools are easy to heat with a pool heater!

While one of the most common ways to heat an above ground pool is with a solar cover/blanket, it may not be the most efficient as these rely on the sun or warm weather and there are plenty of options available for external heat sources to keep your above ground pool warm regardless of where Mr. Sun is during the day. Just like inground pools, above ground pools can have both heat pumps and gas heaters added. Plus installation is a fairly simple and straightforward process.

Goplus Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater Above Ground

  • Compact
  • Comes with hose and protective cover
  • Minimal difference in increasing the water temperature

Are you tired of your unappealing ice-cold pool sitting there and taking away all the fun that you could have any day anytime? Now, you can dip and enjoy your pool any time you want with the Goplus Solar Dome solar pool heater for above ground pools. The above the ground heater doesnt use any gas or electricity. It uses an all-environmentally friendly system of utilizing the sun and its solar energy.

The Goplus Solar Dome is designed to magnify the solar energy through the heaters clear lens then captured by its black coiled hoses that carry the pool water. It is somehow comparable to the greenhouse effect. Also, I recommend the polypropylene materials used, which guarantees it to be more efficient.

Whats careful about the Goplus Solar Dome is although the name sounds massive, it just measures over 22 inches across and weighs 11 pounds. It is also one of the most affordable heaters out in the market.

I like how non-complicated is the system with the Goplus. In its simplest structure, the solar pool water warmed by the dome is circulated back to your pool via the pump and filter system. This system is super space-saving, and at the same time, it looks aesthetically lovely, especially if you compare it to other solar panels. It blends naturally without being intimidating.

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Can You Use A Hot Tub Heater For A Pool

My wife and I plan to get a pool soon, but sometimes its a bit chilly for a dip in the pool. So Ive wondered can you use a hot tub heater for a pool?

I decided to investigate and heres what I learned:

A hot tub heater can heat 500 gallons of water between 3°-6° degrees per hour and has 4-5 kilowatts of power. Pool heaters are roughly 4 times as powerful, meaning a hot tub heater would take significantly longer to heat a pool. It also puts significant wear & tear on the hot tub heater. But it IS possible.

But theres more to know about the crucial differences between pool and hot tub heaters, how long a hot tub heater might take to heat a pool and how many gallons a minute a heater can handle.

So lets check it out!

How To Calculate Your Pool Water Volume

110V Summer Waves Swimming Pool Water Cleaner Filter Pump ...

You can easily calculate the water volume in your pool as follows:-

Round Pools

To calculate the volume of a round pool, you can use the formula

Pool Volume = 3.14 x radius x radius x depth

  • Measure the diameter of the pool in metres
  • Half the diameter to give the radius of the pool
  • Multiply 3.14 x radius x radius x pool depth
  • Example

    A 12 ;diameter round above ground pool with a depth of 0.8m

    Diameter = 12 x 0.305 = 3.66m

    Radius = 3.66 / 2 = 1.83m

    Volume = 3.14 x 1.83 x 1.83 x 0.8m = 8.4 m3

    The Hot Splash supports pools up to 10m3 so would be ok for this pool

    Rectangular Pools

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    Best Overall: Hayward W3h150fdn Universal H

    Pool Type: Not Listed

    Pool Size: Up to 25,000 gallons

    If youre interested in extending your swimming season as long as possible, invest in a pool heater and chiller combo. This 2-in-1 pool heater from AquaCal is essentially a heat pump that uses warm air to raise pool temperatures, but it also has a module for cooling pool water using refrigerant. It can be used with both inground and above ground pools, but the manufacturer recommends that you choose a grid flow switch instead of a water pressure switch for above ground pool installation.

    The AquaCal SQ120R stands out as a heater chiller combo for pools with smart features, like the ability to control the unit with the PoolSync app. Switch between heating and cooling modes or set the unit to keep your pool at a constant temperature with the Autotemp mode. You will need to buy a separate PoolSync WiFi Controller if you want to take advantage of this feature.;

    In addition, this 2-in-1 pool heater is designed to withstand the elements. AquaCal has developed a special louvered top that allows for efficient airflow to the heat exchanger inside while minimizing the debris that enters the housing of the pool heater. A patented titanium heat exchanger is another standout feature of this pool heater and chiller combo. Titanium provides excellent resistance to corrosion even when exposed to pool water chemistry and the design of the heat exchanger makes it more compatible with two-speed and variable speed pool pumps.;

    Are Pool Heaters Much Bigger Than Hot Tub Heaters

    Yes is the short answer.

    As weve covered, a hot tub heater is a tube about 2 around and maybe a foot long. By comparison, while pool heaters vary more in size than hot tub heaters,

    The other thing to know is that most hot tub heaters are purely electric, whereas pool heaters can be propane, natural gas, electric, or even solar.

    Most experts agree that in terms of power, you want about 50,000 BTU per 10,000 gallons of water.

    Going back to our example of an 18,000-gallon pool, youd want a 90,000 BTU heater. Doing our conversion, thats about 26 kilowatts .

    In terms of physical size, those units will be somewhere roughly around 36 Tall x 36 Wide x 41 Deep. So physically, and power-wise, pool heaters are significantly bigger than hot tub heaters.

    The most efficient type of pool heater is whats called a heat pump system which is electric.

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    How To Heat A Pool Fast

    Using solar blankets is a good way to heat up your pool, making it an excellent choice for above ground pools. Since pools lose about 75% of their heat through evaporation, solar panels are designed to stop this evaporation while absorbing and retaining heat from the sun.

    They are efficient for heating up pools in the day, and keeping them warm at nights, though 100% of the surface of the pool must be covered by these solar blankets for it to work well.

    You can also make use of solar rings, which has exactly the same working principle as the solar blankets but are much smaller and easier to store. They can generate up to 21,000BTUs of heat per day and only need to cover about 70 to 80 percent of the pool surface.

    Sunheater Solar Pool Heater For Above Ground Pools

    Cheap above ground pool heater setup

    Take advantage of the long, sun-drenched days of summer by absorbing that sunshine to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature.

    The Smartpool Solar Pool Heater comes with two long polypropylene panels that can be unfurled near your above-ground pool. The panels can be placed on the roof or in the yard, wherever the sun is beating down the most.

    Reviewers note that even on cloudier days, the panels were able to soak up enough rays to warm their above-ground pool by several degrees, with several days of sunshine boosting pool temperature by 12-20 degrees.

    Although some of the product shots feature a mounting rack for the panels, you will need to either lay it flat in an area where the sun is beating down or construct a mounting platform yourself.

    Installation is easy, with the heater using your existing filtration system. SunHeater also packs its heater with plumbing fixtures to ensure a quick hook-up.

    Cost-wise, the SunHeater panels run for around $235 .

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    Solar Covers Save Money By Reducing Water Evaporation And Chemical Loss

    Buying and installing a solar cover does more than just help heat your pool. They also help save you money. The main cause of heat loss in a pool is evaporation. It’s true evaporation can pull up to 70% of the heat from your pool. Used properly, solar covers can reduce evaporation by as much as 90%. This saves you time refilling your pool, as well as money spent on water and replacement chemicals. Solar covers also help cut down on the amount of dirt and debris in the pool, which saves time on cleaning and maintenance.

    BONUS TIP: There are so many benefits associated with solar pool covers. It can literally pay for itself within a pool season. Learn more on our other blog post: “Solar Covers Save Money & Swim More!

    Free Technical Support And Advice

    We fully understand swimming pool heat pumps and all types of pool heaters so we can offer you FREE technical support before and after your purchase.

    We provide FREE pool heater sizing advice to ensure that the pool heater that we recommend will meet and exceed your requirements.

    We also offer an indoor pool design service covering dehumidification and pool heating for domestic and commercial swimming pools

    Call us now on +44 1268-206560 and speak to our friendly expert team.

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    Cheap Ways To Heat Your Pool

    Looking for cheap ways to heat your pool?Keep reading, youve found them.

    Maybe you installed your pool recently and havent chosen a pool heater yet. Or maybe youre just looking for some cost-effective ways to heat your swimming pool. Regardless of your situation, youll find plenty of solutions in the next few paragraphs.

    In this post, we show you a few cheap ways to heat your pool thatll keep your wallet much happier during swim season. And who can resist the opportunity to save money and lower their pool heating costs?

    So keep reading, and youll learn about a few cheap ways to warm up your pool, as well as what causes heat loss and how to prevent it. And the sooner you put these tips into practice, the sooner youll start spending less and swimming more.

    With that said, here are 7 cheap ways to heat your pool. Let the savings begin.

    What Is The Fastest Way To Heat An Above

    20 Of the Best Ideas for Above Ground Pool Heater

    Gas heaters are generally the fastest regarding the rate at which they can warm up a swimming pool. Most pool heaters will take a day to increase a pools water temperature by three degrees. However, a gas heater will only take an hour.

    Although it’s worth noting the rate that a gas heater will warm up the pool, it will come at a cost. You will need to way up which you prefer: convenience or expense.

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    Aboveground Pool Heating Options

    Not so long ago, heating options for aboveground pools were rather limited. Manufacturers took notice of the demand as U.S. aboveground pools have grown to number 4 million installed.

    Today, aboveground pool owners wanting to take the chill off have the same heating options as inground pool owners. Gas pool heaters, Heat Pumps and Solar pool heaters are all available in smaller styles and prices to fit any above ground pool.

    There Are Many Options Available For Extending Your Swimming Season

    Cooler weather outside doesn’t mean you have to shut down your swimming pool. With the help of Leslie’s heating products, your swimming season can be extended by several weeks or even months. Solar covers, gas heaters, heat pumps, and solar heaters all help to increase the amount of time you and your family can comfortably enjoy the pool. No matter which option works best for you, there’s something available for every pool and budget.

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    Gas Heaters For Above Ground Pools

    For the quickest heating, and keeping the heat going even as the temperature starts to drop below 50 degrees, you can add a gas-fueled heater to your pool.

    GOOD TO KNOW: as these are gas-fueled heater you will need a propane or natural gas source and a gas line, as well as an electric source, running to your heater, which can make installation a bit more involved.

    The Pros And Cons Of Going Solar

    Heat Your Above Ground or Intex Pool

    As with any sizable home upgrade, there are definite pros and cons of heating your pool with solar panels. But at the end of the day, its all about what is most important to you. So think about how these relate to your home, family, and pool usage. Then decide for yourself! Heres a breakdown of both sides:

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    Solar Pool Blankets And Solar Pool Rings

    One way on how to heat an above ground pool fast is by using solar covers. Solar covers act as a protective barrier between the pool and the elements. In the real sense, they do not heat up your pool but they prevent heat loss.

    The science experts tell us that the main reason a pool loses its heat is evaporation. Pool covers reduce this loss to 50% by acting as a lid for your pool. It keeps the water and the heat exactly where you want it to beâ¦in the pool. Apart from being an inexpensive setup, over time, you get to save on costs associated with water loss.

    You can take things a step further by using solar rings which are similar in functionality to the solar covers. They act as a surface barrier between the pool and the sun. The only exceptional difference is that some solar rings heat the water while actively conserving the heat the pool already has.

    Solar rings are a bit more expensive than solar covers, but they are generally more aesthetically appealing. This is a great option for small pool owners living in a sunny region who want an eco-friendly solution that is cost effective and at the same time efficient. However, âfastâ is not the operational word associated with solar rings and covers.

    Quick Recap on Solar Pool Blankets

    • They are inexpensive and cheap.
    • No operational expenses and can be easily replaced if damaged.
    • Eco-lovers would appreciate this.

    The 10 Best Above Ground Pool Heaters

    Listen, nobody wants to dive into a pool of cold water, am I right? And the crazy thing is that the water doesnt have to be all that cold to feel like an ice bath.

    Believe it or not, anything under 78° is enough to make you shiver. Sure, youll get used to it after a few minutes, but who wants to take that plunge?

    The best thing you can do for your swimmers, including you, is to install a pool heater that will keep your water at a comfortable level. Not only will you enjoy your pool more, but youll enjoy it longer.

    However, there are a lot of options out there, so knowing what to buy is key. Here are our top picks:

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    Benefits Of Above Ground Heaters

    One of the biggest benefits of above ground heaters is that they can warm up pool water and make it more comfortable to swim in. Using a solar powered above ground heater is also an efficient way to warm up the water in your above ground pool. Its also practical since you wont be relying on electricity.

    Theyre also an excellent option for individuals who want a more energy-efficient system to help with heating their swimming pool water. Since its eco-friendly, above ground heaters are also a fantastic choice for those that want to reduce overall carbon emissions.

    Other benefits of purchasing above ground heaters include minimal maintenance costs and are easy to install. Since theres no electricity source required, you dont have to worry about tangled wires or hiring an electrician. Instead, youll just have to follow the instructions that your above ground heater comes with, and youre all good to go.

    Heat Pumps For Above Ground Pools

    11 Best Solar Pool Heaters: Compare & Save (2021)

    For the easiest installation, we recommend a heat pump since they operate through thermal transfer instead of by burning propane or gas. This means all you’ll need to do to install one is add it to your pool’s existing plumbing and then provide a power source. Plus, as a bonus, many heat pumps also have a “chiller” option – which allows you to lower the temperature of your pool water should it get too hot from the summer sun!

    GOOD TO KNOW: since heat pumps rely on the transfer of ambient air, they loose most of their effectiveness when the outside air drops below 50 degrees.

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