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How To Clean Concrete Pool Deck

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What Happens If I Dont Seal My Concrete


There is no rule that says you have to seal your outdoor concrete. However, without a sealant on the surface, your concrete will be subject to fading and staining. Your beautiful stamped concrete pool deck or exposed aggregate concrete may not look as beautiful in a few years. Its the same concept as staining your fence or pressure washing your siding. Its the best way to preserve the aesthetic appeal of your concrete.

Homeowners Guide To Pool Deck Maintenance

To get the most out of your pool all year round, maintenance & cleaning of essential elements such as the pool deck is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, pool owners struggle to keep their pool deck in the best possible shape for years, both aesthetically & functionality-wise. Although pool deck maintenance requires time & effort, its still worth the investment.

Not only will it ensure your pool area appeals inviting and stylish when you host a pool party, but also minimizes wear & tear. A well-maintained pool deck will last longer than a deck that isnt cared about.

In this article, we have created a practical mini-guide on pool deck maintenance. So, lets scroll down to learn about it in detail.

How Do You Clean A Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

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To clean stamped concrete, start by sweeping up any loose dirt and debris on it. Then, mop the concrete with plain warm water, or add a few drops of dish soap or laundry detergent if it’s particularly dirty. Avoid using abrasive or chemical-based cleaners since they can dull and damage the concrete.

Furthermore, is stamped concrete high maintenance? Like conventional concrete, stamped surfaces will provide decades of service when properly installed and maintained, even when exposed to harsh winter weather conditions. Sealers also make the concrete easier to clean and prevent color fading from UV exposure.

Likewise, what do you use to clean a concrete pool deck?

How to Clean a Concrete Pool Deck

  • Fill a cleaning bucket with water and bleach, using a cup of bleach for each cup of water.
  • Hose off the pool deck with the garden hose.
  • Pour about two quarts of the bleach and water solution onto the deck then scrub the deck with a long-handled scrub brush.
  • Rinse the deck once more with the garden hose.
  • How do you clean a stamped patio?

    Concrete Patio Maintenance Is a Breeze

  • Rinse dirt/debris off stamped concrete surface with a garden hose or pressure washer.
  • Apply a small amount of liquid dish soap to surface and scrub with a push broom.
  • Rinse well with a garden hose or pressure washer until there is no sign of soapsuds.
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    How To Choose A Deck Cleaning Company

    Never go online and search for “pool cleaning service near me” and then opt for the cheapest company you find, or assume a general contractor with a power washer will suffice. Quality property washing requires skill and expertise, as a power washing professional will need to know the various detergents to use for different surfaces, how to scrub a pool deck properly and the like.

    When choosing a pool cleaning company, opt for one with a long history of professional service, and it’s also good to choose a company that only offers power washing! If a company also provides interior cleaning, property repairs, and other such services, they may not have the experience in power washing needed to ensure a job gets done right.

    A professional power washing company should also take the time to inspect your property before work begins. A pressure washer might not reach certain areas, or the cleaning professional might recommend a soft wash for various trouble spots or delicate and fragile surfaces. If a cleaning company promises a fast finish on your property, this might not be a good sign!

    How Do You Pressure Wash A Concrete Pool Deck

    How To Clean Your Pool Deck &  Everything Else Around It ...

    Cleaning concrete pool decks is necessary now and then. Just like pools require maintenance to keep them clean and in the right conditions, concrete pool decks require the same attention. The thing about concrete pool decks that every owner should be aware of is that even though they are durable, theyre also really vulnerable to bird droppings, substances and can quickly deteriorate if no regular maintenance is given.

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    Our Concrete Pool Deck Cleaning Service Consists Of The Following Process:

    • Caution tape areas as needed for safety.
    • Wet down all adjacent areas with water and cover plants as needed with water proof tarps.
    • Pre-treat stained areas as needed with bio-degradable cleaners at 30 PSI 40 PSI.
    • Apply bio-degradable cleaners on the rest of the surfaces to be cleaned as needed.
    • Clean all surfaces using flat surface cleaners at 2500 PSI 3,000 PSI, and up to 250 degree water.
    • Remove tarps, rinse down plants and surfaces adjacent to work area and perform final clean up.

    Note: Some stains may not come completely clean without risking damage to the concrete, gum for example, will leave behind an oil deposit inside the concrete. Commercial Restorations will always attempt to remove all staining but will not risk using strong acids, hazardous chemicals or high pressure methods that may damage or stain the surfaces being cleaned.

    Note: Commercial Restorations will not be held liable for any damage already on the surfaces including cracks or failing seams in the concrete surface, or for personal property left in the area.

    Note: All cleaning will be done in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act regulations by using water reclamation systems as needed, to stop water from entering the storm drains or waterways.

    Note: All work will be completed in a professional manner by uniformed employees. Areas that are being cleaned will be roped off with caution tape during the process for safety.

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    What Is The Best Way To Clean A Pool Deck

    A pool deck should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year. Heres how to give your pool deck a thorough clean:

    • Remove all furniture and pool toys from the surface .
    • Clean the entire pool deck using a pressure washer. Pressure washing a pool deck goes a lot faster than using a hose or trying to clean it by hand, so its worth getting your hands on one to make quicker work of this task.
    • Use a cleaning solution and scrub brush to get rid of stains.

    If its been a long time since your pool deck has been cleaned and youre finding it difficult to get rid of unsightly stains, you may want to look into professional power washing as a solution.

    Is your pool deck stamped concrete? Learn about cleaning stamped concrete in this guide.

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    We Can Help With Your Pool Deck Cleaning

    Annual pool deck cleaning is a necessary component of proper pool maintenance. As long as regular maintenance is performed, most decks can be revived with a simple deck cleaner. Although you can do it on your own, its important to known how to clean your pool deck properly and which products are safe to use on your specific deck.

    At GPS pools we can help you find the right materials and equipment should you wish to clean it yourself. However, hiring a professional provides you with the assurance that everything is done the right way. So, if your pool deck has lost a bit of its luster, give us a call, and well help you restore it to its former glory.

    Removing Mold And Mildew From Concrete

    Pressure Washing Concrete Pool Deck

    When it comes to cleaning the pool deck, mold and mildew are probably the worst you would have to deal with. It may seem difficult but it is possible. There are two things needed in this process: a mold and mildew cleaner and a concrete sealer.

    Cleaning Choose a cleaner that is designed for mold and mildew. Spray it on the affected area, whisk it with a stiff broom or brush, and powerwash it to remove any trace of mold or mildew. If there are some left, repeat the process until it is all gone. Make sure to store the cleaner in a place that kids and pets could not reach.

    Sealing Air dry the pool deck first before sealing it. A concrete sealer is designed to provide a protective barrier against moisture, dust, and other harmful elements that could penetrate the surface of the deck. A sealed pool deck will resist any future growth of both mold and mildew. It will also make the surface easier to clean and maintain.

    Do not let anything ruin your pool deck. It may take extra effort to protect the surface and maintain its appearance and functionality, but it will save you from unnecessary and accidents. Make sure to have your deck inspected for any damage and signs of mold and mildew. Always have a concrete surface sealed to keep harmful elements from wreaking havoc and creating safety hazards. Interested for more? Continue reading about Pool Standards for Universities & Pools.

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    Why Is It Important To Keep A Clean Pool Deck

    There are a few reasons why its so essential to maintain a clean pool deck. For starters, the prominent place to start is the aesthetics. Nobody wants a dirty pool deck, and if they argue otherwise, theyre lying. Youll want to maintain a clean pool deck, so no matter what, youre ready to entertain guests by the pool or enjoy the pool with your family.

    Beyond just the aesthetics of a pool deck, youll also want to keep your actual pool clean. When your deck is dirty, your pool suffers as a result. This can compound when your pool filter starts trying to work with damaging objects causing it to break.

    Safety is probably the most important reason, however. When you dont clean your pool deck, youre allowing for slippery surfaces to come into existence in the form of mold, or moss, and more. Mold and pollen can also cause members of your household to develop allergies. For the ones who already have allergies, theyre in for a bad time.

    How To Treat Spots On A Pool Deck

    Leaving metal furniture, a grill, and other such items on a pool’s deck can result in rust spots and similar stains food and beverages like tea and coffee can also leave behind stains on a concrete deck. To treat these spots, use a bit of tri-sodium phosphate or muriatic acid, available at most home goods, hardware, and cleaning supply stores.

    When applying such spot treatments, remember that these chemicals are typically strong and can damage a pool’s deck if left too long or if misused. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and use the products as directed. Do not mix these materials with other chemicals, to avoid dangerous reactions.

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    Can’t I Just Power Wash My Pool’s Deck Myself

    Short answer: absolutely!As with most things, you can take matters into your own hands. But surfaces like concrete can actually be easily damaged if theyre not power washed following the best practices. Though this is rare, it does happen more often than most homeowners would like to admit. And potential damage to your pool area aside, many of the results you can achieve yourself with a standard pressure washer won’t end up looking as crisp as you’d like. Reason being, it simply takes forever to do it the right way. If you watch the video at the top of this page, then you’re likely to agree. Thats why hiring a pro to wash the concrete surrounding your pool is a safe and effective choice. We’ll come in and get the job done right, so you never have to suffer any of the headaches associated with deep concrete cleaning.

    Get A Quote For Concrete Pool Deck Sealing

    Why Leave Cleaning Of Concrete Pool Deck To Professionals ...

    Still on the fence about concrete pool deck sealing? You might be surprised by how affordable it is. We can conduct an in-person evaluation to determine the best concrete sealant for your home and provide a price quote. If youre looking to change the appearance of your concrete, we can go over concrete overlay options with you as well. Transform your boring pool deck into a jaw-dropping show-stopper with a little help from N& M Restoration. Contact us at to learn more about pool deck sealing.

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    How To Clean Concrete Pool Decks

    • Written by Cameron Sherber on Oct 05, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    If you’re unclear on the proper way to clean a concrete pool deck, you’ll be pleased to learn that the process is simpler than you may think. With some household cleaning products and water, yours can be spotless in no time.

    Produce Your Homemade Concrete Cleaner

    The first step in cleaning concrete pool decks is to produce your own easy-to-make, highly effective concrete cleaner. Start by acquiring a large clean bucket to combine warm water with about a capful of mild bleach unless the solution isn’t potent enough. Mix it thoroughly and apply it all over your deck with a mop. Make sure to soak the mop so that you have plenty of the cleanser to spread around.

    An alternative, and more eco-friendly, cleaner can be made by mixing water with a mild degreasing soap. It is recommended to start by mixing a low dilution, such as 10 parts water to one part degreaser, and to add gradually more soap should the solution prove to be too weak.

    Scrub Your Concrete Pool Deck

    With your cleaning solution properly applied, it’s now time to scrub. Using a hard-bristled scrub broom, purge any dirt, mildew, or grime from the concrete surface. Make sure to apply a little extra elbow grease if you encounter any stubborn stains or deposits.

    Patio Furniture Cleaning 101

    Since most patio furniture is either wooden, plastic, or metal, most of the above cleaning methods will work perfectly.

    But if youre looking for a universal approach, start with a light soap water solution and brush.

    Scrub the frame of the furniture, using a light TSP solution or lime juice mixture for spot treatment on tough stains.

    Remove any cushions on the furniture and set them aside. To clean them, handwash using a light detergent, water, and soft brush.

    When youre done with cleaning, place the cushions in a sunny spot to air dry.

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    Clean Your Pool Deck Thoroughly

    If you want to cut through the grime and want your pool deck to be sparkling clean every day, you require the right cleaning tool and solutions. Commence with mixing some water, dish soap, and household bleach in a bucket. Next, you have to apply the solution to the scrub brush and start with a thorough scrubbing of the pool deck.

    Never forget the grout lines, as grime and dirt are more likely to build up there. Once you are done with scrubbing, rinse off the pool deck with a pressure washer nozzle.

    Preventing And Treating Algae On Your Pool Deck

    pressure washing concrete of a Pool deck cleaning- Amazing footage

    There are deck cleaners available on the market that help in preventing & getting rid of any algae growth.

    So, the whole idea is regular maintenance and the use of quality cleaning solutions to keep algae at bay. This is especially important for wood, as algae contribute to the decaying of the wood.

    To prevent algae and mildew growth, use a solution that includes one part of bleach to four parts of water. Once you apply the solution, let it sit for 15-30 minutes, and even more, depending on how long the mildew has been present.

    After some time, scrub the problematic areas. Repeat the process until the algae growth has been eliminated. While algae & mildew are treatable if you notice mold, rope in a professional for this job.

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    What Does Concrete Sealer Do

    Concrete sealer is a shield that protects your concrete from spills, UV rays, and more. The most common complaint about stamped concrete pool decks is color fading over time. Pool decks are typically in areas with high sun exposure. Thus they are more susceptible to fading than concrete on a covered patio. Concrete sealant provides the extra layer of protection to reduce the progression of sun fading. It also enhances the color of the pool deck, creating a rich appearance that makes the pool pop. If you want to add a finishing touch to your pool surround, sealant will do the trick.

    How Often Should I Seal My Pool Deck

    We recommend sealing a concrete pool deck every 3-5 years. The sealant will wear away over time due to weather exposure, foot traffic, and cleaning efforts. Once this happens, the sealer can no longer protect your concrete from stains, fading and discoloration. With a re-application, you can preserve the look of your concrete and extend the life of your beautiful pool deck.

    There is an easy way to test if your concrete needs to be sealed. When the concrete is clean and completely dry, put a drop of water on the surface. If the water forms into a bead, the sealant is still in good condition. If the water absorbs right away and turns the concrete dark, the sealer has probably worn off. At that point, you can contact us to reseal your concrete pool deck.

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    How Do You Clean A Chlorine Pool Deck

    pool chlorinebleach clean

    Correspondingly, what can I use to clean my pool deck?

    How to Clean Your Pool Deck

  • Fill the bucket with water and add a cup of bleach and a squirt of the dish soap.
  • Spread the solution over the pool deck.
  • Use the scrub brush and brush the deck thoroughly.
  • Additionally, how do I get rid of black mold on my pool deck? Mildew is not only unsightly, but also can be slippery and dangerous on pool decks.

  • Remove all the furniture, pots and other items from the surface.
  • Dip the scrub brush into the bleach and water mixture.
  • Rinse the deck with clean water.
  • Vacuum the deck to remove any dust or small debris.
  • People also ask, how do I clean the coping around my pool?

    How to Clean Pool Coping

  • Inspect the entire length of coping for damage.
  • Dip a Mr.
  • Clean heavily soiled areas with an acid-based coping cleaner.
  • Mix a solution of 20 percent household bleach with water in a spray bottle.
  • Use a power washer to direct a high-velocity stream of water at the stained areas.
  • How do you maintain a concrete pool deck?

    4 Ways to Maintain Your Concrete Pool Deck

  • Pressure Wash Your Pool Deck. One obvious yet important way to help your cement last longer is to keep it clean.
  • Use A Sealant to Protect Your Concrete.
  • Repair Small Cracks.
  • Lift and Level Any Sinking Concrete.
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