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How To Store Pool Floats

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How Do You Store Pool Floats

How to Take Care of Pool Floats

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Don’t leave your pool float in the pool overnight. The plastic or vinyl will break down over time due to the exposure to the pool chemicals, sunshine, and heat. If you are getting out of your pool, then take out the pool float.

Secondly, how do you store pool floats for the winter? Dry ThoroughlyWater damage will cause unnecessary wear and tear to all toys and floats. Inflatable toys and floats should be deflated and laid out flat to dry fully before storing in a cool, dry storage place.

Also to know, what do you do when your pool floats?

Pool Float Storage Ideas

  • First thing’s first: Wash and dry pool floats. Remove floats from the deep end for a deep clean.
  • Deflate all inflated toys . It may seem like a no-brainer, but deflating your floats maximizes storage space.
  • Store floats so they save the most space.
  • What is the fastest way to deflate a pool float?

    Deflate Things Faster with the Help of a Binder ClipIf you stick a drinking straw in that hole, it will hold the valve open and let the air out just as easily. Add a little weight to help force the air out and those toys will be ready to store in no time.

    Find The Best Way To Store Your Pool Floats And Toys This Summer

    Theres a pair of swim goggles on the floor of the mud room. A wet towel in the downstairs half-bath. And, for some reason, your dog is playing with the oversized beach ball that you bought for your human children. There needs to be a good option for pool float storage!

    The summer months are full of fun, especially with a backyard swimming pool. Whether you want to lounge on your favorite float or see who can make the biggest splash off the inflatable slide, the water is a perfect place to spend a hot day. But what do you do when the sun goes down and its time to put away your pool floats and toys? You cant leave them in the water or toss them on the deck.

    As a pool owner, its important to find an easy and practical way to store your pool toys and floats. Its not just that pool accessories tossed about can make your yard look unkempt . When you dont properly store pool floats and toys, they can be at risk for unwanted damage. Wind can carry pool floats into the bushes, where they will pick up dirt and mulch. A rose bush can puncture a float. Animals can destroy pool noodles.

    While some pool owners choose to replace floats and toys each year, these swimming pool float storage ideas will help you enjoy this summer and those to come. Just be sure to encourage kids to take them out after their pool session.

    Creative Ways To Store Floats & Poolside Items

    Pool floats are a staple of any fun pool. Whether you use them to lounge in the water for relaxation or to ride fearlessly into battle with your friends, a pool just isn’t complete without at least a few of these recreation regulars. But with great fun comes great responsibility. When pool time is over, finding proper and convenient storage for these larger items like pool floats, toys, towels, and other poolside accessories can be a challenge.

    Thankfully, there are a ton of creative people out there. And since we love checking in on our Leslie’s communities to make sure everyone is enjoying their pools, we thought we’d find who had some great ideas on creative ways to store floats and other poolside items.

    Check out these options below. Hopefully one of them can help you get your backyard setup closer to pool perfection.

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    Pool Float Storage : Everything You Need To Know

    Pool floats have come a very long way since water wings first made their debut as a safety device back in 1907. Sure, inflatable flotation devices are still used to assist novice swimmers today, but nowadays, pool floats are much more than that.

    In this day and age, you pretty much cant go the weekend without seeing giant colorful inflatables all over social media — and were not complaining! From whimsical butterflies to golden swans, manufacturers have added some much-needed pizzaz to the old-school pool floats. But just like any inflatable, proper care and storage are of the utmost importance to keep your inflatable friends looking fresh.

    Your Guide To Storing Pool Floats Toys And Other Inflatables In The Off Season

    Our solution for a backyard bar / cargo net swimming pool ...

    Long days spent floating atop a gigantic pool float in the water with not a care in the world, pretty much sums up the summer season. However, with the warm weather season officially winding down, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll store all of your pool floats, toys, and other inflatables in the off season. “The most important thing is that your pool float should be dry,” says Blake Barrett, co-founder of FUNBOY and pool expert. “Pool floats and any poolside accessories need to be dry to protect them from discoloration.” He explains that any trapped moisture in a pool accessory is the product’s worst enemy as it causes mold and discoloration.

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    Mesh Hanging Pool Toy Storage

    The mesh pool toy storage is a great option when it comes to pool toy storage to let everything drip dry! It boasts an enormous capacity and can hold more pool toys than any deck box. Large tubes, floats, noodles, toys, this mesh storage can hold just about anything you want to fit into it leaving your pool area clean!

    This one is 60 and comes with adjustable straps and hooks. You can hang it from most types of fences, gates and even most above ground pools! If you have a metal framed pool, it must have a thin inner lip. If you have an above ground pool held up with PVC, you can wrap the straps around the PVC

    Its unique design and support belts minimize drooping with when full and the spacious volume of the bag holds plenty of bulky items and keeps them off the ground.

    To give you a visual, it holds over 20 basketballs, which should give you plenty of room for pool noodle storage and all of your pool toys.

    Hanging Net For Floats

    Want something thats more out of the way for all of your floaties and tubes? This pool equipment storage idea will keep things neat and out from underfoot. Try hanging a net along the back of the house, pool fence, or wall of your backyard. Using pegs, hang a large net folded in half to create a pocket. With this, you can slide all of your pool floats and tubes down to keep them out of the way where no one can trip over them.

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    Giant Red Lips Pool Float

    This summer, kiss and tell with FUNBOYs Giant Lips Pool Float. Finally, a summer fling that will take you past first base but wont let you down! This luxe float measures over six feet in length and is perfect for poolside relaxation.

    Pair your float with the matching Lip Drink Holder 3 Pack — the perfect poolside trio for your cocktail, beer, or soda pop.

    Caring For Your Pool Inflatables

    DIY PVC Pipe Pool Float Container | Stop Floats from Blowing Away! | Tutorial Tuesday Ep. 82

    At the start of pool season, clean off any accumulated dust, and look thoroughly for punctures, tears, holes, or other structural imperfections. If you see damage, repair it with a patch kit designed for this type of float before you ever put it into play.

    Continue to inspect your floats regularly. Using a defective inflatable is a dangerous move for your swimmers and your swimming pool so be diligent about evaluating them.

    If youve patched a pool float with a legit repair kit! and it keeps leaking, it might be time to discard that old favorite. Seam cracks that continue to resurface or expand in size could be a manufacturing flaw that may be covered by warranty. Contact the manufacturer to ask about a replacement before throwing out the defective float, especially if its been less than a year since you bought it.

    Or maybe your favorite pool float lounger just doesnt seem to be holding you up out of the water like it used to. The inflatable likely has a small pinhole . To find a suspected hole, submerge the inflatable pool float under water and watch for bubbles. This will help you pinpoint the location of the hole.

    Broken Floats? Deal with those ASAP!

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    How To Store Your Pool Floats Toys And Inflatables In 3 Easy Steps

    Long hot days in the sun whilst lounging by the pool are coming to an end and here at SUNNYLiFE we want to make sure that you get another season of summer with your favorite Pool Floats, Toys and Inflatables. It is important to ensure that you give your inflatables a little TLC at the end of the season to ensure they are ready to float for summer 2022.

    Below are 3 Easy Steps to keep your SUNNYLiFE Inflatables safe during the cooler months.

    Step 1: Deflate

    When it starts to cool down it is time to put away all of your tube, lie-on, noodle floats and pool toys. The first step is to deflate. We recommend using an electric air pump by reversing the flow. Another option is to insert a thin straw into the valve and leave it overnight and gradually the air will escape the float. Or, create a game and get the kids involved – have them gently pinch the valve while the air escapes. Whoever manages this the longest wins!

    Step 2: Clean

    It’s time to clean. Using fresh water rinse your floats and remove any debris. If you notice any water stains you can use white vinegar to spot clean those areas. Leave out to air dry and make sure the float is completely dry before moving onto the final step.

    Step 2: Clean

    It’s time to clean. Using fresh water rinse your floats and remove any debris. If you notice any water stains you can use white vinegar to spot clean those areas. Leave out to air dry and make sure the float is completely dry before moving onto the final step.

    Step 3: Fold & Store

    Deflate Your Pool Floats Properly

    For this next step, weve created a handy tutorial on YouTube. Skip to the 0:40 timestamp for tips on how to correctly deflate your pool floats.

    To recap the video: the method of deflating depends on which type of valve your float has. If its a single valve, simply unplug and let the air flow out. If its a leak-proof valve, youll need to hold and squeeze the valve to release the air. If you have a LOTELI float, we use a Double Boston Valve, which combines the two type. For a Double Boston Valve, you can simply unplug the single valve for easy deflating before you store your pool floats for winter.

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    Make A Floating Toy Box

    Try cutting up one of your pool noodles and wrapping the pieces around a cheap laundry basket. Do this and the basket will float in the pool.

    You obviously need to get a box or basket thats waterproof, and youll find yourself adding a new feature to your swimming pool while saving yourself time on cleaning up.

    The best part? This hack only take a few minutes and a cheap noodle and basket to pull off!

    How To Store Pool Inflatables And Toys

    Pool Float holder

    If you have a pool, chances are you own at least a few lilos, pool-noodles and pool toys.

    Keeping these items by the pool or on a shelf in a garage or shed is okay when you’re using them frequently. However, leaving them lying around between summers can cause them to deteriorate.

    Make sure your pool toys and inflatables remain in good condition for next year by storing them properly, with these tips.

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    Wash And Dry Pool Floats Before Storing

    Prevent the growth of mould and mildew by cleaning pool toys and inflated pool floats.

    1) A solution of 125 ml of vinegar or bleach mixed with 4 litres of cold water

    2) One cup of baking soda for every 4 litres of cold water.

    3) If you choose to use a bleach solution, wear rubber gloves and goggles to protect your skin and eyes.

    Dip a scrubbing brush into the cleaning solution and lightly scrub each item. Use a hose to rinse off any leftover solution, and then leave toys and inflatables in the shade to air dry. Deflate pool inflatables only once they’re fully dry.

    Tip #: Deflate All The Air Out Of Anything Inflatable And Gently Fold Them

    Inflatable pool toys take up a lot of space. The good news is that theyre easy to condense. The bad news is that some of them can be really difficult to deflate. The easiest way to get the deflation job done is by either using a pump with deflation capabilities or by using a drinking straw. After you get them deflated, gently fold them up so that you can easily stack and store them in any container.

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    Medium Sized Resin Outdoor Storage Bin For Pool Toys

    This medium-sized outdoor storage bin is an attractive option for pool toy storage in your backyard or on your pool deck. It is 73 gallons and is 46 x 21.6 x 22.5. It is designed to have a wicker look but keeps water out. The lid is curved so that rainwater will not pool on the top of the box. It has side carry handles to easily move it around on the deck.

    If you like the design of this box, but want something a little bigger, you can also get a 99 Gallon size here.

    How Should I Store My Pool Float

    How to Inflate, Deflate & Store your Giant Derby Duck Inflatable Pool Float by GAMEâ¢

    A lot of pool owners think that they should just toss the old floats and just buy a new one. While it might be tempting to jump into something right away, you should think about how to store your pool float correctly. What follows is a few suggestions for that.

    You should have your old float in a bag in a corner of your pool, away from the walls and the pools water. Be sure that the bag doesnt overhang the pools edges so that the bag does not tear. In fact, you want to allow enough space between the bag and the edges of the pool so that you can flip the bag around if you need to.

    The next thing you should do is cover your old float with some type of material that allows water to get to it but blocks some of the moisture. You can use paper or plastic. You should put the paper or plastic over the top of the old float and then poke holes at intervals in the paper or plastic. For this job, you should use a sharp pair of pliers or a large drill bit.

    After that, you should close the hole on the top of the paper or plastic to make it more secure against the edge of the old float. The last thing you want to do is make the float too moist by allowing water to soak into the paper or plastic. You can use a container to keep the water inside, but keep in mind that there is a limit to how much water will be able to go into the container, and your float is probably not that big.

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    Should I Take Down My Above

    Pools very rarely need to be drained completely. If you have a vinyl-lined above-ground pool, leaving it full for the winter will protect the vinyl liner from shrinkage and other damage. Since these pools are above ground level, keeping them full ensures that the wind will not damage the walls, liner, or frame.

    What Are The Statistics On Swimming Pool Accidents

    According to statistics: More than 50 percent of drowning victims treated at an emergency room required to be either hospitalized or transferred to another facility for further care. Non-fatal drowning injuries can cause severe brain damage that could result in long-term health issues including memory and learning problems.

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    Store Your Inflatables In A Cargo Net

    Most people dont care about where to store or what material to use for storing your inflatables. If you have any wall or space nearby your pool then find some hooks meant for outdoor usage and hammer or attach them using ineffective adhesives. Now, buy a cargo net for storage purposes and hang it on each side of the hook. After that, keep those floats in it. This storage net can act as a unique decor to your poolside being colorful. If you have placed the hooks at a sufficient distance from each other, you can easily grab your float whenever you want.

    How Do You Store Water Toys

    Pin on Pool

    Softer items such as inflatables & PFDs should be stored in critter proof boxes or plastic tubs. Its also important to keep them in a dry, climate-controlled place, out of the way of excessive cold, heat, exhaust, chemicals, or fumes. Bonus: place a tarp over your tubs & equipment to keep things clean & dry.

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