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How Much Do Electric Pool Covers Cost

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Backyard Pool Landscaping Prices

Introduction to Automatic Pool Covers

Landscaping costs$3,000 to $5,000 on average for a new installation or around $4 to $12 per square foot to add plants, trees, and shrubs around your new pool. Three of the more common styles of landscaping design for built-in pools are tropical, modern, and desert. Here are average prices if you are starting with a bare-bones yard, or you want to add features to the backyard to complement the pool area:

  • Sod installation costs$0.90 $1.80 per square foot and will help regrow your grass.
  • Installing a yard drainage system costs $3,400.
  • Re-sloping your lawn costs $1,850 on average.
  • Cutting down a tree costs $825 on average.

Automatic Pool Cover Cost Factors

Regardless of your budget or the vision you have for your dream pool, you have a variety of options to choose from to customize an automatic pool cover to complement your pool design. With these options in mind, the end result will be a pool cover that not only looks good, but enhances the safety and enjoyability of your beautiful new pool.

Cost Factors: 1/3

Con: They Will Heat Your Pool Too Much Sometimes

When a customer calls and says that their pool is getting too warm, we advise them to leave their cover open to try and cool the pool off.

At this point the automatic cover is a huge expense that is not being used for the intended purpose.

If you have a heat pump with a chiller, you can cool the pool with the chiller. It does run the operational cost up, though.;

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How Much Does A Winter Pool Cover Cost

Winter pool covers are among the least expensive inground pool covers and cost around $50 to $175 on average. That price can easily increase to more than $300 for thicker, more durable covers with longer-lasting warranties.;

Essentially, a winter pool cover is a fancy tarp, but it will do the job of keeping out unwanted debris and deterring wandering guests from entering your pool.;

Pool Safety At The Press Of A Button

How Much Does an Automatic Pool Cover Cost?

While traditional safety covers do an excellent job protecting your pool as well as helping ensure no one accidentally falls into the pool and gets injured, they require quite a bit of work to put on to or remove from a swimming pool. For this reason, they are generally only used when closing the pool for an extended period of time. Automatic pool covers add another dimension of safety to your pool, acting as a safety cover that you can easily open and close as needed.;

But in addition to the the safety benefits, automatic pool covers offer many other advantages, such as:

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The Standard Solar Cover

This solar cover option can be found for $75 to $225 and will last you about one to three swim seasons.

When it comes to how much pool covers cost, you definitely get what you pay for with the standard solar pool cover. It is the most affordable, and likewise, has the shortest lifespan. While these arent top-of-the-line covers, they do help protect your swimming pool from contamination and direct sunlight.

One of the biggest considerations when choosing this option is safety. This cover wont hold much weight, adding a water-safety risk factor.

However, if youre looking for a quick, temporary fix, this option may work for you in the short term.

Compare Pool Covers Vs Pool Fence Costs

About Pool Covers

A pool cover traps heat, keeping the water warm and making your heater more efficient, and it keeps your pool clean. Some pool covers are also intended for a more important purpose – to provide safety and peace of mind by preventing children and pets from falling through.

Many pool covers run on a track and are operated electronically with the touch of a button. Or, you can save a substantial amount of money by purchasing a manual cover. There are several types of manual covers, including:

  • Solar pool covers use the suns energy to help warm the pool and prolong the swimming season. Theyre not very effective at keeping debris out, and theyre not designed for safety.
  • Heavier winter covers are designed to protect your pool from debris, algae growth and harsh temperatures during the off-season.
  • Leaf nets are designed to keep the pool clear of leaves and debris. They can be used in combination with a winter cover to keep the pool as clean as possible. Using both is a good idea if your yard is full of trees.
  • Safety covers are designed to prevent children and pets from falling into the pool. They also work to keep the pool clean and trap heat, but safety is the primary purpose.

How Much Does a Pool Cover Cost?

Manual solar covers, leaf nets and winter covers are relatively inexpensive, ranging from about $50 for a small pool to $500 for a large pool with a custom shape. However, they can be lightweight and may not prevent children from falling through.

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Colors On Your Screen Or Brochure May Not Match The Actual Color Of Your Product

Due to the many variations in monitors, phones, and browsers, color samples and product examples may appear different on different screens. Computers and mobile devices are not all calibrated equally and color reproduction on the Internet is not precise. The same is true for printed items such as brochures and other sales literature.;

In addition, the colors of our products photograph differently under different lighting conditions. For example, photos taken in full sunlight will vary from photos taken on a cloudy or overcast day. Similarly, shadows from nearby objects can affect the color and transparency of our products. If a precise color or specific shade is important, please inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

Not Suitable For Winter

Do Solar Pool Covers Work? The Good And The Bad of Solar Pool Covers

Pool covers can take a lot of weight. They can hold up to even adult humans. They can take piles of dirt, dry leaves, and other things without being cleaned for days.

You can cover your pool and go out on a vacation without any worries. However, when it is winter, things are slightly different. Heavy snowfall can have severe impacts on automatic pool covers.

There are separate winter covers for pools. They are specially built for taking the load of winter snowfall.

Im not saying that automatic covers will be damaged by slight snowfall, but you should not take that chance since they are expensive. You either should remove the cover during winter, or get another cover for winter.

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How Much Do Inground Pool Covers Cost

Cost and Pricing;|; Swimming Pool Accessories

Fun fact: Some states virtually demand that inground pool owners have a pool cover. Others are less picky.

In certain situations, pool shoppers are even required to cough up the cash for an automatic pool cover during the pool’s construction .;

Needing a pool cover is not necessarily a bad thing, though.;

Most of us know that pool covers go a long way in keeping children and pets safe around inground swimming pools, but what are some of the other benefits of having a pool cover?

First, a pool cover can help keep the pool clean, and you probably won’t have to worry so much about fishing out berries and leaves. It can also keep your pool water warm and save you tons of money on heating costs.;

So, while a pool cover isn’t as nice to look at as your sparkling blue pool, it will help keep the debris out, make your pool code compliant, and, most importantly, keep everyone safe.

Whether you need a pool cover, want a pool cover, or are considering getting one in the future, here are the different pool cover types listed by price from the most expensive to the least expensive.;

Daisy Premium Range 525b Blue Pool Cover

Said to be one of Australias most respected and popular pool cover brands, Daisy specialises in rollers and bubble blanket covers. Apparently backed by years of research and development, Daisy offer one of Australias largest and best-designed range of covers. While they feature a foam and mesh range, their bubble/solar blanket is their highest seller and primary focus. Their premium range, which features the 525B Blue Pool Cover, is boasted by the company as a premium choice for maximum heat retention and durability.

The 525B apparently stops 97% of evaporation and heats the pool by up to eight degrees. This cover, along with thermal covers, are also claimed to save you the most amount of money when it comes to heating. These covers can also be accompanied by either an automatic or manual pool roller to suit your budget. Prices will range depending on your pool situation and size; however solar covers are known to be relatively inexpensive. If you want to get a rough idea on prices, use this Daisy Pool Cover Calculator.

So there you have it hopefully this pool of resources we have created for you has covered everything you need to know. Happy swimming!

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How Much Does A Solar Pool Cover Cost

Solar pool covers for inground pools usually cost around $800 to $1,000 with a reel. Above ground round and oval solar pool covers typically cost much less at $30 to $100 or more. Keep in mind that the price for your solar pool cover can increase depending on the thickness, size, shape, and manufacturer.;

If you shop for inground solar pool covers at an average pool supply store, you’ll likely find prices starting at a few hundred dollars to over $500 and reel prices starting at around $250 to $500 and up.;

With the reel, cover, and installation costs combined, you’ll likely pay closer to $1,000 for your solar cover.;

Note:;Many solar covers come with a warranty of around 3 to 7 years.;

Are Automatic Pool Covers Worth The Price

How Much Does An Automatic Pool Cover Cost?

Automatic pool covers are good examples of you get what you pay for. Automatic pool covers offer outstanding cost savings benefits. When closed over the swimming pool an automatic pool cover will save you on chemicals, water loss from evaporation, and energy costs by not having to constantly reheat the pool.

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Swimming Pool Cover Price Calculator

To calculate the cost of your swimming pool cover just fill in the boxes below.

First choose metric or feet and inches.

Type in your pool’s width and length. If you have a roman end typein the radius , if you don’t have a roman end just leave those boxes blank.

Choose which type of cover you want and then you can add the optional extras to get your final price.

How Much Does An Automatic Pool Cover Cost

Automatic pool covers are easy to use and provide an added layer of safety and protection to your pool. With the push of a button, you can slide your retractable pool cover on and off your pool to keep loved ones out of harms way. Besides the safety benefits, a Coverstar automatic pool cover can also keep your pool looking as brilliant and sparkling as the day it was first installed in your backyard.

The price range for a Coverstar autocover can vary based on your overall pool design, but the benefits will give you back more time to enjoy your backyard oasis with friends and family.

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Pool Builder Says Automatic Cover Is Not Worth The Cost

During a visit with my wife and I at our house, a very well established pool builder strongly recommended against an automatic pool cover. This suprised me, considering he would make more money if we included it in the build. We are installing a vinyl-liner diving pool in the Cleveland area .

He said:

– Will not reduce pump run-time because the water will still need sanitized.

– Will result in increased chemical usage, as covering the pool during the hot weather will keep the pool warmer which increases need for chemicals and reduces their effectiveness.

– I’ll need a pump to remove rainwater from top of cover, which adds to hassle factor. The leaves and other junk must also be removed before the cover is fully retracted.

– It makes a poor winter cover because the snow can’t be left on the cover and the cover will become very dirty, requiring a big scrub down in the spring – more hassles.

– They are expensive, even for a simple rectangular pool. . He stated that the cost and mechanical problems increase significantly when used on larger free-form pools as the cover width increases.

– They are ugly. Who wants to spend all that money and not see the water when you look out the window.

– He only advocated putting an automatic cover on a pool for safety. He recommended them for people with very young or mentally-handicapped children.

Thanks, Ponz.

How Much Does A Safety Pool Cover Cost

Automatic Pool Covers Pros and Cons

Safety pool covers usually cost between $1,200 and $3,000 on average, but the ultimate price of your safety pool cover will depend on the type of material and size. Safety covers aren’t as easy to remove and replace as automatic pool covers or motorized rolling pool decks, but they are effective in keeping children and pets out of the water.;

Overall, there are two main types of safety pool covers:

  • Mesh security pool covers

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How Many Hours A Day Should A Pool Pump Run

Overall, the lessons learned today is you should run your pool pump an average 8 hours a day to properly circulate and clean your water. The pump should push your entire pool in gallons in this 8 hour period of time. Residential pool water only needs to be turned over once daily to have proper filtration.

Added Costs To An Auto Cover

In snow regions of the country most pool contractors also mandate that you put a winter safety cover on your pool . Auto cover manufacturers generally say that you should be removing snow and water through the winter in order to keep the warranty. That isnt realistic so you should invest in a;safety cover, they run roughly $1,500 $2,500. Most pool contractors put this into the cost of a inground swimming pool quote, so it is something that you would purchase anyway.

The auto cover runs on ropes, over time these ropes can break. The cost to replace these ropes;run roughly $500.

If for some reason your cover starts to fail or it rips, you are looking at roughly $2,000 to replace the cover.

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What Does It Cost To Convert A Liner Pool To Gunite

For an average-size pool, most homeowners will pay an average of $4,000 to convert a vinyl liner pool to a gunite pool because you are not paying to dig the hole for the pool to be installed. With some pool companies, you may still need to pay additional fees for draining the existing pool and removing the old pool liner.

Fixed Or Retractable Pool Enclosures

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Automatic Pool Cover?

The second major factor on cost is deciding between a fixed or retractable pool enclosure. Retractable pool enclosures cost more than fixed enclosures because of the increase complexity when covering the same area.

A fixed pool enclosure is simply a fixed building that doesnt move and the most cost effective to build. By adding sliding bi-fold doors, windows and sliding doors enhance the fixed building by providing fresh area in the summer months.

Retractable pool enclosures or telescopic pool enclosures on the other hand have fixed and moving sections of the building to be opened in warmer weather uncovering the pool and deck area. The moving sections also known as bays typically slide over or under each other.; Your pool in effect becomes an indoor or outdoor pool whenever you open or close the enclosure.; This greatly enhances the function of the pool area when opened by extending the deck beyond the enclosure area. Typically the bays are moved by hand and require two people to open and can be closed over a 5 to 10 minute period.; New telescopic pool enclosures are easier to move, but over time it requires more effort. It is recommended that all retractable pool enclosures be purchased with an electric drive system that automatically opens and closes the enclosure.; This increases retractable pool enclosures cost, but well worth it over time and if you are alone or have any physical or health issues, it would be a must have.

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What Can I Use To Cover My Pool

CCS polypropylene mesh tarps are the best tarp for pool covers. They do an exceptional job blocking sunlight, which is essential for preventing algae growth when chemicals are not being added regularly. Polypropylene tarps are strong, too, so they can withstand the weight of ice and snow that builds up over the winter.

Additional Costs To Put In A Pool

On top of the cost to put in a pool, other prices include pool covers, building permits, electrician fees, increased insurance, and more.

  • Inground pools can cause your home’s value to go up, thus increasing your property taxes.
  • A pool increases the chances of someone getting hurt on your property which directly increases the cost of your homeowners insurance.

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