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Where To Buy Pool Vacuum

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Read Reviews Of The Best Pool Vacuums For Inground Pools Before You Buy


A lot of people don’t take the time to read reviews before buying the best pool vacuums for inground pools. If you do, you’ll find that it can help you avoid buying products that have been poorly reviewed by other customers.

Reviews are also great for learning about features and specifications that may not be listed in detail on a product’s website or packaging.

Reading product reviews from past customers is a great way to learn more about the best products before you buy.

This can be especially helpful if you’re wondering whether to buy something and don’t want to waste money on something that doesn’t work for you.

Some of the brands that offer the best products receive a lot of good reviews that you can refer to such as:

Best Budget: Xtremepowerus Automatic Suction Vacuum Pool Cleaner

Dimensions: 41 x 18 x 6 inches | Weight: 11 pounds | Type: Suction-side | Pool Type: Inground and above-ground | Cleaning Coverage: Floor and walls

  • Can get clogged by larger debris

  • Setup required

Pool cleaners vary in cost, and many models have steep price tags that might make you re-think whether or not you should just manually vacuum your pool every week. But before you trade in your free time for cheaper pool cleaning, consider this budget pool cleaner that costs less than $100.

The XtremempowerUS Pool Cleaner Vacuum connects to your pools suction line and assists in cleaning the floor and walls of your pool, up to 16 x 34 feet in size. This basic pool cleaner skips fancy features and isnt meant to pick up heavy debris, like leaves. However, it excels at routine maintenance and scrubs away algae, fine dirt, and dust. For adequate performance, be sure that you have at least a ¾ horsepower pool pump . Youll need to take the time to set up this budget pool cleaner, ensuring that you have the right length of hoses with stabilizer weights where necessary.

The Best Suction Side Above Ground Pool Vacuum

The Pentair Kreepy Krauly suction cleaner will quickly and effectively clean any above ground swimming pool, even pools with dished out bottoms up to 72 inches with the help of the flapper. With just one moving part, its exceptionally easy to maintain and provides remarkably quiet operation while vacuuming.

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Do I Need To Turn On The Pool Pump When Vacuuming The Pool

Depends on the type of pool vacuum. If it is a manual, suction, or pressure cleaner, your pool pump needs to be on.

Thats because the vacuum uses the force of water coming into the pool or getting out to move and suck the debris.

If you have a robotic pool cleaner, you dont need to turn on the pool pump. The vacuum has its own power and filter.

How Often Should I Vacuum The Pool

5 best above

Depends on how dirty your pool gets and how often you use it.

If you dont struggle much with leaves and dust in your pool, you can vacuum it once a week. But if your pool is near trees or you use it often, you may need to vacuum it more often, and in some cases daily.

If you have an automatic cleaner, you can vacuum daily without any more time or effort.

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Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner is a self-contained robotic cleaner that scrubs and vacuums smaller floors and above-ground pools. The Dolphin E10 features an active scrubber on the surface of the robotic cleaner that draws in 4,000 gallons per hour for a quality clean. After a 1.5 hour cleaning cycle, the Dolphin E10 will leave the pool floor looking spotless. Everything the E10 picks up is filtered into the top mesh basket. From there, at the end of the Dolphin E10s cleaning cycle, the Quick Drain can be easily removed from the pool to empty the area.

Best Pool Vacuum Features

The Hayward Power-Vac and Super-Vac family of vacuum cleaning heads are molded of tough, durable thermoplastic and are engineered to handle all inground and aboveground swimming pool sizes. The best pool vacuums for your pool should contain these top 5 features:

Pool Vacuum Head Size: The wider the vacuum head size, the wider area it will clean, which will increase the efficiency of your pool cleaning routine.

Compatibility: Will this pool vacuum head fit your vacuum hose? Size your hose before you go.

Extra Features: The best pool vacuum heads will have a weighted head, side brushes and locking clips.

Design: See-through pool vacuum head and triangular shape. A benefit to having a see-through pool vacuum head design is that you can see wheather or not you’re getting any suction power. This design lets you easily monitor your cleaning.

Long Lasting Brush: Your pool vacuum head will keep your pool clean daily. So, you want a vacuum head that will be long lasting.

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What Is A Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners combine the best parts of other automatic vacuums. For example, suction-side cleaners are inexpensive but a pain to get set up. Mainly because they connect to your pool skimmer the same way a manual vacuum does. And if the cleaner sucks up any rocks, it can cause damage to your filter system.

Pressure-side cleaners use the water pressure from your return jet to power the vacuum along the bottom of your pool in a random cleaning pattern. Whats great about this is they have their own mesh filter bag that picks up the debris instead of your filter system. So it wont cause any potential damage.

Robotic cleaners have a mesh filter bag inside them and are powered by water pressure from your pump and pool filter. But that pressure comes from a motor within the unit powered by electricity. So even better, it doesnt require running your entire filter system to power the vacuum. You can clean your pool while the pool filter system is off! It even improves water circulation!

NOTE: If youre worried about putting an electric vacuum in your pool, dont be. Theyre perfectly safe. Also, check out our favorite robotic pool cleaners specifically for inground and above ground swimming pools.

Pool Vacuum Versus Automatic Pool Cleaner

Best Pool Cleaners for Pebble Tec Pools | Kitipity

A manual pool vacuum consists of a vacuum head attached to a telepole with a hose that connects to the special fitting in the skimmer box. A manual vacuum cleaner means you do the work moving the vacuum around the pool area much like vacuuming a floor rug.

An automated pool cleaner is a vacuum cleaner intended to collect debris and sediment from swimming pools with minimal human intervention doing much of the work on its own by an automatic drive mechanism and power source to move itself around the pool area to pick up the dirt.

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Best Robotic: Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 16 inches | Weight: 19 pounds| Type: Suction-side | Pool Type: Inground | Cleaning Coverage: Floors, walls

  • Also acts like a skimmer system

  • Expensive

For a pool cleaner that requires minimal user intervention and has plenty of power and features, check out the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. This robotic pool vacuum uses its own power supply to navigate across your tile, fiberglass, cement, or vinyl inground pool. It also will climb the walls of the pool, scrubbing all the way to the waterline.

With a robotic pool vacuum like the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, you can skip the skimmer system. Instead, this pool vacuum contains its own filter media. Rotate between standard duty filters for general debris or fine corrugated filters for smaller particles. The unit is programmed for a 2-hour cleaning cycle and is a good match for pools up to 50 feet in length.

“Using it, I felt like one of the The Jetsons with an aquatic Rosie the Robot Maid, especially as this product requires just about nothing from its human companion. All I did was plug it in, carry it over to the pool, push the on button, and drop it in the water.”Sarah Vanbuskirk, Product Tester

Dimensions: Not listed| Weight: 18.16 pounds| Type: Suction-side | Pool Type: Inground | Cleaning Coverage: Floor, walls, steps

  • Cleans floors, walls, and steps

  • Avoids getting stuck on obstacles

  • Works on all pool surfaces

  • Long hose

  • Must connect to skimmer or suction line

  • Can get clogged by larger debris

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Final Verdict: What Is The Best Battery

Xtremepower US Kreepy Krauly Automatic Pool Cleaner Sucti

If youre looking for a quiet, all-around battery-powered pool vacuum, go for the Ryobi P714K. It is a versatile tool that you can use for other purposes, too.

Meanwhile, for above-ground pools, the Intex Rechargeable Vacuum is a good option.

And for small or medium-sized pools, choose the Kokido Tesla 5.

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Pressure Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Pressure Pool Vacuum Cleaners utilize a pressure line from the filtration system to propel the cleaner around your pool. It sucks up debris, pushing it into the cleaner’s self-contained debris bag. This powerful cleaner requires a pool pump to run and usually an extra booster pump resulting in additional installation and operation costs.

Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is a premium model that can clean the floor and walls of pools up to 50 feet long. This upgraded cleaner features CleverClean technology, software that systematically scans your pool to determine the most efficient path to clean your pool every time, regardless of its shape or surface. The weekly timer feature allows the Nautilus Plus with CleverClean to automatically run its programmed two-hour cycle at set intervals throughout the week. The oversized top access filtration system comes with two full sets of cartridges. This means that debris, large and small, is filtered out of your water, resulting in a cleaner, clearer pool.

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The Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Of 2021

After testing every single above ground pool vacuum on the market on a variety of pools, both big and small, here are our top picks.

NOTE: The following above ground pool vacuums are available to buy on either Amazon and Check both sites for availability. All the links are affiliate links which means if you click a link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. It helps us keep the lights on

Best Pool Vacuum: 6 Essential Buys For Easy Pool Cleaning

The revolutionary way of flooring

Keep your pool looking its best with our edit of the best pool vacuums, with the top designs for all types and sizes of pools

Having the best pool vacuum will make cleaning your backyard pool a breeze. After all, you want your pool to be sparkling but you want to spend your time enjoying it, not cleaning it. Luckily, technology has come a long way and there are many automatic pool vacuums that can complete this chore for you.

If youre trying to keep your pool spotless with an old, manual vacuum, its about time you got yourself a new one. The latest pool vacuums can effortlessly clear up leaves, sand, gravel, grass, bugs, or any other debris from your pool, while you chill out tanning poolside. We dont love chores, so we focused on automatic pool vacuums in our list and weve found options to suit all budgets and needs.

Pool vacuums usually come in one of four varieties manual, robotic, suction-side, and pressure-side. If you have a small above-ground pool, youll want a lightweight, budget-friendly option. If you have a large inground pool you might want a robotic one with all the bells and whistles so you can set it and forget it. No matter what type of pool vacuum youre looking for, those listed below are good-quality products from trusted brands. They are built to last and all come with warranties too, just in case.

Whatever your routine, vacuuming is an essential element of maintaining a pool, so sit back, relax and read on to find the best pool vacuum for you.

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What Is A Suction

As the name implies, it uses the power of suction to vacuum your pool from your pool pump and filtration system. It actually works exactly like your manual vacuum cleaner by connecting to your pool skimmer either with just a hose or a vac plate. The only big difference is that it moves around on its own in a random cleaning pattern.

Check out our favorite suction-side pool cleaners for above grounds.

When To Buy For A Battery

As with any other device, you will have more freedom to roam around the pool with a battery-operated pool vacuum. So, for instance, if there are some restricting objects in the pool, you can simply pick up the device and drop it where more debris is available.

Meanwhile, with restricting objects, a wired one might not be able to navigate itself beyond the objects. Plus, the wire might not be long enough for the device to cater to the whole pool.

A battery-operated vacuum can also serve as a power-focused option for cleaning certain parts of the pool that are unreachable for a wired one.

Similarly, if you just want a vacuum to clean your own pool, you can choose either of the two. However, if youre looking for something you can take from place to place, youre better off with a battery-powered vacuum since such units are usually lightweight and hassle-free to carry.

However, battery-powered vacuums might not be the best pick for commercial pools where cleaning is frequently needed or where the area to cover is very large.

This is because battery-powered vacuums have limited power, and you will have to recharge them after every use. Plus, if the pool is too large, they might die out even before they clean half the pool.

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Dolphin Proteus Dx3 Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Dolphin Proteus DX3 is an efficient and ultra-lightweight robotic pool cleaner that delivers deep cleaning results. The Dolphin Proteus DX3 robotic pool cleaner comes with a 50 foot cable, top loading filter basket, and power controls. It first spends the first 20 minutes scanning your pool to create the most efficient route, which helps ensure that no spots are missed. The Proteus DX3 thoroughly cleans the pool floor and walls in a 2-hour cleaning cycle. It also comes with a top-loading integrated filter basket for removing dirt and debris.

Best For Leaves: Polaris Vac

VINGLI Pool Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Sweeper Swimming Pool Creepy ...

Dimensions: 20 x 23 x 10 inches | Weight: 6.2 pounds | Type: Pressure-side | Pool Type: Inground | Cleaning Coverage: All surfaces

  • Has an onboard filter bag

  • Works on all pool surfaces

  • Cleans floors and walls

  • Requires booster pump

A pressure pool cleaner hooks up to the return side of your pool pump, using the incoming pressure of clean water to power the vacuum on its cleaning mission. While some models require the use of a separate booster pump, the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 is a standalone unit that simply connects to the pressure line.

This model is a great choice as a pool cleaner for leaves since its equipped with an onboard filter bag that collects larger debrislike pine needles, acorns, pebbles, twigs, and more. The advantage of this system is that collected items are contained for easy disposal, rather than clogging your skimmer or pool filter. The Vac-Sweep 360 features three propulsion jets and an all-wheel-drive system that powers the three wheels for better maneuverability and efficient cleaning.

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Handheld Pool Vacuum Cleaner Prices

Inexpensive: Budget handheld pool vacuum cleaners are available for less than $25. These plastic models use a garden hose to create suction, which pulls debris up into an attached bag.

Mid-range: From $25 to $50, you can find devices that are manually powered. These pole-like vacuums typically have a handle that you pull to suction the water and debris up into the unit. Moving into the $50 to $150 price range is where you begin to find decent cordless electric models that can handle a larger area than just pool steps or a spa. This is where you will likely find something that works best for you.

Expensive:Beyond $150, you get heavier-duty battery-powered models and larger units that resemble shop vacuums. These models are powered by plugging them into an electrical outlet.

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