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What Size Pump For 18000 Gallon Pool

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Pentair 011018 Intelliflow Pool Pump

How To: Size A Pool Pump

Another great entry into the world of energy efficient pumps, this Pentair boasts a 90% efficiency over other types of pumps. On top of that, its one of the quietest on this list. If you hate pump noise, then you should consider this model from Pentair. This pump includes eight programmable settings and a timer so you can determine how and when your pump runs. Its easy to install and maintain and it will save you money along the way as well.

How Do I Choose The Right Pump

There is no guarantee that your pool builder sized the pump properly to begin with. In the Dallas area, for instance, the builders are notorious for putting 2 horsepower pumps on everything because the next guy does. Nobody wants to lose a sale because they sized the pump smaller.

Properly sizing the pump involves several steps as described below. If you do this, you will avoid wasting electricity and extra wear on the other equipment.

What Size Above Ground Pool Pump Do I Need

Swimming pool pumps are essential for keeping your pool water fresh and clean. To make sure youre swimming in the highest quality water possible, you need to use the right pump. Some think that upgrading to a larger pump will mean cleaner water, but thats not always the case. Sometimes, a larger pump is less effective and can end up costing a lot more in operating costs. If youre wondering What size above ground pool pump do I need?, youve come to the right place.

Below well explain everything you need to know to choose the right size above ground pool pump.

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Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump For Above Ground Pools

  • Pump flow Rate: 12100 GPH. System flow Rate: 1, 600 GPH
  • 6 function control – enables pool owner to filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain & close system
  • 24 hour automatic timer; Maximum pool size : 12,800 gal
  • Strainer basket – easy cleaning, prolongs life of sand

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Hayward ProSeries 16-Inch Above-Ground Pool Filter System includes an 16 polymeric tank, a 7-position filter control valve and a 1 HP PowerFlo LX pool pump, and its performance matched with the above-ground pump series to ensure a system that maximizes its filtration ability. It utilizes a precision-engineered umbrella-fold self-cleaning lateral system to provide efficient flow and evenly distributed water for long lasting performance.


Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:


Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Easy to use operating system.
Best above ground pool pumps and filters

How Long To Run Your Variable Speed Pool Pump

ComforTemp 95,000 BTU Heat Pump

When people upgrade from a single speed pool pump to a variable speed pool pump they often continue to run their pump from eight to 10 hours a day, just as they did with their single speed pump. However, it is important to note that a variable speed pool pump should ideally be running 24 hours a day to ensure proper and optimal water circulation.

When your pool pump is not running, the water is sitting stagnant in your pool allowing bacteria to survive and grow. Additionally, any method of water disinfection you use is not able to work properly when your water is not circulating. This can lead to health hazards because even if you turn the pool pump off only when you are not using the pool, once you turn the pump back on it will take some time before that stagnant water is fully disinfected.

While running your pool pump 24 hours a day may subtract from some of the energy savings you gain by switching to a variable speed pool pump, it will be worth doing in order to have peace of mind that your pool water is healthy.

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How Many Gallons Are In A Standard Swimming Pool

12 x 24 Oval ~ 6,797 gallons 15 x 30 Oval ~ 10,620 gallons 16 x 32 Oval ~ 12,084 gallons 18 x 33 Oval ~ 14,019 gallons. In-Ground Pool Sizes with Varying Average Depths: POOL SIZE GALLONS WITH 4 SHALLOW & 7 to 9 DEEP END AVERAGE. 12 x 24 9,500 TO 11,000 gallons 14 x 28 13,000 TO 15,000 gallons 15 x 30 13,900 TO 15,200 gallons

Why You Need A Variable Speed Pool Pump

More Efficient Motor

Variable speed pool pumps are essential to operating a healthy pool for a variety of reasons. They are powered by a different motor than single and dual speed pumps, known as a permanent magnetic motor. The same type of motor used in electric cars, it is much more efficient than the induction motors used in traditional single and dual speed pool pumps.

These motors use permanent magnets to create a magnetic field between the rotor and the windings. The improved efficiency is due to the magnets working to spin the rotor, as opposed to standard induction motors that require additional electricity to induce the magnetic field into the rotor.

Permanent magnetic motors have efficiency ratings of 90 percent while the average single speed pool pump will only achieve efficiency ratings between 30 percent and 70 percent. This means that running a variable speed pool pump will consume a significantly less amount of energy with the same flow rate as a single speed pump.

Less Power Consumption

Although variable speed pool pumps have a higher upfront cost, they will end up recovering all of that cost and saving you even more money over time. This is because variable speed pool pumps allow you to run your pool at a lower speed for a longer period of time, as opposed to single speed pumps that run at higher speeds for a shorter period of time.

Better Pool;Circulation

Less Pool Pump Noise

Better Pool Filtration


Avoid Fines

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Sizing The Pump For Your Swimming Pool

You might think bigger is better in terms of pump size, but a pump that is too big can cause serious problems.

The first step in sizing your pool is to know the volume of water in your pool, which is the average depth:

Calculation – Example

Measure the shallow end depth. – 4 feet

Measure the deep end depth. – 12 feet ;;;;;;;;;;

Add them together. – 16 feet

Divide by two. – 16 ÷ 2 = 8 feet

In the example above, the pool’s average depth is 8 feet.;

Now use the formulas below to determine the volume of water in your pool.

  • Circular Pools: Diameter x Diameter x Average Depth x 5.9 = Total pool capacity in gallons
  • Oval Pools: Length x Width x Average Depth x 6.7 = Total pool capacity in gallons
  • Rectangular Pools: Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5 = Total pool capacity in gallons

Once you know the volume of water in your pool, youre ready to calculate the flow rate and turnover required to circulate the water in the number of hours you want.;

How To Choose The Right Size Pool Pump

Pool Pump Comparison

To remain clean and clear, all the water in your pool must be completely filtered at least once a day. This is called the turnover rate. Your pump must be large enough to turn over your pools full volume at least once per day.

To calculate your pumps turnover rate, youll first need to calculate your pools volume. If youre not sure how to do this, use our pool calculator to figure it out:

Once you have your pools volume, divide it by eight to determine the number of gallons per hour that need to be pumped through the filter.

But instead of GPH, most pool pumps go by gallons per minute. To get that figure, divide the GPH by 60 to calculate how many gallons per minute need to be pumped for full turnover.

So your formulae will be:

Total Pool Volume ÷ 8 = GPH

GPH ÷ 60 = GPM

It wont be as accurate as using a calculator or doing the math, but you can also get an idea of your pools volume here:

Once you have all the numbers, you can find the size of pump that will accommodate the GPM required for your pool and turn over the pools water in one eight-hour period. If you have to choose one that pumps a little more than necessary, that wont cause any problems. Just dont go below the required GPM, and youll be fine.

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Determine The Volume Of The Pool

The first thing that you need to do is to determine how many gallons of water are in the pool. The size of your pool, depth, and shape, among others, will have an impact on this. There is an online calculator that will let you easily compute the volume. Find one so that you dont need to rely on guesswork.;

In our example calculation, let us say that the above ground pool has a volume of 24,000 gallons.;

Hayward W3sp2303vsp Maxflo Pool Pump

One of the most energy efficient units available, this pump from Hayward is made for you if youre looking to reduce your energy costs. It includes a large strainer basket, making it easy to clean, and it can be installed on a variety of pools. You can install it on systems and set it in stand-alone mode or you can connect it to competitive control systems to really take control of your pools filtration systems.

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The Pump Fails To Pull Water

When water isnt being pulled in to the pump, it cant reach the filter and pass through the system properly. The first thing to look for is a clog in the system.

First, check the skimmer and the pump baskets to make sure theyre not clogged. Next, check the impeller for debris impeding its movement. Open up the pump and clear away any debris.

Another potential cause can be an air leak in the suction line. Since air has less mass than water, the pump will suck in air instead of water. Check the lines for leaks and patch up any you find.

Calculate Feet Of Head

BestWay Flowclear 2000 Gallon Large Above Ground Swimming ...

If you are curious about what size pump do I need for my above ground pool, you can stop with the computation above. However, if you want to be more technical, then theres another thing that requires your attention feet of head.

The total resistance to flow is the feet of head. This refers to the average length that it takes the skimmer to reach the above ground pool pump. This is the number if you have a single skimmer. If you have multiple pool skimmers, on the other hand, you need to find the average. However, as you can see above, we were able to calculate the pump size without dealing with feet for head, so we wont talk about its formula to keep things simple.;

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Next Day Delivery Details

Dohenys is pleased to offer free next day delivery at no additional charge for orders over $100 to most of the US for all Doheny’s brand chemicals and many of our most popular swimming pool supplies. Next Day Delivery Service does not mean Next Day Air, but simply that your qualifying products will be shipped from the warehouse closest to you resulting in delivery the next day. We do have a shipping charge of only $9.99 for orders under $100.00.

Some details regarding this service:Other than for Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, not all products are stocked at all locations and therefore not available for next day delivery. Only those items with a Next Day Delivery designation on the product page can be expected to arrive the next day and orders must be placed by 4 PM CT .

If you reside in the next day delivery area served by our Pleasant Prairie facility, order in-stock products and place your order by 4 PM CT you should receive your order the next day . This applies to products even if they do not have a Next Day Delivery designation.

Because next day delivery is not guaranteed for standard service and residential deliveries are made only Monday through Saturday though Saturday delivery is not guaranteed, there is a chance that our product will not arrive the next day. While we try our best, unexpected demand can cause products to occasionally be out of stock or create a warehouse backlog that also can prevent shipment the day of the order.

Adjusting Salt Levels Up And Down

Low salt level: If your salt level is too low, you can use a salt calculator like this one to determine how much salt to add to bring the system up to the desired range. You type in your pool size in gallons, your current salt level, desired salt level, hit Calculate and then scroll down to see how much salt to add. You simply pour that amount of salt directly into the deep end of the pool and allow it to dissolve. Some salt systems will shut off when salt is too low to protect the system which means no chlorine will be produced until salt levels are raised.

High salt level: If the salt level is very high you may have to drain water to bring the salt level down, and top the pool up with fresh water to dilute it further. A rule of thumb is that draining 1 inch of water from your pool removes 100 ppm of salt from the pool. It might take a day with the pump running for the salt level to reach its desired range again.

The 2,700 3,400 ppm range is quite a wide range for salt content and it can fluctuate during the pool season. More pool use + more hot sun + more rain = more chlorine needed which increases the salt usage. Salt needs to be replaced over time as it basically wears out.

Suggestion: Keeping your salt level on the high side closer to 3,400 ppm than 2,700 ppm means that your salt cell doesnt have to work so hard as there is more salt available to use. Its cheaper to buy more salt than it is to buy a new salt cell.

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Swimming Pool Salt Calculator

Adding salt to your swimming pool is fairly straight-forward. However, calculating how much salt to add can complicate things. What you need is a swimming pool salt calculator.

Usually, there are two reasons why you would need to add salt to your pool. Either your salt chlorine generator alerted you that your pool was low in salt or you recently drained your;pool, for whatever reason. Whether youre adding salt to your swimming pool or diluting it, knowing how much salt to add back into the water is crucial to balancing your pool.

Lets take a look at how pool owners can determine when their salt is low and how they can calculate how much salt to add.;

How Big Is A 30 Ft Swimming Pool

How To: Size a Gas Heater for Your Swimming Pool

30 ft Round ~ 21,240 gallons 33 ft Round ~ 25,700 gallons 12 x 24 Oval ~ 6,797 gallons 15 x 30 Oval ~ 10,620 gallons 16 x 32 Oval ~ 12,084 gallons 18 x 33 Oval ~ 14,019 gallons. In-Ground Pool Sizes with Varying Average Depths: POOL SIZE GALLONS WITH 4 SHALLOW & 7 to 9 DEEP END AVERAGE. 12 x 24 9,500 TO 11,000 gallons

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The Best Intex Pool Pumps For Above

Perhaps, no other swimming pool equipment company managed to reach such repute as Intex. The brand produces literally every type of pool unit, from the pools themselves to the smallest hoses and skimmers. Thats why we consider Intex to be one of the best above-ground pool solutions. If you have an Intex pool or are planning to buy one, I also recommend you complement it with an Intex pool pump they provide excellent performance, just like Intex pools. Besides, both your goods will definitely match.

Such a choice also saves you from the necessity to get into peculiar technical details. Thats tough when you have to look at technical factors like pump flow rate, system flow rate, filter type, and so on. Nothing can be as bad as buying a pump that is not compatible with the pool.

For that reason, I decided to review the top best Intex pool pumps for above-ground pools so that you get value for your money.

So, without further ado, here are our top picks for the best above-ground pool pumps.

This unit also comes with a skimmer basket that captures large particles like leaves and prevents them from reaching the filter. In the autumn, when theres maximum fall foliage, this feature comes in really handy, especially if you are in Oregon, Vermont, Maryland, New Hampshire, and other areas with lots of trees.

GFCI UL/CSA standards are all met.

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