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What Are Pool Cages Made Of

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Common Builders Grade Pool Cages

Aluminum Pool Screen Enclosure in Homestead, Florida – Venetian Builders

We frequently hear from customers who have gotten a builders grade pool cage. ;They call us in frustration and ask How long is a pool cage supposed to last? ;It was just built in 2014 and the screen is falling out, and it looks run down. ;After an explanation of builders grade standards and the quality of materials used, the next quest is usually why would ____________ they give me such junk?

These builders grade pool cages have largely been the standard in Florida for the last 20 years. ;To be quite frank, they are actually pretty good for our business as we do hundreds of pool enclosure restorations every year, many of them on structures just a few years old. ;Ultimately though, longer lasting materials up front are better for the consumer.

Pool & Pool Enclosure Size

Undoubtedly, the most influential cost factor is your pool and pool enclosure size. Smaller pools dont only require less material, but they also take less time to install. Therefore, small pools bring your pool cage costs down.

Unlike the size of a current pool, you can determine the size of your pool enclosure. Typically, swimming pool cages surround the entire pool, occupying three to 10 feet above the pool. However, some pool enclosures are smaller, extending only one to two feet above the pool.;Lower or medium pool screen enclosures costs should not exceed $30 per square foot.

The Right Company For The Job

You know how vital it is to get the right company to provide custom paint jobs. It is just as important to make sure that the company uses the best paint for your pool cage.;

The best paint will leave your pool cage with years of enjoyment to come. You will not have to worry about whether it will flake or peel off. Once you get the right company on board, you can sit back and let us do all the work.;

We will do the job right the first time.;Give us a call today and find out why we provide the best custom painting in Florida!;;

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Do You Need A Pool Cage

Yes, having a pool enclosure is good for protecting yourself from liability in case a neighbor decides to take a dip in your pool. It keeps other unwanted visitors out, too. No one wants to take a step down into the pool and see a snake swimming at the other end!

If you have a pool cage, you keep out some of the dangerous sun exposure. Floridians love the sun, but we know it can be dangerous to have too much of a good thing.;

A pool cage will keep your pool cleaner. This reduces the number of leaves and debris that pools are known to attract. Cleaning your pool will be a breeze.;

Now you will not have to heat the water as often. A pool cage will keep water from getting too hot or cold and this will make it more energy-efficient. This is a huge win for your power bill.

Gca Standard Pool Cages Vs Builder Grade

Leant to swimming pool enclosure Aqua Telescopic made of ...

I dont mean to tell you that after 3 years your pool cage is going to fall down but for the commonly built builders grade enclosure, after 3 years, the overall condition and appearance as quickly fallen into a state of deterioration. ;Youll probably notice that the epoxy paint has started to fade or turn green. ;Fasteners rust and corrode, leaving the structure less than half of the strength of its original strength and often leave rust stains. ;The screen; well builders grade enclosures usually are built with Artisan screen, a Chinese made mesh that has a life span of 3-5 years. ;Since builders grade enclosures are template manufactured, and not built site specific, they can also have some members that are not plumb or level, causing a headache for the discerning eye.

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What Are Pool Enclosures Used For

Retractable pool enclosures are used for spa pools, patios, hot tubs and swimming pools. However, retractable pool enclosures can also be used as an indoor pool for hotels, roofs , covering decks or patios just like a solarium or sunroom. By having the pool enclosure connecting to your home, you can create an easy direct access to your swimming pool for the winter months.

Site Specific Pool Cage Construction

When we build pool cages for our clients, we dont just cut out based on a blue-print from a hypothetical world that exists on our desktop like many pool cage contractors do. ;We take into account the full worksite and everything that we will built on. ;Using site specific laser tools, we build a 3d rendering of the actualy work site include dips in the concrete surface, or changes in the eave height of your home down to 1/16th of an inch. ;The details of square on the pool deck are accounted for as well. ;Once the site if thoroughly measured and rendered we design the pool cage within the program to account for the slightest imperfections in the work area. ;We then take the measurements down to the nearest 1/16th of an inch and/or degree and fabricate each piece based on these specs. ;In other words each cut on your pool cage in unique to your project site, where as with a builders grade pool cage every cut of metal is the same and assumes you have a flawless project site

2604 Powder Coat Finish: Standard aluminum members, used by most contractors, come finished from the mill with an epoxy paint. ;Epoxy paint is the among the lowest quality finish in existence. ;To get a better finish we purchase our aluminum raw, and then have the metal finshed with an America Architectural Metals Association 2604 powder coat by a local firm. ;;We also offer a 2605 powder coat with 10yr warranty for an additional cost.

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What In Fact Is The Merit Of Pool Enclosure

If you have an uncovered outdoor pool in your garden, you surely face up to several issues.

  • How to prevent the pool water from getting constantly contaminated by impurities.
  • How to keep the water warm? It always gets colder during the night.
  • The water quality always deteriorates when it rains.
  • Where are the children? Have you seen our dog? Are you afraid of drowning?

You have bought yourself a pool and fulfilled a dream, not only your but also that of your relatives and, first and foremost, that of your children. Still, safety and maintenance are constant concerns.

We are ready to remove all of these concerns with a single product – outdoor pool enclosure! What are the problems pool covers ;may solve:

Safety! You will no longer have to worry where your children and pets are. You will be able to rely on the roofing to prevent their uncontrolled access and the ensuing tragedy. The pool enclosure system is fitted with a number of safeguards and safety elements guaranteeing maximum safety.

How Long Does It Take To Order And Install An Enclosure

Libart Retractable Pool Enclosures

This will depend primarily on the size of the enclosure. As a general guideline, it will take approximately 8-12 weeks once the permit is approved until your enclosure is installed and operational. The installation itself represents approximately 10 to 15 days of this time period depending on the model.

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The Ultimate Guide To Pool Enclosures

You might be breaking the law. No, its not failing to tell the neighbor that some of their sprinkler heads partially face your yard and water your grass, though thats just not neighborly. And its not failing to go back through the drive-through when you find an extra taco in your bag, though technically, you didnt pay for it. Its not having a barrier around your pool.

Some cities and municipalities require fences around residential pools, and if youre found not to have one, you can be fined. Aside from the potential fine, a fence is just a good idea for safety. But you know what? Pool enclosures keep your pool area even safer, and keep your pool safe from external hazards as well.

Can Pool Enclosures Be Used All Year Round

Yes! Even on cloudy days, the enclosure will trap solar energy. Just like sunrooms the enclosure can increase air temperature by 10-20°C/18-36°F when fully closed. If you have a heated pool or swim spa the heated water will also provide an additional source of heat. In most cases, the heat from the sun and the water will keep the enclosure at a comfortable temperature. In northern areas with more severe winters we can provide additional heat sources using our hydronic floor design and air handlers.

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Design Of The Screen Pool Enclosure

You can find various swimming pool enclosure design ideas online.

However, to make it unique, you need to improve on these designs.

Maybe tweaking the shape or construction material.

When it comes to changing specifications, you need to work closely with a qualified technician.

He/she will recommend appropriate materials based on your design requirements.

Remember, a design must not compromise on quality or strength of the enclosure.

A design of screen pool enclosures solely depend on the shape of the enclosure.

Below are some of the most common shapes you can consider:

Protecting Against Heavy Snow

Mansard Roof Pool Enclosure in 2020

During winter, snow should not be allowed to accumulate on the enclosure in large quantities. A 10cm layer of wet snow weighs up to 100kg/m2. Large enclosures are most at risk. If a thick layer of snow is left on the top surface of the enclosure, damage may occur. In areas of high snowfall the segments of the construction can be retracted. It is also possible to attach supporting poles, which can be supplied by us or by the user.

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Find The Right Phifer Screening For Your Patio Or Pool

Still not sure which of our pool and patio screening products are the right fit for your needs? Take our insect screening quiz!;

If youd rather chat one-on-one to get a better understanding of which of our screening products would work best for your home patio enclosure or pool cage, via phone or online. Wed be delighted to chat and answer any and all of your questions about our insect screening so you can buy with confidence.

If you like to see what you buy before you buy it, we can also help you find a local Phifer retailer in your area. Or, if you prefer to do your shopping online, well point you in the right direction to .

Main Advantages Of Albixon Pool Enclosures

  • Quality at a friendly price
  • Most popular retractable pool enclosure on the market
  • Quick pool enclosure assembly
  • Certified stability and resistance to weather and wear
  • All modules are movable for easy storage behind the pool
  • Standard delivery in boxes

Enclosed swimming pool offers you many benefits.

Safety and security covered swimming pool eliminates any danger for kids and pets in the pool area. You can easily protect the health of your loved ones.

Heat the water in your swimming pool without any additional heating systems temperature increase is quick and cost-less. You can also extend the swimming season in combination with various heat pumps you can keep convenient temperature of pool water in spring and fall or even in the winter.

Save a time associated with pool maintenance and reduce the amount of chemicals used for water treatment. The pool enclosure keeps the water in your swimming pool clean and clear.

Various types of enclosures are meeting demands of all customers are you looking for a low profile shape or do you want to utilize inner space under the enclosure? Do you want to enclose your pool or are you looking for suitable solution for your spa? Just choose from our wide offer and enjoy all the benefits of selected product.

Use our ONLINE REQUEST FORM for a free quote today!

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Create Your Own Back Yard Oasis With Our Automatic Retractable Pool Enclosures And Automatic Pool Covers

COVERS in Play has created the most advanced architectural product of its kind. Fully automatic, retractable pool enclosures that opens and closes with the push of button that are designed and manufactured in Canada.

Imagine designing your own back yard oasis using COVERS in Play’s automatic retractable pool enclosure system to protect your pool and patio area in bad weather and even allow you to enjoy year round use of the area during the worst winters in Canada.

Bring your outdoor pool indoors, also known as indoor outdoor pool. COVERS in Play can handle all the details. Engineering to building code requirements, drawings and permit submissions, construction and installation on site â COVERS in Play has you covered. And made to last. Check our warranty â unsurpassed in the industry.

Call us at 905-589-3000 or email at for more information on our outdoor swimming pool enclosures or patio enclosures in Canada.

Need Protection From Small Insects In A Large Area

Simple Guide to kit form pool enclosure installation Process

If you live in Southeastern or Southwestern parts of the U.S., youve probably dealt with no-see-ums. Sometimes referred to as sandflies, blackflies or midges, these ultra-tiny insects can cause painful bites and can take the enjoyment out of a summer BBQ or a day by the pool. Reclaim your porch by outfitting it with Phifers specially-designed mesh screening. The ultra-tightweave of our No-See-Ums screening keeps out most tiny bugs and allows cool breezes to flow through.

Our also stands as the gold standard for protection against most tiny insects while reducing wind-blown debris inside your patio enclosure or your pool. Made from durable, breathable fiberglass,18×14 is an excellent choice for screening a large area.

Our screening offers the best of both worlds. Finely woven polyester mesh keeps out most tiny insects, and its rugged construction can stand up to the most active kids or playful pets that frolic on your patio or by the pool!

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Jeremy Alley Lake Mary

I recently had a new pool enclosure replaced by Florida Pool Enclosures. Very professional team. These guys took care of everything. From HOA to dealing with the county variance issue. The team showed up and had the whole thing put together in 2 days and this was not a real small job. It is 2,369 sqft. I would highly recommend Mike and the team.

The Different Parts Of A Pool Screen Enclosure

Florida neighborhoods are dotted with pool screen enclosures. These look a bit like screen porches, but they have greater variety in their style, size, and shape. Pool screen enclosures are built to surround and cover inground pools and their pool deck areas. They dont come pre-assembled. Instead, qualified contractors build them on site. Homeowners choose the style and materials they want. This can involve several decisions about the different parts of a pool screen enclosure. Local zoning laws and building permit rules may define the types of materials required for a new pool screen enclosure.

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Choosing The Right Pool Enclosure Screen Material

The great outdoors is a beautiful place, but its not a nuisance-free zone. Biting mosquitoes, annoying no-see-ums, skin-damaging ultraviolet rays, wind-swept debris, nosy neighbors and other irritations can make enjoying your outdoor living spaces a challenge. Thats why your choice of pool enclosure screen material is so important. Selecting the right screen will keep common outdoor annoyances at bay and allow you to make the most of your pool area with less worry. Today, a variety of screening options with appealing features are available. What are some popular options when it comes to pool screen material?

Patio Screening Thats Tuff Enough For Kids And Pets

Gulf Coast Patio & Screen

Need an outdoor patio screen thats able to withstand heavy traffic and playful pets? Our , , and screening products are the perfect choice! If you live in a region plagued by tiny insects, look to our TuffScreen No-See-Ums to keep most bugs out and kids and pets safely corralled inside your pool or patio enclosure.

For families with rambunctious two-legged and four-legged family members, both our TuffScreen and PetScreen products are tear resistant and puncture resistant, able to withstand clawing and pawing. Made from resilient, durable materials, theyre able to tackle rough n tumble play — even if that means the kids get a little carried away with a whiffed catch of a football or baseball!

While our TuffScreen and TuffScreen No-See-Ums screening products can double as both pool and patio screening, our PetScreen is best used in patio, applications.

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How Much Do Pool Enclosures Cost

Way too many variables exist for us to be able to give you any kind of accurate estimate. Pool size, enclosure materials, labor, location, and several other considerations will factor into the price.

Do your due diligence, get several quotes, and then choose the options that are right for your pool and your budget.

Pool Cages: The Gca Standard

We deliver on that with our GCA Standard pool cage. ;Rather than just settling for the status quo weve put together an enclosure intended to stand the test of time, and prevent dissatisfaction down the road. ;Heres what our GCA Standard Includes:

Site Specific Layout & Fabrication: ;This is a big problem that youve probably never thought about, but if youve got a discerning eye will bug you forever once your pool cage is complete. ;Most builders grade pool cages are built using templated pieces simply by taking the length, width and height of the structure. ;All the piece are then chopped up and prefabricated in a shop based on those dimensions. ;Heres the kicker. ;

  • Your pool deck is not level.
  • Your pool deck is not square.
  • The roof line of your house is not level either.
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