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How Much Does The Average Inground Pool Cost

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What Are The Benefits Of A Salt Water Pool

What does an InGround Pool Cost?
  • The salt added to your pool softens the water, making it kinder to your skin.
  • Saltwater contains bromide, which is good for aching joints, making your swim therapeutic.
  • Theres no irritation of eyes or skin, or green hair, from the higher levels of chlorine in a non-saltwater pool.
  • Traditionally chlorinated pools can have adverse effects on those with breathing problems.
  • Swimming Pool Construction Cost Per Square Foot

    A new swimming pool can have a very wide range of costs per square foot. The average cost for an in-ground pool ranges from $150 to $250 a square foot, depending on the material, type, shape, and finish. These costs include the full construction, including the deck and finishing work. The following sections break down the various components for understanding the costs.

    For above-ground pools, costs are much lower per square foot – around $35 to $40 a square foot. Costs can also vary depending on the material, decking, shape, and type.

    Inground Pool Sizes & Prices

    The average swimming pool size is 14 by 28, and 6.5 feet deep but some homeowners have either a higher budget or less space for an average size pool. For head-first diving, a depth of at least 9 feet is recommended by The Red Cross. Below are standard pool sizes and pool construction costs.

    Inground Pool Sizes & Prices


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    Pool Cage Maintainance & Replacement Costs

    Pool screen repairs cost $200 to $600 for small jobs, and between $1,200 and $3,500 for a complete rescreening. Proper maintenance can increase the longevity of your pool enclosure by a decade or more. Regular maintenance tasks include:

    • Clean the enclosure every six months, or hire a professional to pressure wash annually.
    • Tighten or replace loose bracing cables after a storm.
    • Store all movable objects away from the enclosure if high winds are threatened.
    • Remove any peeling paint and do paint touchups.
    • Check all screens, anchors, bracing cables, door hardware, adjacent wood, and rubber splines regularly.
    • Replace torn screens or glass/plastic panels at the first sign of damage.
    • Replace rusted or weak screws, anchors, fasteners, or bolts.
    • Repair or replace damaged door hardware and lubricate it.
    • Replace rotting fascia or soffits. Consider adding a super gutter to direct the flow of water.
    • Replace loose rubber splines.

    Choosing A Pool Material

    2021 Inground Pool Costs

    One of the first determining factors youll have to consider is your materials. What material you decide to use for your pool will not only play into the price you pay, but it will also impact how you maintain and use your pool for years to come.

    Some materials are easy to maintain and clean, while others require much more effort and involvement. Also, some are affordable upfront, but the maintenance cost down the road quickly catches up to you. Lets take a look at the options and some of the pros and cons associated with each.

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    What Questions To Ask Inground Pool Companies

    When hiring a pro, ask them the following questions:

    • Are you licensed and bonded with liability insurance?
    • Can you provide me a free written estimate?
    • Can you provide references for past work?
    • How long have you been in business?
    • How many similar projects have you completed?
    • What do your services include?
    • Are your workers’ employees or subcontractors?
    • What type of pool do you recommend?
    • What other expenses may arise?
    • What does your warranty policy include?
    • Will you obtain the permit if required?
    • How long will the project take?
    • Whats your payment schedule?
    • Do you offer financing?
    • What do I need to provide to get started?

    Cost Estimator By Material Type

    There are two ways to install a semi-inground pool:

  • You can sink an above-ground swimming pool into the ground to make a semi-inground pool, also known as a semi-above pool.
  • You can raise an in-ground pool to make a semi-inground pool.
  • So to get the semi-inground pool of your dreams, you can either bury an above-ground pool or raise an in-ground pool.

    The method you choose will affect which materials your pool is made of, affecting your cost. In-ground pool materials are typically pricier than above-ground pool materials.

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    How Much Does Inground Pool Resurfacing Cost

    A concrete pool should last 10 to 15 years before it needs to be resurfaced, at which point you will be spending in the region of $10,000 to $13,000 depending on size and the type of finish on the pool, and potentially as much as a total of $20,000 if replacing the tile at the waterline at the same time.

    How Can I Pay For A Pool

    How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

    If you dont have the cash to install an inground pool on your property, youll need to explore other financing options. Several ways to go about financing a pool include: taking out a Home Equity Line of Credit , where you can borrow against the equity in your home a Cash-Out Refinancing, which refinances your existing mortgage and allows you to borrow money putting the pool payment on a low-interest credit card that you can work down and taking out a private loan from a lender, such as a bank or SoFi.

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    Pool Options And Accessories

    Optional items include an automatic pool cover, safety cover, heater, heat pump, slide, water features, lights, and salt system. These additional options are not necessities for an inground pool and are not likely to be included in a basic inground pool estimate. They can be added, at a cost, or they can be added later if your initial budget is at its limit.

    An inground swimming pool is a big investment. This is true whether you purchase a basic pool or choose every option and extra available. Your pool could be the largest purchase youll make outside of your home. The best starting point for building your inground pool cost budget is to schedule a site evaluation with a pool builder. Share your thoughts on pool size, design and style, and ask questions. They will answer questions, point you in the direction of additional information you might need, and provide an estimate for your inground pool.

    Find the Accessories You Need for Your Pool!

    High Wind & Snow Loads

    Pool enclosures in areas with hurricanes, high winds, or heavy snow loads cost 10% more. All-season pool enclosures require sloped roofs and a gutter system to facilitate rain and snowmelt runoff, a reinforced and interlocking frame, larger framing or structural members, bracing or steel wire cables, and high-quality glass or sheet glazing certified for hurricane and heavy snow load.

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    Cost Of Running A Pool

    Every pool has costs related to running it, whether this is the cost of adding water, chemicals, filtering, pumping, or heating.

    The average cost of running a pool, including opening, closing, maintenance, electricity, chemicals, and repair costs vary depending on the location, whether you do the work or hire it out, and the pool type. Expect to pay around $3,500 for the combined costs each year you run the pool. Larger pools may cost closer to $5,000 per year. Smaller pools that require less maintenance or use saltwater, solar heaters, or solar covers may have ongoing costs closer to $1,200 a year.

    Air Conditioner & Heated Pool Enclosure

    How Much Does It Cost To Build An Inground Pool

    Adding or expanding the HVAC unit costs$300 to $5,000 to bring air conditioning and heat to a glass pool enclosure. Consider installing a sunroom over the swimming pool instead, for better energy-efficiency. A 4-season sunroom costs$20,000 to $80,000 to build on average.

    An all-season pool enclosure needs a dehumidifier year-round to prevent mold and mildew, improve air quality, remove odor issues, and reduce energy costs. An indoor pool dehumidifier costs $1,000 to $3,000.

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    Average Costs Of A Swimming Pool

    When choosing your pool, youll have lots of options to choose from. These will affect the costs, but will also be dictated to the look and feel you are trying to achieve in the backyard landscape.

    Generally, standard inground fiberglass pools can cost anywhere from $30,000-$45,000 and upwards. Typically, maintenance fees, spread over a 12 month period, range between $2,500 to $5,000. Each pool installation is unique, and a Narellan Pools expert will be able to outline the costs associated with your individual swimming pool.

    How much the pool shell will cost depends on a few things. Youll need to consider:

    X20 Inground Pool Cost

    This is considered a small pool, but its sufficient if youre working within a small space, or if you primarily intend to use it for lounging or cooling off. The cost of a 10-foot by 20-foot inground pool will be between $18,000 and $26,500, depending on the type of material used. Materials and their average associated costs are as follows:

    • Concrete, $26,500
    • Vinyl, $18,000

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    Fiberglass Pool Shell Under 26 Feet Low End 10000 High End 20000 Fiberglass Pool Shell 27 Feet To 34 Feet Low End 13000 High End 20000 Fiberglass Pool Shell 35 Feet Or Longer Low End 15000 High End 30000 On Top Of The Cost Of The Pool Itself You Will Also Need To Consider The Installation

    How much do inground swimming pools cost. Today that cost is moving towards the range of 35000 45000 with a no frills install pool install standard equipment and concrete pour around the pool Most fiberglass pools today are more likely in the 55000 60000 range. A fully equipped and installed pool with a heater lights salt system solar blanket and roller automatic cleaner and simple concrete deck will start around 25000 and go up to around 45000 for the very largest sizes. Unquestionably aspiring Pool owners often get intimidated by the massive costs involved in pool construction.

    Saltwater pools typically dont require any chemicals added are easier to maintain and dont have an offensive chlorine smell. How much does it cost to build an inground swimming pool New Jersey 22 replies Automatic Pool Cover for Inground Pool Long Island 6 replies An inground pool – Like the house but not the pool. While 11700 is what most homeowners pay to build a semi-inground pool many factors can affect your total bill including the pools size material and location.

    Access drainage electrical fencing decking and more. The average cost to install a fiberglass swimming pool is 46000 with most homeowners spending between 23400 for a 10×20 to 59900 for a 16×32 pool. Of course these costs vary depending on various factors.

    What to do Houston 11 replies Inground pool vs.

    How Much Does A Pool Cost 93 Real World Examples Inyopools Com Diy Resources Pool Cost Pool Swimming Pool Pictures

    Pin On Pools

    How Much Does It Cost To Install A Semi

    How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost? | Thursday Pools

    What is a semi-inground pool? Torn between building an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool? Semi-inground pools offer the best of both worlds.

    Youll find that a semi-ground swimming pool is significantly deeper than a regular above-ground pool, but doesnt cost nearly as much as a traditional in-ground pool. Usually, most of a semi-inground pool is below ground level, with only a few feet of the pool wall visible above ground.

    • Average National Cost: $11,700
    • Typical Cost Range: $8,400 to $22,500

    The costs listed above are national averages, and they should help you estimate your total cost for a semi-inground pool. Keep in mind that many facets can affect overall costs, including the pools material, quality, and size.

    Lets go over these different factors in detail below so you can better understand the type of semi-inground pool youre looking for and how much you can expect to pay.

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    Does Adding A Pool Increase The Value Of Your Home

    Historically, most home improvements dont raise the value of your home by the amount of the investment. However, as the recent health crisis has entered our lives, we are finding that many home buyers are looking at having an in-ground pool as a great value and it is increasing the value of your home.

    By the way, Leisure Pools® allows for a transfer of their pool warranties within the first five years of ownership at no cost. If you add a pool today and decide to sell your home, you are able to fully transfer the warranty to the new homeowner.

    How Does Fiberglass Compare To Other Types Of Swimming Pools

    If you want a quality swimming pool that will last your family a lifetime, fiberglass swimming pools are a great investment. The cost of a fiberglass pool compares very favorably to other types of pools.

    Fiberglass vs Concrete/Gunite Inground Pools: Most concrete/gunite builders are booked a year or more in advance. Plus, the important thing with gunite pools is that you truly rely on the talent to pour your pool correctly. There are many variations between the builders and you will pay greatly for this talent. It is not uncommon to reach prices of $100,000+ for concrete/gunite pools with a long wait time.

    Fiberglass pools are built in a factory under strict quality controls so you are guaranteed that the pool you see in the brochure is the pool that you will receive at your home. While we may be experiencing longer waiting times than normal, we can still provide you with your own swimming pool much quicker than having one built from scratch in your backyard.

    In addition, the installation time is much, much less. Most builders can spend one week, sometimes much less, digging the hole for your fiberglass swimming pool. Installing it once it arrives, plumbing it and setting it can often take place that same week. Gunite pool production will take months and can be very messy and dangerous around your home.

    Limitations of Vinyl Liner Pools

    To explore the differences between pool construction more in-depth, read our blog post Fiberglass vs. Vinyl vs. Concrete Pools.

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    Cost To Put In An Inground Pool With A Hot Tub

    For an inground pool with a hot tub, you can expect to add $8,000 to $25,000 to the base price depending on the style of hot tub and how its integrated with the rest of the swimming pool. Pool contractors normally offer to include the hot tub with the inground pool as part of their estimate, with discounts for getting both done simultaneously. Hot tubs vary in price depending on the number of jets, quality of materials, and the number of people they seat.

    • Entry Level $2,000 to $4,000
    • Medium Quality $5,000 to $8,000
    • High End $9,000 to $12,000
    • Premium $13,000 to $20,000

    Installing Saltwater Pool Extras

    ð? Inground Pool Cost

    There are many extras you can purchase to enhance your swimming experience.

    • Add a Salt Water Hot Tub Installing a hot tub salt water system costs$500 to $1,700. Any hot tub can be turned into a salt water hot tub, but you can get a molded, hexagonal tub for $3,000 to $10,000. For an inground hot tub, costs can reach around $20,000.
    • Handicap Pool Lift A handicap pool lift is available for in-ground pools. One version with a seat that lowers into the water costs $3,355. There are many options for handicap pool lifts, making the pool accessible to nearly every person.
    • Patio or deck a concrete pool deck can cost from $3,000 to $10,000, depending on size, design, and complexity.
    • Pool Enclosure can cost between $6,000 $8,000
    • Pool Fence costs from $600 $4,400
    • Water Features

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    Six: Contact Landscaping Or Pool Professional

    Once your ground is level on all sections, consider hiring a professional for pool installation. Alternatively, you can choose to follow all the instructions indicated in the aboveground pool manual. Before installing the pool, ensure you have some background knowledge or experience. If you dont, seek professional help from a pool expert.

    Building Additions To Your Inground Pool

    The best part of building an inground pool is envisioning all of the great additions you can put on. Most homeowners imagine a beautiful rock waterfall, with a slide built-in, and bright blue lights illuminating the pool in the night.

    While that all sounds great, many costs add up quickly when you start tacking all these unnecessary additions onto the pool. This chart will break them down for you.

    Additional Feature
    $500 $11,000 plus installation costs
    Pool Cover $1,000 $3,000 or more for motorized covers

    It helps to have a vision in mind when designing and planning out the pool you want. Its much easier and cheaper to factor in these costs ahead of time rather than decide you want something added later on.

    For example, many pool covers are automatically built into the design of the pool. It would be much more expensive to come back later on and change the design because you wish youd chosen an automatic one.

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    Landscaping Around The Swimming Pool Design

    Landscaping is one part of the total project that can be as little or as much as the homeowner is prepared to spend on. It is also the part of the project that many homeowners take on as a “Do It Yourself” project and will often spread it over a period of time. It is not unusual to have the pool installed and in use with landscaping elements around the pool being completed only years later.

    It is somewhat difficult to estimate the cost of landscaping since there really is not limit to what can be done. But at its most basic we can expect $3,000 to $5,000 to add a small patio area that ties in to the pool area.

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