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How To Hide Pool Equipment

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Ask The Pool Guy: Economical Way to Hide Pool Equipment with a simple privacy screen

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Hide Pool Equipment & Create Your Ideal Space

When you have a pool or a pool and a spa, the equipment can be bulky and unattractive, but when you use the methods above to help you keep your space clean and organized, you will be able to create your ideal space.

If you have pool accessories you need to get to, you do not want to create a barrier that is going to make it difficult for you to get poles and skimmers out so make sure to put a gate and latch on any enclosure you may put around that area.

When you upgrade your space by hiding your equipment, you may also want to do some remodeling on your pool. Once you get started on fixing up your space, you could want to do a whole remodel that will give you a fresh look and new function to your pool.

If you need help with your pool and figuring out how to make a space that you love, feel free to reach out to our pool professionals. We have been working with new and seasoned pool owners alike for years and would be glad to help you as well.

Item Have Been Added To Cart

  • Working with electricity around a pool can be dangerous. Hiring a licensed electrician is recommended.
  • Before doing any electrical work, ensure the power is turned off at the circuit breaker.
  • Dig a 24-inch deep trench for the underground wire.
  • Drill a hole to the inside of the house where the electrical panel is located. Use an extension if needed to get through the wall.
  • Fish two 12-2 nonmetallic cables through the hole into the basement, then attach them to a plastic electrical box.
  • Run conduit from the box into the trench. Continue the conduit into the trench and then into the post.
  • Feed three individual 12-gauge wires through the conduit into the post.
  • Mount the timer to the wall.
  • Wire the twist-lock receptacle.
  • Plug in the pool pump and cover it with a weatherproof cover.
  • With the main service off to the house, wire in GFCI circuit breakers to the electrical panel.
  • Connect an 8-gauge wire to the metal posts of the pool, the pump, and the metal plate on the skimmer and then wire that to the pump to bond the entire pool.

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Ideas For Hiding Pool Equipment


  • Bushes: The denseness of bushes make them a great option for hiding pool equipment. They are also able to grow thick and tall enough to create a pseudo wall, which also helps with filtering out noise! When selecting bushes for concealing equipment, make sure you choose ones that dont grow too fast or drop a lot of debris. Stay away from any that flower or drop fruit the berries can stain your deck and also attract insects.
  • Trees: Here in Central Florida, palm plants are ideal. There are so many varieties available that are short and full, perfect for hiding pool equipment. Palms are generally low maintenance and you wont have a problem with fronds shedding into your pool. Same with bushes, stay away from any trees that flower or fruit to save you from winged insects and a stained pool deck.
  • Ornamental Grasses: Tall, ornamental grasses are another great way to hide your pool equipment. Though not as dense as bushes, grasses can also grow tall enough to hide any filter, plus theyre low maintenance. Ornamental grasses will give a whimsical feel to your backyard and complement any other landscaping around the pool. When selecting, look for hardy grasses that dont seed or become invasive.



Sheds/Pool Housing

As you can see, there are many fun and unique ways to hide your pool equipment. Whichever way you choose, remember to make sure the disguise allows plenty of access in case any part of the equipment needs serving.

Large Pool Equipment Storage Ideas

Creative Ways to Hide Pool Equipment

If you have a large in-ground swimming pool, you may find that a simple wall or box isnt enough. The size of your pool pump cover will need to be larger to accommodate the increase in the size of the equipment necessary to maintain your pool. This is especially true if you have a separate pool and hot tub. Youll have different systems for removing bacteria and debris from each body of water.

Large pool equipment storage covers are more like sheds. Instead of having a lifting lid, theyll have a full-size door that you can walk into. These structures can look country-inspired, with wood barn doors, or modern with rich hardwood planks and sleek metal frame.;

If you have pavers or tile around your pool, you can blend your large swimming pool cover into its surroundings by using the stone or pavers to create the wall facing you. Just be sure to have plenty of ventilation on the other walls.

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Ideas For Hiding Your Pool Pump

A pool pump is an integral part of your pool maintenance system, pushing water through the filtration system to remove debris and mitigate the build-up of algae. Pool pumps also can be unsightly and noisy. There are ways to disguise the pool pump, but it has to remain easy to access for regular maintenance.

Cool Swimming Pool Cabanas

In my previous post, we talked all about adding a pool bar to your backyard paradise, and today we look at pool cabanas, small pavilions for lounging by the pool.

Pool cabanas not only provide shade and comfort, but are used to break up a boring fence line, or hide pool equipment or a less than perfect view beyond. Larger cabana roofs can also be used for mounting solar pool heater panels.

Take a look at these cool pool cabana ideas, and dream up your own ~ cabana boys not included!

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Metal Pool Equipment Storage Ideas

Choosing a metal box as your equipment pool cover can be an affordable and low maintenance option. Unlike wood, you dont need to do a lot to maintain the box. If you choose one made out of aluminum, then itll be rust and corrosion-resistant.


Metal boxes typically come in neutral colors and have a sleek, modern feel to them. This pairs well if you have a more modern home.When choosing your metal box, look for one that has slotted sides. This will help with air circulation through the box. Solid sides will be more effective at sound dampening, but can also encourage the temperature to rise too high.If youre looking for something slightly bigger, you can find ready-made metal shed kits. A kit can give you a bit more space for storage and provide you with an affordable structure. Youll find some that are freestanding and others that are designed to back up against the side of a building.

Pool Plaster: Everything You Need To Know

Easy Backyard Pergola Build – Hiding the Pool Equipment

They say your swimming pool is an extension of your living room; a place to stay and hang out with friends and families after a long, busy day. Having a private pool offers you an escape the moment you step out into your own backyard.

Thats why many pool owners take the time to invest in their swimming pools. While pool cleaning plays a major role in pool maintenance, those who want to keep their aquatic oasis in pristine condition hire pool professionals who offer pool services like pool remodeling, pool resurfacing, and plaster pool service.

Amongst these services, pool plastering is often the most overlooked maintenance solution applied to your private pool. Pool plaster is the skin that separates the water and the concrete pool. It offers various advantages including its aesthetic appeal and a smooth surface but what its better known for is its ability to create a watertight seal between the pool water and the rough underlying surface.

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Don’t Sweat That Boxy A/c Unit Here’s How To Put It Out Of Sight And Out Of Mind

Brought to you by ;

If you live in a hot climate, your air conditioner is probably your favorite major appliance. However, it can quickly become a major party crasher in the middle of your backyard summer barbecue. That same hulking, boxy piece of machinery that cools your house can be an eyesore in your garden. But dont sweat it. There are plenty of ways you can hide, mask, conceal and block your air conditioning unit so you wont even know its there. Heres how to keep your cool.

First keep in mind how your air conditioner works and what keeps it happy and efficient. An A/C unit needs space to breathe. Because it works so hard to make the inside of your house cool, it needs to vent a bunch of generated heat. The reason that the metal casings of air conditioning units are perforated is to do just that. Keep this in mind when adding any sort of cover or obstruction near your machine. To be safe, check the manufacturers recommended distances for any sort of enclosure.

When designing your new house or retrofitting for a new system, remember that a happy air conditioner is one that doesnt have to work so hard. One way to ensure this is to use energy-efficient methods of home design that can reduce your reliance on air conditioning and keep as much cool air inside your home as possible.

Now on to the tips for minimizing visual impact.

Fence It In

Build a Dedicated Structure

Redesign Your Backyard

Add Structural and Vegetation Screens

Guide the View and Distract

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How To Clean Pool Plaster

One of the most common pool finishes is plaster. Plaster is cheaper compared to other pool interiors and offers a few features that exceed its notoriety in affordability. As we have briefly covered above, pool plaster is the thin layer that separates the pool water and the concrete below creating a watertight seal. And although it can be had in a variety of colors, plaster often comes in white. On that note, without proper care and maintenance, pool plaster easily succumbs to a wide variety of problems both structurally and aesthetically.

Here are a few things you can do to clean your pool plaster.

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Top Landscaping Tips To Hide Pool Equipment

Everybody loves a swimming pool especially in the summer.; However, a swimming pool is more than just a hole in the ground filled with water.; If that was the case, itd be more likely you had a pond, slough or swamp in your backyard!; Swimming pools require a lot of equipment to run properly.; And without proper ideas to hide that equipment, it can make an unsightly mess of your backyard.; In this article, we go over the top landscaping methods used to hide pool equipment.


Plants are great for hiding pool equipment because they afford a natural look that blends in to your backyard.; Planting a stand of small trees, shrubs or bushes in front of your pool pump and filtering equipment is a good way to hide the machinery while still keeping it accessible for maintenance.; However, you should keep in mind that certain plants dont go well around pools.; These include plants that drop a lot of leaves or pollen, attract insects, have long root systems or grow spines and thorns.; Consider hedges or grasses that dont get too overgrown and are easy to maintain.


Using fencing to create and enclosure for pool equipment creates an instant screen thats quick and easy to install.; You can use a wide variety of material such as wood, vinyl or plastic to create a simple enclosure that still allows easy access for maintenance.; You can complete the enclosure by adding a roof to help your pool equipment withstand rough weather conditions.


Pool House

How Do I Hide My Pool Heater

Screen/ partition to hide our pool equipment! Very pleased ...

4.1/5poolhide poolpool

If you want to soften the backyard, add bushy bushes and fluffy grasses to hide your pool equipment and reduce pump noise. Just be sure to give lots of room for the plants to grow, without blocking sunlight and air flow to the equipment. Or if needed, grasses and bushes can be easily pruned, any time of year.

Additionally, do pool heaters need to be covered? Manufacturers do not advise their customers to cover their pool heaters. Covering your pool heater will not keep mice, spiders or other insects from entering the cabinet during the winter.

Regarding this, how can I hide my pool gear?

The simplest way to hide your pool pump and filter is to put up a small wall or screen to block the view, and the noise from the pump. If you are handy with wood, you can saw-up your own pool filter screen to hide the pool pump, or you can buy vinyl privacy walls at most home stores and garden centers.

Should you cover your pool pump in the winter?

Keeping pumps away from accumulating moisture during the winter is a good way to protect the equipment. Heavy snow is a danger to pool equipment that remains outdoors.

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Creative Ways To Hide Pool Equipment

by SSG Marketing | Jun 28, 2020 | Backyard Lifestyle, Pool Design

Our team has seen countless ways of hiding pool equipment over the years. Weve chosen a few of our favorites to help new pool owners be creative yet practical when placing their equipment. After all, there are many ways to hide your pool equipment. The decision largely depends upon what type of pool and backyard you have. Every pool must have its pool equipment accessible for possible maintenance issues or adjusting.

What About Screens And Walls

Screens are amongst the most cost effective way to hide your pool filter and pump. You can easily purchase ready made pool equipment fence and screen made of plastic, wood, or metal. This may not be the most creative or beautiful option there is available. However, it gets the job done. Some pool owners choose to build a wall around their pool equipment. Some have re-purposed barn doors, reclaimed wood, and more to create a divide between their pool equipment and their outdoor entertaining space. This can be a gorgeous option . It also does not have to cost a lot of money.

As you can see there are many different options available to you . However you decide to move forward with your backyard project is up to you and your creative mind. All that matters is that very soon your backyard will be entertainment ready and you can relax and enjoy the summer poolside with your loved ones.

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The Beginning: The Significance Of The Countach Project


The Countach was a significant vehicle development for the brand as it helped place Lamborghini amongst the best sports cars manufacturers of the 1970s. The Countach project was unveiled in 1971 on March 11th at the Geneva Motor Show.;

Interestingly, the Countach was not displayed alone as the Miura SV was also on show at the same stand, which was quite a statement at the time. Yet, it wasnt the Miura SV that received all the attention; it was surprisingly the prototype Countach that captured motor enthusiasts eyes.;

The Countach represented everything vehicle enthusiasts didnt realize they needed. Lamborghini recognized that if they wanted to be at the forefront of the motor vehicle manufacturing industry, they needed to ensure their goals translated from their designs to reality.;

With this in mind, they created the Countach as they wanted to build a supercar that would be years ahead of its time in both design and motor vehicle capabilities. This brands prototype model, the LP500, definitely achieved what Lamborghini set out to do.

The vehicle was so well received that Lamborghini had to re-evaluate their ideas to make the prototype vehicle a reality to keep up with consumer demand. Additionally, many argue that without the prototypes success, Lamborghini might not be as successful a brand as it is today.;

How To Hide Pool Equipment With Landscaping

Decorative Panel to hide pool equipment

Your own private oasis, complete with swimming pool, makes a great place to relax, but the effect can be spoiled when you have to stare at a bunch of ugly pool equipment. With a bit of creative planning, that unsightly machinery can disappear completely behind a barrier that blends naturally into your landscape. Whether you want a tropical feel or something more mainland, you can find plants to fit your theme and hide your pool equipment from sight.


Place a wall of plants that can support themselves, such as flowering shrubs, around the equipment forming a solid screen, leaving one end open for access. Plant all bushes well back from the equipment. Keep plants that grow very wide pruned, since these can end up interfering with your access to the equipment and may encroach upon the walkway around your pool.


Use flexible lattice to define an area no matter what shape it is. Use lattice to support vines or keep plants from taking over the equipment area. Choose vines that don’t grow so large and heavy that theyll end up breaking down the lattice, or keep the vines pruned.


Fill in any open space below shrubs or vines with annual flowers that tend to hang onto their leaves and petals to provide color and interest during pool season and replace them each year. Alternatively, plant low-growing perennials that do not have to be replaced each year, but may require more maintenance.



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