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Do Babies Wear Diapers In The Pool

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Gerber Waterproof Plastic Pants


If your pool requires a plastic cover over your baby’s swim diaper, the Gerber pull-on is an inexpensive and reliable option.

  • Made of 100% chlorine-free PEVA
  • Nylon-covered elastic legs and waist
  • Can also be used as a diaper cover for prefolds
  • Sizes: 0-3 months , 3-6 months , 6-9 months , 12 months , 18 months , 2T , 3T , and 4T

Plastic pants can be very hard to find, so is a great source! They carry them right up to size 4T.

Best Reusable: Store Of Baby Swim Diaper Set

Since reusable swim diapers need to be washed after every use, investing in a two-pack is a smart move. Each diaper in this set is designed to fit newborns up to 3-year-olds , so you can make this $12 purchase once and be set for years. The diapers have an easy-to-clean liner, convenient snaps all over the front and back, and a wide variety of playful patterns.;

“I live in a place where we would swim almost daily, and buying disposable swim diapers was going to be too expensive,” one reviewer said. “Between the two of these it was so worth it! My daughter did test it out with a number two experience, and I am happy to say that even wet and weighed down, it kept the crap contained!”

To buy: $13;

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Best Adjustable Swim Diapers

Price: $$If youre trying to get the perfect fit to keep everything contained, Thirsties offers a reusable swim diaper will lots of adjustable features to make sure its snug. These diapers come with three adjustable rise options and hip snaps to prevent drooping. They also have a soft mesh interior for comfort.Worth noting: Reviewers say they tend to run on the smaller side, so you may find yourself going to the next snap before you expected to. Also, while snaps are great, theyre not as customizable as Velcro.

How To Use Swim Diapers

Can Babies Wear Regular Diapers in the Pool?
  • Put swim diaper on infant or child.
  • OPTIONAL: Put swim bottom over swim diaper.
  • Check swim diaper for soiling every 30-60 minutes.
  • For toddlers, take them on bathroom breaks every 30-60 minutes.
  • Once soiled, change child or infant in a bathroom, away from pool.
  • Change to a new swim diaper.
  • Throw away used disposable swim diaper OR clean reusable swim diaper and store.
  • Wash reusable swim diaper in washing machine at home.

Every public swimming facility may have its own specific rules for swim diapers, but the main idea is always the same: keep the pool and surrounding area clean and safe. Some public pools require the use of any sort of swim pant. Other pools may have strict rules where they require the baby to simultaneously wear two types of swim pant for extra safety precautions.

Before heading to the pool, be sure to call the facility ahead of time to check what their requirements are. The standards for healthy swimming at each public pool facility are determined both by the CDC and by the individual pool regulations.

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Reusable Swim Diapers Vs Disposable Swim Diapers

Both reusable and disposable swim diapers are good alternatives, but public pools may only allow one type. Be sure to check with the public pool facility before entering the pool. The following are the benefits and features of both disposable and reusable swim diapers:Disposable swim diapers:

  • Need to be changed as soon as they are soiled.
  • Must be changed away from pool area.
  • Cannot be used again after changing.
  • Easily fit a pack of Huggies® Little Swimmer® in purse or bag.

Reusable swim diapers:

  • Need to be cleaned as soon as they are soiled.
  • Must be changed away from pool area.
  • Can be used again after fully cleaning in the wash.
  • Must bring extra reusable diapers to change into after one is soiled.
  • My Pool Pal swim diapers come in cute, reusable styles.

See Our Tips For Taking Baby To The Beach Safely

Baby sun protection is serious business. Many of the new baby swimsuits come with built-in sun protective features. We can never have too much help in protecting baby from a nasty burn and infant sun protection suits may be part of the answer to baby sun protection issues.

I’ve always pondered on how much abuse that most sunscreens can take in the way of chlorinated water and the like and still do the job it’s supposed to do! If you have a fair complexion or just plain worried about the accumulated damage from time in the sun and want to be totally sunsafe, these infant sun protection suits or swimsuits that protect baby from the sun may be worth a try. They are a little bit bigger than traditional swimwear, but some moms say the trade-off is worth the extra fabric.

Never fear, baby beach gear is available to help. There are disposable leakproof swim diapers that help to stop bacteria from being released into the pool. There are reusable diapers available for the same approximate price of a pack of 10 or so of the disposables.

Personally, I like the idea of the disposables. Baby’s swimsuit can be changed several times during any given swimming session, toss the diaper in the trash and be back in the water. No need to carry anything home from the beach or pool to wash.

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What Swimwear Do You Need For Babies Aged 69 Months And 912 Months

Babies aged 69 months and 912 months will need the following before they go swimming:

A swim nappy

Swimwear with integrated swim nappythis means you dont have to worry about buying or packing a separate swim nappy in your babys swim bag.


Neoprene swimwearthis will give your little one extra warmth and let you grip them more securely when in the water.

How To Use A Cloth Diaper Cover As A Swim Diaper On The Fly

Swimming Diapers For Babies

If you decide to use a cloth diaper cover as a swim diaper on land, the first thing youll need to do is remove all of the absorbent inserts, prefolds, etc.

Next, youll want to readjust the covers rise and waist adjustments as once you take out the absorbent layers the fit will have changed. You want to make sure that the diaper is good and snug around the legs and waist so that no solids can get out of it. A swim diaper is designed to fit firmly to the body so that even when water is involved, theres no chance of less-than-solid fecal matter from escaping.

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Easiest To Use Disposable Swim Diapers: Pampers Splashers

;Pampers Splashers: Pampers Splashers are a popular disposable choice because they are easy to take off. These diapers can be torn along the sides for quick removal. The waistband stretches on all sides for a snug fit. The leg openings have double leak guards to prevent any accidents from joining your pool party.;

How To Choose Swim Diapers

When shopping for your swim diaper, here are some things youll want to consider:

  • Comfort: Expect that there will be some trial and error to finding something that best suits your little one. The swim diaper thats the right fit your childs body and activity level may not be the first one you reach for.
  • Functionality: Dont waste your time with poorly-reviewed diapers, or ones made of inferior quality material. No matter how inexpensive or cute they may be, pass them up or throw them out if they arent up to the task.
  • Price: The cost is bound to be a consideration when it comes time to purchase your swim diapers. Rest assured there are great options at every price point.

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How To Actually Cruise With Swim Diapers

;If you are trying to plan a family cruise with a toddler who is not completely potty-trained, you are probably worried about your swimming options. And, if you arent, you should be! All major cruise ships offer an array of fun water activities that appeal to kids. But, most of them will not allow babies or toddlers in swim diapers to participate.

So, one of the key challenges for finding the best cruises for toddlers is figuring out what restrictions will apply to your child if he or she is still in diapers. After all, you dont want to show up and unexpectedly have your family banned from the pool. But information available online can be ambiguous, hard to find and/or out of date. So, to learn more about the best cruises for toddlers in swim diapers today, read on.;

Be sure to check out our guest post on to find out the best cruise ships for toddlers in 2020!

This Post may include affiliate links. Please visit our Disclosures for more information.

Wegreeco Baby & Toddler Snap Swim Diapers

Can babies wear diaper pools?

Has your baby taken to the water like, well, a fish to water? If so, you might want to buy;swim diapers in bulk. The;Wegreeco Baby and Toddler Snap multi-pack contains three reusable swim diapers that can be adjusted at the waist and leg openings with snaps. Plus, its hard to beat the price.;

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So When Is Using A Cloth Diaper Cover As A Swim Diaper Ok

While diapers made for swimming are necessary for the pool, in my opinion , yes, you can use a cloth diaper cover as a swim diaper in a pinch at the splash pad or when playing with a sprinkler. What you can not use is an absorbent cloth diaper or cloth diaper inserts.

Put another way, you can ONLY use a cloth diaper cover, with no absorbent layers attached. This means no all-in-one diapers, all-in-two inserts, pocket diaper inserts, fitted diapers, prefold diapers, or flat diapers in the water, for reasons well get into below.

I feel cloth diaper covers without absorbency are ok to use in these situations for two reasons:

  • Your little one is not going to be submerged so their diaper wont fill with water that will need to flow out of the legs. Poop should be contained inside the cover well; and
  • Splash pads and sprinklers use potable water in most cases, which is not heavily chlorinated and so it shouldnt do any damage to the cover chemically.
  • Swim Diaper Hack Do Swim Diapers Hold Urine

    When you have to deal with diapers and swimming lessons, its a whole thing. Am I right? First, you need to outfit your child with a regular diaper and clothes just for the car ride to the swim lesson.

    Once youve arrived, you need to do it all over again

    So if you want to get your infant/toddler ready for the pool in the comfort of your own home, my video will show you how. Click on the button below.

    I hope you watched the video and that you found it helpful. And if you decide to share it with your friends I would be most appreciative.

    I didnt come up with this brilliant idea by the way. I have to give credit where credit is due. So thank you, Serena for this innovative time saver.

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    Do You Wear A Diaper Under A Swim Diaper

    ;You could wear a regular diaper under a swim diaper, but there really is no point. Once you submerge your baby, the regular diaper will swell uncomfortably with pool water. The pee will most likely leak out anyways. You could keep the regular diaper under until you are ready to put baby in the water. Then you could just slip the diaper out while leaving the swim diaper on.

    On the other hand, beware of keeping your baby in a swim diaper for an extended period of time before you get into the water. If you were holding your little one outside of the pool you could end up with a stream of pee running down your arms. Swim diapers are made solely to contain poop. They will not stop urine from leaking out. On your way to the waterpark, you might want to put your baby in a regular diaper, then change them into a swim diaper once you have reached the poolside.

    Remember, regular diapers will swell with pool water if you put them under swim diapers. They wont prevent pee from leaking out because they arent meant to work in water. Swim diapers take the place of a regular diaper. Swim diapers can be worn on their own or under a swimsuit.

    Cloth swim diapers, in particular, make great swimsuits on their own. They usually come in cute colors and prints. The cloth fabric gives the diaper a more upscale look compared to its disposable counterpart when worn alone.;

    Best Baby Swimwear For Babies Aged 1218 Months

    Swim Diapers: Who Needs Them?!?

    The most important factors to consider for taking babies aged 1218 months swimming are as follows:

    • Buoyancyswimwear with integrated floats supports babies in the water and keeps them in a more natural horizontal swimming position.
    • UV protectionswimwear with UV protection keeps kids safe when swimming outdoors.
    • Preventing leakssome reusable swim nappies, such as the Happy Nappy, provide comfort to babies and give you peace of mind that they can enjoy a leak-free swim.

    From one year old, babies can start to wear float suits, jackets or vests in the pool. Although armbands are the first choice for many parents, swimwear with built-in buoyancy aids can help babies feel more confident in the pool and encourage them to maintain the natural horizontal position for swimming.

    At this age, your baby will be old enough to enjoy swimming outdoors in summer. Make sure you protect them from the suns harsh rays with UV swimwear, as well as a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

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    How Many Swim Diapers Will You Need

    How many swim diapers youll need is going to depend on how often youre going to take your little one swimming, but I recommend having at least two swim diapers on hand. You dont want to have to leave the pool five minutes in because a poop happened and you dont have a clean diaper. You also wont want to put that swim diaper that smells like pee back on your baby after your lunch break, and you wont want to be stuck if you get behind on laundry. Two swim;diapers is a reasonable minimum, with three giving you a nice buffer to play with during those busy summer months.

    Again, adjust that if you go to the pool a lot, are planning a beach vacation away from a washing machine, or if its rare for you to do water activities.

    Best Baby Swimwear For Warmth And Freedom Of Movementbabies Aged 36 Months

    Baby wrap

    Standard swimming costumes are fine to wear at this age, but they still need a swim nappy. However, getting a tiny baby in and out of one can be tough, so choose a costume that you can lie flat and wrap around them, to make changing much easier.

    Wrap-around swimsuits, such as the Splash About Baby Wrap are similar in style to a standard swimsuit but with the added benefit of being made from neoprene, a fabric used to make wetsuits. This material helps keep a babys core body temperature at the right level.

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    Baby Swimsuits For Babies From 3

    So, youre out of the newborn stage and baby is becoming more active.;

    Here are some additional things to keep in mind when choosing a baby swimsuit for babies aged 3-6 months:

    • Increased Energy and Activity: Has your baby been kicking up a storm lately? At this age, babies have more control over their bodies, whereas before, they kicked mainly out of reflex. To accommodate your little ones increased activity, consider choosing a baby swimsuit that doesnt restrict their tiny legs .
    • Diaper Changes: As your babys energy levels increase, you may be able to go for longer stretches at the beach or the pool. Expect to change your babys swim diaper more often as a result. To make the diaper changing process easier, choose a baby swimsuit that you can get on and off your baby with relative ease. Consider a baby wrap wetsuit which is designed to open at the front for fuss-free changing.
    • Comfortable Fit: Babies double their birthweight around the five-month mark, according to experts at the Bump. If youve got a chunky baby on your hands, be aware that baby swimsuits tend to run small. Check the size chart for baby swimwear before you buy to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit.

    Swim Diapers And Public Pools


    Swim diapers are generally required if youre using a public pool. With reusable swim diapers, repeated exposure to chlorine may damage or change the materials color. It shouldnt impact its functionality, though.

    Bring at least one spare diaper with you, in case theres an accident. Dont forget, youll want to plan on rinsing the chlorine off immediately after changing and will need to pack out your diaper. Bring a waterproof bag for this purpose.

    If you use disposable diapers, there may be specific rules for disposing of the diaper on the pool premises. Look for signs or ask a staff member if theres a certain receptacle where they should be placed and be prepared to bag them individually before disposal.

    Not all pools allow both types of swim diapers. Check with your public pool before your outing to make sure you have everything you need.

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