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What Time Does Leslie’s Pool Supply Open

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Unfriendly Employees And Treatment By Customer Service

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No one likes to be treated poorly by a company, whether you have already spent your hard earned money with them or not. If you have spent money with a company, however, you definitely expect that you get nothing but the best customer service and friendly employees to deal with. Unfortunately, when it comes to Leslies Pool Supplies, there are a lot of customers who have complained of just the opposite, whether they are dealing with them in person at store locations, or over the phone. It has been a common complaint on their review site, to see story-after-story about employees at Leslies treating customers with less than pleasant attitudes. There have been comments about employees being down right rude, sarcastic, and often, not helpful at all. Lots of recommendations to take your business elsewhere if you expect friendly customer service.

Products Are Not Reliable

Theres nothing more frustrating than spending a lot of money on a product only to have it break within a short period of time. A chief complaint by Leslies customers is the quality of their products. From pumps to pool vacuums, customers are not happy with the quality of the products Leslies sells, saying that within a month or so, the mechanical device they bought quit working. Once it did, they had to deal with their rude customer service people and in the end, got no where with repairing it or being able to exchange, or return it. Most of the customers with these complaints are quite upset as these products cost them hundreds of dollars.

They Dont Back Their Products

If you read the reviews on Leslies review site, you will find that a top complaint among customers is Leslies failure to back their own products. One of the most common products youll find mentioned in this regard, is pool pumps. Many customers have had a pump they purchased from Leslies not work right, or at all. When it comes to returning the product, they get the runaround, and many have said that in the end, they are not only left with a broken pump, but are out the money they spent on it, which many customers have listed $100s of dollars as the price they paid. Unfortunate.

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What’s The Office Vibe Like At Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies

Asked to all employees at Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies

  • Absolutely horribleThis is a major corporation with extensive micromanagement. Hardly anybody last long in this corporation. I also keep teasing you with district management or store management and it takes years for that to come

    Answered 6+ months ago

  • Depends on the season. In the winter? Mellow. The office has great lighting, is clean, and people are pretty nice. In July and August… it can sometimes be a bit stressful, as management reacts to end of year forecasts. But everyone wants the team to succeed, at least.

    Answered 6+ months ago

Information About This Business

Leslies Pool

Expert Advice, Quality Products. Low Prices, Superior Service.

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TagsFree In-Store Labor & Free Water TestingIntex

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World’s pool supply leader. National commercial division. Pool cleaners, chemicals, equipment & more.

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Extremely Low Pay Long Hours Very Minimal Training And Dishonest Upper Management


Not many. It’s extremely easy to get hired, as they will take almost anyone. It’s also very easy to move up, but even if you become a manager don’t expect to make more than $14 an hour.


  • The place is great to work at


    Can’t think of any cons!

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  • 4.0
  • How Helpful Was Your Sales Team When You Were First Hired At Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies

    Asked to the Sales Department at Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies

    • The people are great. But a lot of times the store managers are so overworked and havent had employees for … I went three months without an employee, So Dont be surprise the second that you get keys to the store that you left there by yourself because the manager wants a day to relax. Often times when you talk to other employees the only thing you talk about is how horrible the situation is

      Answered 6+ months ago

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    What Month Should I Open My Pool

    The best time to open your swimming pool will depend to a certain extent on where you are located and whether youre in the midst of a warmer or colder spring. That being said, a general rule of thumb is that when the daytime temperatures are at or above around 70 degrees, you should go ahead and open your pool.

    Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies Salary Faqs

    Water Testing 101 | #stayathome with Leslie’s

    The average Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies salary ranges from approximately $42,349 per year for an Assistant Manager to $87,763 per year for a District Manager. The average Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies hourly pay ranges from approximately $13 per hour for a Seasonal Sales Associate to $27 per hour for a Store Manager. Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 2.7/5 stars.

    The highest-paying job at Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies is a District Manager with a salary of $87,763 per year.

    The lowest-paying job at Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies is an Assistant Manager with a salary of $42,349 per year.

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    Takes Too Long To Get Their Service

    When you have a problem with a product you purchased from a company or order a service tech from a company to come to your home to provide a service for you, you expect that you will get things handled in a reasonable amount of time. Apparently Leslies Pool Supplies does not have a very good reputation for providing their customers with service of any kind, in a satisfactory amount of time. In reviewing customer reviews, its pretty apparent that this is a regular complaint of customers who have tried to get Leslies help with a variety of different problems they had and were not getting the help in a timely manner. This included product replacement, and service techs coming to their home to help them with a pool issue. Many customers complained about lengthy turnaround times, including one customer who complained about not being able to use his pool purchased from them and was given a month and a half wait time to get a tech to his house, which, according to the customer, meant that the summer would be over before he would be able to get help for his pool problem.

    Whens The Best Time To Open Your Pool

    The recommended time to open up your pool is when temperatures in your area consistently hit 70 degrees. While 70 degrees isnt exactly swim weather, these temperatures can promote algae growth. This can be especially problematic if you use a mesh pool cover, as the water will get plenty of sunlight.

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    Can You Swim In Heated Pool In Winter

    When you own a heated spa, you can enjoy it even when its too cold to swim a pool. Or, you can use your pool as a cold plunge and warm back up in your spa. Imagine enjoying a nice, hot spa with massaging water on a cold winter day! Its especially nice to watch snow fall while relaxing in your spa.

    Other Reviews From The Web

    Average Rating

    I go to Leslie’s for all my pool chemicals and accessories. I constantly compare to Namco and and Leslie’s beats them on the stabilized chlorine tabs as well as the Power Powder Pro I use for shock every time. Prices on algaecide are better than other places as well. Be sure you compare apples to apples .

    Posted by Alex B. from Yelp on March 11, 2015.Brought to you by binglocal.

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    How Do You Feel About Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies’s Future

    Asked to all employees at Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies

    • The corporation will be successful because theres very few pool stores and its almost a monopoly. They buy up any companies that are smaller. They are successful because they are unique not because they have good management good stores or anything like that its strictly because there are very few pool stores and hardly any competition

      Answered 6+ months ago

    Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies Has Converted An Empty Big Box Eyesore Into A Light Bright State

    Architect Anne Sneed, of Del Mar, Calif., stands in the foyer of the new Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies headquarters. It is an innovative use of a former Sam’s Club.;;

    Architect Anne Sneed was in charge of converting a Sam’s Club into a huge, sparkling work space with work neighbhoods. The Leslie’s pool building is at 2005 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix;

    The new age lobby complete with blue pool tile sets the theme for the new Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies building on 2005 E. Indian School Rd.;

    Architect Anne Sneed with Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies Executive Vice President Steve Ortega in one of many huge, uncluttered, blue-accented express hallways at the new space.;;

    Another innovation in the upscale, high-tech new Leslie’s pool customer support center is a nurse practitioner on the site.;;

    Architect Anne Sneed stands in one of the pool-themed corners in the new Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies headquarters and customer service center at 20th Street and Indian School Road.;;

    One of the work neighborhoods in the Sam’s Club-turned-Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies headquarters, complete with pool-themed sayings.;;

    Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies’ building features community gathering spaces, such as this large table in a work neighborhood, ficus trees, high ceilings, exposed duct work, huge fans and a wooden trellis more typically seen at backyard pools.;;

    Even the sinks in the new Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies building seem to have a wave-like appearance.;;

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    How Employees Describe Working At Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies

    easy to talk to my coworkers

    Review from Sales Dept· Posted 2 months ago

    It has its days good and bad

    Posted 3 months ago

    They will work you with no thank you, they don’t have employees backs and bend to customer will even if it’s against company policy, and have unbelievable turn over because of new ceo. But “record profits” and can’t give people decent wage or raises

    Review from Sales Dept· Posted 4 months ago

    Pay is terrible at most levels. Management is entirely incompetent. No training for new products or procedures. Aging higher ups can hardly form complete sentences. Absolutely 0 effort put into streamlining operations. Calling corporate, ordering, or answering daily questions about time to ship.

    Posted 4 months ago

    Friendly and good communication. interact with every one and maintain a good friend ship between us

    Review from Sales Dept· Posted 6+ months ago

    Customers Getting Charged Unexpected Charges

    Leslies Wholesale: Pool Pro Open a Free Account & Shop With Wholesale Pricing at Over 900 Locations!

    Theres nothing worse than being told you will owe on particular price for a product or a service, then get hit-up for more money than you had planned to pay. One of the most common complaints on Leslies site is with bogus charges that customers were not planning on, or had been told they would owe. One of the most common areas of the business to have this happen is with customers that needed pool product repairs and were given a price quote for the repair and subsequently hit up for a larger amount once the repair was complete. This has angered many customers, especially due to the fact that the up-charges for the individual customers who complained, were typically a significant difference.

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    Leslie’s Pool Corp Ipo: What Investors Need To Know

    Leading direct to consumer pool supply and service company Leslies is set to make its market debut this week.

    About Leslies: Servicing the pool supply and services market with direct to consumer offerings and physical stores, Leslies Pool Corp is the .

    The company serves the residential, professional and commercial markets and;has a 15% market share for the aftermarket residential segment.

    Leslies has 934 locations open as of June. The companys digital sales are five times larger than its leading competitor.

    Leslies is the leading partner for in the pool category, representing 40% of sales in the pool and spa care category for the online retailer.

    The Offering: Leslies priced;40 million shares at;$17 per share;on Wednesday, above the expected range of $14 to $16.

    BlackRock plans on becoming a new investor in Leslies committing to buy $100 million in shares at the offering price.

    Growth in Pool Market: Leslies estimates the pool and spa care market at $11 billion annually.

    Same-store sales rose 15.5% in the June quarter at physical Leslies stores.

    The stay-at-home reality of the pandemic has led to significant growth in new pool installations and pool usage, said Leslies in the offering.

    The company reports new pool permits are up 32% through July;versus the previous year and are;expected to achieve unprecedented year-over-year growth in new pool installations in 2020.

    How Long Can You Keep A Heated Pool Open

    Yes! You dont have to close the pool, and you can keep it open year round, with or without a pool heater. Or for those in very cold climates, you could also consider a very late closing and early opening, winterizing and closing the pool for just 3 or 4 months, instead of the normal 6 or 7 months.

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    They Dont Seem To Know About The Chemicals They Sell And What Works

    If you are a pool company, it seems like you should know about all the chemicals you sell, and what chemical helps what pool problem. According to a lot of Leslies customers, they do not. Many customers complain that the employees tell them the wrong chemical, or combination of chemicals to use for their specific pool problem and for many, have made their pool water problem worse due to their lack of knowledge.

    When it comes to choosing the best company for your home repairs of any kind, including a swimming pool, it is always best to research a company before you dish out your hard earned money to them and expect youre going to get the best product, customer service, and best prices. Most companies offer customer review sections on their site, and you should always read them to see what other customers have to say, or get references from friends, family, or other customers to companies that they have had a good experience with.

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