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Are Pool Fences Required In Arizona

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Pool Fence Laws In Arizona

Beautiful Pool Fences Provide Safety in Phoenix, AZ

Having a mesh pool fence in Phoenix or an iron pool fence in Gilbert is more than just a personal choice. Indeed, in many situations, pool fencing is a matter of law.

In Arizona, residential pool enclosures are required in households with one or more children younger than the age of six. The pool fence must:

  • Entirely enclose the pool area
  • Be at least five feet tall at all points
  • Have no substantial openings or gaps
  • Have no exterior footholds that make the fence easy to climb
  • Be situated at least 20 inches from the waters edge at all points
  • These rules are applicable if you have a standalone pool fence in Peoria, Tucson, or any other area in Arizona. In some cases, homeowners may also design the pool enclosure so that it is bound on one or more sides by the residence itself. In such cases, pool fencing is still mandated by law, but the specific requirements are a bit different.;Read up on Phoenix Arizonas pool fencing laws in more detail.

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    Pool Fencing In Arizona

    A swimming pool requires regular care and maintenance, so you have to take every precaution to keep the swimmers safe as much as possible and at all times.

    Having a house with a swimming pool has its perks as well as responsibilities. A well-maintained swimming pool increases your homes resale value and offers the perfect poolside area for a backyard picnic. However, these pools also pose a risk for adults and children who do not know how to swim. Commercial properties have more responsibility for pool maintenance because they invite community members every single day.

    Aside from commercial pools, residential swimming pools are also blamed for being dangerous for children, as they can accidentally fall in the pool and get drowned. Guard your children and family members against the danger of drowning in the pool by opting for high-quality;pool fencing in Arizona.

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    Choosing Your Pool Fencing

    In order to enjoy the full protection of pool fencing, you need to ensure you make the right choice. So, what should you consider when choosing your pool fence in Phoenix? Well, one of the things you need to think about is the size and configuration of your pool, as this will help determine the size and type of fencing your need.;Another factor you need to consider is your budget, as this will also impact your choice of pool fencing. Naturally, you want to benefit from value for money but at the same time, you dont want to end up with substandard fencing that fails to provide adequate protection. So, although you do need to take budget into consideration, you should avoid focusing your choice entirely on the price.;It is also important to look at the appearance and design of the fencing for your pool. You can choose from a range of different designs to suit your tastes, preferences, and pocket. You need to work out whether you want removable fencing, what materials you want, and the style of the pool fencing you would like.;Finally, you need to decide which provider you will use for your pool fencing, as this can make a big difference to the finished results as well as on costing, service, and overall value. Choosing a provider with a range of fencing options, superb quality products, great service levels, and affordable pricing is essential, and this is where we come in.;

    Minimum Swimming Pool Setbacks

    Arizona Pool Fence Requirements
  • Front yard: No pool may be located in the front yard except on properties consisting of two or more acres.
  • Street Side Yard: A pool must meet the minimum setback as outlined within the applicable zoning district for street side yards and placed behind a barrier as described in the International residential Code and International Building Code. In addition to the above setbacks, the pool edge must be placed a minimum of five feet from the fence or barrier.
  • Setback from Rear and interior Property Lines: The pool shall be setback a minimum of five feet from the rear or interior side property lines.
  • Setback from Buildings: The pool shall be setback a minimum of five feet from any primary or accessory building.
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    What Is Arizona Code For Pool Fences

    You may be stunned to know that drowning is the major cause of death among children in Arizona. As a safety measure Arizona state legislature has come up with codes and laws for pool fences and you need to comply with them, if you do not want to invite legal actions.

    Arizona Code For Pool Fences

    Pool Enclosure Requirements Arizona:

    If you have a child/ children under 6 years of age:

    • If you have a pool at home with 18 inches or over deep water and over 8 ft. wide, you need to enclose the area with a barrier of fence. Above ground and In ground pools must be surrounded by 5 ft. fence. However the safety system needs to be at a distance of no less than 20 inches away from the water.
    • The wall/ fence shall not have gaps that can allow things with a diameter of 4 inches. The fence should also not have footholds or handholds on the exterior.
    • The opening of the fence shall not be more than 1.3/4 inches, when measured horizontally.

    If your living area is part of enclosure:

    • At least a 4 foot fence, which meets the above requirements, must be in place.
    • The pool must be protected by a safety cover that can be operated only through a key switch that complies with the standards.
    • Doors with access to the pool need to be equipped with self- latching equipment. However the latching equipment needs to be at least 54 inches over the floor if the pool area is accessible from emergency windows.
    • Above- ground pools shall not have any climbable exteriors.

    Mesh Pool Fence Installation

    We can install our sturdy, lightweight mesh fence on any surface including, but not limited to, concrete, cool decking, pavers, tile, travertine, stone, grass, and dirt. An adult can remove our mesh fence in minutes and easily store it away.

    Hard surfaces such as concrete require drilling of 1 1/8 inch holes for installation. Soft surfaces like dirt and grass require a concrete footing. After we drill the holes, we place sleeve inserts into the hole, or, when using footers, through the landscape.

    We add piping into the concrete to support the pool fence and to keep the tension tight. The holes we drill into the surface can be covered with our color-coordinated plugs when the fencing is not in use.

    Arizona Pool Fence’s mesh fences can also attach to homes, stucco, wood, block walls, and more. We can install a mesh pool fence in any shape; 90 degrees, curves and swerves, straight lines, zig-zags, virtually anything you desire! Such as an existing primary barrier wall to fence off only your pool area forming an “L” or “U” shape.

    Arizona Pool Fence always recommends fully enclosing your pool to ensure that there are no other access areas to your pool. You can read more details about how our mesh pool fences work here.

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    Mesh Pool Fence Features And Benefits:

    • We use diamond core drill bits on all installations.
    • Several color selections and color combinations to choose from at no additional charge.
    • We use Quad-X core reinforced aluminum poles for maximum strength. We space the poles 36 apart.
    • Powder-coated poles to prevent scratches and peeling.
    • A Manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty backs our fences and parts.
    • Available in 4-foot and 5-foot heights for children, and custom 1, 2, and 3-foot heights for dogs.
    • We design our sleeves to be high impact, non-conductive, and pass the national electric code; they will not rust!
    • We provide matching deck cap inserts to place into the sleeves when you remove your pool fence. Caps are available in beige or gray.
    • Our stainless steel, childproof safety latches will not rust or corrode under any conditions.
    • Experience matters! Operating in greater Phoenix for over 19 years, Arizona Pool Fence’s high staff retention rate means highly qualified, skilled technicians to install your mesh pool fence.

    Are Your Pool Barriers Compliant With Arizona Law

    Do You Know the Legal Pool Fence Requirements in Your State?

    With nearly year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, Arizona is a haven for swimmers and sunbathers, and many homes, hotels, and apartment complexes within the state have swimming pools on their properties. Unfortunately, this prevalence of pools correlates with a higher-than-average rate of accidental drownings: statistics indicate that children in Arizona drown at almost twice the national rate. Many of these incidences occur in backyard pools, and kids between the ages of one and four are at the highest risk. In an effort to prevent tragediesand in recognition of the fact that proper pool barriers are among the most effective ways to reduce the risk of drowningthe State of Arizona has enacted laws detailing requirements for pool fences and gates on residential and commercial properties.

    Arizona Pool Fence Requirements

    Arizona law requires that below-ground and above-ground pools must be completely enclosed by a wall, fence, or other barrier that is at least five feet high , and does not have any openings through which an object four inches or more in diameter could pass.

    If the wall of a home or building constitutes part of the pool enclosure, the above fencing requirements may be substituted with one of the following:

    Arizona Pool Gate Requirements

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    How To Remove Our Mesh Pool Fence

    Arizona Pool Fence always recommends keeping your fencing up throughout the year but, we understand the appeal of temporarily removing it!

    To remove our mesh pool fencing, you release the tension of the fence by pulling two poles together, where one 15 foot section ends, and the other begins. Release the pressure of the latch, and remove the latch out of the eye bolt while lifting the first pole when you can start taking it out of the hole. Roll the mesh fencing to the 2nd pole, then the 3rd, and so on to altogether remove the fence.

    Our pool safety gates are stand-alone, meaning it does not rely on any tension. The gate has its own frame that is also removable.

    When youre ready to put the mesh fencing back in place, you simply put the first pole in the first hole. Then, unroll the fence and continue placing poles into the holes every 3 feet. The process is simple and takes minutes!

    What Are The Advantages Of A Mesh Fence

    Mesh pool fencing is more affordable than other types of pool fencing. A nice powder-coated wrought iron fence or, a glass pool fence, would cost quite a bit more than a removable mesh fence system.

    Unlike a wrought iron fence, a mesh pool fence is completely see-through and does not give you that “jail cell” type of look. Mesh pool fencing preserves views and, more importantly, offers a transparent view of your pool. Additionally, a mesh fence maintains the esthetic appeal of an open yard, especially ones that aren’t that big.

    It is less obtrusive than other types of fencing, thus giving you a feel of more open space. The mesh fencing system is easy to remove, whereas different types of fencing take actual machinery to remove and haul away. Our mesh fences are safe, durable, and come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re still on the ‘fence’, you can learn more about the pros and cons of a mesh fence vs a wrought iron pool fence. Contact the pool safety experts at Arizona Pool Fence and schedule a free estimate today!

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    When Do I Need To Install My Safety Barriers

    The installation of most safety barriers is not complicated! If you prefer to install them yourself, you can be done in an afternoon with a few trips to the hardware store. Barriers such as wrought iron pool fencing and automatic locking pool covers should be installed by a licensed professional.

    The installation of these city required barriers is your responsibility as a pool buyer. Most pool buyers have their pool builders install these items. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, dont wait until the last minute as the inspector will not let your pool builder complete construction without the barriers installed.

    Your One Stop Pool Safety Center

    Glass Pool Fencing, Pool Fences

    Baby Guard Pool Fence Company has over 25 years of experience in the swimming pool safety fencing industry. When you contact an independent Baby Guard representative, you can be assured that they will have your childs safety in mind. With installation locations across the United States and abroad, you can bet that there is an independent installer near you.

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    We Install Pool Fencing In Gilbert And Surrounding Areas Too

    • Understanding the Cost of a Mesh Pool Fence in Phoenix-As you may already know, a mesh pool fence is one of the most effective pool safety solutions you can install on your property around your swimming pool. If you have a pool in your backyard as so many of us do in the Phoenix area you need to make sure the area
    • 5 Tips for a Cleaner Safer Pool this Summer-Having lived in Phoenix for the past 40+ years, I have come to appreciate the beginning of Summer here in the valley. As a child, the heat never bothered me. Certainly was not something I thought about much. Back then, for me, summers ment no school and lots of time in the pool playing with
    • Mesh Pool Fence vs Iron Pool Fence-So, youve decided that you are going to install a pool fence in Phoenix. Thats great! This is one of the most important steps you can take to create a safe environment around your pool. As long as your mesh pool fence or iron pool fence is installed correctly and used correctly the gates

    Code For Pool Barriers Where Perimeter Fencing Is A Portion Of The Barrier

    In this situation, part of the wall surrounding the property acts as the pool barrier, but no part of the home itself is a part of the barrier.; For the most part, this is the same as the code for stand along pool fencing above. The caveat is that ANY other property access gate that is along the perimeter wall leading into the pool area also need to have the same locking standards above.

    If this situation involves larger gates used to allow vehicle storage, these gates are not exempt from the Arizona pool code requirements .; Since they are much larger than pedestrian gates, getting them up to code for self-latching and self-locking reliably can be a challenge.;

    In some municipalities, the self close/latch requirement can be waived if the gate is kept secured with a padlock at all times unless in use, but some places DO require at least one leaf of the gate to self close against an inactive leaf .

    In places which allow it, a simple padlock is certainly the least expensive solution as larger gates weigh more, and getting them to self-close and latch consistently can be nearly impossible on poorly constructed gates.;A gate company may be needed if this is the case.

    If, on the other hand, the gate works wonderfully and just needs to be secured for pool code compliance, many locksmiths can do welding modifications to add self-locking gate latches or address the self-closing aspect with heavy-duty gate closer devices.

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    Other Reasons To Install Pool Fencing

    If there is not a child younger than six in your home, then you are not required by law to have a pool fence. However, there are still several good reasons to have a mesh pool fence in Phoenix in Scottsdale.

    Young baby sits in the opening of the safety fence near a swimming pool.

    The first reason is liability protection. Just because you dont have a child who is six years old or younger doesnt mean that your neighbors dont. For young kids, pools are attractive nuisances. Its not uncommon for kids to be drawn to swimming pools. The risk of an unsupervised child wandering into your yard, climbing into your swimming pool, and drowning because he or she cant swim is just not worth it. In addition to the tragic loss of life, you could be held liable for the childs death in a lawsuit. Doing your part and putting up pool fencing around your swimming pool is the best way to prevent this kind of tragedy.

    Another reason is privacy. A swimming pool can be central to your backyard oasis: not only a great place to cool off but also a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy some alone time. You dont want passersby wondering too close, or neighbors breaking the spell of your relaxation. The right Scottsdale pool fence can provide a good privacy barrier, as well as a safety one.

    Finally, pool fences can add aesthetic beauty to your swimming pool area. A;pool fence in Gilbert;can be a pleasant, elegant complement to both the pool and your yards landscaping.

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