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Hot Tub Brands To Avoid

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7 EVERYDAY hot tub buying mistakes you should avoid

At Master Spas, they manufacture all of their hot tubs in the USA using innovative processes and quality materials.

They call their unique method of manufacturing Master Crafted. Its a process that results in more than high-quality products it also results in high-tech advancement in insulation, heating systems, filtration, and more.

Visit The Official Master Spas Store

Hot Tubs For A Large Family Or Party Makers

In recent years, Intex and Coleman Spas have repeatedly become the best hot tub manufacturers. For several decades, these companies have been well known around the world as manufacturers of high-quality and reliable products for camping, inflatable spas and swimming pools, and other products for active leisure.

As we pointed out earlier when choosing a hot tub, you should pay attention: 1) to the model and 2) the manufacturer .

According to more than 2,000 consumers, these companies are customer-oriented. Issues of maintenance and repair of the hot tub are resolved quickly. Models usually arrive on time. Hot tubs are made of durable materials, components are tested , and have a separate warranty period.

Coleman Honolulu hot tub

Awesome product. Quick and easy to set up. Very low maintenance. I highly recommend it.

Maureen, CT

Too Many Brands Do You Want To Invest In The Most Reliable Hot Tubs Our Definitive Guide Will Tell You What Hot Tub Brands To Avoid + The Best Hot Tub Brands In 2022

Who needs a hot tub? If youre sick, stressed out, or in workout mode, therapy, relaxation, or exercise in a hot tub will do wonders for you.

On the other hand, people who are confused about the many hot tub brands want to invest in the best hot tub. In that case, our definitive guide to avoiding the worst hot tub is just what you need. Please continue reading.

These six criteria account for what makes hot tub brands to avoid in 2022. Make sure before you buy a hot tub you find out all these things in the hot tub brand.

If somehow these things are absent in some hot tub brands then eventually those become the worst hot tub brands.

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Ohana Spas Revitalize Ls 6

This Ohana spa is designed to fit 6 people thanks to its contoured lounger. Be energized every day with this tough acrylic hot tub that has been designed with an energy-efficient 2-speed pump that delivers deep tissue massage.

This tub has practical and fun features that it an interesting addition to your home. It has an acrylic exterior which is tougher than plastic and can resist freezing during cold months.

The built-in cabinets and Duo-serve lid and tray are perfect for family bonding or entertaining friends. There is also a built-in ice bucket for convenient use with Duo-Serve Lid and Tray

Something else that stands out is the multi-colored LED underwater light that offers an exceptional ambiance. Better yet, this tub is easy to maintain as it features built-in ozone and a CleanLife Filtration system. All in all, choose this tub for a tougher build with the usual practical features.

Highlighted Features

Hot Tub Build Quality

7 Worst Hot Tub Brands To Avoid 2021 (and 5 Most Reliable Alternatives)

When shopping, look into the materials used in the hot tubs construction. Most hot tubs use an acrylic interior shell supported by a frame made of either treated wood or metal and surrounded by a wood or synthetic cabinet. As long as it isnt exposed to elements, the frame should last the lifetime of your hot tub, no matter what its made of.

Pay more attention to the hot tubs insulation, as this directly affects operating costs. A poorly insulated spa costs more to heat because the heater has to run more to keep water at a set temperature, and overworking the components can lead to early malfunction.

Getting a well-insulated hot tub is particularly important in locations that reach low temperatures. To this end, look for a full-foam insulated hot tub rather than a model with partial foam insulation or one that just uses a thermal wrap.

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Hot Tub Therapy Options

The number of jets in the tub, in addition to the placement and type of hydrotherapy the jets deliver are important features to think about when purchasing a hot tub. Hot tub manufacturers use different techniques to imitate a variety of massage types from deep tissue to light caress.

Some use a combination of water and air, some use high-pressure and others use high-flow jets. If you want a full-body massage, look for a hot tub with lounge seats and leg or feet jets. Some spa models combine hydrotherapy and aromatherapy for a more relaxing experience.

Chlorine Vs Salt Water Hot Tubs: Which Type Is Right For You

Spa water purification plays a vital role in the health of your hot tub, and whichever one you choose, it will need to be maintained, so its important to get to know the difference between these two types.

Chlorine has been used to keep hot tub water clean for decades, and helps to eliminate bacteria and other nasties from the water in your tub. Chlorine usually comes in a liquid or dissolvable solid form, and is effective at killing salmonella, bacteria, some viruses such as influenza, and E.coli.

Sounds good, right? Yes, but chlorine in hot tubs also has some drawbacks. Firstly, it smells. Secondly, while weak, hydrochlorous acid is still an acid so it can irritate your eyes and skin. It also needs a lot of upkeep, so youll have to test your chlorine level at least once a week, but far more if you use it regularly. Youll also have to test the pH level of the water. Thankfully, many of the best hot tub brands package their tubs with water care kits, with full instructions included, making it easy for you.

Any hot tub can become a salt water hot tub if you add a salt chlorine generator. Salt water hot tubs have far less salt in them than seawater, and are regarded by some to be a more natural solution. Some salt water systems claim to clean and sanitize your hot tub water for up to a year, so you can soak and forget about that side of things.

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Brands You Should Avoid

These are the brands that we think that you should completely avoid as they do not provide you with the product that they guarantee. So if you want a product that can stand by your side till the end that you should try to avoid these brands as much as possible.

The brands you should avoid:

  • Hot Spring Spas
  • Caldera Spas
  • Sundance Spas

Note: No offence with these bath tub brands. This is our opinion and solely based on the reviews available online about them. You can still get a good product or perhaps they improve overtime. For now, these are the brands that are great in our opinion:

How Often Should A Hot Tub Be Checked

You Want to Avoid In-Ground Hot Tubs | Less Accessibility, Usability, & Portability Hidden Costs

There are many things to maintain in a hot tub if you want a healthy bath in it-the pH of water, the chlorine level and other sedimentation rates, the temperature process, and so on.

A hot tub should be checked three times a week, for that matter. These may seem quite frequent numbers, but heavy things do need proper maintenance.

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Aquarest Spas Select 400 Hot Tub Reviews

The Select 400 has a perfect size and design for 4 people. So if your family has two children, you must take a look at this model. The hot tub comes with four seating buckets so you and other members can sit comfortably inside.

If you dont have kids, you can relax in this home spa with your friends. The capacity of this spa is amazing, at 190-gallon weight lifting. That can explain to you why this model is such a great option for your family.

Similar to any other home spas from the famous brand, the Spa is made of stainless steel which makes it easy for maintenance and cleaning. And the full-foam insulation and a deluxe cover makes it durable.

Besides, this model comes with digital controls that allow you to control it with a few touches. That just tells you how easily this spa can be controlled and used.

Enjoy hot water massage and relieve your back pain or sore muscles with this hot tub is an excellent idea.

The Pros of This Aquarest Spas Select 400

  • Has 4 seats for 4 people
  • 20 powerful jets for incredible massage and therapy
  • Durable with deluxe cover

Cons of The Aquarest Spas

  • It is a little bulky
  • Not easy to move from one place to another

Key features:

Best Reliable Hot Tubs Brand

If the list above has raised your concern, dont worry a few good brands are worth the look.

Master Spa:The size choices of this brand are vast. Besides, the brand offers customization and upgrades to the tubs after purchase.Bullfrog spas: This brands hot tubs feature interchangeable jets that provide 18 types of massage therapy. In addition to multiple customization features, the company lets one create their spas!Aquarest Spas:These are relatively compact spas made with superior quality material. In addition to 20 hydrotherapy jets, the tubs include a color-changing LED waterfall and are highly portable.

A hot tub is an investment, so make sure you opt for a brand that will live up to your expectations, guaranteeing you a seamless experience.

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Lifesmart Coronado Dlx Ls600dx 65 Jet 7

Lifesmart Coronado DLX is a hot tub that can accommodate 7 people and provide them with the ultimate relaxation. This is thanks to its 65 hydrotherapy jets that are well positioned to tackle different body parts.

Besides having a great design, it is energy-efficient features like locking thermal cover and full foam insulation. Also, it includes an ozone water care system to keep your tub water clean and clear. What most people find impressive is the fact that the 2 speed pump heats the water during high or low jet in order to maintain the temperature even during winter.

Coronado DLX features a digital control panel that allows you to adjust the temperatures, lighting and jets according to your preference. This model is built to last thanks to its rotational molded shell.

The Pros:

  • Included: ozonator, cover, adjustable waterfall, underwater LED light

2022 New Update: Lifesmart Spas 7 Person 42 Jet Hot Tub

Should Chlorine Be Put In A Hot Tub Every Day

Hot Tub Brands To Avoid Uk

Chlorine is generally used for swimming pools. But hot tubs are no exception since many people use it. It is mainly used to avoid bacterial growth. Too little Chlorine will assist the bacteria.

Again, too much Chlorine is not good for health either. So, it should be indulged in water every other day according to the usage. Before putting it in the water, make sure to check the Chlorine range. If the Chlorine range is at a level that does not harm the skin and also does the job, then you are good to go.

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Hot Spring Spas Hot Tub Brands To Avoid

It is no secret that Hot Spring Spas offer several hot tubs with amazing features. You can even get a high-quality warranty when buying from this brand.

However, some specific reasons make this company is in the list of hot tub brands to avoid.

The main reason is due to their terrible customer service that makes people wonder if they do not exist.

Hot Spring Spas may have a great market reputation, but they are indeed lacking in terms of listening to complaints and solving issues.

Other good reasons to stay away from Hot Spring Spas are as follows.

  • Some consumers reported that they need to wait for more than two months for a call back from the brand to fix their hot tubs issues.
  • You have to make sure that your models have no problems so that there is no need to contact Hot Spring Spas customer service.

Aside from the above-mentioned hot tub brands to avoid, there are also a few other ones that often received bad comments from their customers.

Sundance Spas, for example, are frequently linked to bad quality hot tubs despite their great market reputation.

Meanwhile, there are also Saratoga Spas and Arctic Spas that you need to avoid as these brands have awful customer support services.

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Avoid The Top 10 Hot Tub Buying Mistakes

Posted by Nick Clamp in Buying on 30th September 2019

With decades of experience in showing people how to buy a hot tub, the team here at WhatSpa? has come across dozens of common mistakes that first time hot tub buyers make and many hot tub brands to avoid.

Some of them can lead to disastrous consequences that have even left UK hot tub owners with useless or dangerous grey imports that cannot be fixed and are left sitting worthless in their back gardens. Making critical hot tub buying mistakes can also result in hazards to your health as well as blowing a hole in your bank account.

So you dont fall victim to the same mistakes as those that have gone before you, here are the Top Ten hot tub buying mistakes and how to mitigate against them:

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Worst Hot Tub Brands To Avoid 2021

Any backyard can become a relaxing sanctuary with the right hot tub in it. But note that this is a big investment. We are talking thousands of dollars from the hot tub itself to the installation. Like other things, not all hot tubs are built the same. You need a reliable one that could last for years. For this, you should know which hot tub brands to avoid.

In this post, we will roundup which brands not to buy from and their better alternatives. The lists were based on specific factors including overall satisfaction ratings and surveys. If you are looking for a hot tub option, it is important that you read on.

In this article:

What To Focus On When Choosing A Hot Tub

The Best Hot Tub Buying Tips

Perhaps you have already compared some models with each other in terms of technical parameters and, probably, you have read reviews about these hot tubs.

At first glance, this approach makes sense, but in fact, we do not recommend relying primarily on comments when making a decision. Competitors may write these comments to degrade the brand. Or, they may be submitted using special programs. Not only you but even the search network algorithms will not be able to distinguish a real comment from a fake one.

We recommend that you focus on those resources that operate with a sufficient amount of data, and large samples. We adhere to these principles. Every inference in this and other articles are based on in-depth interviews with hundreds of buyers. They not only shared with us their first impressions of the purchase but also shared their experiences with home spas over the years.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Hot Tub Brand

Buying a hot tub can be overwhelming and expensive. There are so many hot tubs and brands to choose from, and the market is full of scams and lies.

We have done the research for you and compiled a buyers guide to assist you in making a good decision.

So, you need to consider the following things before buying a hot tub.

Arctic Spas And Hot Tubs Arctic Spas

Arctic spas are one of the best hot tub brands in the world because of their innovation within the hot tub industry. They are the first company to design and produce all-weather swim spas, making them perfect for you if youre hoping to use your spa year round! Known for their unique technology, they are renowned for their incredibly efficient heat recovery system and insulation package. Therefore, this brand makes hot tubs highly efficient in even the coldest climates especially when paired with one of The Cover Guys weathershield fabric spa covers.

In addition, Arctic Spas was one of the first hot tub companies to allow smart phone control and monitoring of your hot tub for easy maintenance right from your device. Arctics latest innovation as part of their cutting edge approach to the hot tub and swim spa industry is The Spa Boy, which allows you to manage heat and sanitation of your hot tub remotely!

Arctic Knows How to Insulate: A Must for Hot Tub Owners in Northern Climaates

If youre building a backyard oasis as part of your plan to improve your environmental and mental wellness while spending more time at home this year, this brand is perfect for you with a nice line of outdoor equipment to complement your hot tub, including gazebos, grill houses and wooden accessories for a calming backyard design.

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How Many Hot Tub Brands Are There In The Us

There are countless hot tub brands in the United States, but some of the more popular ones include Jacuzzi, Coleman, and Cal Spas. Each brand has its own unique features and benefits, so it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

Do your research, read reviews, and ask around to see what people recommend. Youre sure to find the perfect hot tub for your needs, regardless of which brand you choose.

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