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Where Can I Buy Enjoy Pool Chemicals

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Why Buying Pool Supplies From Pools Of Fun Is Better & Cheaper Than Buying Online

Common Household POOL CHEMICALS? | Swim University

In todays competitive market, buyers often make big purchases through one business, but decide to search for supplies from an untested online company to save money. Between the wide selection and competitive pricing, buying pool chemicals online may seem like a good idea, but initial cost savings may lead to serious problems in the long run. To help you get the best value, weve put together some tips explaining why its better to partner with a team of pool experts like Pools of Fun for your chemical needs.

Keep Chemicals Consistent

Buying from faceless online stores means everything necessary for pool upkeep must be bought separately with very little input from a professional. This is fine if you are a pool professional, but what if youre a new pool owner or have questions? Sure, you could fill out a contact form and wait for a response that never comes, but in the meantime your pool and investment is suffering.

Choosing to partner with an experienced team of pool professionals will keep your pools chemicals and overall value secure. Instead of a DIY disaster, receive individualized guidance from knowledgeable pool professionals and keep your pools water clean, clear, and safe all year long.

Enjoy a Customized Experience

The Real Cost of Convenience

It Costs A Lot Of Money

Forget the fact that installation alone costs $22,000 on averagethe real problem is that the costs never end. Never. You have to buy chemicals, acid treatments, and new filters just to keep the pool from turning green. You could spend $500 a year on the chemicals alone, according to The Wall Street Journal. If you pay a company to maintain your pool, youre looking at anywhere from $84 to $127 a week.

And thats if nothing goes wrong.

Does It Matter Where I Buy My Pool Chemicals

When it comes to enjoying your backyard pool or spa, the cleanliness and clarity of the water is critically important. One of the most important factors in maintaining the healthy state of your water is the chemicals you use. Chlorine, bromine, pH increasers and decreasers, alkalinity increasers and decreasers, calcium hardness increaser these and others all play a role in maintaining proper water chemistry.

Like running your pump and heater, keeping an adequate supply of these chemicals on hand is one of the costs of operating a pool. However, people sometimes believe that chemicals are chemicals and look to save a few bucks by buying their pool maintenance supplies in bulk at a big box store. Unfortunately, this approach can backfire for a number of reasons. When the question is Does it matter where I buy my pool chemicals? the answer is an emphatic Yes!

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How To Understand And Choose Between The Different Types Of Pool Cleaning Chemical

Using chemicals to battle contaminants in the water is a necessary move. This ensures that the water of the pool is clean and safe to swim in. These chemicals should be used properly and responsibly similar to how medicine has dosages and instructions that we take when we are ill. A chemical imbalance due to improper use may render the solution ineffective or be more harmful. Understanding the chemicals used will help you determine the best pool chemical.

There are three different types of chemicals used in cleaning pools:

1. Sanitizers

Sanitizers are used to disinfect the swimming pool. Specific chemicals used as sanitizers are Chlorine and Bromine. Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical when cleaning swimming pools. Chlorine usually comes in liquid or tablet form. Using chlorine can be harsh to the eyes when it directly touches the eyes and can cause irritation. It is also harsh to the skin and hair when soaked for an extended period of time. Chlorine is a strong disinfectant but is not recommended for warmer areas as chlorine tends to disintegrate in warm temperature.

2. Balancers

3. Specialized Chemicals

Specialized chemicals are used to further enhance the effect of the sanitizers and balancers, achieve certain water clarity or hardness, or address specific pool concerns such as algae.

What Is A Balanced Water Chemistry

HTH® Super 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets, 5 lbs.

The following are the important considerations when maintaining your swimming pool water chemistry:

PH and Total Alkalinity Levels

The pH level of your pool is the indication of the acidity or alkalinity of the water. This is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. PH Level 0 means that the water is highly acidic while 14 means the water is highly alkaline. Both extreme levels can cause irritation of the skin, hair, and eyes. High acidity may also encourage corrosion of any heating elements in the pool or connected to the pool. High pH levels occur more commonly as compared to having a high alkaline level due to the usage of chlorine. An alkali level too high or too low is more difficult to adjust. High alkali causes cloudy water and affects the effectiveness of the sanitizers.

Swimming pools should have an ideal pH Level of 8 and an ideal total alkaline level of 80 to 140 parts per million .

Water or Calcium Hardness

Dissolved calcium can also affect the water chemistry. High levels of calcium encourage scale formation while low levels of calcium in the water may lead to corrosion of pool surfaces and any equipment connected to it. You should be very careful with chemicals that may affect the calcium levels of the water as the only way to balance this is to dilute the existing pool water.

Calcium hardness is ideally maintained at 200 ppm.


Cyanuric Acid

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Enjoy Pool Chemicals: Two Part Sanitation

ENJOY is a two-part program thats easy enough for anyone to follow. The first part is specially formulated tablets containing oxidizers and other special ingredients that reduce the amount of chlorine. The second part is a specially formulated, EPA registered chlorinating product used to maintain a minimum 0.5 chlorine reading. Use the tablets once a month and the chlorinating product every week.

Cannon Pools And Spas

The fresh approach to pool care!The Carefree System!Use up to 80% Less Chlorine!Convenient Monthly Package!

  • is the easy-to-use approach to pool care that consumers are looking for today.
  • The Enjoy pool care system is the most convenient to use on the market.
  • Enjoy is sold exclusively to the pool professional.

Enjoy The Convenience

  • contains all the chemicals the pool owner needs for one month in one convenient box.
  • Enjoy contains a special sanitizer thats used on a weekly basis and special tablets that are used once a month.
  • Enjoy comes in four convenient sizes for: Above ground pools up to 24 ft. round pools up to 15,000 gallons, 20,000 gallons and pools up to 30,000 gallons.


  • Because it uses up to 80% less chlorine, Enjoy

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A Local Big Box Store

Big box stores carry so many products. Most stores will have a section dedicated to pool chemicals. These stores can be a lifesaver when you realize you need to shock your pool immediately, but the local pool supply store is closed, and you cant wait for shipping!

You can Shop Walmart Online for pool supplies also.

Stain Removal And Prevention

How to OPEN An ABOVE GROUND POOL in 11 Steps | Swim University

Stains and ugly water lines are another issue that most pool owners have to deal with. Pool Stain Removal & Stain Prevention Chemicals effectively remove and prevent stains that can be caused by metals such as copper, iron, lead, silver, nickel, manganese, and cobalt. These metals are a major cause for discoloration and scaling in your pool water pool stain removers disperse these metals from your water leaving it clear and clean. By using stain prevention chemicals on regular basis, the need for backbreaking scrubbing and cleaning will be greatly reduced and it will be far easier to maintain a beautifully clean pool environment.

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Dont Cut Corners On Chemicals

When you make a significant investment like installing and operating a swimming pool or spa, it only makes sense to properly maintain that investment. In order to do that, you need high-quality pool maintenance supplies and the know-how behind them.

Here are five reasons you should never cut corners on your pool chemicals:

  • Follow the leaders.Pool care professionals know their business. They understand that getting pool chemistry right the first time, every time makes for quick work and happy customers. On the contrary, using an inferior product can mean multiple chemical applications to find the right balance, and frustrated pool users. Youll never see a pool expert buying chemicals at a big box outlet. They go straight to the pool supply store. You are wise to follow their lead.
  • Quality matters. Dont get me wrong big box stores are a great place to buy many of the items you use. However, pool care is something these stores just dont specialize in. They are, understandably, more focused on making a profit and have price points that suppliers must meet. Consequently, its not uncommon for a manufacturer to add fillers of various kinds to the formulations that are packaged for the discount store. These diluted products do not, of course, perform as well as the full-strength version and you have to use more to achieve the same effect.
  • What You Put in Affects What You Get Out

    Is There A Catch

    While there is nothing tricky about the system, it may not be ideal for all situations. It isnt as cheap as using the standard chlorine tablets to sanitize your pool but to be fair, nothing is. But it can get rather pricey for in ground pools greater than 20,000 gallons. Being cost-effective is something more consumers are elevating to the top of their priority list with more and more consumers doing their shopping online.

    But if you have a smaller in ground pool or an above ground pool and am looking to switch to a sanitizer that has less chemicals and is softer on the skin, ENJOY! is worth investigating. And since it is chlorine-based, you do not need to drain your water to enact this sanitizing system.

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    Use What The Pros Use

    Pool service technicians know what works best, and they use the best pool chemicals.

    They know that when you scrimp on chemicals, that you might have to add extra to make up for what they arent doing well.

    Pool service people dont buy chemicals from big outlets. They shop at the local pool supply store. So, follow their lead.

    Youll Spend Way Too Much Time Cleaning It

    HTH® Drop Out Flocculant

    Some lucky pool owners can afford a weekly service to handle most of the ongoing maintenance, but the majority of owners go at it alone. Youll save money, sure, but youll work for it.

    Owning a pool is a lot of work and not just a financial commitment, but a time commitment as well, says Linda Turner, a Realtor® with Coldwell Banker in Niceville, FL.

    On top of regular water treatments and filter cleanings, literally everything gets in the pool. Ive had to fish out grocery bags, leaves, bugs, and even rats. But what about those cool robotic pool cleaners, you ask? Much like with a Roomba, youll spend most of your time trying to put the thing back on track and keep it away from larger, clog-inducing nightmareslike, you know, rats.

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    Pool Chemicals : What You Need To Know

    When you first decide to get a pool, youre thinking about the fun youll have: pool parties, kids frolicking, swimming laps in the morning. Unfortunately, once you fill your pool up with water you cant just set it and forget it.

    Pools tend to grow algae and get dirty from the chemicals and skin cells from all those swimmers, plus debris and other natural contaminants can also cloud the water and create an unswimmable, bacteria-infested environment. The last thing you want is to go for a pleasant dip and find that the water is too dirty and might even make you and your friends or family ill.

    Sometimes it seems like you need a degree in chemistry to make sure your pool chemicals are perfectly balanced. Not true. It doesnt have to be hard to make sure your pool is always clean, safe and ready for a good time. Once you understand the basics of pool chemicals and maintenance, it becomes easier and less time-consuming to make sure your pool is balanced and swimmable, especially if you have a smart water monitoring system to help.

    This overview of pool chemical basics will help any new pool owner as well as those with years of experience owning and maintaining their pools. The basic chemicals you need to monitor and adjust are:

    Pool Sanitizers: Chlorine and Bromine


    The ideal target balance for bromine is between 3ppm and 5ppm.

    Weekly pool shocks are required with bromine to clear the pool.

    Bromine does not add cyanuric acid or chlorine to the water.

    Pittsburgh Greensburg & Washington Swimming Pool Chemicals

    Valley Pool & Spa is your premium retailer of pool chemicals in Pittsburgh, PA, for Baquacil, BioGuard, SoftSwim, Carribean Blue, FROG, Nature 2, Pristine Blue, Sustain, and Synergy. At Valley Pool & Spa we pride ourselves on our chemical knowledge so that we can educate you on how to care for your pool properly. Our staff members are true chemical experts. Each associate completes over one hundred hours of training every year during March and April along with ongoing training all season long.

    Our pool and spa outlet in Pittsburgh, PA, provides a free computerized water analysis of your pool water along with a free personalized maintenance calendar. This easy to follow weekly guide is complete with the proper chemical dosages for your size pool and chemical system of choice. It also includes an easy guide to spring startup. When it comes time to close your pool for the winter, let the Valley Pool & Spa experts guide you step by step so that you open your pool in the spring with fewer hassles.

    Valley Pool & Spa will also instruct you on how to maintain all the other important aspects of pool ownership. Stop in before going on vacation to learn how to vacation-treat your pool so that you return to clean and clear water.

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    Best Pool Chemical Start

    Chemical Start-up kits are packs or boxes that usually come with a shock chemical that serves as the sanitizer, an algaecide, and a water clarifier. This mix of specialized chemicals ensures that you get all that you need to keep your pool clean and clear without stretching your budget. Start-up kits are perfect for first-time pool owners who want to test which is the best pool chemical for them and their pool.

    Here are some chemical start-up kits:

    1. In The Swim Basic Pool Opening Chemical Start Up Kit

    This In The Swimbasic opening chemical start-up kit covers up to 7,500 gallons of water. It includes a pack of chlorine shock to remove bacteria, a bottle of algaecide to kill algae, a bottle of stain and scale remover, 2 phosphates controllers, an oil absorber, and a bottle of water clarifier. What sets this kit apart is the oil absorber, also called Sun Sorb it can absorb most oils and scum that contaminate your pool. Its important to remember that this package only covers 7,500 gallons of water and using it for a pool with more water is not advisable as it may dilute the chemicals and render them ineffective.

    2. Blue Wave Pool Chemical Spring Start-Up Kit

    3. Spa Frog 3.5 20Swimming Pool Start Kit

    4. Dohenys Start-Up Kit #3 For Swimming Pools

    5. Deluxe Spring Pool Start-Up Opening Chemical Kit For Pools

    Best Pool Chlorine Tablets Reviews

    Guide to Buying a Used Pool Table

    When pool owners only need to address a specific issue, they wouldnt need kits that have other chemicals and only a small pack of the chemical they really need. Some pools would only have a sanitary issue that can be resolved by using chlorine tablets. Looking for the best swimming pool chlorine tablets is a matter of which is compatible with the needs of your pool and its existing water chemistry.

    Here are different chlorine tablets:

    6. In The Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets 50 lbs.

    In The Swim offers powerful 90% available stabilized chlorine with 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione. These tablets come in 3-inch, round forms and are individually wrapped. It ensures that the tablets are not exposed to moisture and humidity, preserving the quality of the tablets. These slow-dissolving tablets can keep your pool clean and bacteria-free using only 1 to 2 tablets for every 10,000 gallons of water per week. This product is good for those who are looking to stick to a brand for a long term as they only come in 50lbs buckets. These may last a year when kept in a dry storage space, depending on the temperature of the area. Pools in warmer temperatures may require more chlorine tablets as heat disintegrates chlorine.

    7. Nava chlorine large tablets

    8. Clorox Pool& Spa 22012CLXW Active 99 3-Inch Chlorinating Tablets

    9. Robelle 1410M 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose 3 Chlorine Tabs

    New product:

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    What Chemicals Should Be Kept On

    As a minimum, the average pool will want to keep the following chemicals on hand even if you use a salt chlorinator, you will need these other pool chemicals from time to time:

    • Chlorine tablets and pool shock
    • Pool pH Up and/or pH Down
    • Test strips or test kit

    Every pool will also need other chemicals to raise calcium, cyanuric or alkalinity levels, usually once per year and clarifiers, enzymes, algaecides can be an important part of the overall routine, or are especially handy when youre in a pinch!

    Theres lots to learn, with 12 categories of pool chemicals you wont need them all but its important to understand what they do, so that when you do need them, you know which chemical to use!

    Safe swimming!

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