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How To Keep Ducks Out Of Your Pool

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How Can I Keep Ducks Away From My Swimming Pool

How to Keep DUCKS Out of Your POOL | Swim University

Year after year, I am asked the same question, “How do I keep ducks away from our pool?”.;Obviously, with the amount of money it costs to have a pool built, it is such a pain having these feathered fowl enjoy it as their own.

Fyi, Putting a floater that looks like a real duck only encourages a whole flock to take up residency in your pool. No good.

Here are some proven methods, as well as one not many know about, to keep them out.

1);Remove anything that might attract birds to your yard, such as a bird feeder or a bird bath. Take away all flowers or plants that might lure birds into your garden.2) Buy;a fake replica of a predator to scare the birds away. Most people opt for owls, which can be placed in or hung from a nearby tree or awning. Some birds might respond better to rubber snakes or alligators placed;around the perimeter of the pool.

3);Keep the birds away by moving the predators every few days. Some pool owners think it is easier to buy a mechanical replica that detects motion. For example, some owl replicas will flap their wings or move their heads when they sense movement in your yard.4);Place a toy or object in the water when the pool is not covered. Some pool owners have used an inflatable dolphin will keep birds out of your swimming pool area.

Get A Dog In Your Pool Area

Having a dog in your household is another successful way to keep the ducks away from your pool. It can also help keep other wild animals away. As mentioned earlier, having a predator within the vicinity will definitely scare the ducks away. A fake one might not work, but a real one like a barking dog is a guarantee to keep them away for good.;

The trick is to have a dog that is known to bark and chase the ducks. Some of the best breeds that come to mind are beagles and Labrador retrievers. Keep in mind that your dog should be able to do this without actually hurting the ducks in the process.

Why Keep Ducks Out Of The Pool

Ducks and geese carry different diseases that people can get. They can be introduced to your pool when they defecate in the water. Chlorine, at the recommended ranges, can easily destroy many of these waterborne zoonoses, but others can be quite resistant. According to the CDC, duck and goose droppings may might contain germs such as E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, or Cryptosporidium . Cryptosporidium is the same protozoa associated with a human diarrhea incident and is one of the most chlorine resistant zoonosis we see in recreational water illness treatment/prevention. The CDC recommends treating your pool the same for bird poop in the water as you would a human solid stool: CDC Fecal Incident Response Procedures

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Effective Ways To Keep Ducks Out Of Your Pool

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Having a pool is the family dream. Being able to retreat to your pool on a hot summer day is something that many of us wish we had. Taking a nice dip in the cool water and following it up by soaking in some sun can make for a fun and relaxing afternoon.

There is a lot of work that goes into maintaining that pool, though. Keeping it clean both chemically and from debris such as leaves and twigs covering it during the colder months, and all of the other things that need to be done to keep your pool looking pristine.

So, it goes without saying that you dont want anything coming along and messing that all up. There are plenty of things that can present problems for the cleanliness of your pool. One of those things are those friendly waterfowls known as ducks.

You may be asking yourself what the problem with ducks is. Theyre cute and can be fun to watch from time to time, after all. But it wont be so cute when you are dealing with their droppings or looking to get some peace and quiet amidst all of the quacking.

Speaking Of Scarecrows Have You Tried A Scarecrow

5 Tricks to Keep Ducks and Other Birds Out of Your Pool

Designed to scare all kinds of wildlife away and out of farmers yards and fields, scarecrows have also been known to be an effective way of scaring birds away from your backyard and pool area.;

Obviously, if youre not too keen on having a scarecrow in your backyard this is not the option for you. On the other hand, these brainless scarecrows can be a fun family project and you can even make the whole family into a scarecrow family.

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A Ducks Perspective Of Your Pool

Think like a duck for a minute:

From a ducks view, when flying over a neighborhood swimming pools;are just pounds of water

and from their perspective, a murky or untreated swimming pool surrounded by overgrown plants and grass are perfect feeding and mating environments.


Its not the ducks fault, we invited them by letting yardwork and pool maintenance slip

Install A Pool Solar Cover

Do you want to know what the best duck deterrent that can help you to get rid of ducks in pool places might be?;

As basic as it seems, a proper pool cover can do the trick and it will definitely keep ducks away.;

When youre not using the pool, keeping it covered can solve a lot of issues that youd later have to come up with solutions for.;

You probably know that all sorts of things can end up in a pool while you arent looking, from leaves and debris to bird droppings. Needless to say, the latter can be health-threatening.

When it comes to getting a duck repellent swimming pool cover, you might also want to know that it will keep the water not just clean but also warmer.;

Some solar covers trap solar radiation, so they can increase the water temperature by up to 10 and even 15 degrees.;

Depending on their size, the materials they are made of, and their ability to retain heat, pool covers can end up being a little pricey.;

But if youd like to avoid that expense, you can at least get an affordable poly tarp cover and simply make sure that its not moved by strong wind or animals during the night. Sometimes, placing rocks on its sides can do the trick.;

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Install An Automatic Pool Cleaner

I used to have one that I named creepy. I found the slowness and its ability to silently creep up behind me when I least expected it very creepy. Maybe itll creep the ducks and birds out too. Enough so that they leave your pool alone.;

As we all know that most ducks are easily scared, the sound and/or vibrations of the moving pool cleaner should do the trick.;

Advantages of using an automatic pool cleaner:

  • Cleans dirt, algae, and debris while youre working.;
  • Can be set up on a timer so that the pool is clean and ready to use when you arrive home.;
  • Energy efficient.
  • Self-navigate the pool.;
  • Frighten wildlife and deter them from entering the pool.;

They can be pricey, but considering the list of advantages, they may be worth the dollars spent for a clean, hospitable pool for humans.;

Why It Is A Good Idea To Keep Ducks Out

How to Keep ducks out of your swimming pool

Sure, it is a pain to have bird droppings in and around your pool. That can be enough of a reason to want to keep them away. But there are actually several reasons why it is a good idea to keep those ducks from coming back and taking up residence.

The first is that once they do decide that your pool area is a safe area for them, they are hard to get rid of without taking action. Ducks can be persistent if they feel that your pool is safe from predators and it can be a pain to keep them away.

Secondly, having any kind of wildlife increases the overall risk of germs and disease. This can include things such as salmonella, E.coli, and crypto, among others.

The fortunate thing here is that most of these types of bacteria will die fairly quickly when they are contacted by the chlorine. This is why it is so important to maintain a proper chlorine level in your pool.

Lastly, there are already natural contaminants to deal with such as phosphates and nitrates. Having birds or ducks present means contaminating the water even further.

Instead of constantly shooing them away, find a way to keep them away. There are more than a few simple tips that you can implement to keep the ducks away from your pool area so you can keep it clean and enjoy the peace.

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Have A Pet In The Yard

Pets like dogs love to be outdoors. Having a dog in the backyard where your swimming pool is would scare the ducks away for sure. You dont even have to have a big dog. A small barking dog can also help; it will disperse them all quickly.

The joyful dog will definitely keep ducks away from your pool. They are scared of stationary things, so the dog will be frightening.

Use A Motion Sensor Sprinkler

I call this the animal repeller. Just like an insect repeller, but in a humane and environmentally friendly fashion. This battery-powered yard enforcer acts as a type of security guard for your lawn and your pool.;

When the sensor is activated, it emits a small amount of water, but enough water to spray as far as the animal that has set it off.;

Remember to turn off the sprinkler when youre planning on using the pool or walking in the yard, otherwise beware of getting your clothes wet when you forget.;

Heres why we like the motion sensor sprinkler:

  • Repels and deters animals from using the pool.
  • Simple battery-operated device.;
  • Small boats.
  • Inflatable seats.;

The bonus of this solution is that you get plenty of fun things for you and your family and friends to enjoy in the pool.;

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Simple Tips For Keeping Ducks Away From Your Pool

James Weisz

I am an IT engineer and have been a pool owner for over five years.

Most of these tips are not only effective, but they’re cost efficient too. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to take back your pool.

Are you having problems with wild ducks or geese hovering around your pool? Sure, they may be cute to look at or fun to watch, but problems can arise when you start to find bird droppings or can’t enjoy your pool in peace and quiet. Plus, if you see a pair of birds swimming, chances are they will soon begin mating and laying eggs in your yard. Before this happens, you need to scare them off. Here are some simple tips that anyone can do to prevent birds from ever landing in your pool. Some of these tips will also work for keeping them out of your yard/garden.

Use An Automatic Pool Cleaner In Your Swimming Pool

5 Tricks to Keep Ducks and Other Birds Out of Your Pool

Ducks are pretty easy to scare. Though the automatic pool cleaners appearance will not scare them away, the loud and noisy vacuum sound would do the trick.

A robotic pool cleaner can be pretty expensive, but the double benefit of keeping the pool clean and keeping the ducks away is a great investment that you can pursue.

Be sure to check our guide here regarding the best robotic pool cleaners available today.

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Keeping Ducks Out Of Pool Best Practices

Through our research and experience, we have observed the best practices in terms of duck deterrent methods.

Here are some of them that might be helpful to you.

  • Try to use electronic models of predators.

It has been observed that after a while, ducks get used to the models.

Thus, use models that have moving parts.

This will give them a realistic look.

  • You can use bird netting to stop them from entering the pool.
  • Maintain the surface tension by using fishing line.
  • Always use devices made by a reputable brand on the market.

Make sure that the device is well within your budget.

Use Inflatable Pool Toys

Inflatable pool toys will work like scarecrows in this scenario, except they will be for scaring the ducks. Ducks are terrified of predators and they may not be the brightest birds in the pond. So try a large inflatable toy of an alligator or a snake.

The presence of this inflatable toy in the pool may fool the ducks into thinking theres a predator in there and they will avoid the pool.

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Loud Noises Leave The Radio On

As mentioned before, we all know how skittish birds can be the majority of the time. Its rare to find a bird that doesnt immediately fly away when you show up or shoo them away.;

Try leaving your radio on to see if it keeps the birds away. If they think humans are around, that means the enemy is around and they might think again about being in your backyard or your pool.;

If the radio isnt working, try some heavy metal. The loud drums and cymbals might do the trick. Probably best to warn the neighbors though.;

The Problem With Ducks In Swimming Pools

How to Stop DUCKS. Keep them away from your Swimming Pool or Spa. 2 proven methods

Duck and goose droppings are a significant health hazard to humans. E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, or Cryptosporidium are a few of the germs contained in duck feces. While chlorine kills most bacteria within minutes, however, Crypto can survive for up to a week, even in the most well-maintained pools.

Theres also a danger to the ducks to consider. Drinking chlorinated water irreparably damages their kidneys, and they often drink water while they are swimming.

Protect your family and the local wildlife by keeping ducks away from your pool and spa.

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How Do I Keep Ducks Out Of The Pool

The first thing is dont feed them. They will feel safe and secure in your backyard and be more difficult to get them to move on.

One or more of the above methods to frighten off the ducks will keep them away. However, when not being used by your family, a pool cover is the only truly useful deterrent to ducks using the pool.

If the ducks cannot land in the water and float around in safety they will go somewhere else.

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Summon The Predators To Keep Ducks Out Of Pool

The environment is based on the food chain or the ecological cycle.

Thus, there is a predator of almost every living being on the planet.

Ducks have various natural predators.

Some of them are whales, sharks, dolphins, dogs, eagles, and many more.

Ducks tend to stay far away from the predators.


Well, predators are not only a threat to the life of the duck but also their eggs.

Thus, predators are a natural repellent.

Now, there are various ways to summon a predator.

Yes, try to put inflatables of predators like a whale or dolphin in the pool.

The second way is to have a predator as a pet.

Usually, dogs are considered best duck deterrents to keep ducks out of the pool.

Do not worry if you are not a dog or a cat person.

We would recommend you to not to get a cat as they are professional assassins.

Instead of keeping away the ducks, cats will hunt them down, which can get messy.

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Its Unhealthy For You

A lot of wild animals carry diseases, and birds are no exception. Some of the bacteria and viruses spread by ducks and other birdsbird flu, salmonella, E. coli, and otherscan make humans sick.

Theoretically, the chlorine in your pool will eradicate those contaminants so you dont have to worry about infection and illness. But if the chlorine in your pool isnt at the correct level, its not going to be as effective at killing those bacteria and viruses.

Also, some of those things are spread through the animals feces. If the ducks poop on your pool deck where theres no chlorine, and then you accidentally walk in it with bare feet you see where were going.

Your best bet to avoid illness is to keep ducks out of the pool altogether.

Ducks Are Unhealthy For The Pool Users

5 Tricks to Keep Ducks and Other Birds Out of Your Pool

Birds carry a lot of diseases along with them. Different viruses and bacteria are carried by birds like ducks, especially E. coli, bird flu, influenza-A, salmonella, etc. that can bring risk to you and your family members. The feces can be even more dangerous. You might be thinking that the chlorine of your pool would clean them off and save you from such diseases. But what if the chlorine isnt at the perfect level? The risk is totally on you.

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Pool Covers Can They Keep Ducks Out Of Your Swimming Pool

Will a Pool Cover keep Ducks out of your swimming pool? How? What type of pool Cover will keep ducks out of your swimming pool. The answer is yes, all pool covers will deter ducks from swimming in your pool, but the degree of their effectiveness largely depends on which type of pool cover you choose and how you set it up.

When pool owners ask if a pool cover will deter ducks from using their swimming pool, very often this question comes from those who have already tried a wide variety of other would be solutions. These will include such things as rubber snakes, paper eagles, blow up crocodiles etc.

For the most part, these other solutions will only work for as long as it takes the ducks to realise that they do not represent a threat. After that time, most of those items are largely useless.

A pool cover on the other hand does not rely on scaring the ducks away. It simply denies the ducks what they really want which is access to the water.

Once they realise they cannot gain access to the water, they move on, as there are plenty of other swimming pools to choose from without pool covers.

Which type of pool cover is most effective in deterring ducks?

A tip for setting up a pool cover to deter ducks

There are other benefits that come with this type of pool cover as well

Ducks can create a great deal of mess both in and around your swimming pool which is both unsightly and unhealthy.


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