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How To Repair Inground Pool Liner

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How Big Of A Hole Can You Patch In A Pool Liner

How to Repair/Patch a Leaking Vinyl Liner Pool

No matter how well you patch a vinyl liner, its not a permanent solution. That doesnt mean it cant last for a long time, but probably not the life of the pool.;

You can certainly keep repairing these by double patching or applying more adhesive, but eventually youll likely need a new liner.;

For small tears and holes, repairing over and over again is not usually too big of a deal. But larger holes can be a problem. They might be fixable one time, but then you might be replacing your liner when it starts to peel up.;

To answer this question, theres no hard and fast rule about how big a hole can be before its beyond repair. In our opinion, every hole is worth trying to fix before throwing out the whole thing.;

But as vinyl liners get older, they tend to show more wear, thin out a little, and develop small tears. If this is the case for yours, any hold might be too big to patch.;

Best Premium Pool Patch: Pro Vinyl Pool Liner Patch Kit Repair Kit With 2×2 Vinyl And Adhesive

  • Professional Vinyl – Pool Liner Patch Kit
  • Comes with 4 oz of Vinyl Adhesive used by the pros.
  • Comes with premium pool liner vinyl – 2’x2′ square.

When making a long-lasting pool patch, many people want to use a piece of vinyl. By using vinyl, you will ensure that the fix will last quite a long time. This PRO Vinyl Pool Liner Patch kit comes with a piece of professional-grade pool vinyl and an adhesive that will stay both underwater and above water.

One of the things that you will learn quickly about pool fixes is that the underwater patch needs a strong and long lasting adhesive. If your adhesive is not tough enough, the repairs will start to fall apart. With the Pro Vinyl, you wont have to worry about the strength of the adhesive; this is an option that is built to last.


  • Will repair a vinyl patch for a long term fix
  • Will help with both large and small tears


  • Application process is a bit more difficult

How To Repair A Tear In A Vinyl Pool Liner

Pool Maintenance;|; Vinyl Liner Pool Information

When swimming season rolls around, nothing can get in the way of a pool owner’s happiness except for maybe a thunderstorm, a cold front, or one of the most dreaded…a new tear in the vinyl pool liner.

It happens. Despite the upsides that vinyl pools offer, one of the biggest downsides is that tears or holes can occur. The good news? There are easy fixes to this problem.

At River Pools, we manufacture fiberglass pools, but we used to install vinyl liner pools and worked with them for many years. Here, well cover how to identify a pool liner tear and a few methods for fixing them so that you can get back to your summer plans ASAP.

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Inground Pool Liner Leaks

Always make sure your inground pool is not losing more water than simply splashing and evaporation. An inground pool leak can cause serious damage, ranging from requiring a complete pool liner replacement to creating a sinkhole where the water is escaping into the soil on top of the gallons of water potentially lost.;;

Not sure if your pool is leaking? Dont delay a consultation, Blue Diamond leak detection services will come to your home with leak detection equipment to make the proper diagnosis.

False Alarms To Consider Before Panicking

Pool Liner Problems
  • Evaporation
  • High Temperatures
  • Low Humidity

Simple water evaporation and increased temperatures can drastically alter the level of water in your pool. When the mercury goes up, the water in your pool warms up and is more likely to evaporate.;

This is doubly true if your pool is in direct sunlight. If youve recently removed a shade tree from your backyard and your pool is now receiving more sunlight than it used to, the chance for evaporation water loss goes up.;

Also, if the humidity has been low in your area, the dry outside air can really suck out the water in your pool over time.

These are some easy things to check and could save you some headaches if it does turn out to be a false alarm.;

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The Hidden Dangers Of Pool Cracks

You might be tempted to ignore those pool cracks because they seem small and shallow at the moment. Here are 4 hidden dangers of pool cracks:

  • Unrepaired pool cracks may compromise your pools structural integrity.
  • It may lead to leaks or more pool cracks.
  • It may pose a safety risk to the users of your pool.
  • In a worst-case scenario, it can affect the structural integrity of your home if the foundation starts to sink because the ground has been soaked with too much water.
  • Matching To Pool Liner

    If you have a vinyl pool liner with a pattern on it, you may have difficulty getting the patch kit to match your liner. If your pool liner was installed by a professional, you might have some extra pieces that you can use to fix a spot. Chances are, these pieces can just be applied using an underwater vinyl adhesive. IF you cant find an exact match to your pool liner, you can always use something that has a clear finish to it.

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    How To Prevent Wrinkles In Vinyl Pool Liner

    If you contract reputable builders to construct your pool, you should operate under the assumption that they want to provide you a good experience and a quality product. Youre both working toward the same goal. They dont benefit from an upset customer. Assume the best of them and know what you need to contribute to make this project a success.

    If you read your warranty carefully, you’ll almost certainly find that wrinkles are not covered.; In this case, if the builder does install your liner incorrectly and you find wrinkles, they will not be obligated to remove them, although they should.;;

    When filling the pool, it’s okay to;monitor the liner for wrinkles and point them out to the builder.;;They may not appreciate this, but better safe than sorry.; If a builder ever instructs you to remove wrinkles in a pool they are installing, you’ve likely picked the wrong company.; Consequently, you may want to ask if this is standard practice before signing an agreement.;;

    When the builder presents paperwork for you to sign off on the liner installation, read the paperwork, discuss it, and know that youre satisfied with the job before you sign off on it.

    To prevent high groundwater, install a dewatering system around the pool. You can do this both during and after construction.

    Pool Liner Repair: How To Repair Your Liner

    How To Replace An Inground Pool Liner
    • |June 17, 2020

    Making repairs to your swimming pool may seem like a daunting task and never one you relish. When youre taking a relaxing dip, you may never even notice a leak or damage to your pool liner but maybe youve noticed your yard getting a bit more damp than usual?

    If you have the nagging feeling that your pool has sprung a leak, dont worry. Unless there are major foundation cracks or a natural disaster has occurred recently, you can probably repair the leak without too much fuss.;

    Finding a leak in your above-ground or inground pool may seem like the end of the world but with a quick test and a few short steps, your liner will live to see another day.

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    Best Plaster Pool Patch: Wppr1 Pool Plaster Repair Kit 15

    • IDEAL FOR DIY POOL REPAIRS – Save time and money by repairing small issues in your pool yourself! Our plaster repair kit is a great choice for patching over small cracks and delaminated areas.
    • EASY TO MIX & APPLY – No complicated techniques or tools needed here. Our pool plaster formula is designed for both professionals and everyday homeowners to use with refreshing ease.
    • FAST-CURING SOLUTION – Your time matters, and the sooner your pool is fixed, the better. This fast setting solution cures in approximately 3 to 4 hours, allowing you to get the job done in a single…
    • POWERFUL BONDING – Able to cover up to 3/4 square feet at a 3/8-inch thickness, our hand-moldable plaster patch is extremely strong once it has cured. It also offers minimal shrinkage.

    For a plaster pool repair or patch, this is a great option to consider. If you have a small crack and you dont want to call in a pool repair company, the Pool Plaster Repair Kit is a perfect choice. You will have to mix according to the formula on the container and then simply apply it to the pool where it needs it the most.

    Most important this product will set in about three to four hours. This means that you can accomplish this project one day and be swimming again the next. If you happen to be patching in the summertime, the quick dry time will be a great feature.


    • Easy to apply and work with


    • Only works on plaster repair and cracks

    Ripped Or Torn Vinyl Liners

    Small tears, 1-2 inches in length, can be easily patched with a vinyl liner patch kit.

    Large tears, those of several inches to several feet, can also be patched using larger pieces of vinyl, but the long-term success of the patch may be doubtful. Many people would also rather not have a patchwork quilt for a pool liner and may prefer to replace when budget allows.

    Patches tend to have the best success when they are small, and not in a corner or too close to the bead, or any of the cuts to the vinyl: steps, returns, skimmers, lights. Vinyl repairs on the wall are usually successful, if the vinyl is not overly stretched and stressed in that area. If its high on the wall, patch it dry; low wall or floor patches are usually patched wet, or underwater.

    If the vinyl liner is very old, rips and tears will occur, seemingly on their own. Vinyl liners of a certain age become hard and brittle, and can easily snap, or tear horizontally, near the waterline, as shown in the top image.

    There is likely no real need to replace the liner for just a small tear, or even a large one, but if the overall condition of the liner is leading to tears and rips, there will soon be many more, and at some point, its time to plan for a pool liner replacement.

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    Wrinkling Slipping And Stretching

    Over time, vinyl liners will lose some of their plasticity and elasticity. You might notice your liner beads in several areas or slips out of the track, symptoms that its stretching too much. You should also keep your eye out for loose fittings around your pools return jets and skimmer.

    Its best not to try to squeeze more life out of your pools liner. This can damage your pool and necessitate additional, costly repairs.

    Determine Location & Type Of Patch

    What Happens If You Have To Replace Your Pool Liners ...

    The first step in patching a pool fast will be to determine the location and type of patch. Some people think that they have a leak in their pool, but the water is just evaporating in reality. If you are sure that you have a leak, you need to determine if you will need to make the fix above or below water.

    If the leak happens to be in the top foot or two of your pool, chances are you can use a dry patch. However, if the leak happens to be well underwater, you will probably want to patch underwater. Make sure that you purchase the type of patch that will work underwater.

    It truly does not matter if you are making above water or underwater repair to your pool; you will need to follow the same necessary steps. Making sure you follow these steps will help to ensure that the patch holds up over time.

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    When To Call The Pros

    If you cant get your liner back to its original position after pumping the water, call in the pros who offer a pool liner service. Ask them, How much is a new liner for an inground pool? if you want to replace your pool liner. They can repair your pool liner or replace it altogether.

    Repairing or replacing a leaky, wrinkled, or stretched out pool liner will help fix the unsightly damage caused by pool liner floating so you can enjoy your pool to its fullest all summer long.

    Why Does It Occur

    Floating liners occur when the water volume and pressure around the pool area and behind the pool liner is higher than the water volume and pressure in the pool.

    This buildup of water behind the pool liner can be caused by a leak in the pool liner or by an increase in the ground water tables due to heavy rain, snowmelt, and even moderate rain after an extended period of drought.

    Pool liner float is most common during the period from fall to spring due to increased precipitation and a decrease in pool water volume. And it also occurs in areas with a soil base that doesnt allow water to run through it easilye.g. clay.

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    Why You Need To Know How To Patch Your Pool Liner

    If youre a pool owner, its non-negotiable that you know how to patch your pool liner. Not only should you know how to patch the liner effectively, but its something that needs to be done quickly.

    A wrinkle in your pool liner can quickly turn into a tear and a tear in your pool liner can cause a lot of damage, especially when left unchecked. Damage equates to costly repairs. Additionally, patching your own pool liner will save you the headache of having to balance out your pools chemicals each time you have to replace the fresh water that has leaked out.

    There are two types of vinyl pools: above ground and inground. Each come with their own set of dangers in terms of leaks.

    Signs Its Time To Replace Your Pool Liner

    How to Fix a Hole in Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner Underwater Repair

    by Dave Warren | Apr 13, 2016 | Pool Liners

    Is your pools liner looking a little worn down? A typical vinyl liner lasts between 10 and 15 years, though there are many factors that can affect its lifespan. Living in an area susceptible to ground water problems can reduce your liners life, as can not keeping the water in your pool balanced. If your liner was made to incorrect specifications, that will also cause premature wear-and-tear.

    Keep an eye out for these four signs that it might be time to replace your liner.

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    How To Extend The Life Of Your Pool Liner

    So how can you ensure that your pool liner lasts as long as possible? Here are a few tips that will help you extend the life of your inground pool liner.

    • Make Sure You Buy The Right Sized Liner. The most important thing when buying a replacement liner is to make sure that the liner is custom made to fit your pool. The best way to do this is to first remove the old liner and then empty the pool before measuring for the new liner. This allows for more accurate measurements and greatly reduces the amount of stretching needed to get the new liner in place.
    • Balance Your Water. Keeping your water balanced within the recommended ranges slows down the natural deterioration of the pool liner. Proper water balance also keeps the liner soft and supple so that it wont crack as easily as it ages.
    • Patch Leaks Immediately. When liners leak, water gets in behind them, rusting the metal structure behind and, if left long enough, damaging the concrete bottom of the pool. The longer you wait to repair a small leak, the more damage is done to the pool. You also run the risk of a small tear becoming a large tear, growing to the point where the liner is no longer repairable and will need to be replaced.
    • Get A Good Winter Cover. Covering your pool for the winter not only keeps debris out of the pool that could cause potential damage to the liner, it also protects the liner from the UV radiation of the Sun.

    Recap: The Best Pool Liner Patch

    Hopefully, you now feel more equipped to fix your pool liner issues. We know that this process is a stressful one. The quicker that you can get this fixed, the quicker you can get back to swimming. In addition, most pool owners want the pool patch to work instead of replacing an entire liner. Following our steps and choosing a product with good reviews and quality could help ensure you get this process taken care of quickly and effectively. Remember that if your pool has a severe rip, tear or crack, you should call in a professional to help with this process.

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    How To Repair Your Swimming Pools Vinyl Liner

    byMarch 31, 2015, 3:33 pm6k Views

    Buyer Beware: Pool Liner Warranties Are Not What You Expect!

    How Long Does a Pool Liner Last?

    Can a Vinyl Pool Liner Be Repaired?

    Repairing Your Vinyl Pool Liner

    Step 1:

    Step 2:

    Step 3:

    Step 4:

    Additional Tips For Successful DIY Pool Liner Repair

    See more

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