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What Is The Best Algae Killer For Pools

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Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Vacuum

Kill Pool Algae in 24 Hours – The Best Algicide I’ve Ever Used

Thefantastic Poolmaster Big Sucker Leaf Vac for Swimming Pools highlights eighthigh-pressure planes and two reusable leaf sacks so you can deal with hardcorecleaning employments effortlessly.

The head iscreated from solid ABS with a rubber treated border that will never defacefloors or dividers. Incorporated wheels guarantee simplicity of development andreplaceable brushes clean green growth and solidify gunk free so yourfiltration framework can deal with it. Hose and post sold independently.

About Robelle Industries Since 1973, Robelle Industries has been giving predominant, trustworthy, and moderate pool items.

They have meticulously assembled a line of value pool items that incorporate synthetic pool concoctions, pool frill, and everything in the middle.

In addition,the Robelle is devoted to finding new item plans that satisfy unrivaledguidelines of pool synthetic adequacy and item solidness, so your pool isprotected, perfectly clear, and sound.

If you arelooking for a cheap, at the same time, a high-performing pool vacuum to removealgae and leaf, then it can be a great solution for you.

What Is Mustard Algae

Its verdant cousin, green algae, is slimy and tends to cling to walls or form gross, blobby patties in your pool. But mustard algae is a horse of a different color.

Commonly found in southern climes, and more rarely in northern ones, mustard algae is often mistaken for sand, dirt, or a stain in your pool. Its a member of a microbe family known as xanthophytes. These algae are chlorine resistant, and more persistent than an Amway salesman in a stuck elevator.

Mustard algae likes to attach itself to pool walls and other items, which is a problem since it can also survive outside your swimming pool. This nasty little customer can piggyback on pool equipment, toys, floats, and even your bathing suits. Youll definitely want to have the disinfectant handy if you even suspect your pool has an infestation of mustard algae.

Whats It Doing In My Pool

If youre recently taken a dip in the ocean, a lake, or other natural body of water and then jumped into your pool, youre at risk of introducing black algae to it. From chic bathing suits to swim-happy pets, black algae has a whole host of vehicles it can use to hitch a ride to your backyard swimming hole. Its way easier to transfer from a pond or lake than you probably ever realized.

A black algae infestation can happen if someone uses a pool float in a lake or the ocean without spraying it off thoroughly with a garden hose. The aquatic pest can even get into your pool if airborne spores of the species happen to be wafting your way .

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Mcgrayel Algatec 10064 Super Algaecide

McGrayel is the perfect pool maintenance that does not affect the sanitizer, water pH, or filter pump. You can swim immediately after use.

The product kills instead of starving algae and prevents algae growth because of the active ingredient called biostatic inhibitors.

It kills most pool algae within 8-24 hours, including pink, yellow, and blue algae. The model gets rid of the black algae within 7-10 days.

You can use this product for every pool structure and does not affect sodium bromide in the water.

Besides, it features another ingredient called ethylene dichloride and provides dual clarifiers properties.

The model works in a synergic way with chlorine to provide you with a clean pool fast.

How To Recognize Black Algae

Pool Magic No Metal Algae Killer

To keep you and your family safe, youre going to need to be able to identify black algae as soon as it rears its ugly head. Then, youll need to take decisive action to get rid of it.

Cyanobacteria looks like a bunch of tiny black dots or huge mold clumps with raised heads that adhere to surfaces . It may appear more blue-green than black. Youll often find black algae in areas such as along a wall, in the deep end, in a corner, or around steps or ladders. These are usually areas of your pool where the circulation is poor. This means little or no freshwater, algaecide, or sanitizer gets there.

You wont find it as much in pools with vinyl or fiberglass liners. Instead, it prefers rough surfaces such as concrete, gunite, or plaster pools because they have porous surfaces the organism can stick to. The bacteria even shoots its roots down into cracks, making it even harder to eradicate.

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Bioguard Banish Algaecide Dosage:

Always follow label instructions, dosages are provided here to inform your purchase decisions. These dosages are not meant as a replacement for label instructions.

Visible Algae Growth: 16 oz Banish per 10,000 gallons of water.

In cases of persistent algae, repeat brushing and product application after 2-4 days.

Initial prevention dose: 8 oz per 10,000 gallons of water.

Maintenance algae prevention dose: 1.5 oz Banish per 10,000 gallons of water weekly or 3 oz per 10,000 gallons of water every other week.

When Should I Add Algaecide To My Pool

Different pool experts recommend adding a pool and spa algaecide after scrubbing, vacuuming, and shocking your facility using a shock of at least 70% chlorine.

It is the best way to kill all tiny algae spores the processes might have missed. Pool algaecide also helps to prevent the regeneration of the organisms.

However, there are other times you should consider using your pool algaecide:

  • You can add these pool and spa products before you close or shut down the facility for winter.
  • The algaecides should also be sued when opening in summer or spring.
  • It is also advisable to add the pool algaecide to prevent algae growth.
  • Some pool owners add the pool and spa algaecide on sunny days pool algae love the sun.
  • Other people treat their swimming pools with algaecide weekly as part of pool maintenance.

Professional Tip: Add the pool algaecide when the sun is out to get the best results. The organisms grow when the sun is out.

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Revive Swimming Pool Phosphate And Algae Remover Chemical

REVIVE! Swimming Pool Phosphate and Algae Remover is an amazing initial pool treatment for removing potential issues in new facilities, well-source water, and spring starts. It is a super spot product that cleans out phosphates , iron, copper, organic debris, scaling carbonates, and other clouding elements that make your swimming pool dirty. The best thing is that it acts pretty fast and makes the water to be crystal clear and more attractive.

The products effective formula removes the green algae as well as yellow algae from your swimming pool within minutes. Specially made for all types of swimming pool or any other relaxing area such as a spa, the product is able to do the fighting for you leaving you the much needed time to accomplish other chores. It also boasts of a non-foaming formula that ensures your pool will remain intact even after prolonged periods of using it.


  • Might not kill some organisms

Can You Swim Soon After Using It

#1 Swimming Pool Mustard Algae Killer

Most algaecides are perfectly safe to swim after use, though its a good idea to wait 10-15 minutes before jumping in, just to be sure the chemicals have properly dispersed.

Be aware that copper algaecides can add a slight blue or green tinge to your hair, especially if youre exposed to a high concentration. Always read the instructions to use the right dosage, and wait the recommended time before swimming.

Quat algaecides are perfectly safe to swim right after use, but overdosing your pool can cause foaming which will obviously make for an unpleasant swim.

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Will It Cause Staining

One of the most important considerations for an algaecide is the impact it has on your pool, and that the chemicals it contains wont damage your pool structure or any components.

Typically, there will be a warning on the package if this is a concern, but you can mitigate any problems by following the directions to the letter.

In general, copper-based metallic algaecides are the ones to be particularly careful with, as they are notorious for causing stains if misused.

When Should You Add Algaecide To Your Swimming Pool

The best time to add algaecide to your pool is after youve scrubbed, vacuumed, and shocked your swimming pool using a shock treatment thats at least 70% chlorine. Using algaecide after shock treatments is a good way to kill any tiny algae spores that the pool shock missed — and algaecide can also help prevent it from growing back.

Of course, this isnt the only time to use algaecide: Its also smart to add algaecide to your pool water before you close your pool down for the winter and when you open it again in spring or summer. You can also use algaecide to help prevent algae before it grows — some pool owners like to add a dose of algaecide to their pool water on sunny days , and other pool owners treat their water with algaecide once a week as part of their regular maintenance routine.

Pro tip: For best results, add algaecide to your pool during the day, while the sun is out . For a comprehensive guide to getting rid of algae, click here.

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Clorox Pool& spa Xtrablue Algaecide

This is another fast-acting algaecide that will do an excellent job at eliminating algae from settling in your pool. If you already have this issue, this will most likely help you.

The formula doesnt create any foam when you add it to the water. As for its efficacy level, it does a good job at killing and deterring algae from settling again in your pool water. You can expect it to do a decent job also in saltwater pools.

Many former users have included this product in their regular maintenance program. If you normally cope with algae, this would be a good idea worth trying.

Another advantage worth noting would be that you dont have to use this on a daily basis. In order to ensure that it works, you should use it on a weekly basis. This will save you both time and money. Also, if you want to obtain perfect results time after time, its a good idea to brush the surface of the pool.


  • The formula is non-staining, meaning that it wont affect the liners or the walls of your pool.
  • Versatile: you can use it in most types of pools
  • Quick and effective action

Factors To Consider When Buying Algaecides

In the Swim Algaecide 60 Plus Algae Swimming Pool Chemical ...

You need to consider the following factors when buying your algaecide:

  • The color of algae Specific algaecides are made to kill and prevent specific algae.
  • Bacteria A pool with pink or red color algae means that it has bacteria and hence requires a specific type of algaecide.
  • Pool friendly product Ensure that you buy a pool-friendly algaecide.
  • Long lasting product You should go for an algaecide that will protect your pool form algae development for a very long time.
  • Top performer You dont want to buy an algaecide that will take days to kill algae. Go for a product that kills them instantly.
  • Stain removing Watch out for this feature when getting your algaecide. Avoid product that causes stains in your pool.
  • All seasons You should get a product that protects your pool even when its closed during the winter. You dont want to open your pool only to release it has turned green.
  • Nonfoaming We would recommend you to get a non-foaming product as it will allow you to use your swimming pool within hours.
  • Clarifying algaecide We all hate swimming in a cloudy water. Therefore, you should get a product that can clear the water and make it look clean.
  • Cost Just like buying other products, you should watch out for the cost when purchasing algaecides for your swimming pool. It is not a must that you get the best algaecide when you pay more. Hence, watch out for the brand value, reviews, and features, before you decide on a specific brand for your pool.
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    Abc Can Keep Your Pool Clean And Clear

    Its alarming when you find algae growing in your pool. Instead of messing with chemicals yourself, leave the work to a certified pool professional. The pool specialists at ABC Home & Commercial Services will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and then suggest a treatment plan. Plus, we offer ongoing pool cleaning services, so you can have peace of mind.

    What Are The Main Benefits Of Using Algaecide

    Before you get carried away and purchase the best algaecide, you should get acquainted with the main benefits linked to this product. With that in mind, heres a list that will most likely convince you to give it a try.

    • Killing Algae

    Without a doubt, this is the main benefit worth noting. Algaecides are made to destroy algae. In this way, you can keep and maintain your pool clean and sanitized. Typically, an algaecide comprises of a powdered or a liquid substance, and it is made to chemically eliminate algae. And the best part is that it does that fast.

    Although you might use chlorine in order to sanitize your pool, algaecides do the best job at killing algae. Beware that regular pool vacuums will likely do not do the trick. We recommend you still check out our reviews on the top above ground pool vacuum cleaners because you simply have to have one in your arsenal albeit for other purposes.

    • Preventing the Regrowth of Algae

    Many pool owners struggle with algae. Even if they do manage to get rid of them, in many instances, the algae will return. This has to do with the fact that an outdoor pool is exposed to elements such as wind and rain. But even when theres no rain, your pool might still end up infested with nasty algae.

    This is why you should focus on maintaining your pool accordingly. And using algaecide might help you in this respect. Not to mention that using such a product requires little time, yet the results are noteworthy.

    • Enjoy a Clean, Sanitized Pool

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    Using Algaecide To Get Rid Of Pool Algae

    You may be wondering why we havent told you to use an algaecide to get rid of the algae in your pool. Even though some types of pool algaecide can kill algae, the product is much more effective as a preventive measure. Check out our Truth About Using Pool Agalecide article.

    After cleaning and shocking your pool, wait for the chlorine to fall below five parts per million, then add a dose of algaecide. Brush your pool to loosen any last bits of algae you cant see. The algaecide will kill it so it can be filtered out.

    Tips For Protecting Your Pool Against Algae

    Best Pool Algaecides In 2020 The Truth About Using Algaecide In Your Pool!
  • Keep your water circulating. Algae thrives in still water, so making sure yours is always moving is a must for preventing it. This means running your pool pump regularly, especially after brushing and cleaning.
  • Maintain your filtration system. Its extremely difficult to keep spores out 100% of the time since they latch on to swimmers and pool toys. So, keep your pool filter clean to make sure theyre doing most of the work for you.
  • Keep your pool balanced. Once a week is the minimum number of times you should be testing your pool chemistry. But if youve had inclement weather, large amounts of swimmers, or an outbreak of algae, you should test and balance it daily.
  • Shock your pool regularly. Shocking your pool will help reset it to normal levels. Doing this weekly is ideal, but once a month should be an absolute requirement.
  • Clean your pool all year. Just because youre not using it doesnt mean it isnt collecting waste and growing algae. Clean out debris and test your filtration system regularly. Also, make sure youve shocked it properly before closing it up for the winter.
  • Brush your pool often. Many pool-owners only brush their pools when theres a problem. But if you add it to your regular maintenance regime before vacuuming, youll be less likely to deal with algae.
  • Use a vacuum. Speaking of vacuuming, dont neglect this task! Keeping your surfaces free of debris and spores goes a long way toward a problem-free pool.
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    Hth Super Algae Guard Swimming Pool Algaecide Cleanser

    The HTH super algaecide cleanser is formulated with the best compound to prevent stubborn green algae and bacteria growth in your pools.

    The product can be applied directly to your pool, either vinyl liner or saltwater pool, without any side effect. It offers the most efficient way of cleaning your pool and keep it crystal clear and fresh for comfortable swimming. In 15 minutes of application, your pool will be ready to be used.

    The product is formulated with the consumer in mind, offering both an economical, affordable, and powerful chemical to clean even the toughest stains in your pool.

    Powerful surface cleaner and clarifiers, apply one-quarter of this product in your pool and see how it flushes all impurities and algae.


    • It takes a while for the foaming to subside

    Move Your Pool Equipment To The Shallow End

    Gather up all your maintenance equipment, including all your hoses and poles, and place them in the shallow end of your pool, if it has one. If you have stuff on hand that might be infected with mustard algae, but is too awkward or bulky to sanitize by hand, go ahead and add it to the pool too.

    Consolidating all your gear in your pool will make it easy to disinfect everything when you add pool shock for sanitizing.

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