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Can You Heat An Intex Pool

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Hayward W3hp21404t Pool Heat Pump

How to heat your above ground pool cheap & easy

Yet another way to heat your above ground pool for continuous use, without spending a fortune on electricity is the Hayward W3HP21404T Pool Heat Pump.; This Hayward heat pump provides continuous heating for your pool while being quiet and efficient.

Producing around 140,000 BTUs this pool heat pump is especially welcome in colder climates where it can help to provide an abundance of swimming enjoyment.; Easy installation is a prominent feature of this rugged unit.

Customer Feedback:

  • Unit has surpassed my expectations and has put all my pre-purchase concerns about heat pumps to rest
  • Easy to install, heats quickly and runs quietly

Common Concerns:

  • This unit is designed for above ground pools but has been used for heating in ground pools
  • This unit may take a day or so to heat a large pool which is a standard time frame for most pool heat pumps

When Will The Swim Jitters Come To You

Before you start asking yourself how you can best warm up your pool, it is good to ask yourself how much you enjoy using the pool. When choosing the most suitable way to heat the water, there are different methods, some more expensive than others, some more efficient than others.

As mentioned, if you want warm water from mid-April to mid-September then the SunnyTent is a great solution. If you are a real water baby and want to be able to swim all year round, then it is worth considering choosing a heat pump, which heats up the pool water using electricity. With a heat pump you get a maximum swimming season, so in principle you could swim the whole year with a heat pump.

If the swimming bug only comes to you in the summer, it is not necessary to purchase a heat pump, because the sun will do most of the work in the summer. It is then only a matter of retaining the heat as well as possible.

So it is good to first ask yourself how far you will go to have a pool full of warm water and how often you actually use the pool.

Bestway Pool Heater Review

The Bestway pool heater review is the next one to see. The size of the Bestway mat is a little different in that the setup is 43×67 inches in size.

The surface uses a solar-conducive body that takes in the suns rays and retains them for hours at end. The heat will allow the water that moves through the mat to become a little warmer as it runs from the pool through the mat and back into the pump.

A 0.9mm PVC material is used on the body of the mat. The PVC compound takes in the suns heat quite well without warping or wearing out. The mat is around ten pounds in weight before the proper connectors for hoses are added to the ends of its surface.

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What Is An Intex Metal

This 12-foot by 30-inch round Intex pool was the perfect fit for this family.

First things first, lets talk about what this swimming pool is. Designed to be solid, easy to assemble, and easy to maintain, Intexs metal-frame pools, like the 26710EH Prism, are the hybrid of a fixed-in-place, above-ground swimming pool and a temporary, removable swimming pool.

Constructed with a 3-ply, durable, puncture resistant liner that is held up by a powder-coated steel, rust-resistant frame, the pools can be purchased with or without a cleaning filter pump; although all of the Intex swimming pools come standard with filtration hookups and tubing so a pump can be added later, if desired.

Available in a variety of sizes and prices ranging from a basic 8-foot by 20-inch round pool at a cost of $109.99, all the way up to a 32-foot by 16-foot by 52-inch rectangular pool with a sand filtration system for $3,149.99, there are plenty of sizes and filtration options between that make it easy to find the perfect pool to suit your specific need.

Intended to be assembled and then maintained in place for extended periods of time, Intex metal-frame pools lend themselves to the concept that you can obtain the benefits of an installed swimming pool without the pricey expense of one.

Buy An Above Ground Pool Heater

Intex 86 X 59" X 23" Rectangular Frame Above Ground Baby ...

Above ground pool heaters and heat pumps are rated by BTUs, which is a simple measure of how much energy it takes the unit to heat one pound of pool water by a single degree. A heater that is for an above ground pool will have a lower BTU than in-ground pool heaters. Generally, inground pool heaters have more water to heat and need more BTUs.

Liquid heat blankets, solar rings, and solar blankets are not rated by BTUs. However, you will need to know how many gallons your pool holds or what its dimensions are so you can purchase the right heating element for your pool.

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Can You Put A Heater On An Above Ground Pool

Lots of new pool owners assume that having an above ground pool means theyll have to forego luxuries like heating. But thats just not true.

All the options we gave you here will work for above ground pools. In fact you have pretty much the same types of options for both above ground and inground pools.

Install Your Above Ground Pool Heater

Its easy to install a liquid heat blanket, solar ring, or floating solar blanket on your own. You simply need to put it in the pool or on the pools surface. Solid solar blankets require professional installation, but you will be able to operate the blanket on your own afterward.

Above ground pool heaters and heat pumps should also be professionally installed. Depending on where you live and how its installed, you may need a city permit and the help of an pool-water-heaterian to place the tanks and set up the wires. After installation, you will need to ensure that the propane and natural gas tanks remain filled.

Pro Tip: Its okay to keep solar rings or a solar blanket on your pool all the time. But you dont want to leave your pool heater on unless you need it. Youll waste propane, natural gas, or pool-water-heaterity. Instead, plan to turn it on a few hours before you need it.

Every pool will have different heating needs, based on where your home is located and its size. Overall, pool heaters are the most effective and expensive. Fortunately, there are more affordable options that might be just right for your pool, especially if you live in a warmer climate.

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An Alternative To Using A Standard Tankless Water Heater

If you want a more straightforward solution than rigging up a tankless water heater to do a job it wasnt designed for, there is an alternative.

You are better off buying a tankless heater thats specifically designed for pool heating. An example is this EcoSmart SMART POOL 27 Electric Tankless Pool Heater .

The advantage of using a tankless heater is that it can be installed on your existing pool circulation system. That is right after your pool filter, so itll be debris-free water entering it.

This model works with pools up to 15,000 gallons. And as stated in its literature, as with conventional pool heaters, its parts can cope with pool chemicals assuming proper dilution .

Its also a tidier solution than the workarounds youve seen above.;

If Using A Pool Heater Also Use A Solar Cover To Help Retain Heat In The Pool

How to heat an intex pool in the UK

When using a pool heater, it’s important to supplement its heating power with a solar cover. Running a pool heater without a solar cover is like running your furnace with the windows open; the heat and your money will escape quickly! Installing a solar cover with any pool heater retains the heat inside your pool for longer periods of time. This allows for a more efficient heating experience that saves you money, helping you enjoy your pool even more.

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Fitted With Uk Plug/rcd

This listing is for the 3-pin UK RCD/Plug

We can also supply the Hot Splash with a 2-pin Euro plug/RCD if required . Please specify if you require a EU model during the checkout process otherwise a UK 3-pin plug will be supplied.

Note:;The Hot Splash heat pumps require a 220v or 240v, 50hz power supply and therefore are not suitable for use in the USA/Canada

Best Heaters For Above Ground Swimming Pools

Want to get more time and use from your backyard pool? Here are our hand-picked selections of the best heaters for above-ground swimming pools.

The backyard pool is one of the staples of summer.

Splashing around under the sun and in the crystal-clear waters of your above-ground swimming pool is a great way to spend the long summer days.

One of the ways to make the most of your pool is a heater.

Having a heater for your above ground pool is important for a few reasons:

  • You can use the pool earlier and later in the day. Whether its sitting around in the water under the stars or first thing in the morning for a quick workout, the heater opens up the cooler hours of the day for pool use.
  • Use the pool earlier and later in the year. Some spring days arent quite hot enough to swim, while some early fall days fall under the same category of maybe being a little chilly. A good pool heater makes the water just warm enough to use during these warm-but-not-warm-enough days.
  • Makes it comfortable on cooler days. Summer isnt always blazing sunshine and rays. There are days where the wind is blowing a little and the clouds are out. A pool heater allows you to comfortably use your pool these days too.

Lets assume that you are properly using a cover for your above-ground swimming pool. A solar pool cover is crucial because it helps retain heatwhether the sun or your heater is doing the heatingwhen the pool is not in use, whether during the day or overnight.

But where to start?

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Check All Connections And Turn It On

Check all connection points to ensure they are adequately tight and not leaking. Ensure propane is turned on. If not already installed place the 2 D cell batteries in the water heater. Ensure both ends of the hose are underwater. The suction hose must remain submerged at all times.

When you are ready to connect the pump power supply and water will begin to flow. Once water flow is detected in the water heater it will auto start the flame. You can view this in the flame window on the front of the water heater unit.

Relax in whatever you are heating and watch the temperature rise. Be careful, if you have the water flow turned low and the gas high it is capable of producing hot enough water to scold and burn. This should be supervised at all times by a qualified adult.

Enjoy! 🙂

Fibropool Fh120 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heat Pump

How To Heat An Intex Pool

View on Amazon

Universal Design

FibroPool FH120 is developed for above ground pools up to 18 and 24, thus being a nice Intex electric pool heater. At the same time, it also works with inground pools up to 7,500 gallons.

Reliable Materials

You can safely install the product outside as it boasts an all-weather, metal, rust-resistant case. Inside, we get just as durable metal parts.


As we can see, the heater deals with small pools mainly, which is a pity for owners of large swimming reservoirs. Otherwise, the performance is decent.The heater features an output of 20000 BTU, and the COP rate forms 4.81. Heating speed depends on many conditions such as weather and your pool size, but on average, the unit will increase water temperature at 4-5 degrees in 24 hours.Other technologies that contribute to the performance are a well-known titanium heat exchanger, a high-pressure scroll compressor, and GFCI support.


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Tips For Warming Up Your Pool

Weather is unpredictable, one day it can be warm and sunny, the next cloudy, chilly and breezy. This can be difficult for you as a swimming pool enthusiast, since you probably prefer to be able to enjoy your swimming pool with warm water every day all summer long. Agreed?

So how can you ensure that you can continue to enjoy your swimming pool despite the changeable weather? After all, nobody wants to swim in cold water! We at SunnyTent have listed a number of tips here for you. From practical tips to a number of questions that you, as a swimming pool owner should actually be able to answer when it comes to heating up your swimming pool.

How Much Do Heaters For Intex Pools & Above Ground Pool Heaters Cost

On average, you can expect to pay less than $150 for a solar cover and roughly between $2,000-$6,000 for professionally installed solar panels, heat pumps, or gas heaters.

Electric heat pumps and gas heaters will have utility costs associated with running them, while solar will have very little ongoing costs.

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How Long Does It Take For An Above Ground Pool To Warm Up


Aboveground pools can be easily and safely heated using a combination of a Solar Heater and a Solar Cover, keeping your costs down and your family in the pool.

Additionally, what is the best heater for an above ground pool? Three common brands for above ground pool heaters are Hayward, Raypak and Pentair. All three offer compact heaters with a small footprint, making them easy to install in almost any area. The Hayward H100ID and the Pentair Minimax are both 100,000 BTU while the Raypak is a little higher at 130,000 BTU.

Herein, how much heat does a pool lose overnight?

Pools that are not covered can lose 4° F to 5° F overnight in most parts of the country. With a cover, you can reduce that heat loss by 50% or more. So without a heater you should be able to use your pool in the afternoons and early evenings, in the warmest part of the season.

Will a black tarp heat a pool?

A swimming pool tarp, for example, that’s black on both sides is like a giant solar panel. Because a black tarp on a swimming pool’s water surface traps solar heat energy, it will eventually turn cool, refreshing pool water into a tepid, warm bath.

Here are the seven cheapest ways to heat your pool this off-season.

  • Use a Solar Cover.
  • Invest in Solar Sun Rings.
  • Try Out a Liquid Solar Pool Cover.
  • Build a Windproof Pool Enclosure.
  • Use the Black Hose Trick.
  • Snag a Pool Heat Pump.
  • Combine a Solar Cover and Pool Heat Pump.
  • Sunspring Pool Heat Pumps For Above Ground Pools

    Heat Your Above Ground or Intex Pool

    Our Range of Sunspring pool heat pumps are increadible compact and easy to install

    They are plug and play and come complete with a cable and pre-fitted plug/RCD.

    They are available in four sizes 5kw, 7kw, 10kw and 14kw

    the sizing guide for Sunspring pool heat pumps is

    Please use the chart below to select the best SunSpring heat pump model for your pool


    However please note that these are the maximum sizes.

    Please click Here to see more details of our Sunspring range of pool heat pumps for above ground pools

    See below for how to calculate the volume of your pool

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    How To Heat An Intex

    does anyone believe I could run the heater through the hose without having a skimmerDoes anyone agree or disagree with his assertion that it would be dangerous to use a 400,000 btu heater on an above ground pool ? Do any of you with a thru-wall skimmer on your Intex take your Intex down seasonally? Do you store it with the skimmer on, or do you unscrew it and then re-install it the following year?

    at 100% efficiencyand that it is properly bonded.

    Connect The Propane And Check For Leaks

    Connect the supplied propane supply line to a 20 lb propane tank and check for leaks by using soapy water on connection points. If you see bubbles turn off the propane and tighten that connection point, do not overtighten. Once no leaks are detected mount it in a safe location. It must be mounted outside where adequate ventilation is provided. I had plenty of space under my deck where the heat could dissipate and not overheat the wood.

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    Goplus Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater

    Heres a little something different in a solar heater. The Goplus Solar Dome works just like solar panels in that it absorbs the suns rays, but the way it does it is unique.

    The dome-shaped lens of this heater acts like a magnifying glass to maximize the efficiency of the heat from the sun. Its then captured by black coils that circulate the pool water through them.

    Its a large enough size that it can absorb a lot of heat, but small enough to be kind of out of the way.

    How To Heat An Intex Pool: 7 Ways To Do It

    Intex 24

    It is currently winter the time of the year when you are likely to use your pool less often. But many may still want to enjoy their Intex pools as much as they can. If you are among them, it is excellent to know that even now you can heat your pool to enjoy a relaxing swim and keep your family and friends entertained even during the fall and winter months.

    There are many questions we have to answer before we figure out how to heat an Intex pool. How much does it cost?, How long will it last? and probably the most important question What do I need to buy for it?;

    The good news is that heating an Intex pool is a relatively simple process, and there are several ways that you can accomplish it. Through this article, well guide you to the process of choosing the best option for your Intex Pool!


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