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How To Store Pool Towels Outside

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Tips For Pool Organization

Outdoor Custom Towel Rack for Your Pool | For Beginners | DIY

by Alexandra Soule | Jan 29, 2020 | Lifestyle, Tips |

Having a pool in your own backyard is so much fun but can also turn into a big mess if there isnt some basic organization. Get your backyard and pool ready for the summer!

Having a pool is great for summer fun but its important to stay organized. With kids around, having a pool can create more messes for you to clean up: wet towels on the floor, toys strewn all over, puddles of water throughout your house. Want to avoid these summer messes? Here are some pool organization tips to put in place before you head out to swim.

Cover Valet Ttbr Spa Towel Tree

Key Points at a Glance

  • Standing towel rack made from light-weight aluminum
  • Powder coated for rust protection
  • Hang up to four towels
  • Available in two color options
  • Removable end-caps allow users to add sand to the interior for added stability


  • Dimensions: 64 x 13 x 5
  • Weight: 6lbs

The Details

Cover Valet is a well-known brand in the spa accessories category, and they consistently make high-quality outdoor products like hot tub cover lifts;and spa steps.

While this tree is made of light-weight aluminum, it can easily be filled with sand for stability. And when it is filled with sand, it is quite stable and is unlikely to topple over, even with a few heavy, wet towels hanging from it.

Just try to balance out your towels . This tree is capable of handling up to four towels, and is pretty tall at 64. It is capable of supporting some shorter robes, but full-length robes wont fit on this.

There are no towel bars on this rack, just hooks. Some may prefer bars that will enable them to spread the towel out for quicker drying.

When assembling, make sure you use the long bolts for the top of the tree. It can be unclear in the instructions, but the key is that you want the longer bolts to go on the top of the tree.

The Bottom Line

This towel rack is sturdy and attractive and;feels;higher-end than many of the other items on our list. However, we feel that there are better options for towel storage.

  • Weight: 3lbs

The Details

The Bottom Line

  • Can be used to store pool noodles

How To Store A Pool Liner

Proper pool liner storage is essential once the warm days of summer pass and the pool is taken down. Temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit can damage pool liners, but even in mild climates the liners should be stored when you won’t be using the pool for an extended period. Storage keeps the liner in good repair while also preventing it from becoming heavily soiled during periods of disuse. Although it takes some time to properly store the liner, it saves you even more time during setup the following year since the liner won’t require cleaning or repairs.


Drain the pool completely, using the drainage plug or pump, depending on the type of pool. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper drainage because this can vary among pool styles.


Detach the liner from the pool frame. Spread the liner out in a sunny location until it dries completely. Moisture can collect on the underside of the liner, so you may need to flip it over to finish drying.


Move the liner to a dry area since some moisture will likely be on the ground at the original drying spot. Soak up any remaining moisture with towels, wiping both sides of the liner completely dry.


Sprinkle a thin layer of talcum powder over the interior of the liner. The powder soaks up any remaining moisture and also soaks up any moisture that collects during storage. Powder also prevents the liner from sticking to itself, which could otherwise cause it to tear or warp.



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The Best Beach Towel Storage Ideas

Jul 31, 2019 | Organizing

With summer coming to an end, are you trying to squeeze in every last minute of sunshine?? Once summer is over, what do you do with those beach towels?? They are so bulky and take up a lot of space in your linen closet, so what are the best beach towel storage ideas??

Im sharing my favorite ideas for towel storage for the Shop Like A Professional video series I am doing in partnership with The Container Store and Practically Perfect!

Revamp Your Tool Shed

Outdoor Rattan Storage Cabinet Poolside Wicker Towel Valet ...

Tool sheds are a convenient, efficient way to store the equipment you need to maintain and spruce up your backyard like lawn mowers, landscaping tools, planters, and hoses.

The only problem?

Tool sheds dont always feature a smart design on the inside.

If thats the case, take a cue from the men behind The Cavender Diary and make a few basic changes to upgrade your tool shed.

Tear out bulky shelves. Install an IKEA Grundtal rail, utensil holder, and S-hook to hold small gardening tools. Add wall hooks. Or hang a sturdy bin to store items like fertilizer and plant spray.

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Poolside Towel Tree By Poolmaster

Features of this product:

  • Portable handy poolside towel holder
  • Conveniently hang wet or dry towels and swimsuits
  • The noncorrosive PVC construction is completely weatherproof
  • 49-inch tall tree has three 24-inch bars divided into 6 sections
  • Fill base with sand for stability; base measures 15 by 11 inches

No Christmas in California, especially in June? Perish the thought, Santaholics! This outdoor towel stand;by Poolmaster can easily remedy your homesickness for the holidays, by bringing a semi-reasonable semblance of the classic Christmas tree directly to your poolside! It comes with four handy branches, upon which you can hang all of your towels, pool cleaning accessories, and other gifts of the season for all of your friends and family! Merry Christmas, and a partridge in a Poolside Towel Tree!

Bronze Outdoor Spa And Pool Towel Rack

Features of this product:

  • Comes in white, beige, or the new metallic bronze
  • portable outdoor towel rack
  • It stands 50 tall and has 24 adjustable crossbars.
  • This towel rack is made of high quality furniture grade plastic, so it will not rust, crack, discolor, or rot like the other towel racks.
  • 13 weightable base provides excelent stability

Yep, its bronze, and comes in handy as a third place consolation prize for those who fail to score with you by the poolside. Still, for those who loved and lost, this beautiful bronze pool tool rack will make an excellent conversation piece and keepsake. Hopefully, this will be because youve graciously allowed them to cart it off with them, rather than committed any unsavory acts with it, but what you do at your own poolside is entirely your own business, and well beyond the scope of an advertisement website. Keep cool by the pool, kids!

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Diy Pool Towel Storage

What a great way to keep pool noodles organized along with your drying towels! This organizer was made from a pallet! What a genius pool pallet hack! The pallet can be attached to the fence or even the side of the house. Add some hooks to the front for towels and bathing suits to hang, and use the sides to store pool toys out of the sun.

Hide Your Garden Hose In An Outdoor Planter

TowelMaid Outdoor Poolside Towel and Storage Rack Review

If youre sick of dragging your hose to and from the backyard to water your plants, or leaving it in a messy pile in the middle of your garden because youre too tired to put it away, heres your solution:

Store the hose in a pretty outdoor planter. Its simple, convenient, and actually looks good.

Read the post on Thats My Letter to learn exactly how to set up your own secret hose-hiding planter.

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Sayingso Long To Summer

Like most seasonal items, beach towels,water skis, and pool gear take up a lot of space. But if these items arentstored properly, they can also cause mildew. While some of the hacks wevealready mentioned can be used for all seasons, there are a few that may workbetter for summertime accessories. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Attach a shakerpeg rail to a wall in your garage or outside your house, then hangbeach towels and chairs on it. is only$19.

  • Wine racks are another great place to store beach towels. Theyre easy to hang and take up minimal room. Just roll your towels up and place them where the wine bottles go.
  • Add multipurpose furniture to your patio area, such as a deck box that doubles as a storage container, while also serving as a chair, bench, or outdoor coffee table.
  • Bar carts can be used for more than just booze. Theyre a great place to store your sunscreen, goggles, and small pool toys.
  • For bigger pool toys, opt for a DIY pool or yard caddy like this one available through The Merry Thought. Flex those DIY muscles with this video from The Hallmark Channel;on how to create your own PVC pipe pool caddy!

Mermaid Tails Pool Fun

Ok, mermaid tails may not be a pool hack, but lets just say they were one of the best investments we made into our daughters summer. This thing was in tatters by the end of the year and she still talks about the tail. This is a fully swimmable mermaid tail and fin. Be sure to keep a close eye on kids when wearing these! Anything that restricts movement in water can be dangerous, so use with supervision!

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Size Hanging Area And Storage Space

The market offers many pool towel rack designs which come in a variety of sizes and space for hanging. Make sure that the model is large enough so that hanged towels are not too close together and air can circulate around. This is important because you wouldnt want to grab a wet or damp towel. Modern racks with varying pole height are a good solution as they provide a lot of space and good airflow.

If you choose an outdoor cabinet or a deck box, the size will determine the storage space. A bigger model allows you to store not only pool towels but other accessories as well which is great because your deck will not look cluttered.

Outdoor Pool Towel Storage Cabinets

simply organized

An outdoor pool towel storage cabinet will be a great addition to the poolside area. It can be an element of your outdoor décor and combine appearance and functionality. A great advantage of pool storage cabinets and boxes is that they protect your towels from the elements and you do not need to bring everything inside in case of rainy weather.

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Pool Towel Storage Ideas How To Choose The Best Outdoor Towel Rack

A pool towel is our number one accessory when we want to spend a day relaxing by the water. Whether you invite friends to a pool party or simply spend time with your family, extra dry towels are a must. We also need to store dry towels somewhere.;Baskets, boxes, crates, DIY towel racks, outdoor cabinets there are so many pool towel storage ideas that it can be quite challenging to select the best option.


Transform A Cabinet Into A Potting Bench

If you have an outdated armoire, bookcase, or cabinet in your home, dont throw it away. Bring it to the backyard instead. The Organised Housewife proves that a good scrub and a fresh coat of paint can transform an old cabinet into the perfect outdoor potting station.

Store gardening gloves, tools, and seed packets in the drawers, then use the shelves and cupboards to hold bags of soil, pesticides, and extra pots.

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Build An Outdoor Buffet Cabinet

Depending on your personality, backyard setup, and weekend routine, you might have a variety of different storage needs. You may need to store shovels, gravel, and extra terra cotta pots.

Maybe you have to make room for pool tools and kids toys. Or, you may need a place to store your party necessities.

Whatever the case, Oleander + Palms gorgeous DIY outdoor buffet cabinet is just the thing you need to easily host dinners, brunches, and game nights al fresco. The buffet top serves as a mini bar, while the cabinets hold everything from candle lanterns to glassware.

Free Bonus: For more DIY fun, check out these 11 DIY wood pallet ideas that will increase the space in your apartment.

What Are The Important Features Of Pool Towel Storage

How to Make a Patio Deck Box // Pool Storage

Everyone who has a pool knows that having extra towels near the pool is really important. Otherwise kids or guests will have to go in and out of the house leaving wet trails which can be dangerous and someone may slip and on the other hand, damage your wood flooring. Having towels outside near the pool is an excellent solution because everyone has easy access to dry towels.

When choosing a rack or cabinet, you need to know what exactly you need and the main features of outdoor pool towel storage. Here are some characteristics that will help you choose among the many options:

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Towelmaid Curved 7 Bar Freestanding Outdoor Poolside Towel Rack

Features of this product:

  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 37.5 W x 44 H x 37.5 D

One of the most robust poolside towel rack options on the market, this has been specifically designed for larger families or active swimmers that arent just going to want to have fresh towels available every time they slip into the pool but also want a drying rack system that speeds things up without taking up a whole lot of space outdoors.

Youll be able to hang multiple towels from this poolside rack on each of the seven individual bars. Because of the way that the curved system has been engineered you dont have to worry about airflow being impeded, either which means all of those wet towels are going to dry whole lot faster on this rack than they would have on more traditional solutions.

Add in the extra wide base for improved stability that still isnt going to chew up a lot of your valuable outdoor real estate and a pretty simple and straightforward aesthetic that works well with any outdoor look and this becomes a towel rack youll certainly want to consider moving forward.

Skimmer Or Return Hoses

You may have already realized that you could remove the hose from the pool filter and drain water right next to the pool. This will work, however, only down to the level of the return.

Its always best to drain or pump out an Intex pool slowly. With the Easy Set pools, you may be tempted to deflate the top ring and just sort of roll the water out. This can be dangerous, not just to nearby plants or mulch beds, but to the pool, which can rip or develop holes during the process.

Thats our super-simple six-step system for draining your Intex Frame-Set or Easy-Set pool. Take the time to do it right and youll enjoy many more years of fun with your Intex Pool.

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Diy A Covered Kids Car Garage

No more tripping over tricycles, toy cars, and skateboards scattered around your backyard. Corral your kids toys and gear in this mini covered kiddie parking garage by Mom Endeavors.

The DIY storage unit built from PVC pipes, a corrugated plastic panel, and cloth expertly hides your kids outdoor stuff, but is still easy enough for them to access.

Diy Outdoor Pool Towel Dry Rack

Pool Towel Rack and Storage Area

My husband and I began creating our DIY Outdoor Pool Towel Dry Rack by cutting our post down just a bit. Next we stained the 4×4 and the wood cap then we wiped the stain with a rag and allowed the stain to dry. After the wood dried we sprayed a sealant over the stain.

While the layer of sealant dried on the wood our little guy helped mix the quickset concrete. My husband decided we would just mix it in the metal bucket that we were using as a base for our towel rack which worked out very well.

After achieving the concrete consistency and depth of concrete needed to hold our wood post we pushed the post into the bucket. Next we used a level to ensure our post was standing up straight. We held the post in place for a few short minutes to secure it into place. It didnt take long before the concrete was dry enough to hold the post on its own.

After the concrete dried we added the wood cap and towel hooks. We opted for the double hooks which ultimately gives us eight hooks for those wet towels.

Our little guy went back into action and topped the concrete with a layer of river rock. He also used a chalk pen to add a label to the black oval on the front of our DIY Outdoor Pool Towel Dry Rack bucket base.

From start to finish our backyard addition was complete in less than a few hours.; And our DIY Pool Towel Dry Rack serves its purpose perfectly!

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Wet Towels And Bathing Suits

Designate a place for your kids to hang wet towels and bathing suits when they are done swimming. It can be a simple as hanging them on the deck railing. Or, you can add hooks to the outside of your house, add a clothesline to your yard, or even add a retractable clothesline that attaches to the wall in your bathroom or laundry room.

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