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How To Turn On Dolphin Pool Cleaner

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Maytronics Dolphin Repair Is Very Limited Limited To The Outside Of Your Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner

How To: Repair A Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Maytronics Dolphin repair help for your Dolphin has arrived! Aquaquality Pools and Spas Inc,is now a dealer and provider Of Maytronics Dolphin repair service for both Dolphin Pool Cleaners and Tiger Shark Pool Cleaners. 1-866-876-8643

Forget about replacing the pump and motor. Unless you have a spare robot for parts, internal maytronics parts are impossible to get. Your dealer will send your robot out for repair.

Prevention is the best remedy. Avoid operating your Maytronics cleaner under any conditions that will clog the bag and prevent water circulation around the motor housing. Heat will destroy the electrical components inside the case.

Re-coil the cable after every use starting at the robot and working the twists outward to the plug. Chances are…if your cable will not float straight and is always being sucked into the robot, that cable has most likely been stored in a piled twisted mess. Recoiling the cable takes all of 30 seconds and saves hours of aggravation.

I have several photos including a photo of the inside of the motor housing.

Maytronics Dolphin Drive Track Removal

1. Remove the bottom plate with bag.

2. With the machine upside down, remove the screws holding the debris shield and remove the shield.

3. Remove the screws holding the side plate.

4. Gently pry off the sideplate. It may need much persuasion due to dirt buildup on the sideplate pegs that slide into the body.

How Does The Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner Work

Not too many years ago cleaning the pool was either something you had to pay someone to do or it was a tedious weekend chore with a prominent place on your weekly to do list. Paying someone to clean the pool could be costly. Depending on your location and how much use the pool got, it could take a couple of hours to have the sparkling clean oasis that you desired. An automatic pool cleaner doesn’t have to be paid and it is completely independent.

All you need to do is to place the Dolphin in your pool and turn it on. The computer in the cleaner learns the dimensions of your pool and then programs itself to efficiently vacuum every inch of the pool. The debris and any dirt are brushed into a self contained vacuum bag. The robotic cleaner continues to learn by monitoring its own performance.

Specifically a Dolphin Pool Cleaner is a robotic cleaner that will:

  • Sweep
  • Moves around ladders, slides, and other obstacles
  • Cleans up to 1250 square feet of pool surface
  • Purifies up to 4,750 gallons of water per hour
  • Helps to distribute pool chemicals
  • Climbs pool walls to the waterline
  • Shuts itself off

Type Of Debris: Filter Choice

When it comes to filters, the first thing to check is whether the pool cleaner uses a filter bag or filter basket .

A filter basket is easier to clean and maintain. But a filter bag is better if you struggle with large debris in the pool, such as leaves and acorns.

Some Dolphin cleaners come with both types of filters, which you can easily interchange.

Also, check whether the cleaner comes with an ultra-fine filter.

Some come with just a fine filter that doesnt catch fine sand and silt. You have to buy the ultra-fine filter separately.

Others come with both the fine and ultra-fine filters that go into the cleaner together.

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How To Replace A Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaner Cable

;4.75 out of5 stars on 4 ratings

Your dog has chewed through your cable and you have;to replace it. In the past, you would probably have had to send your Dolphin cleaner back to the Maytronics;repair shop to have another cable attached. If you have one of the newer cleaners that feed the cable in from the TOP, the replacement process is much simpler. This guide shows you how to replace a Triton Dolphin Cleaner cable. Although this guide is tailored to a Triton Cleaner, most of the steps are applicable to the other TOP entry Dolphin Cleaners. Read our guide on “How to Select the Right Maytronics Dolphin Cleaner Replacement Cable” for more information on Dolphin cables. For a list of Dolphin Cleaners that use a top cable connector, see the parts list at the bottom of the product pages for Cable;9995872;and;Cable 99958

Best Dolphin Robot Pool Cleaner Reviews

Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaner Reviews

The;Dolphin Premier;is the best robotic pool cleaner for most in-ground pool owners. It is powerful , leaves the pool sparkling clean , and its built to last .

The Dolphin Premier is decked with features that improve cleaning performance, save energy, and make pool maintenance easier for pool owners.

Our favorite is the CleverClean navigation system.

Instead of navigating the pool in random patterns as cheaper robot cleaners do, the Dolphin Premier follows an efficient cleaning path that ensures full pool coverage without going over the same areas repeatedly.

Not only does it clean the pool faster , it saves a lot of energy while doing it.

The Premier has multiple tools to attack dirt and debris.

The onboard vacuums easily filter out dirt suspended in the water. But its the pair of scrubbing brushes that tackles the hard-to-remove algae and scale stuck on the pool floor and walls.

Two oversize filter cartridges pick up all this debris with small debris like pebbles and bugs going into one filter and fine particles of sand and silt going into the ultra-fine filter.

You can swap these two filters for a bag when the pool is full of leaves, acorns, and other large debris.

Filter access is at the bottom, so its a bit tedious to remove the filters.

The Dolphin Premier comes with a couple of extra features for added convenience: a weekly scheduler that allows you to set an auto-cleaning schedule and a full filter indicator.

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Your Dolphin Power Supply & Timer

If you can remedy a power supply or timer issue on your own, more power to you! Heres some targeted advice for doing just that. For added safety, follow these Pool & Spa Safety Tips informed by the ESFi or Electrical Safety Foundation Intl.:

;; Comply w/applicable electrical codes.;; Use GFCI hard-wired or portable outlets.;; DO NOT handle electrical devices when wet.;; Keep plugs near water activity covered and dry.

Q. Can we power our Dolphin residential pool cleaner or commercial pool cleaner by using an extension cord?

A. For your safety DO NOT USE an extension cord with your Dolphin pool cleaner. Extension cords present a fire hazard, reduce pool safety levels and impair equipment performance. Instead, plug your robot vacuum directly into a properly-rated outlet and make sure its at least 10 ft. away from any water source.

If your Dolphin is having trouble reaching the far ends of your private swimming pool, hire a qualified electrician. He or she may be able to relocate an existing GFCI outlet for safe operation. If not, have them install one in a spot that ensures your Dolphin will easily reach from pool surface to pool floor.

Look, Ma, no tools needed! Maytronics makes Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting simple and easy.

Q. Why isnt our power supply working?

Q. The power supply works finebut my Dolphin wont seem to budge. Why is that?

Q. Why do only some power supply features work?

My Dolphin Won’t Run For More Than 30

This seems to be a common problem, judging by other comments posted here. I have a Dolphin Dynamic pool cleaner . When I turn it on at the power supply, it starts up normally, does its little pivoting pirouette and then sets off in one direction with the impeller spinning and driving the exhaust water out the top. Within about 30 seconds it begins to slow down to a crawl, then the impeller stops turning, the water stops flowing so it loses the ability to suck debris in through the intake doors on the bottom and then it comes to a complete stop. All within about 60 seconds. If I shut it off for a minute and then turn it on again, it starts up again just as normal but repeats the process, coming to a halt in less than a minute. The bag is clean, I have checked for debris or foreign objects in the drive belt. I have not removed the motor housing but that is not owner serviceable anyway. Has anybody found a solution to this problem? Seems crazy that these units should fail so quickly!

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What About Damaged Filters

Q. My Dolphins filters are torn or otherwise damaged. Because of this, I want to know if there are replacement parts available. If so, whats the best way for me to obtain them?

A. Were sorry to hear that, though you may be luckier than you think! Its possible your filters are still covered by a warranty. Even if they arent, parts and accessories like these can be purchased from a local authorized retailer within the Maytronics Distributor network. Were happy to help you figure out which situation applies to you:

;;; First, locate your units Serial #.;;; Look in the casing near the bar code.;;; See that white strip? Your Serial # is there.;;; Call Dolphin Customer Support: 365-7446.;;; If a warranty applies, well ship you a replacement.

If a warranty does not apply, well make a friendly referral to your closest neighborhood Dolphin dealer.

Understanding How An Automatic Pool Cleaner Works

Dolphin Robot cleaner. How to clean and maintain. Swimming Pool Auto cleaning system review

An automatic pool cleaner is a self-cleaning device working on electricity. Depending on the model, it can wash not only the flooring of your pool but its walls as well.;

They come in the following types:

  • Suction-side cleaner. This model is affordable and can pull in medium to large debris.
  • Pressure-side vacuum. It utilizes pressure from the water flow to move around your pool. Its also great at sucking up medium to big debris.
  • Robot pool cleaner. The innovative cleaner is powered by electricity and can handle silt and small debris.

The latest generation of robotic pool cleaners are more efficient and reliable. Likewise, they provide a cleaning similar to what you can receive out of manual pool vacuums. The biggest difference here is that these devices eliminate most of the physical and manual jobs.

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Robotic Pool Cleaner Run Time

Most robot cleaners come with a mode allowing you to wash your whole pool in a matter of a few hours. They can normally finish the job in an average-sized swimming pool in about 2 to 4 hours. You can use those precious time to do other necessary household chores.

The cleaning itll provide you is usually quite thorough. Nonetheless, this powerful and practical cleaning may not be necessary all the time. So if your machine has a basic cleaning mode, its advisable to use that instead.;

When your robot is done, take it out of your pool and empty out its filter bag to prepare it for its next cleaning task. If you plan on cleaning only weekly or monthly, then perform a deep-cleaning. Doing so will ensure that youll be disposing of all debris and avoid buildup.

Pool Cleaners Enable You To Enjoy Your Pool

If you have a pool then you want to enjoy it rather than spending time cleaning and vacuuming. A robotic pool cleaner is the perfect solution. The Dolphin robotic is the top robotic cleaner in the industry and is worth seriously considering. You can learn more about the various models available at the Maytronics website.

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Connecting The Power Supply

Attach the floating cable to the power supply by inserting it with the notch on the connector lined up with the groove in the socket on the power supply and turning clockwise .

Plug in the power supply and leave it in the OFF position.

The Pool Cleaner is very simple to use. Simply place it in the pool and make sure that it is correctly positioned on the floor of the pool. Turn it ON and enable it to complete the task.

*For caddy assembly instructions – see chapter “Caddy assembly”

Maytronics Dolphin Dx4s Features And Specs

Maytronics Dolphin Triton PS Plus Bluetooth Robotic Pool ...

While it might not be as fully featured as its older sibling, the DX5 +S, the DX4S is still an impressive piece of kit, with plenty of must have features, and even a few bonuses. The entire Dolphin line has a few features in common, I call them the core Dolphin feature set, so lets get those out of the way first. The DX4S is an in ground pool cleaner with a 60 swivel cable. Swivel tech is tangle resistant, and if you have owned a robotic pool cleaner in the past you will know annoying it can be to have a cycle stop due to a tangle cord. Big fan of this tech, and that it is present in every Dolphin bot is wonderful.

The bottom mounted scrubbing brushes on this bot clean pool floors well, and they are the slightly more robust variety that can clean the grout from the tile line too. I always mention to those with a tile bottomed pool that you will have to shell out a little more for your bot, as this feature is seldom present in cheaper models. Not only does it clean the pool floor and cove, but it can also climb walls. None of that smooth transitory surface neither, this can make the 90 degree transition with ease. Should be a feature of every robotic pool cleaner, what is the point in buying a bot that cant clean the wall?

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Can I Leave My Dolphin Pool Cleaner In The Pool

Leaving the pool cleaner in the pool makes sense when you are using the weekly scheduler for auto-cleaning.

For most Dolphin models, its safe to leave them in the pool but only for a few days at a time. Leaving the cleaner in the water for too long will wear out some parts quicker.

Regularly take the robot out of the pool to empty the filter and let it dry.

You should also never leave the cleaner in the pool when adding chemicals or during winter when the pool is closed.

Your Mydolphin App & Bluetooth

Innovation is great, aint it? The answers to the questions below will help you understand remote control operation via your Dolphin pool cleaning robots MyDolphin app and Bluetooth® control.

Use Bluetooth® to set and forget select robot models from anywhere with WiFi access.

Q. Why cant I get the MyDolphin App or Bluetooth® to work?

A. The app is specific to robots with an Advanced Power Supply which are Bluetooth®-equipped. At type in your model name or # to display a list of features. If these come standard, you can set and forget your robot from anywhere as long as you have WiFi access.

Q. Our MyDolphin App displays an error message. What do I do?

A. If an error message pops up, try restarting the app. Its best if your WiFi connection is 3G or 4G. Too, take the following steps anytime you connect your Dolphin to the app:

;; With your Dolphin Off, open its casing.;; Note your units Serial # .;; Close the unit casing, turn it On and let it run.;; After 1+ min., connect your smartphone to WiFi.;; Pair via Bluetooth® to your Dolphinnot a neighbors.

Youll know the app is connected if the power supply buttons are overridden in Disable mode.

Are you happy with what you learned here? Follow our blog so you dont miss out on Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting 4.0. In that edition, well discuss parts, product manuals and basic repairs. In the meantime, visit Once there youll have access to product specs and helpful advice.

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Maytronics Dolphin Power Supply Repair

Isaac-1 said:I agree call them, giving specific advice is hard as they made more than one type. The older ones I have been into were very simple, a big transformer and a bridge rectifier plus maybe a fuse and a power switch.

p1zaul said:Mine died as soon as I purchased it and they sent me a new one. I opened the old one to see if there was some type of fuse. There was no fuse inside or anything that looked like it was damaged or could be replaced. There is a lot of stuff going on inside there. All kinds of boards. Not sure exactly what it is all doing but I do know there are 3 wires going to the cleaner. 30VDC + – and then also one called “command”. I am interested if supplying 30VDC without the command line will make the unit run. It is possible all the brains of direction and what functions to perform are controlled by the power supply box, in that case it most likely would not work. Going to start a thread to see if anyone has attempted this.

How Do You Remove A Robotic Pool Cleaner

Nautilus Plus Pool Cleaner by Dolphin – How to Fix & Repair

way to removerobotic pool cleanerrobotic pool cleanerremoveremoverobotic pool cleanerHow to Install and Use a Suction-Side Pool Cleaner

  • Turn off your pump.
  • Vacuum your pool, then clean your filter and pump basket.
  • Run your pump for five minutes to clear the lines after cleaning, then shut it off again.
  • Close your pool main drain line.
  • Aim the return lines downward.
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