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Will The Fire Department Fill My Pool

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How Many Gallons Is A 1648 Pool

Coble Fire Department – Local Swimming Pool Fill Up

This durable above ground pool features a 1500 gallon Skimmer Plus filter pump with GFCI, cover, Sure Step ladder, ground cloth, and deluxe maintenance kit. Easy and quick set up will have you cooling off in style in no time at all. A/C Filter Cartridge Included with pump Water capacity: 5212 gallons.

The Use Of Such Valuable Equipment For Filling Pools Will Be Hard To Justify

New fire trucks having built-in ladders, water tanks, and other specialized equipment can be as expensive as $1 million. Of course, the expense can vary depending on various factors, but the vital thing to note is that the fire trucks sure dont come cheap!

Hence it is hard to justify using such valuable and expensive equipment, facilities, and gears for filling up swimming pools.

This justification is one of the prominent reasons why they avoid these sorts of services. But, in hindsight, this doesnt look like a good use of the publics money.

How Do I Fill My Inground Pool

How to Refill and Drain an Inground Pool

  • Step 1 Rent a Sump Pump. Go to your local equipment rental store and rent a sump pump that is submersible.
  • Step 2 Lower the Sump Pump in the Pool.
  • Step 3 Clean the Pool Sides.
  • Step 4 Remove the Pump.
  • Step 5 Refill the Pool.
  • Step 6 Add Chemicals.
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    Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

    Cleaning your swimming pool is essential for the integrity of the water. But, no matter how diligent you are, some issues may occur. The most common include:

    • Green water: caused by bacteria, lack of chlorine, inadequate filtration, unbalanced pH
    • Hard water: too much calcium and magnesium
    • Cloudy water: algae, improper chlorine amounts, inadequate filtration, unbalanced pH, litter

    Water professionals can determine the cause of green, hard, and cloudy swimming pool water. All three are usually cured with chemicals but, over time, the effect is diminished. Also, in events such as a flood or other natural disaster, the issue is too big. It may be easier and more cost efficient to replace the water altogether.

    How To Tell If You Have A Leak

    Pool Fill

    Because evaporation and splashout are so normal, it can be hard to tell if your pool has a leak. Heres a quick test:

  • Take a large, watertight bucket, ideally one with transparent or opaque sides you can see through
  • Set the bucket on your pool steps, partially submerged in the water. You will probably need to weigh it down with a brick to keep it in place
  • Fill inside of the bucket to the exact same water level as the pool water on the outside of the bucket
  • Leave it for 24 hours, with the pool pump on as normal
  • If you come back the next day and the water level inside the bucket is higher than the water level in the pool, you may have a pool leak;
  • Repeat this test with the pool pump off for another 24 hours to be sure;
  • If you have a leak in your pool, its important to get it fixed right away. Not only are leaks expensive, but they may damage your pool or property. Continually topping up the pool is not a good way to manage a leak.;

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    Reasons That They Will Probably Not Fill Up Your Pool

    There are 3 main reasons that your local fire department are not likely to want to fill up your pool:

  • The cost of their time. A fire truck and crew dont come cheaply. Most cities and municipalities dont have massive spare budgets that allow firefighters to sit around and enjoy plenty of leisure time at the citys expense. Sending out a fire crew to fill a pool is an expensive thing to do.
  • The equipment and expertise are needed elsewhere. Because cities dont tend to have the budget for firefighters to sit around most of the time, firefighters are required to work and work hard. Their equipment and expertise are required to save lives and that takes priority over your pool.;
  • It would set a precedent. While filling up the occasional pool might be OK, in the long run, it might send out a message to the public that the fire department is responsible for filling pools. This would end up creating friction between the fire service and the public because without a large additional investment most fire services cant spend all day, every day filling pools.;
  • City Water From A Fire Hydrant

    Because garden hoses are such a slow way to fill a pool, many people wonder if its possible to fill a pool with water from a fire hydrant.;

    Cost: Varies tremendously. In some places, a fire department will do it for free, as an exercise to flush the line. In other places, they will do it for the cost of water, or perhaps you need to rent the hoses or pay an access fee. In some cities, you cant do it at all and can get arrested for trying.;

    Time: A fire hydrant in good working order can deliver 1,500 gpm, but you shouldnt fill a pool with fire hydrant water at full pressure even though it is one of the faster ways to do it.

    Considerations: If you have a fire hydrant near your home, it may be worth calling your local fire department to ask about the possibility. There is huge local variation in the use of fire hydrants, but it doesnt hurt to ask.;

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    The Australian Static Water Program

    In Australia, because of the severe bush fires raging throughout the country which can endanger any place at any time, they have developed the static water program.

    This is a government sponsored program which encourages householders to register their pools and other large sources of water so that they can be used in times of emergency.;

    Participation in this program is completely voluntary but it is very popular and pool water has been used, successfully, to help divert raging bushfires from residential areas and to protect the people who live in them.;

    As yet, there is no American equivalent of this program but it is possibly only a matter of time after some of the record forest fire seasons that have been witnessed here in the last decade or so.;

    Will Firefighters Fill Up Your Pool Expert Answer

    Ask The Pool Guy Mark Q&A: I used the Fire Hydrant to Fill My Pool Now What?

    As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases .

    Owning a pool is awesome until you realize just how long it can take to fill one up. Then youre going to start looking for people with high pressure hoses and lots of water like the fire department. But is it OK to ask your fire department to fill your pool?;

    Firefighters can fill up your pool, but they rarely will. Most fire departments dont have the time to do so. If you contact your local fire department about this be prepared for them to say no or to charge a reasonable fee for doing so, this fee will typically be given to charity.

    Not only will we tackle the question of whether firefighters will fill up your pool but we also look at whether you can use a fire hydrant to fill up your pool and whether firefighters have a right to take water from your pool in an emergency.;

    Your # 1 priority is keeping your family safe. As a firefighter, I recommend everyone have a home safety kit that can ensure everyone you love gets out quickly and unharmed, in the event of a fire or other emergency. Here is the Safety Kit that I recommend.

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    Do Fire Stations Fill Pools

    Cost: Varies tremendously. In some places, a fire department will do it for free, as an exercise to flush the line. In other places, they will do it for the cost of water, or perhaps you need to rent the hoses or pay an access fee. In some cities, you cant do it at all and can get arrested for trying.

    Temporary / Hydrant Permit

    In some instances, you may need a temporary source of water for a variety of uses. A non-permanent service connection requires a temporary/hydrant permit.;

    There are two types of permits available: metered and estimated. Metered permits are only issued for long-term usage . All other permits are estimated by Cleveland Water. Please note: Customers in suburban communities;must also supply a copy of the approval letter from the fire chief of that suburb to use the hydrants.

    Potential acceptable uses for a temporary/hydrant permit include:

    • Construction
    • Filling swimming pools or ponds

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    Will Firefighters Fill Up Your Pool

    Weve already established that firefighters can fill up your pool but its a much better idea to determine if they will fill up your pool and, sadly, in the majority of cases the answer to that question is going to be no.

    This is not because your local fire department is unwilling to do so. In fact, there are some very sound reasons for firefighters not to fill up your pool.

    How To Reduce Water Loss In A Pool

    When are the fire trucks filled with water in the fire ...

    Once youve spent all that time and money to fill your pool, you probably want your investment to pay off as long as possible. Also, testing and balancing a pool takes time and effort, and you dont want to simply waste your high-quality water. Here are some ways to keep all that water in your pool where you want it:;

    • Reduce evaporation. Evaporation will take about ¼ to ½ inch of water a day in an uncovered pool. Reduce evaporation by keeping the pool covered when it isnt in use, lowering the temperature on a pool heater, and using landscaping or barriers to protect the surface of your pool from wind.;
    • Reduce splashing. Every time someone leaves the pool, they carry water on their bodies, swimsuits, and in their hair. Diving, playing, fountains and water features, can all contribute to more splashout. To reduce splashout, keep the water level a bit low to prevent water from sloshing out over the side, and check the spray force and direction of fountains or waterfalls to keep them flowing back into the pool.;
    • Mind the backwash. Depending on the kind of pool filter you have, you may need to periodically backwash the filter to keep it clean. While cleaning the filter is necessary, and healthy for your pool, only backwash for as long as necessary, and stop the moment the water runs clear. And keeping your pool water balanced and sanitized will reduce strain on your filter, so you wont need to backwash as much or as often.;

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    Pool Water Delivery Service

    Believe it or not, you can get pool water delivered, almost as easily as ordering from Amazon. There are companies that will bring a tank of water to your house, and use high-capacity hoses to fill your pool quickly.;

    Some of these companies even offer pre-chlorinated water that will save you time in testing and balancing your pool. In some cities with water shortages or rationing, a water delivery service may be your only option.;

    Cost: This method is the most expensive, and costs increase based on the size of your pool, or any balancing or pre-treating options.;

    Time: This method is fast. Most pool water delivery tanks carry 6,000-8,000 gallons or more of water, and charge by the tank. A standard pool can be filled within a couple hours.;;

    Considerations: Its a good idea to call some local water delivery companies and request a quote before making a final decision. You can compare quotes, and compare it with the cost of filling a pool with city water. One advantage of using a pool water delivery service is that they are professionals at filling pools, and will be mindful of using the correct amount of pressure, and not damaging your pool liner.;

    How Long Can You Keep A Pool Closed

    So how long is too long when it comes to closing a pool? For example pools that are located in cold climate areas are all closed for six months or so every year and they are still fine. It is worth noting that in these areas pools are closed during very cold months when bacteria growth and insects are minimal.

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    Their Time Is Only For Emergencies

    Firefighters are one of the most dependable pillars of our society. So their time is of utmost value. But, unfortunately, even a slight delay of few minutes can become the reason behind irreversible damage to property and human lives.

    In the majority of big fire stations, tanks keep water stored strictly for emergency purposes. Why?

    • Firstly no one knows when a major fire will break out, and the city will need the services of all the fire trucks. Using the water to fill up swimming pools will be a considerable risk. Hence its logical not to provide any of such services in the first place.
    • Secondly, the fire stations cant give away resources kept for public service for free as there are severe maintenance costs involved in running everything smoothly.

    Does A Pool Add Value

    Firefighters helped kids fill pool

    The short answer is yes. If you add a pool to your home, its value will likely rise. Under optimal circumstances, a pool could boost your homes value by as much as 7%, according to Houselogic. Because of this general limit, youre unlikely to increase the value of your home by the amount that the pool costs.

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    Verify: Are Firefighters Allowed To Fill Pools

    HIGH POINT, NC — Have you the Charlotte Fire Department post that’s taking off on social media?


    Charlotte Fire Station 18 posted pictures of some of their firefighters filling a kiddie pool for some neighborhood kids. The post explains they were leaving a medical call when they saw the family trying to fill the pool using pots. So they pulled over and filled the pool with the water from their truck! Seeing the smiles on the kids faces was priceless.

    The post has been getting likes and shares from all over! But it also caught the eye of one of our Facebook followers, George. He sent WFMY a message that included the statement, “Fire depts are not allowed to fill swimming pools. Now I and plenty of other parents have to explain to their kids why the fireman can’t fill their pool.”

    So we wanted to verify if that’s true. Did the firefighters break the rules by filling this kiddie pool?

    But the kids in the Charlotte Fire Department’s pictures didn’t seem to mind.

    So we can verify our viewer George was correct in that departments are not allowed to fill swimming pools.

    The Time When They Might Fill It

    Having said that, I have heard of a couple of fire departments that will fill up your pool and they do it because they are under-utilized and because it allows them to raise additional funds for the service and for the city. They typically charge about $200 per 7,000 gallons pumped, which may not sound like much but for an ordinary sized pool you may need 30,000 gallons!;

    However, its important to note that these fire departments are the exception and not the norm.;

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    Use Garden Hoses To Connect With The Tap

    Use the city water supply to fill up your pool. Depending on the water pressure and your pool size, it can take one to two days to fill the swimming pool.

    But, if you live in a drought-prone area that suffers from severe water shortage issues, this can be a problem and can get quite pricey.

    You should call your local municipality or water supplier to let them know that you are filling up a pool. They can provide you with better and fast options for filling up the water.

    You may sometimes need to give the municipality extra sewage fees while using the city water for these purposes. Hence it is always better to call them first.

    Pros of using Garden Hoses to fill up Pools

    • No Need to depend upon anyone
    • Cheap
    • Optimized Water quality

    Cons of Using Garden Hoses to fill up pools

    • Its a slow process, can take 1 to 2 days. You can speed this process up if you have a water transfer pump.
    • In some places, such continuous use of tap water can lead to extra charges.

    How Much Does It Cost To Fill A Pool With Cement

    Do Fire Departments Still Fill Swimming Pools?

    How much does it cost to fillpoolaveragecostfillpoolpool

    People Also Asked, how much money does it cost to fill a pool?

    The average price to fill in an inground swimming pool is between $3,500 and $5,000. Read more about pool removal costs: The Homeowners Guide to Swimming Pool Demolition and Removal.

    Also know, how do you fill a concrete pool?Filling in a pool involves draining the pool, punching holes in the bottom, demolishing the top layer of the pool , placing the rubble in the bottom, filling in the pool with additional dirt and topsoil, and compacting the soil.


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