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Where Are Harris Pool Pumps Made

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Harris Proforce Above Ground Pool Pumps

How-To Completely Replace Pool Equipment Harris Pump/Hayward Filter

Harris ProForce Above Ground Pool Pumps cost less than big name brands, yet still offer outstanding results and performance. These pumps are made with heavy-duty, corrosion-proof construction. The stainless steel motor shaft is constructed with a reinforced thermoplastic body for longer life and durability. Advanced engineering provides high efficiency and minimal noise. The strainer includes a large, easy-to-clean filter basket. The see-through, twist and lock lid allows for quick viewing of the strainer. Meets or exceeds all CSA and ETL requirements. Pumps are not to be used with storable pools. The ProForce 3/4 HP is 115 Volts, has 1.5 inch connection sizes on both suction and discharge ports, 1.5 inch internal threading, 2.5 inch external threading, has a convenient drain plug and comes with standard three-prong plug connection on a 3 foot cord. Pump dimensions: 21 inches Length by 11 inches Height by 9 inches Width, 6.5 inches from Floor to Suction Port, and 7.75 inches from Floor to Discharge Hose.

Pentair 340039 Superflo High Performance Single Speed Pump

If you want to use a pool pump smoothly and quietly, then this is the pump that you should choose. This is considered to be the best single speed pool pump in town mainly because of its ability to pump in more water efficiently, which helps in lowering the operating cost.

This has thick-walled body parts that assure you of better durability and strength thus, this pool pump will last longer and can provide the utmost efficiency for your pool. Because it performs with less effort, it is less susceptible to wear and tear.

Furthermore, it is designed with the most durable materials so that it can stand the most demanding conditions. If you are looking for a pump that is effective enough to keep water circulation going properly but will help you save money, then this is the pool pump for you.

Keep in mind that Pentair is one of the most preferred brands when it comes to pool pumps because of their high-quality and efficient products.


  • Only offers 1-year warranty service

Customers say:

Great pump, quick, and powerful

Super quiet, easy, and powerful

Harris H1572730 Proforce 15 Hp Above Ground Pool Pump

The Harris H1572730 ProForce is an above ground pool pump that delivers an efficient and reliable performance. The unit comes with a powerful 1.5 HP motor that is capable of forcefully driving volumes of water within a few hours, ensuring that your pool stays clean while cutting down on operational costs. Like any other Harris pool pump, this unit is extremely easy to install. Amazingly, you do not need any special installation skills as it comes with a detailed DIY manual that you can use to set up the pump within minutes.Interestingly, the Harris H1572730 pump is much quieter compared to other units within its class yet it still manages to deliver an outstanding performance beyond expectations. It features a stainless steel motor shaft and a reinforced thermoplastic body engineered to withstand corrosion while keeping noise at a minimum.Moreover, it comes with a double-sized seal that prevents water from getting into the pump further extending the life of the motor. In terms of maintenance, this pump by Harris has an easy-to-clean filter basket with a see-through lid that allows you to see when the strainer requires cleaning. Moreover, the large strainer is capable of holding a huge amount of debris at any given time, meaning that you will only need to clean the basket a few times every month. The pump also has a drain plug that comes in handy for easy winter maintenance.


  • Does not have shut off switch

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Why Pool Pumps Overheat And What You Can Do To Stop It

Editor’s Note: This is the first entry of a two-part series. The second part will appear online and in AQUA Magazine in May.

Your pool pump is overheating, and you want to know why it’s happening and how to fix it. This two-part story is about what causes pool pumps to run too hot, what you can expect moving forward if you suspect your pump is overheating and some ways to remedy the problem.

Pool pumps use a lot of power, and as a result, they must dissipate large amounts of heat as part of normal operation. Combine that with the fact that most pool pumps operate in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the year, and you have the potential for an overheated motor. Most electric motors have a thermal disconnect designed to cut the power if the pump overheats, which should prevent the pump from catching on fire…usually. Clearly, it happens as there is more than enough power, and friction, in a pump to catch fire.

A pool pump can overheat in two ways: because of an electrical problem or friction. While electrically related failures are by far the most common cause for pump overheating, as we will discuss at length, there is also the potential for a friction fire to develop if a pump is starved for water. This is the case for the burnt pump casing that you see in the photo this pump was operated with no water for an extended period of time.

Harris H1572748 Proforce 15 Hp In

5 Best Harris Pool Pump Reviews 2020: ( Expert Guide )

The Harris H1572748 ProForce is a high-performance pool pump designed for in-ground swimming pools. The pump comes with a variety of premium features and it costs almost half the price of major brands, making it one of the most reliable and affordable pool pumps available today.As the name ProForce implies, this pump offers 1.5 horsepower, which is more than sufficient to drive large volumes of water quickly and swiftly. With such kind of power, you only need to run the pump a few hours a day to filter your pool, saving on time and energy costs. Despite having such a powerful motor, this pool pump runs so quietly youd forget it is on. This makes it ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas such as residential homes and care facilities.Another great feature is that you can change the voltage from 230V to 115V at the flick of a switch, making this pool pump by Harris well suited for premises that have different power configurations. We also loved the fact that the pump is very easy to install. In-fact, you do not need to call a pool technician, as the package comes with a manual for easy DIY installation.The only concern is that the pump can sometimes overheat in extremely humid conditions. However, with its reinforced thermoplastic body and graphite mechanical seals, you should expect this pump to serve you for years to come without malfunctioning.


  • Automatic shut off for enhanced safety


  • The pump may overheat in hot, humid conditions

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Hayward Maxflo Vs Pool Pump


At a Glance

The impressive MaxFlo VS pump is an easy drop-in. Its capable of running the pool circulation independently or connected to any automation system. Compatible with the entire MaxFlo range, so its an easy retrofit.

According to the manufacturer this 1.65 HP MaxFlo Variable Speed pool pump is rated by EPA ENERGY STAR as the most efficient pump of its kind.

  • SPEED OPTIONS: As you would expect this pump is fully programmable between 600 and 3450 RPM. It does also come set up with customisable presets of 1000, 1750, 2500 and 3250 RPM. A quick clean button can fire up the pump at the maximum which most pool vacuums require.
  • TIMER: Fully customisable start and stop run times.
  • THE DIGITAL INTERFACE:Easily the best on the market in terms of ease of use and adaptability. Four different screen orientations are available, or it can be removed and placed anywhere up to 500 ft away . A real winning feature.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Excellent wiring instructions. The MaxFlo can be controlled from most third party systems or the Haywards OmniLogic controller.
  • RANGE OPTIONS: The highlighted 0.85 or a 1.65 HP model.
  • BUILD QUALITY: Fan cooled motor. Ultra low noise impact and an award winning efficiency rating whats not to like here.
  • POWER: Hayward MaxFlo Variable Speed Pool Pump is available using 230V power source. Check out the Haywards Super Pump below for 115v connections.

How Do You Prime The Pool Pump

Step 1: Turn the Dial Valve to Recirculate

If your pool pump has a multiport valve, it needs to be turned to recirculate. The water will be directed to the filter head and then back to the pool.

Step 2: Remove Blockage or Plugs

If your filter has anything blocking the flow of water, remove it immediately.

Step 3: Check The Pump For Water

The pump needs to be filled with water if you lift the lid and it appears dry, add new water before the process.

Step 4: Turn the Pump On

Once the pump is turned on, water should begin filling the pump housing. After its full, you can consider your pump primed.

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Are Variable Speed Pumps Worth It

The quick answer is yes definitely. Variable speed pool pumps do cost considerably more than a single or dual speed pump. Theres a reason for that, and plenty of compelling reasons why you should pay the extra, and invest in one right away.

When youre investing in anything youre hoping to make a some kind of return. With a variable speed pool pump you dont just hope for a return, youre almost certainly guaranteed make your money back quickly and be in profit after a year or so. Who doesnt likes that kind of investment.

If that sounds too good to be true, well it isnt. Theres solid facts and science to back it up. Were going to take a look at the facts and features that make a variable speed pump such a compelling choice.

Perhaps the startling figures below taken from the US Department of Energy will surprise and probably shock you.

Check out the table, if youre currently running a single speed pump then its running at 3450 rpm all day and all night. Yikes !!

Variable Speed Pump Speed Versus Power In Watts

Harris 72755c Proforce 2

Variable Speed Pool Pumps ~ The Truth Behind the Lies ~ PART 1 – Ultimate Pool Guy 2019
  • Carborundum & graphite mechanical seals for longer life and quiet operation
  • Large capacity extra leaf holding basket while allowing for free flowing operation
  • See-through strainer cover lets you see when the basket needs to be cleaned
  • Self-priming Drain plug for easy maintenance for winterizing
  • This item is not eligible to ship to California.

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Harris’s ProForce Inground 2-Speed Pool Pumps deliver outstanding performance and reliability at a fraction of the price of the big name pands. Heavy-duty construction and advanced engineering provide high efficiency and quiet operation. These pumps are designed and manufactured to meet all CSA and ETL requirements. Note: Not for use with storable pools.

Benefits of the Harris 2-Speed Pool Pumps for Your Inground Pool:

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Best Single Speed Pool Pump Brands:

Except for cost, I see no difference in the above ground pool pump offerings. Centrifugal vane pumps have not changed in 150 years. Motors have gotten better over the years but little else.

Hayward, Pentair, Jandy, and Reliant all make a great single speed pump. It might be of interest for you to know, whatever the brand, most use the same motor. You could buy a round flange , or square flange motor from A.O. Smith to replace the pump-motor thats on your Hayward, Jandy, or Pentair pump. Century supplies most manufacturers with pump motors.


Best Place to Buy A 1 HP In-ground Single Speed Pump $325.00 to $360.00

Best Place to Buy A 1 HP Above-Ground Single Speed Pump MGK Pools $145.00 to $170.00

I could easily argue and show you why you should never buy a single speed pool pump. That goes for above ground pools too. Unless you burn money as a past time, do your self a favor and shell out the extra few bucks for the variable speed mentioned further down in this article. Or a two-speed pump for an above ground pool.

I know for you above ground pool people this is a big leap, but not only will it last longer than any above ground pump, but it will also pay for itself over the long haul. Most variable speed pumps come with a timer that above ground pool pumps are sorely lacking.

Single Speed Pool Pump

A single speed pool pump has an induction style electric motor. It is thus only able to operate on one single constant speed. This means you cannot increase or decrease the pumping power. The only control is by turning it on and off. Its standard speed is set at 3,450 rpm.

The single speed pool pump is the oldest type of pool pump around. The induction AC motor, and current producing torque in order to allow it to turn makes use of electromagnetic induction. This model tends to make a lot of noise, and although it is basic and cheap, uses a lot of energy, making it expensive to run in the long run.

The Pros

  • Very effective at pumping water
  • One speed makes setting constantly at high, ensuring great water circulation throughout the pool
  • Very popular due to being around for so long and thus has a proven track record
  • A really affordable pool pump that is easy to find and replace

The Cons

  • Although relatively cheap, a single speed pool pump is not energy efficient as when compared to other pool pumps
  • It uses more electricity than other pumps because it constantly pumps at a high speed
  • It creates much more noise than other pool pumps
  • The cause of the high noise levels includes the high water flow, the pressure on the bearings and pump from the high motor speed, and the head pressure

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Two Numbers You Need To Know

The length of time it takes for all the water in your pool system to pass through the filter is called the turnover rate. To maintain healthy swimming conditions, your turnover rate should be approximately eight hours. To find the perfect pump for your pool, you must find the pump that can accomplish this feat. This number is measured in gallons per minute or litres per minute and is called the flow rate.

  • Flow rate: Determine the total amount of gallons your pool holds and divide that by 8, then divide that answer by 60. That number is the gallons per minute that your pump needs to move in order to filter all the water in your pool in eight hours.Additionally, if you have an in-ground pool, you’ll need a pump that is strong enough to overcome the resistance that is created by trying to force water through all the pipes of your pool. That number is measured in feet of head.

  • Resistance: Measure the distance between each skimmer and drain to your pump. Add those numbers together. Divide that total by the number of skimmers and drains in your system. That number is your feet of head.

Use these two numbers to reference pool pump flow charts to determine how much horsepower you will need to achieve a proper turnover rate for your particular pool.

How Hot Is Too Hot

Harris 72754C ProForce 2

This pump was starved for water for an extended period. Over time, the friction from the spinning impeller was enough to melt the casing and ultimately set the unit ablaze – a relatively rare event.

All electric motors run hot and pool pumps are no different. But how hot is too hot for a pool pump? The first test is simply whether you can touch the motor or not.

Under normal operating conditions, the motor end of the pump is hot enough that you can barely touch it but not searing hot. If you check your pool pump motor and find it is far too hot to be able to touch with your hand, that’s not good. You should be able to place your hand on the motor for at least a few seconds without getting burned. If your pump is so hot that you cannot even rest your hand on top of the motor, it may be a sign that something internal on the pump is failing.

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Once a heat-related failure is experienced, a downward spiral effect has started that will most likely result in the pump failing completely. The pump usually won’t just turn off. Before a pump will turn itself off , the problem will need to be fairly severe. It is not uncommon for pumps with heat damage to run for a few days, up to a year or more, before they finally deteriorate to the point that you will need a new pump.

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Pentair Variable Speed Pump : Superflo

At a Glance

As variable speed pool pumps go this is a pretty affordable choice. Plenty of features, and the Pentair build quality makes this quite a compelling replacement option.

Simple to fit, in fact its a just a simple drop in replacement for the Hayward Super Pump. Its also a suitable replacement for any pool currently using up to a 1.5 HP pump.

  • Up to 80% Energy saving.

Why Harris Pool Pump

  • 3 Conclusion
  • Harris Pool Pump is one of the pool products made by Harris. It is a humble company specializing in pool equipment including filters, solar covers, and winter covers. Their limited products are proof that they exert their expertise on the things they do best.

    The pool pumps the company made are built for quality. The motors are designed to stay cool and quiet during operation and the Harris pool pump installation can cater to anything from as simple as a backyard pool to a more complicated indoor pool design of a resort hotel.

    The best part of it all is that their products are affordable compared to most of the competitive brands in the pool pump market. Additionally, if you lost your copy of the Harris pool pump manual, you can easily download it on their site.

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