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How To Level Ground For Pool Without Digging

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Why Your Above Ground Pool Needs To Be On Level Ground

How to level the ground for a pool without digging – (A Helpful Step by Step Guide)

Level ground plays a critical role in ensuring your pool is safe, sturdy, and ready for use. There are two major aspects of an above ground pool are affected by the evenness of the ground you build on:

  • Water level
  • Structural integrity

While not directly affected, location also plays a strong part in determining the longevity of your above ground pool.

How To Level The Ground For Your Pool

Above ground pools are an affordable alternative to inground pools, but you have to install it correctly to make sure it can last you for years to come. One of the most important considerations is having a level surface for your swimming pool to sit on.

Below, Ill cover why its important to level the ground underneath your pool and the step-by-step process to level your backyard and confidently install your above ground pool. Lets dive in.

How To Level The Ground For A Pool Without Digging: The Easiest Way

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you must be wondering how to level the ground for a pool without digging. It is difficult to imagine a more significant threat than diving into a refreshing pool on a scorching summer day. This dream is quickly fused if the pool is not correctly installed or leveled.

If you place an above ground pool on the unlevel pool you will find yourself with an unnaturally deep end on one side of the pool. Not only does this look bad, but it is also dangerous.

An improperly installed pool can be a big hazard for anyone using the pool as the force of the water can break out the side of the pool and violently push the contents, including the swimmer, out of the pool.

Not only will you risk injury to the people in the pool, but you also run the risk of hurting anyone standing outside of the pool. This would mean the end of summer fun as you know it. To stop this from happening, take your time, get it right, and level it the first time. The following will teach you how to level the ground for a pool without digging.

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How To Level Ground For Pool Without Digging

It is almost everyones dream to have a swimming pool for the summer season in the backyard of their house. And having a flat, solid pool foundation makes everything easier for you. The longer your pool lasts, the flatter and more robust the foundation needs to be. If the pool foundation isnt level, your pool liner will tear, crack, and come apart over time.

Are you aware that you can do the task without having to dig? Yes, you certainly can! It is a far more convenient and cost-effective method of leveling your pool. Everyone understands how critical it is to correctly construct or level an above-ground pool and maintain it consistently, regardless of cost.

What Youve Been Missing

How To Level Ground For Easy Set Pool

How to level the ground for a pool without digging

If youre ground is not even, then your pool wont have enough ground support. Fortunately, there are some ways on how to level ground for easy set pool.

How To Level Ground For Easy Set Pool? | Sage Bathrooms

If youre going to install an easy set pool somewhere in yourbackyard, youre going to need to level the ground. Pools that are placed inuneven ground settings tend to have less support from the flooring. When thathappens, your pool may tilt to a corner. That definitely wont be good for thepool in the long run.

To avoid any future problems, its best to learn how to level ground for easy set pool before you install it. That way, you can be assured of its sturdiness.


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The Best Way To Level A Yard Without A Bobcat

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Many factors can contribute to uneven lumps and holes in the yard. Burrowing gophers are notorious for turning a lawn into something that resembles a minefield. Digging dogs can do the same, and the careless work of the original builders or repair contractors can leave owners with all sorts of bumps and ruts to fill in. Unless you’ve got a mountain to move, there’s no need to hire someone with a Bobcat. A shovel, pickaxe and some time and perseverance are often all that’s needed to make the yard more level and useful.

Above Ground Pool Leveling Kit

Now that we are clear on why trying to figure out how to set up above ground pool on the unlevel ground is not recommended, we will go ahead and show you the tools you need for leveling the ground. The above ground pool leveling kit does not feature complicated items it features items that facilitate the following:

  • Skimming the ground surface
  • Determining whether the surface is properly level
  • Removing excess soil or earth

More often than not, you will find the following tools in the above ground pool leveling kit of most pool installers:

  • Wheelbarrow and shovel for picking up earth and debris
  • Stake or metal rod for indicating the pools center
  • Tape measure
  • Spray paint for marking pool perimeter
  • Crushed stones usually limestone for the pools sub-surface
  • Hand tamper

Q: How Do You Level the Ground for An Intex Pool?


When installing an Intex pool, you will need to find the most level location on your compound. Use a level on a long board to locate the high and low areas on your chosen spot. If the difference between the low and high side is more than 2 inches, remove dirt to make the location more level. You can also use sand to improve the level of your chosen installation spot.

Q: Can I Use A Tarp Under My Pool?


Q: How Do I Level My Ground for A Pool Without Digging?


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Water And Tamper The Ground

Once the ground is raked, it should be watered and then rolled to ensure maximum compactness. For ultimate compactness in the soil, a hose or sprinkler can be running on low for around an hour before the ground is tamped. Tamping cannot be overstated in importance, especially with a project such as a pool. You want the ground as firm, taut, and level as possible. Tamping can help make sure the ground is in proper condition to withstand the weight and pressure of your new pool.

So What Then Makes For A Poor Above Ground Pool Installation

How do I level my ground for a pool without digging?

There are a number of ways an above ground can come out badly installed. The most common one is having wrinkles in the liner. Another is when the pool is misshapen or the uprights are not vertical. There is also equipment that leak and/or the skimmer and return fitting that is not tightly installed.

Another fairly common shortcoming do-it-yourselfers make is the groundwork. Pool bottoms can be off level, lumpy, foot printy , rocky, and rough. Some bypass the very physically demanding, but necessary, step of removing the sod. They just lay down some sand on top of the grass for leveling and then build the pool. Big mistake!

All of the above mistakes in building an above ground pool are annoying and shouldnt be accepted, if you are paying for an installation. However, to me the biggest indicator of a poorly built pool is when it is off level. Getting an above ground at least fairly level can be difficult, but its worth the effort. Heres why:

Water Has to Be Level It Has to Be!

Take a half-full glass of water and tilt it. Notice that the glass becomes off level, but the water does not. Now take the glass and shake and swirl the water. Try to disrupt the water in any creative way you want and then tilt the glass again. Thats right. The water stays level regardless. This is because it is liquid and has a weight so the water will always distribute evenly against the pull of the earth or gravity. Did I overexplain? Sorry.

Above Grounds That Are Too Off Level

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Easy Set Pool: Without Digging Method

You only need to follow eight steps when setting your easy set pool using the digging method. They are:

  • Find the perfect site for placing your pool and mark it with stakes.
  • Clear the sod and grass from the marked area.
  • Get a rolling tamper.
  • Roll the tamper on the cleared area to level it.
  • Add some sand on the surface about 1-2 inches layer.
  • Add more sand if you find that there are uneven spots left.
  • Use the tamper again to ensure that the sand levels up.
  • Install your easy set pool.
  • That is how you can have your pool ready without digging the ground.

    The Pool Will Just Look Wrong

    Ive seen my share of uneven pools, and its immediately noticeable. Like a glass balancing off center, when the water is not close to being level in your pool its a real sorry sight.

    You can immediately see one side is lower than the other, and you can bet everyone else who comes to your yard and sees your pool will think the same way.

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    The Water Level Will Be Uneven

    A few inches of unevenness may not matter that much. However, the deeper side tends to become even deeper as time progresses. This compromises swimming safety since the risk of drowning increases, especially for the kids.

    Also, if you do plan to install pool skimmers to keep your pool clean, they wont work effectively if the water level is not even.

    How To Check The Ground For Level Before Installing A Pool

    How to Level Ground for Easy Set Pool

    I know, I know, we havent even started leveling the ground yet.

    Butit is important to know HOW to properly check the ground or level before you start leveling so that you can track your progress and adjust where necessary.

    You will need to check the ground for level multiple times throughout the process, especially after pouring or tamping any material.

    Grab a nice and straight 2×4 that is about as long as the radius of your pool. One end should be sitting at the center mark of your pool.

    Lay the board on-end, and fasten a long I-beam level to the center of it.

    A smaller length level is not going to cut it here. You will need one AT LEAST 48 long, minimum.

    Youre going to swing the level around the circle, keeping the one end on the center point the whole time. This is the easiest way to check the overall level of the area.

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    S To Follow Before Leveling

    Before beginning to level the ground, there is some preliminary stuff that you need to get out of the way. Fret not. Its not so complicated. We have a suitable setup for you right here!

    Step 1: Find a perfect location

    Its pretty impossible to move a pool once its been put up without emptying it and fully disassembling it. So pick the appropriate area before you begin.

    Locate a suitable location for the pool installation. Make sure there are no utility lines beneath the surface. We will suggest you choose the flattest spot in your backyard.

    Step 2: Clean that spot

    If there are any plants in the area, you must remove them. In the place where youll put your pool, the earth must be barren. You wont be able to level grass-covered ground.

    The simplest method is to place a tarp over the area where you wish to put your pool. The tarp will kill the grass, making it easier to clear the area. You can also cut or relocate the trees using a sod cutter.

    Step 3: Inspect the area

    A thorough examination of the area is possible. This assessment should search for any noticeably unequal regions. It can be done with or without the use of specific equipment.

    Its better to employ technology that can detect places that arent visible to the naked eye. Lower-level areas should be filled in to match the higher-level regions.

    Step 4: Test the area with a plank

    Step 5: Correct the unevenness

    Step 6: Water and temper the ground

    Choosing The Right Method

    The method you choose for leveling the ground depends on what you have and what you can afford. For instance, you might have a shovel that can help you to dig the dirt or maybe you have a rolling tamper to even that surface without digging.

    Note: You can use a tamper even when you decide to follow the digging method. It will make the ground even out better.

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    How To Set Up Above Ground Pool On Unlevel Ground

    Having an above-ground pool gives you the freedom to enjoy a refreshing bath whenever you want. Additionally, it does not need to occupy a large area of your backward permanently. Thus, it works like an excellent solution to having a pool at your home.

    However, most people have unlevel ground that makes it harder to set up a pool. In this case, you need to make sure your pool can get proper support from the floor as well.

    This article will cover how you can set up an above ground pool on the off-level ground. However, it includes leveling the ground to make it easier supportive of your pool walls.

    So, lets start by discussing the problems you may face with a pool on uneven surface.

  • Final Words
  • When Should I Consider Levelling The Pool

    How to level the ground for a swimming pool – (Easy Way)

    Even if you avoid an uneven pool designs unpleasant look, you can not avoid the unbalanced water level on your pool. Additionally, it is dangerous to use such pools as even a single stone can make things worse for you. There are many instances where the pools structure is damaged due to the displacement of a stone or stakes.

    That is why manufacturers of these pools provide clear instructions to set them up on leveled floor or ground. If you avoid your grounds unevenness, you can not enjoy a balanced water level in your pool.

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    Five: Assemble Your Wooden Plank Level

    Take a 1 by 6 plank of wood. Make sure the length is at least 6-inches longer than your pools radius. Center a 4foot level one of the 1-inch sides of for your planks. You can use duct tape to secure it onto that point.

    Drive a 4-inch nail halfway through the opposite 1 side of your plank. The nail and level should be on the opposite ends. Replace the metal stake in the ground with a 2-inch square wooden stake. The top of the stake should be level with the territory.

    Next, line the nail in your plank up with the wooden stake. Drive the nail into the middle of the wooden stake. This way, your plank can move around the area where your pool will sit.

    How To Level Ground For A Pool Like A Pro

    Every summer, when youd look outside your window, you crave a swimming pool sitting in the heart of your yard where you can have a warm bath and enjoy the hot afternoon with your family.

    Youve tried everything. But it looks like theres never going to be a possibility of a pool there because of the uneven terrain.

    No! No! No! Theres a solution. In this article, Im going to walk you through the whole process of how to level ground for a pool. And trust what youre going to read because after reading this article, youll heed the call to invest in an above ground pool.

    You and your kids will enjoy this summer like never before. But first, understanding how to level the ground for a pool and why you should level ground for your pool is a crucial one on this journey.

    Its one of the requirements for your pool, so its important that you know why such a step is vital.

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    Why Do You Need To Level The Ground For A Pool

    Its worth noting out why this even matters. Your above-ground pool is going to be really heavy once its set up.

    Its also not made of concrete or hardened steel, so its not as robust and durable as you might expect.

    Hence the immense cost savings of above ground vs. inground pools.

    The weight mainly comes from the massive amount of water thats going into it.

    Having a solid, flat foundation for your pool makes everything easier. A foundation that isnt level will lead to tearing, cracking, and your pool liner falling apart over time.

    In some cases, people want to pour a level of concrete as a base layer.

    However, the roughness of hand-poured concrete can scratch your pools liner and also lead to failure. If youre looking to lay concrete, you should use commercial pads.

    At any rate, the flatter and sturdier the foundation is, the longer your pool will survive.

    As a rule of thumb, you want the ground to be within an inch or two in height from one corner to the other.

    Rather watch than Read? Heres a great Video from Hoov45:

    Smoothing A Bumpy Yard

    Complete Guide: How To Fix an Unlevel Pool Without ...
  • Remove any plants from the area to be leveled. Healthy ornamental plants can be temporarily potted up with the soil they’re growing in and replanted after the yard has been leveled. They should be kept moist and placed in a shady location.

  • Remove soil from the high points of the yard and spread it in holes and low-lying areas. Use a pickaxe or mattock to break up hard-packed soils. The goal is to lower the height of any mounds while filling in depressions so that both are consistent with the surrounding soil level and equalizing the grade throughout the yard.

  • Smooth out all areas of disturbed soil with a hard metal rake to create the final grade.

  • Return the plants to their original locations or redesign the plant arrangement, if desired. Water thoroughly and spread 2 to 3 inches of mulch over the root zone of the plants to keep the roots cool and moist.

  • Spread straw or other mulch over all areas of bare earth to suppress weed growth and prevent erosion. Grass or other plantings can be added immediately or in the future.

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