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How To Spot Dark Pool Activity

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Why Is It Important To Monitor Dark Pool Orders

SPY at ATH with Notable Size Dark Pool Activity After-hours – So what is a Signature Print?

Even though dark pool exchanges were invented for institutions to hide their positions, by using options order flow programs, we are able to monitor dark pool transactions. However, we cannot see if these transactions were executed at the bid and ask, which is what stock traders rely on when reading the tape. Despite the lack of visibility, we can see the spot price, share quantity, the ticker, and the total amount spent. This information is important because dark pools tend to be huge transactions, potentially affecting investor sentiment. If we, as retail traders, can learn how to read dark pool orders, then we can ultimately discern which direction that stock is going to move in. Large amounts of buying and selling of the underlying security is what ultimately moves a ticker, and we, therefore, want to make sure we pay special attention to share activity.

A Guide To Dark Pool Investing

There are two reasons one may choose to conduct dark pool trading. First, it could make your job sound far more thrilling than it actually is. Stock analyst might not light up the conversation at a party. Dark pool traders, on the other hand, probably ride motorcycles to work at an undisclosed location. No one will know what you do. And, for security purposes, you cant tell them.

The second, more practical reason is to conduct trades without influencing the . Dark pool investing is a straightforward solution to a relatively common problem.;However, its not a problem many retail investors will likely have. Heres a breakdown of dark pool investing.

Finra Makes Dark Pool Data Available Free To The Investing Public

WASHINGTON As part of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ‘s effort to increase market transparency and thereby enhance investor confidence, FINRA today began providing data indicating the activity levels in each alternative trading system , including all market facilities commonly called “dark pools.” This important information will shed light on the securities that are traded in each “dark pool,” which occurs away from traditional stock exchanges. While the trades in these facilities are made available on a real-time basis to investors and professionals today through securities information processors , these trades are not attributed to a specific ATS or “dark pool.” Under FINRA’s new transparency initiative, the public will now be able to see the total shares traded each week by security in each ATS or “dark pool.” This data will be provided to the non-professional investing public free of charge and is available through FINRA’s website. ATSs account for a significant percentage of total OTC trading in exchange-listed equities in the United States. Currently over 30 percent of the total National Market System volume of shares traded occurs over the counter.

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The information contained in this post is solely for educational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. The risk of trading in securities markets can be substantial. You should carefully consider if engaging in such activity is suitable for your own financial situation. TRADEPRO AcademyTM is not responsible for any liabilities arising as a result of your market involvement or individual trade activities.

Unusual Options Activity: Conclusion

Dark Pool Activity In Citi C Stock â GuerillaStockTrading

It is essential to integrate a good process during the trading day to spot and utilize this type of options activity. Hedge Funds on Wall Street have vast groups of traders, and they are day trading options all day long based on extensive analysis because they take their job seriously.

You should treat your trading with the same respect as a professional, institutional trader. The more time you invest, the better your results will be. Start small, trade 1 contract once you made progress trading paper money. Trading 1 contract already means that you control 100 shares of the underlying stock.

Do it step by step and increase the leverage slowly. Ensure to reduce the contracts traded if things dont go the way you want or if the market is completely irrational or volatile. Unusual options activity will be here today, tomorrow, and for the next decade.

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Spotgamma Dark Pool Indicator

For every available stock, SpotGamma has constructed a Dark Pool Indicator which measures buying and selling activity in Dark Pools. Can Dark Pool activity predict stock returns?

Heres what we know, based on aggregated S&P 500 data going back to January of 2018:

  • When the DPI is >45%, stocks have a positive return over 5, 20 and 60 day time frames
  • When the DPI is <30%, stocks have a negative return over the next 20 and 60 day time frames.

Get started with a five-day free trial to SpotGamma Pro and see the Dark Pool Indicator in action for every available stock.

How To Spot Dark Pool Activity

There are a host of simple tricks you can use to indirectly spot activity in a dark pool. As an individual investor, you cant really peer into the pools themselves. But you can see traces of their transactions on the public markets.

Its a bit like looking out the window to see how windy it is. The wind itself is invisible, but you can indirectly gauge its presence by watching the leaves blow around.

One simple way to spot dark pool activity is by monitoring the internet. Financial journalists are constantly racing to report on big institutional trades. And theyre not easily deterred by something like a private computer network.

If you dont trust the journalists to get the scoop, then consider setting up Google Alerts for various mutual funds and other institutional investors. They are eventually required to disclose all of their trades, even if its a while after the fact. By making sure youre the first to know about dark trades, you can get ahead of the public in making money off of them.

Finally, our Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green is very familiar with dark pool investing. His years of experience on Wall Street have taught him exactly how to spot these quiet but massive trades.

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How To Follow Stefanie Kammerman

You can follow Stefanie on several social media platforms. I recommend that you do this because she often gives out free dark pool trading information.


Access to the Java Pit Chatroom costs about $70 a month. That seems very reasonable. The Java Pit chatroom is very helpful as traders spot more dark pool trade prints as a team than individually.

Can Dark Pool Activity Predict Stock Returns

Massive Dark Pool Activity $XLC

For every available stock, SpotGamma has constructed a Dark Pool Indicator which measures buying and selling activity in dark pools.

When the DPI is >45% it indicates strong buying or accumulation of a stock.

In contrast, a DPI <30% indicates large funds are selling their shares.

In the table below weve aggregated data for all individual stocks in the S&P500, going back to January of 2018.

Under the column All Days you can see the average 5 & 20 day return for all stocks, regardless of DPI. Following that we broke down the forward 5, 20 and 60 day returns for various DPI readings.

We only select those time periods in which the average for the last 5 days or 10 days was greater than the column group header.

For example, the data under the DPI>45 column and first row 5 day average DPI shows the forward 5, 20 and 60 day returns following periods in which the 5 day average DPI was >45%.

What you can see is that when the average DPI is >45% stocks have a positive return over 5, 20 and 60 day time frames.

However, when the DPI is <30% stocks have a negative return over the next 20 and 60 day period.

If you look for extreme buying with a DPI>60%, it doubles across all time periods.

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How To Integrate Dark Pool Trading Into Your Trading Plan:

TradePro AcademyTMs Upcoming Options and Order Flow Courses;

Towards the end of this month, TradePro AcademyTM will officially be launching our options and order flow courses, which in detail teach you the process of using options order flow to follow dark pool prints. Learning how to follow dark pool prints will be a huge difference-maker in your traders toolbox, and properly equip you in identifying future rallies and sell-offs in specific tickers and the broader market.

TradePro Flow Twitter

;In November 2020, TradePro AcademyTM launched its very own real-time options order flow alerts page on Twitter called TradePro Flow. In addition to tracking options order flow, TradePro Flow also tweets dark pool orders that are significant, accurately predicting rallies and sell-offs to assist you in your day trading strategies and overall portfolio management. Follow us today @tradeproflow and take advantage of this opportunity to incorporate dark pool trading into your trading plan.

Join us at TRADEPRO AcademyTM to learn how we take advantage of this strategy each morning during the US market open. There has never been a better time to make the investment in yourself!

What Is Dark Pool Investing

Dark pools, otherwise known as Alternative Trading Systems , are legal private securities marketplaces. In a dark pool trading system investors place buy and sell orders without disclosing either the price of their trade or the number of shares.

Dark pool trades are made over the counter. This means that the stocks are traded directly between the buyer and seller, oftentimes with the help of a broker. Instead of relying on centralized pricing, such as with a public exchanges like the NYSE, over-the-counter traders reach their price agreements privately.

There are three common types of dark pools: broker-dealer owned, agency broker or exchange-owned and electronic market makers. The first type is set up by broker dealers for their clients and may include proprietary trading. These prices come from their own order flow. The second acts like an agent rather than a principal and there is no price discover as the prices come from exchanges. The last type is offered by independent operators and there is no price discovery.

Dark pool exchanges keep their confidentiality because of this over-the-counter model, in which neither party has to disclose any identifying or price information unless specific conditions compel them to. For example, a public institution might have to publish this information due to disclosure laws that have nothing to do with the dark pool.

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Welcome To My Dark Pool Secrets Review We Will Delve Into The Owner Of Dark Pook Secrets And Hopefully You Will Learn About The Good

Side Note: Come and join our stock trading alerts Facebook group ! We also have a Stock Alerts Reviewed YouTube channel which we hope are helpful.

As a new trader its helpful to be part of a community of traders so you dont feel you are battling the market alone!

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this page. This means that if you click through and purchase anything, I could possibly make a commission without adding any extra cost to you.

The Stock Whisperer Strategy

Alert Update: NIO Pops After Dark Pool Activity

Stefanies strategy is complex but on the surface it is easy to understand. Her most important indicator is the volume of the shares traded on the dark pool exchanges.

Obviously, the bigger the volume and value of the shares the more conviction that something is going on. The smart money will not bet $100 MM on a whim.

They KNOW something.

They know that news is coming or some kind of catalyst will massively change the price of the stock.

Stefanie looks for these huge orders AND uses unusual options activity to figure out if the dark pool volume is buys or sells.

If she sees high volume options Puts AND huge dark pool share buys, the chances are that this is an institution SELLING. Of course, the opposite is true if the unusual options activity is Calls.

Unusual options activity is a very powerful tool to trade on insider information but if you can spot it early you can COPY the smart money.

Stefanie Kammerman does this very successfully. She often does overnight swing and day trades. Options can be extremely lucrative when you have a 90% win rate! She uses options to massively leverage her trades.

Stefanie figures out the top of a bullish run by finding where the big guys are selling their shares on the dark pool exchanges.

Imagine that you could go short or sell your long position at the very top of the chart! Stefanie Kammerman teaches her subscribers how to do just that!

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Flowalgo Is A Data Algorithm That Tracks Down Smart Money Transactions In The Stock And Equity Options Markets It Actively Monitors The Tape Market Wide

Smart Money Transactions, Front and Center.

FlowAlgo identifies Smart Money transactions by analyzing various data points on each order as they hit the tape including the order type, order size, the speed of the order, the pattern in which the order fills, the order volume, average volume, among many more.

Realtime, On-Demand, and Algorithmically Curated.

FlowAlgo tracks down only what’s truly valuable. Leaving out everything you don’t want or need. Every order that FlowAlgo reports to you has a high potential of being market moving.

You no longer have to dig for data or maintain complex spreadsheets. Order data is alerted to you in realtime and available at anytime, on-demand.

There Are Simple Techniques For Seeing What’s Happening In The Dark Pools That Drive The Stock Market And Ways To Make Money Off It

By Will Deener

11:16 AM on Dec 2, 2016 CST

Big cheeses on Wall Street have all the advantages when it comes to trading stocks — no surprise there.

Ever wonder why a stock drops even when the company’s quarterly earnings beat analysts’ expectations. Well, cunning investment rogues are often tipped off well in advance of the earnings release — hence the oft-used aphorism: Buy on the rumor; sell on the news.

Similarly, by the time most companies release a negative press release, it’s old news for the big boys. Company executives, bankers, brokers and hedge funds have already sold their positions. And so it goes.

I shared my market cynicism with Stefanie Kammerman, a savvy New York stock trader who was in Dallas recently attending an investment conference. I asked Kammerman if the stock market is manipulated. Her response was quick and resolute: “Of course it is, completely. There is insider trading; there are people going to jail; come on, there is a lot stuff going on. You have to get past that, but most people can’t.”

Kammerman, managing director of The Stock Whisperer Trading Company, runs an online trading room called The Java Pit. Anyone interested in trading stocks should check it out, but that’s not why I reached out to her.

Large investors daily buy and sell millions of shares of stocks and exchange traded funds anonymously in these dark pools. They have been around for years, and yet few small investors know of their existence, but they should.

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Stefanie Kammermann Dark Pool Review: Recent Results From Premium Chatroom

Stefanie is highly successful with her options trading strategy based on unusual dark pool activity. Here are some of her recent trades and results.

Average of 3% profits on 91% of Stefanies trade alerts.

A recent 90% profit on $KNDI short in just 2 days! I actually got a piece of this trade.not 90% though!

300% on $KODK ! Stefanie spotted the dark pool activity on this the day before it exploded on news.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dark Pools

GDX Stock Unusual Dark Pool Activity Detected

The biggest advantage of dark pools is that market impact is significantly reduced for large orders. Dark pools may also lower transaction costs because dark pool trades do not have to pay exchange fees,;while transactions based on the bid-ask midpoint do not incur the full spread.

If the amount of trading in dark pools owned by broker-dealers and electronic continues to grow, stock prices on exchanges may not reflect the actual market. For example, if a well-regarded mutual fund owns 20% of company RST stock and sells it off in a dark pool, the sale of the stake may fetch the fund a good price. However, unwary investors who have just bought;RST shares will have paid too much since the stock could collapse once the funds sale becomes public knowledge.

The lack of transparency in dark pools can also work against a pool participant since there is no guarantee that the institutions trade was executed at the best price. A surprisingly large proportion of broker-dealer;dark pool trades are;executed within the poolsa process that is known as internalizationeven in cases where the broker-dealer has a small share of the U.S. market. The dark pools opaqueness can also give rise to conflicts of interest if a broker-dealers proprietary traders trade against pool clients;or if the broker-dealer sells special access to the dark pool to HFT firms.

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What Are Dark Pools And How To Spot Them

By Samuel Taube

There are certain parts of the stock market that are above the level of any individual investor. Financial institutions often trade millions of shares at a time. These block trades can send a stock soaring or plummeting. And for that reason, the people who make them want privacy. So they frequently operate in hidden corners of the market known as dark pools.

These secretive trading forums operate outside of the major exchanges. They allow institutions to hide big trades from speculators and coat-tail investors. But in truth, theyre not completely dark. With the right know-how, you can spot dark pool activity. And you can profit handsomely from it.

Lets learn more about these mysterious and powerful back rooms of the financial system

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