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How To Build An Infinity Pool

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Faq About Infinity Pools

Building Infinity Pools in The Sims 3 – Tutorial | TSH #1

1. How does an infinity pool work?

An infinity pool creates the optical illusion that the pool has a disappearing edge. It appears as if the water spills over the edge of the pool and continues forever. But really, the water is caught in a basin residing just below the edge. The catch basin has a pump system that sends the falling water back up to the main pool.

2. How does an infinity pools cost compare to a traditional pools cost?

An infinity pool is much more expensive than an in-ground or above-ground pool. Theres also the cost of a semi-inground pool, which is either an in-ground pool thats raised above ground level or an above-ground pool sunk further into the ground.;Infinity Pool: $57,500 to $130,000In-ground Pool: $32,408 to $60,873Above-ground Pool: $1,698 to $5,969Semi-Inground Pool: $8,400 to $22,500

3. What is the difference between an endless pool and an infinity pool?

Infinity pools are sometimes referred to as endless pools because their illusion makes them appear continuous. But there is a difference between the two.;Endless Pools is a brand that creates small pools with a current-producing machine that allows you to swim in place continuously. Its like a treadmill, but for swimming.;Why is this important to know? When talking to your pool building pro, you dont want to refer to your infinity pool as an endless pool. Otherwise, your pro might think youre interested in building a current-producing pool made by Endless Pools.;

What Is An Infinity Pool Edge

An infinity pools edge is like the edge of any swimming pool, except that theres a dip in one section of it to allow water to flow over, into a lower catchment basin. To create the disappearing-edge illusion, infinity pools are designed without a visible cap: at the deck level, theres nothingcoping, pavers, or deckingto call attention to the edge.

An Infinity Pool Is Not Ideal For Every Place

An infinity pool is ideal for property owners who live on a hillside or on the slope of a mountain. A spectacular overlook of features such as a river, a lake, or an ocean is an added advantage.

However, an infinity pool cannot be constructed in a place without features that are necessary to achieve the desired effect.

Supposing you have a property located in a place without elevation change, it will not be possible for you to construct an infinity pool. A couple of feet in elevation change is necessary to make the infinity edge work.

On the other hand, you might have a property in a place with a steep slope. Although an infinity pool is possible in this case, the cost will drastically increase because of extensive engineering work that has to be done.

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What Is An Infinity Pool

An infinity pool, also known as a zero edge pool, looks like it disappears into the horizon. An infinity pool is designed to play a visual trick on the eye, making you think that there is no separation between the water and surrounding landscape features.

Do Infinity Pools Require Additional Maintenance

Building Fibreglass Infinity Pools in Queensland ...

Infinity pool technology is; more complicated than old-fashioned pool technology, so expect more maintenance requirements as well. The water catchment basin is an additional area to clean, for one thing. The filtration and water pump need to be monitored; if one gets clogged or the other breaks down, there will be no effective recirculation. And finally, as water flows over the edge of the pool and into a lower basin, it will evaporate faster than in a typical swimming pool.

See more design tips in our guide to Swimming Pools 101 in our curated design guides to Hardscaping 101 projects. Read more:

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The Advantages Of An Infinity Pool

They are of two kinds: technical and aesthetic

The main technical advantage is a cleaner water. Indeed, the water is perfectly recyclable over its entire surface, where the pollution is the strongest: surrounding dust, solar oil, pollens, ! In addition, the bottom inlets allow impurities to rise to the surface. Main consequences: fewer dead water zones and better efficiency of the treatment products. It is not for nothing that public swimming pools have been overflowing for a long time!

Just look at the pictures of overflowing pools to understand the visual effect and aesthetic interest. A cascading infinity pool built on a sloping plot opens up the horizon, but you dont need a panoramic view! A zero edge pool with the water level at the same level as the coping stones brings a feeling of zenitude to a garden, even if it is small.

Studies prove that a swimming pool adds between 5 and 20% to the value of a house. It goes without saying that an infinity pool will bring even more.

Constructing An Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are usually built on sloping sites, so looking down from the hill creates that desired infinity effect. The pools are installed partially or completely above the ground and the pool shell requires a special support that enables this. Compass Pools Australia has developed a unique Maxi Rib technology that uses a rib-like structure to provide the necessary support to enable this type of installation. At some sites, the pool can be installed above the ground on a concrete platform, or it can be set down on the natural ground level. This means that all sites, including sloping, flat, and raised ground, can be catered for. The Maxi Rib system has been specifically created by Compass Pools engineer Charles Rickard. As Rickard says, thanks to this technology its now possible to install a fibreglass pool on sites which previously would have been considered either too difficult or virtually impossible to proceed.;You can learn more about;it;in the Our Features section.

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Coping Stones And Pool Lining

The coping stones surround the pool walls and must be non-slip. They are laid with a slope towards the outside to prevent the terrace cleaning water from polluting the pool.For the interior lining, you will have to choose between tiling, liner, reinforced membrane , silico-marble coating, glass-fibre reinforced polyester, etc. Read this article before choosing the finishing coat for your pool, as some of them are more or less applicable depending on the way you have built your pool structure.

Total Duration Of The Work


Below is the approximative duration of each phase of the construction of an underground swimming pool:

  • Conception: about 1 month. Take time to think about your project
  • Administrative delay: 1 month minimum if the file is complete. Finding workers and buying equipment.
  • Construction: on average 3 months.

Taking the shortest possible time frame, we arrive at an overall duration of about 5 to 6 months. Obviously, depending on various factors including administrative delays and problems encountered during the construction phases, this can sometimes go up to 9 months. You may think, that for bathing at the beginning of June, you can start the work at the beginning of February. In theory you are right, but that is without taking into account the weather variations and the fact that everyone often thinks like this too, meaning there is often a shortage of workers.

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Building Infinity Pools In Tucson

An infinity pool; has the same look as a negative edge pool except the water flows over the edge.; Where the infinity;edge is designed, we depress the bond beam, or top of the wall, of the pool by 3.; The waterline tile is installed on a cant, or slope.; This cant can be sloped either to the inside or the outside of the bond beam.

Many, if not most, of the infinity;pools are built on a property that has a slope so that the water looks like it just flows off into space.; The outer edge of the pool wall is out of the ground and therefore it has to have a tile face so that any calcium from the water can be easily removed. ;This is one reason why;the cost of;this infinity;pools is higher.

Another reason for the extra;cost is the necessity to build;either a trough to collect the water as it flows over, or to install;an underground tank to house the water so it can be pumped back up into the pool.; If the pool is on a slope, the works necessary to form and shoot the pool up out of the ground also increase the building costs. In all, these additional;costs can amount to anywhere between;$10,000 and;$20,000, but once;finished, any well-engineered;infinity pool looks;absolutely;stunning!

We uploaded;a short video about our infinity pools to;YouTube. The gallery below illustrates a number of infinity pools built in Tucson and surrounding cities by our company.

The Structure Of The Pool

If youve chosen a hull, its time to have it delivered; for a kit, youll have to roll up your sleeves and call friends.For traditional concrete swimming pools, there are different methods: concrete, renforce concrete, hollows blocks

The future bottom of your pool is a concrete slab about 20cm thick. The steel bars will be prepared to be connected to the future walls structure to give cohesion to the whole structure.

Note that the bottom drain pipe is normally installed in the sand layer before the clean concrete; this is also true for the bottom inlets of an infinity pool.

The walls are built either in a single operation in the case of poured or shotcrete or in several stages if hollow blocks are used. This article explains the self-construction of a swimming pool in hollow blocks. The pipes for the various inlets, skimmers and underwater lights are located at the desired heights.

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Want To Know More About Infinity Swimming Pools

An infinity pool makes a beautiful and luxurious addition to any property, whether its a private home, a hotel, spa, leisure centre or other commercial property. If you are interested in having an infinity pool of your own, Natural Pools can help. We are an award-winning pool building company with over 35 years experience of building concrete and fibreglass pools for both residential and commercial properties.

We are based in Melbourne, so we mainly build pools throughout Victoria, but we are happy to travel you can find examples of our work all over Australia. Please contact us if you would like a consultation and quote, and we will be happy to work with you on the design and construction of your own infinity pool. Call;;now!

Cost Of Diy Infinity Pool Installation

Infinity pools: All you need to know about the edgeless pool

Infinity pool installation is not considered a DIY project. Building a vanishing edge pool requires advanced pool building expertise and expensive equipment.

Heres why:

  • Operating any pool building equipment may prove dangerous if you dont have the proper training.;
  • Attempting to install an infinity pool yourself may lead to costly mistakes.

To avoid damaging your property, call a local professional to build your infinity pool.;

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What Is An Infinity Pool And Can You Have One In Your Backyard

You have probably seen infinity pools by now those beautiful pools which appear to have only three walls, so the water disappears over the edge of the pool, blending in seamlessly with the horizon. These highly luxurious pools are no longer just the preserve of the rich and famous; now it is perfectly possible to have an infinity pool in your backyard.

Here we explore these fascinating pools, how they work, and how much it will cost you to have an infinity swimming pool of your own.

Designs For Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are one of the latest and most popular types of outdoor property additions to be developed. Unlike regular pools, infinity pools make use of natural landscaping to provide a beautiful and unique view of the surrounding area. Infinity pools contain at least one edge that has no visible wall. Water flows over from this wall and is caught in a catch basin below. It is then pumped back up into the main pool. The result is that it appears as if there is no edge to the pool. Read on for a few of the most popular designs and features of infinity pools throughout the world.

1. Waterfall Designs

Infinity pools are ideally set up for a waterfall design; the water will naturally flow over the edge of the pool and into the catch basin below. Many people augment this design by including one or more additional waterfalls leading into the pool on the opposite side of the vanishing edge. This can give the appearance that the pool is set amongst a rocky waterfall.

2. Waterslide Designs

For an alternative design, consider installing a waterslide on one end of your pool. Typically, it works best if you install the waterslide on the opposite end of the vanishing edge of the pool. This can provide people who ride on the water slide with a view of the surrounding landscape as they descend into the slide. Waterslides can make the pool an enjoyable place for children to play and spend time.

3. Unconventional Shapes

4. Multi Level Pools

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Incredible Infinity Pool Design Ideas

Eye-popping collection of 47 incredible infinity pool designs. Check out these inspiring and refreshing pictures of infinity pools.

Welcome to our gallery featuring a large collection of beautiful infinity pool designs.

Infinity pools are inherently luxurious.

The cost of building an infinity swimming or reflecting pool is far more expensive than other styles of pools that you may find in backyards.

This is because ;an infinity pool produces a visual illusion of the water extending into the horizon.

Infinity pools are also known as zero edge, disappearing edge, or negative edge pools because of this feature.

However, this visual effect requires a lot of structural, mechanical, and architectural detail to be paid to its design.

Many of the infinity pools in this collection are located at luxury resorts around the world, but a few are located at residential homes.

An infinity pool is a beautiful way to add value to the home, and we hope youll enjoy these incredible examples!

;The sunset casts a shadow over this stone patio that is partially covered. The lengthy infinity pool stretches out towards the water. From this angle, we can still see the tops of the trees, but from the lounge chairs, it would look like the pool was never-ending.

;This gorgeous example is simply a work of art. The pool has two separate swimming areas. The edge of the top pool is flush with the wall leading down to the second, which allows the water to cascade over the edge and into the pool below.

Can A Negative Edge Pool Be Built On Any Site

Building Your Own 10m x 5m Infinity Pool Step-by-Step

Negative edge pools can only be built fully in-ground if the ground has a natural, gentle slope. If the ground does not slope, a slope will have to be created artificially, so the pool will have to be built either partially or fully above-ground. Because of this, infinity pools are ideal for sloping sites which can sometimes be difficult to construct a normal pool on.

The main reason infinity pools require a slope is because of the holding tank. It would ruin the effect completely if you could see the holding tank from the pool, as the whole point of an infinity pool is to give you a better view over the landscape with no barriers in the way.

Because of the difficulties of creating an artificial slope strong enough to hold the weight of a swimming pool, until recently most infinity pools had to be constructed from concrete. However, Compass Pools Australia have developed the exclusive Maxi Rib technology, which enables fibreglass pools to be installed fully or partially above ground. This technology works by integrating an extremely strong structure of ribs beneath the pool shell, making the pool strong and durable enough for above-ground use, and giving it comparable strength to a concrete pool.

If you are lucky enough to own a site where an infinity pool can be installed fully in-ground, the pool will still need more structural work than a regular pool, as it is essential that the infinity edge is strong enough for continued and regular use.

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How Much Does It Cost

The cost of building a 12*24 fiberglass infinity pool that includes a perimeter sidewalk, privacy fence, and automatic cover averages between $60,000 $150,000. Why should you invest? Apart from being visually stunning, infinity pools are simpler to maintain. Catch basin and pumps prevent stagnation. Catch basin can also be used as a kiddie pool.

Everything You Need To Know About Infinity Pools

From here to infinity is the view you get in a swimming pool with a vanishing edge. Infinity pools make you feel as if you are one with the horizon, floating above the landscape, luxuriating in sky, and finally understanding how it feels to be a bird. Soexactly how do infinity pool designers accomplish the;disappearing act?

So many questions. If youre adding a backyard pool, should you ask for a wildly Instagrammable #infinitypool design? Or will todays design darlings go the way of the kidney-shaped pool of yesteryear? How much do infinity pools cost, anyway?

Read on for everything you need to know about infinity swimming pools.

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Endless Pool Vs Infinity Pool

An endless pool is not the same thing as an infinity pool. Endless pools refer to the smaller lap pools that feature a pump that creates an endless water flow so that people can swim against the current and get laps in even without having to move that far. These smaller pools are ideal for exercise and come in standard designs. However, some endless pools offer an infinity edge if you want to capitalize on all of the best design features. If you want a pool for relaxing and leisure, you dont want an endless pool in most cases. However, if you try to stay fit or want a more active choice, an endless lap pool with an infinity edge might be a good choice. The average cost of installing an endless pool is $20,000 to $30,000 which comes in a lot cheaper than the average cost of having an infinity pool built at $90,000 to $105,000.


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