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Can You Fill Your Pool With Well Water

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Balance Your Water With Pool Calculator

Filling Your Pool With Well Water

Regardless of how you fill your pool, its absolutely essential to test and balance your water chemistry frequently. Thats where Pool Calculator comes in. We make it simple and seamless to keep your pool clear, clean, and balanced. With our convenient app, you can test your chemical ranges, find your total alkalinity, balance your pH, stabilize your free chlorine levels, and check for calcium hardness. Get the Pool Calculator app on your desktop, Android, or iOS mobile device to get started!

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How To Prevent From Recurring

Usually, the situation may recur, and when it does, you may not be in the position to find a way to fill up your pool. In that case, you shouldnt panic. Regularly add a chelating agent to the water. These agents will remove metal ions from water by collecting the metal at the bottom of the water. A chelating agent will inactivate this metal.

Filling Pool With Well Water: Read This Before You Fill Your Pool

Filling your pool with water from the well requires a lot of testing and treating to ensure that the filter can clean your facility properly. Well water is not the same as that from the municipality.

It contains more metals and ions, making filters and pumps work harder when cleaning your pool. Thats why you need to know how to fill your pool with well water the right way.

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Factors That Determines If Your Well Water Has The Capacity To Fill A Swimming Pool

Surely, if you have a well with the capacity of filling your pool, why would you invest your money in another water source? You might save yourself some cash. However, there are some things to using well water.

Before you go about using your well water to fill up your pool, you have to consider some factors.

How Much Water Does Your Pool Need

Filling Pool with Well Water: Read This Before You Fill ...

If youre refilling a pool youve owned for years, chances are you already know how many gallons it holds. But if youve built a new pool or are filling your pool for the first time , you might need to do a little math to calculate the precise amount of H2O you need. This will keep you from spending more than you need to on water, and help you budget for future refills.

The easiest way is to use an online calculator. But if youd rather do the math yourself, you can get out your measuring tape, and figure up your water needs with a few easy formulas.

Oval Pools:Length × Width × Depth × 6.7

Round Pools:

Length × Width × Depth × 7.5

Kidney Pools::Length × Width × Depth × 7.0


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Can You Have Water Delivered To Fill A Pool

If you decide against using well water to fill your pool, another option is a bulk water delivery service. This would mean having a truck deliver enough potable or pre-chlorinated water to fill your pool. Prices vary for pool water delivery, so youll have to check whats available in your area to decide whether its a financially suitable option for you.

Can Your Pump Handle It

The health and performance of your well pump is another consideration when filling your pool with well water. You might need to beef up your hardware to fill your pool efficiently, and plan to replace your equipment more often.

Its also possible to use your pool pump to bring well water into your pool. Just remember thats not the pumps intended purpose, so it can put quite a strain on your pump, diminishing its ability to do its actual job of pushing pool water through your filtration system.

As long as you keep these caveats in mind, filling your pool from your own well may be a winner for you and your wallet.

Important: If your well is your homes only water supply, you might have a softener system and pump attached. This will ease or even eliminate concerns about water quality. You can fill your pool with a hose from the tap, just like you would with city water. But remember that youll be moving many thousands of gallons of water through your softener system, so be sure to factor in the cost of salt and the electricity required to pump the water to your pool.

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Pool Water Delivery Service

It works for pizza, so why not your pool water? Its easy to call or hop online and order water from a local supplier.

Chances are, you wont even have to be home when your water arrives. Your friendly pool water delivery people will roll up in their transport truck, drop their hoses, fill er up, and be on their way. Youll come home to a full pool, ready for testing, balancing, sanitizing, and swimming! Some companies make things even simpler by providing pre-chlorinated water. We recommend you still test and balance that water, though.

The big consideration here is the price youll pay for the convenience. But if you dont have a well , or you face stiff costs due to water rationing, this option might be your best bet.

Dont be afraid to shop around. Get quotes from several local suppliers, compare that to your costs for a city water fill-up, and dont forget to factor in the time youll save compared to the trickle of a garden hose or your average pool pump. The bottom line might be sunnier than youd expect.

How Long Can You Run Your Hose On Well Water

How To Fill Up Your Pool For FREE With Rain Water.

Running your hose on well water depends on the pressure, flow rate, and the amount of water needed to fill the pool. There is no limit to the length of time your hose can run on well water. If your hose is running on 8 gallons per minute, it will take 1440 minutes or 24 hours to push 11,520 gallons into your pool.

If the flow rate is higher, your hose wont run for long on the well, if you need about the same gallons of water to fill your pool.

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Filling A Swimming Pool And Strain On Well Pump

  • PP.K. on Jun 30, 2005I have a 9 year old home with a 5″ well. Recently I noticed that when the pump starts working, the preassure guage begins to move toward the higher reading. When it gets to about 40 lbs, I hear water running into the tank. It sounds like someone is holding a glass of water and pouring in into an empty pail. After a few seconds the noise stops, and the preassure guage jumps about 5 lbs and a few seconds later it builds up to 50 lbs, and as it shuts off I hear the water fall noise again. Can I just put some air in the tank? If so, how mush preassure is the right amount? If not, should I be calling the well people to come over and replace the tank?I assume that this noise, which just started up, is caused by something going wrong in the tank, or some type of leak, however, I hear no air leaking when near the tank.Thanks in adavnce for your assistance

Pros Of Using Well Water For Pool

Lets take a look at some of the pros of using well water in a pool.;

  • Its cheap. Using well water is a pocket-friendly option.
  • Well water is not metered. If the water flow is good enough, you can use as much water as you want because you are not charged any fee for it.

But there are two sides to every coin. Lets check out the cons of using well water in a pool.;

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How To Identify The Presence Of Iron In Water

The most common form of identification is the rusty brown color of your pool water. However, you may not readily notice the presence of iron if the concentration is at normal levels. That is why you should take your pool water sample to a regional pool shop to get it analyzed.

Note that your pool water may not appear as rusty brown for a long time if its not removed. Over time, the rusty brown will change to black and then to green. At this stage, it means that your pool water has copper. It will become increasingly difficult to treat the pool water, but there is always a solution for it.

Maintaining Hot Tub Water From Well

Can I Use Well Water In My Pool?

Proper care and maintenance will go a long way in maintaining the water and components of the spa.

All hot tubs require chemicals, such as chlorine and pH up, to keep the water balanced and soft to the touch. Homeowners with well water will need to take advantage of metal protect and scale defense products. The chemical names can vary some among brands, as well as the concentration.; Be sure to read the labels so you are adding the products at the right time and in the right amount. Your local Master Spas retailer can also make sure that you are protecting your hot tub from metals, minerals, and scaling.

With harder water, like well water, these products will filter out minerals and metals and prevent them from being able to react in the water. Otherwise, hot tub owners might notice discolored water and buildup on the acrylic shell.

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How To Reduce Water Loss In A Pool

Once youve spent all that time and money to fill your pool, you probably want your investment to pay off as long as possible. Also, testing and balancing a pool takes time and effort, and you dont want to simply waste your high-quality water. Here are some ways to keep all that water in your pool where you want it:;

  • Reduce evaporation. Evaporation will take about ¼ to ½ inch of water a day in an uncovered pool. Reduce evaporation by keeping the pool covered when it isnt in use, lowering the temperature on a pool heater, and using landscaping or barriers to protect the surface of your pool from wind.;
  • Reduce splashing. Every time someone leaves the pool, they carry water on their bodies, swimsuits, and in their hair. Diving, playing, fountains and water features, can all contribute to more splashout. To reduce splashout, keep the water level a bit low to prevent water from sloshing out over the side, and check the spray force and direction of fountains or waterfalls to keep them flowing back into the pool.;
  • Mind the backwash. Depending on the kind of pool filter you have, you may need to periodically backwash the filter to keep it clean. While cleaning the filter is necessary, and healthy for your pool, only backwash for as long as necessary, and stop the moment the water runs clear. And keeping your pool water balanced and sanitized will reduce strain on your filter, so you wont need to backwash as much or as often.;

How Iron Gets Into A Pool Water

Iron is the fourth most abundant metal on earth. The silver shining metal exists naturally in water, but when it’s in high concentrations, it affects the quality of your pool water and becomes toxic. It becomes corrosive as a result of the reaction with water and overtime.

The water begins to appear cloudy. High concentration levels of chlorine accelerate this corrosion. So, adding chlorine will worsen the brown coloration of the water.

Iron isnt the only metal that discolors pool water. Copper in high concentrations will lower pH and affect the quality of water.

Also, the use of low-quality water equipment will alter the quality of the water. The metal parts are made of iron, and when they dissolve in water, the pool water becomes corrodible.

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Is It Ok To Fill A Pool With Well Water

As we said above, you can fill your swimming pool or hot tub with well water. In fact, its one of the least expensive options, especially compared to a pool water delivery service.

Some people choose to fill their pools with city water or municipal water from their house, but not everyone has this option. If you have your own well or access to one near your home, making sure it has a sufficient supply of water is crucial. Youll also need to test the water before using it in your pool, and you may have to treat it once its full.;

Choosing City Or Municipal Water

How do I figure out how much water my well gives?

Have you ever considered using municipal water to fill your pool or hot tub? If you have a septic tank in your home, you may save big and only be charged for the water fill and not municipal sewage fees. Make sure to dial in to your local city number or water company to find out if thats the case for you.

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Ecopur Mineral Filtration System

The unique filtration system of Master Spas hot tubs incorporates a blend of minerals that purifies water, while requiring less chemicals.

The EcoPur Charge system is designed to remove contaminants from the water, while the minerals create an electro-chemical reaction. Its that reaction that helps eliminate many microorganisms and remove heavy metals, like those found in well water. Hot tub owners enjoy sparkling water that feels softer and doesnt have the harsh chemical smell associated with other systems.;

Master Spas hot tubs also feature an advanced Ozone system that kills pathogens and microorganisms, while destroying organic materials. It also oxidizes non-organic contaminants to keep your water clean and refreshing every time you use your hot tub.

Can I Use Well Water In My Pool

Youve just finished building your swimming pool and you cant wait to fill it up and start using it!

If you have a well on your property, you might wonder if its a good idea to use the water from it to fill your pool.

It certainly makes sense to use this water thats freely available, especially because its so convenient its right on your property just waiting to be used!;;

Is it safe to use water from your well to fill your pool?

It is safe but you need to ensure that you treat it correctly so that your pool wont be damaged and so that you wont be disappointed with murky, unhealthy-looking water when you want to achieve sparkling, crystal water.

So, while you can certainly go ahead and use well water in your pool, you should bear in mind some important things.

Its not just the safety of the water that needs some thought but also other issues. Lets take a look at them in detail.


  • 8 Conclusion
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    How Much Water Does My Pool Need

    Chances are, if you’ve had a pool for years and years, you probably know the size and dimensions for your pool. But for those who are just starting out in the pool world, some easy calculations are in order.; First, you can simply go here to find your pool size, or go old school and learn how to calculate it yourself.; To find your pool size:

    Round Pools:

    How To Fill Your Swimming Pool

    How To Treat A Pool Filled With Well Water?

    Have you just purchased a pool and need to fill it with water? Or have you drained it of water and need to refill it? Either way, filling a swimming pool is necessary to enjoy it!

    There are various sources of water you can use. After covering the options below, we discuss how to proceed assuming you go with the most common method, which uses a garden hose connected to your outdoor tap. That section also covers proper swimming pool water levels. Finally, we note how pool builders can be of help during this process.

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    Where Does Iron Originate From

    The metal beams in a gorgeous silver color but if reacting with water and atmosphere, it destroys.

    Iron is usually found in the water. If the origin is a well, then the nicely may comprise iron alloy in its ionic state. If you purify this water, the metals become accumulated from the pipe or pipes network until it reaches the swimming.

    If you believe second pool gear is going to do your job, then you may not be thinking right. The less expensive ones are made from iron, which will readily corrode down the street.

    Pool Water Delivery: Where To Get Water To Fill Your Pool

    • |July 26, 2019

    The average swimming pool holds thousands of gallons of water. If youre new to owning a pool, you may be surprised at how expensive it can be to fill, and how often you need to add water to keep it full.

    So where does all that pool water come from? And is there a way to save money on pool water? Lets take a closer look at pool water delivery, and find out your best options.;

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    How To Fill Your Pool With Well Water

    One of the things to consider when filling your pool with well water is the well pump. Submersible pumps are usually the best for this. If you are using a submersible pump, water from the well pump at a higher PSI. That is if its connected properly.

    Another alternative is to use pool pumps to fill up your pool. However, you will be putting so much pressure on the pool pump because its meant to push water into the pool through the filtration system.

  • Connect one end of the hose to your submersible pump or pool pump.
  • Put the other end of the hose in your pool.
  • Switch on the pump.
  • During the process of filling, make sure you are careful of the well so that it doesnt get dry. Else, it will damage the pump.

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