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Where To Buy Intex Pools

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How Long Do Intex Pools Last

Do Not Buy an Intex Pool?

Intex pools do not tear very easy, however, there are many factors that affect their above ground pools product longevity like the installation process and maintenance schedule as they do need to be regularly maintained. Their inflatable pools are expected to last for around 2 to 4 years while their metal frame pools could go up to 4 to 8 years of usage.

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Where To Buy Above

Before pools start to sell out at a rapid rate, spring is the best time to start setting up your backyard oasis. Amazon and Walmart

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools are allowed to be open in New Jersey, but you still may be hesitant to be around larger crowds of people.

Theres one solution if youre looking to take a dip this summer: buying an easy-set, above-ground pool.

Last year, with people stuck at home and indoors for the early months of the pandemic, pool sales skyrocketed. Manufacturers and distributors of swimming pools and hot tubs across the U.S. and Europe struggled to meet the surge in demand.

With the weather warming, families again are setting up a backyard oasis, looking for as many outdoor activities as possible. So, this might be the best time to start pool shopping, before the buying surge begins again.

Here is a roundup of where you can buy above-ground pools right now, from large to medium/small to kiddie pools organized by price .

Intex Ultra Xtr Rectangular Pool Set

This model of the above-ground pool is as deep as 52 inches, and its diameter is very different. There are only 3 sizes 18×9 feet, 24×12 feet or 32×16 feet. The kit also includes a filter, a non-slip ladder, ground litter, and a cover for the entire pool structure.

Most consumers are well acquainted with this manufacturer, so you can be sure that its pools are reliable, durable and will serve you for years to come. The design of the pool is built in such a way that it protects against water leakage, and the walls of the pool are very strong due to the fact that they are covered with a special powder. The water circulation system works perfectly, because the pool constantly cleans it itself, so you will always swim in clear water and enjoy your vacation.

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Buy Intex Swimming Pools Air Mattresses Hot Tubs & Accessories Online At Best Prices In Turkey

When it is sunny, you want to spend some time outside at the pool. Pool Volleyball games, pool races, or just dipping your legs in the pool water are some of the activities you would like to perform. But as you know, it is more fun with family, kids, and friends. This brand has an exclusive range of swimming pools, hot tubs, and accessories that you must buy. Intex Inflatable pool is designed specially for the kids of ages 6 whose dimension is 120″L x 72″W x 22″H. It has 3 air chambers each with double valve intake and free-flow exhaust valve with the water capacity of 264 gallons.

What Size Pools Does Intex Make

Coleman Pools vs Intex Pools: Which One Should You Buy?

Intex has five types of pools, each one comes in different sizes:

Ultra Frame Pools

The Ultra Frame swimming pools from Intex consist of durable powder-coated steel frames that hold up the sidewalls that are puncture-resistant and sturdy.

Prism Frame Pools

Like Intex Ultra Frame pools, prism frame pools are puncture-resistant, with steel frames that are heavy-duty. They are larger in diameter to provide better support.

Ultra XTR Frame Pools

Of all Intex ground pools, ultra XTR frame pools offer the best quality. This is because the material of the walls is better in quality. The material is a combination of polyester and PVR that makes it tougher than other Intex pools.

Metal Frame Pools

Metal frame pools from Intex provide heavy-duty three-ply PVC liners that are held up by steel frames that are powder-coated. You dont need to use any tools to disassemble it hence, it is one of the quickest and easiest pools to store.

Easy Set Pools

Easy set pools are best for those who dont have a large yard. These pools are small so they are perfect for families with small children. Kids can also touch the bottom of these pools since they are shallow enough and allow them to keep their heads above water.

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Order & Delivery Updates

Due to high demand, our Call / Support Center is experiencing a 12 day delay in responding to emails submitted through the website Contact Us page.

The Intex® warehouse does not accept any returns or allow pick ups by individuals. The Intex® warehouse is a high volume commercial warehouse that is not safe for visitors. Only commercial carriers are allowed to access the facility.

Online fraud is greater than ever. for helpful shopping tips.

Check out our currently available above ground pools in the featured products section below. We are currently working on bringing in more inventory, so please check back later.

Intex Ultra Xtr Pool Set With Sand Filter Pump

Of all the models we analyzed and tested, this one turned out to be the best in all characteristics. You get not only a great pool, but also many additional features, such as a sand filtration mechanism, a ladder that is protected from slipping, bedding for the ground, as well as a cover for the entire structure with a strong rope. The filter is very powerful and works with a capacity of 2100 gallons per hour.

The frame of the pool is made of galvanized steel, and is securely fastened to the main structure, which is why the pool is very stable and reliable. The surface of the pool is covered with a special powder that protects against rust. The size of the pool is also optimal its height is 48 inches and a diameter of 192 inches. The volume of the pool is 5,000 gallons, and it is filled with water in just 45 minutes.

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Intex : Swimming Pools

Summers coming and whats a better way to cool down than in a swimming pool. If you dont have one, install your own above ground pools in your yard. At Target, you get a wide range of options for you to choose from. The first thing you need to consider is the frame of the pool. Steel frames are durable and sturdy, resin frames are resistant to rust, corrosion and oxidation. Also, it resists dents and wraps on the wall. Or you can go for the all-time favorites inflatable or kiddie pools. Next up is the size, it usually depends on the size of your backyard but there might be restrictions by some local municipalities. Along with the size, decide the depth and the shape depending on whos using it. Now that you have a pool, you need liners to keep the bottoms and the walls safe and keep the water in place. Whether you want a pool above ground to play or use it as a spa and relax, browse our store to find the right outdoor pool for you. Add some games and make this summer a happening one. Cool down and chill on.

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

EasySet Pool – WHAT TO BUY 2021

For kids who are looking for a little more water action, theres this bright, inflatable play center that will keep them busy for hours. It comes with a water slide, wading pool, ring toss game and a ball roller game, complete with balls and rings. It also comes with a water sprayer, which can be attached to a garden hose, for extra wet fun.

It measures 15.98 x 15.98 x 5.51 inches and holds up to 77 gallons of water. Recommended for ages 3-7, theres room for several kids to play at a time. Customers rave about this product and say its easy to set up and kids love it.

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A Local Big Box Store

Big box stores carry so many products. Most stores will have a section dedicated to pool chemicals. These stores can be a lifesaver when you realize you need to shock your pool immediately, but the local pool supply store is closed, and you cant wait for shipping!

You can Shop Walmart Online for pool supplies also.

Intex 10ft X 30 Inches Prism Frame Pool Set

Made using the highest quality of strong powder-coated metal frames, this pool frame is a product that will guarantee prolonged use and safety. The frames are sturdy and stronger for the great stability and safety of the pool. What is more, the metals are powder-coated to prevent it from rust and corrosion. Additionally, the unit has a large size of 10Ft x 30-inches to suit larger pools. The product has a large capacity of 1,185 gallons for larger pools. The unit is also available in other sizes to get what will suit the pool size.

It is elementary to set-up and in 30-minutes, you will be ready to use the pool. To add more, it has 3-ply material linear with an elegant design, making it a pick that will serve longer and offers great stability for years of use. The round style makes it a fantastic option that you can use with pools.

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Where To Buy Above Ground Pools Near Me From Which Store

In the heat of the summer, its always nice to have a dip to cool off and relax. Above Ground Pools are thus a nice way to kick back and relax due to their maneuverability and ease of setup and use which puts them as a nice alternative to In-Ground Pools which can be rather costly if youre just looking for the occasional dip as opposed to a full commitment. Above Ground Pools can last up to 10-15 years if theyre properly maintained but they are rather prone to tearing, especially if theyre used for rough and tumble activities which is why its always nice to know where you can buy a replacement if need be.

Due to their popularity, especially for new families, Above Ground Pools can be bought in a variety of places such as Target, Amazon, Walmart, Intex and more with even your local shopping malls having a high chance of keeping various Above Ground Pools in stock.

Who Sells Above Ground Pools Near Me?

You can purchase Above Ground Pools from Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, Target, and American Sale.

Does Amazon Sell Above Ground Pools?

Yes, Amazon does indeed sell Above Ground Pools in various prices and sizes. For example, you can buy an Intex 28241EH 15ft x 48in Metal Frame Outdoor Above Ground Swimming Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth and Pool Cover at 15feet x 48 in 29 different options.

What are the Best Above Ground Pools on Amazon?

  • Intex 26711EH 12ft X 30in Prism Frame Pool Set, Light Grey. .
  • Does Costco Sell Above Ground Pools?

    Aldi Hours Near Me

    Best Inflatable: Summer Waves Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Pool With Filter Pump

    Buy Intex 26329EH 18ft x 52in Ultra XTR Frame Pool Set ...

    Dimensions: 10 feet x 30 inches | Shape: Round | Water Capacity: 608 gallons | Frame: Inflatable | Set-Up Time: 5-10 minutes

    • Comes with a filter pump

    • Holds over 600 gallons of water

    • Great for kids

    • Shallow for adults

    If you’re interested in a blow-up option that’s a bit larger and more sturdy than your typical kiddie pool, we recommend the Summer Waves Quick Set. This circular pool measures 120 inches in diameter. It’s 30 inches deep and can hold over 600 gallons of water. Designed specifically for super-fast installation, you can set it up in minutes. And unlike most inflatable pools, it comes with a filter pump.

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    Where Is The Best Place To Buy Pool Chemicals 4 Ideas And The Pros And Cons Of Each

    If you are someone who is asking the question where is the best place to buy pool chemicals? then congratulations, you are probably a new pool owner!

    As a pool owner, managing and implementing a proper chemical routine is very important to keeping your pool clear and healthy for your family enjoyment. No family wants to enjoy fun and games in the pool if it isnt clean!

    So, lets assume that you know all about the correct pool maintenance chemicals you need for your pool, so now where is the best place to get them?

    There are a few different places that you can purchase the chemicals for your pool. We will cover the pros and cons here of each.

    How Do You Drain An Above

    Start by unrolling the pump’s intake hose, reaching it as close as possible to the center of your above-ground pool. Then point the hose outlet toward an area that will drain the water away from the pool without flooding your property. Next, plug the pump into a nearby outlet and turn it on. Allow the pump to run until your pool is completely empty. This might take several hours or more, depending on the size of your pool. Turn off the pump, and you should be all set.

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    Where To Buy Intex Easy Set Pool Which Store

    The Intex Easy Set Pool is very easy to assemble and fun to own. Its easy to maintain as well. You need to simply spread the pool out on a level ground, inflate the top ring, fill the pool with fresh water, and enjoy the fun.

    It contains Hydro Aeration Technology which is incorporated into the cartridge filter pump. It provides improved circulation and filtration, improved water clarity, and increased negative ions at the water surface. It also contains a 330 gallon cartridge filter pump and is constructed with puncture-resistant 3-ply material.

    The most popular way people buy Intex Easy Set pools are on Amazon. Weve listed some of the most popular easy set pool options in this article.

    What are the best Easy Set Pools on Amazon?

    With so many pools to choose from, its important to find something that caters to your needs which includes size, items and price.

  • Inflatable Pool, Hesung Family Swimming Pool. 95 X 56 X 21 Full-Sized Inflatable Pool for Ages 3+. Its best suited for, Outdoor, Garden, Backyard, Summer Swim Center. Check it out.
  • Inflatable Swimming Pool, Hesung 118 X 69 X 21 Full-Sized Family Pool. Check it out here.
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    What are the Best Intex Easy Pools on Walmart?

    Having looked through the pools available on Walmart, here are some of the best reviewed pools by customers which are worth checking out.

  • Intex 8ft x 30in Easy Set Inflatable Above Ground Family Swimming Pool .
  • Intex Easy Set Pool, 6 Feet x 20 Inches.
  • Intex Vs Bestway Above

    Intex above ground pool system. What you need to know before buying your pool.
    • Pete Ortiz

    It seems that summers get hotter every year, and everyone is looking for a way to cool down. Taking a dip in a cool, refreshing pool can do the trick every time. Our lifestyles have gotten so busy that many of us dont have the time to keep up with the maintenance of a permanent in-ground pool. Others cant afford the high price tag that comes with them.

    There are temporary alternatives available. Some pools can be set up each spring and taken down to store for the winter. Two of the top companies that offer these pools are Intex and Bestway, but which brand is better? Here, we will be giving some information about each company and its products, and the answer to your question.

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    Portable Above Ground Pools

    We are largest supplier of Portable Intex Swimming Pool India. We have enormous stocks and 20 different variants of Intex Fabric Pool made by Intex of German. We have all the spares parts gladly accessible. You can select the pool according to your budget and the available space you have. All our Inflatable Pool India is highly portable and quick in set up. You can buy almost any pool by just paying 2000 advance by credit card, debit card, online banking or any mode you want, and you can pay rest amount on delivery. We do shipping to all over India free of cost. Our pools can be used for fun, swimming, water storage, hydrotherapy, medical use, fish farming, water activities, Ganesh Visarjan festival, Holi festival, physiotherapy, Pool Parties, Rave parties, In Resorts, Adventure parks, Kindergarten, schools etc. All our pools are made up of heavy duty 3 layered PVC tarpaulins.

    Since we are Indias largest supplier of these innovative and extremely durable fabric pools, you can have total peace of mind dealing with us. Suitable for both adults and kids, our inflatable pools are available in 3 different types, 4 different shapes and 30 different sizes to meet the specific needs of our customers. Choose from shapes like square, rectangular, oval and round. We supply the best-selling Intex swimming pools that take a few minutes to set up and come with a repair kit.

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