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What Is The Best Inground Pool Alarm

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Top 5 Swimming Pool Alarms

4 Best Pool Alarms Reviews

Are you a parent? Do your children have access to a swimming pool? Many parents wonder how they can protect their children from drowning in a pool, which according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, happens to nearly 300 young kids every single year. These drownings often take place in backyard pools, and is a sad statistic no parent wants to hear. Many drowning deaths can be prevented, and all by simply installing a pool alarm that can alert you anytime a child may be in trouble.

Did you know that you may be legally responsible to attach an alarm to your pool? Be sure to check your states requirements. Reading the below swimming pool alarm reviews will help you understand which of the many pool alarms available today are right for you.

Types Of Pool Alarms And How They Work

Of all the recommended pool safety measures, alarms are perhaps the most reliable and useful. Fences can be left open inadvertently and children can also climb over or circumvent them, and a sign wont always deter a little one who cant yet read. On the other hand, a properly installed alarm is nearly guaranteed to notify you whenever someone approaches or enters your pool.

Its important to become familiar with the various types of devices that can be used to secure a pool area in order to develop a well-balanced approach to pool safety. There are 4 main types of pool alarms to consider:

Surface Wave Detection Alarms These alarms rest on or above the surface of the water and utilize sensors to detect when an object or person has fallen into the pool based on wave activity. Some models need to be removed from the pool while swimming whereas others can be disabled/enabled manually and will rearm themselves automatically when the pool is vacated. The upside of surface alarms is that theyre highly sensitive to activity, but thats also their downside because they tend to put out more false alarms than subsurface alarms.

Although using all of the above alarm types might give you an occasional false alarm, its always better to be safe than sorry. Plus, there are options in each category ranging in cost from $20 to $200+, so starting with a basic level of pool safety is doable even on a tight budget.

Smartpool Yg18 Yardgard Programmable Gate/door/window Alarm

SmartPool YG18 YardGard Programmable Gate/Door/Window Alarm

The YG18 Programmable Gate/Door/Window Alarm from SmartPool is a well-rounded pool security and safety system that includes everything needed to mount an alarm on a single door, gate, or window.; The exterior is water resistant and the alarm is known for being one of the loudest on the market.

One feature that youll find in the YG18 that you wont see in many other competitors is a programmable keypad that can be used to set an optional 4-digit PIN code for deactivating the alarm. Of course, this feature helps the unit double as a security device, ensuring that unauthorized adults dont take advantage of the devices adult pass-through;feature.

There is an automatic chirp sound when the batteries are low.

Reviews are mostly positive with about 63% of reviewers rating it at 5-stars. However, there are a few reviewers complaining about the batteries getting hot, occasional malfunctions, and the difficulty of adjusting delay settings.

If youre looking for a relatively inexpensive device that can be used interchangeably on a gate, door, or window, and offers the option of requiring a PIN code for entry, look no further than the Smartpool YG18.

  • Incredibly loud alarm 120 dB 95 dB at a distance of 10 feet.
  • Convenient adult pass-through;feature allows you to choose between 7 or 15 second delay to shut the gate before the alarm is triggered.
  • Simple installation.

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Techko S187d Safe Pool Alarm

This modern device was made to monitor a gate, door, window, or any other entryways to your pool area. It produces a loud sound of 110 dB if the system is broken without pressing the bypass button. One great feature of this gadget is the 2 clever sensors that allow you to keep your pool door shut even if the sliding glass door is open.

Another interesting thing about the alarm is that it is ETL listed and UL 2017 Standards approved. Hence, it is extremely safe and you will not run into any problem. And since it is ideal for outdoor swimming pools, the gadget is weather resistant rain or sun.

People around the world are satisfied with this alarm, which is also very easy to install. Perfect for inground pool, you can simply screw it on the gate or just double stick it and the sensors.

Are They Easy To Use

The Best Swimming Pool Alarms Reviews

Most pool alarms are fairly simple to install and operate. The alarms included on our list are all very easy to use and install. Most pool alarms will include simple to follow instructions.

One of the alarms included on our list can even be controlled and set up using an app on a mobile device. Most alarms use batteries, meaning they will still work even if your power goes out.

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Will It Trigger At The Right Time

Sensitivity is something you may not have expected to see as a comparison factor here, but it can actually vary a;lot;from alarm to alarm.

And while you might be inclined to get something that kicks off at the slightest sign of danger, that can sometimes be more inconvenient than the added safety it provides.

For example, a storm can cause movement in your pool which may be confused with a person entering the water if the sensitivity is too high. In some cases, you may even be forced from your bed to go out and disable it.

On the other hand, if the sensitivity is too low, it wont be enough to pick up small animals falling into the pool, which could prove fatal for cats and some dog breeds if you dont have a viable exit-point for them.

While the biggest question here would be the level of protection you need and;who;youre trying to protect, there are alarms that are simply;too;prone to going off, and others that will wait for world war 3 before making a peep.

Best Pool Alarm For Inground Pool

This best pool alarm for inground pool would extend into the water and constantly monitor water disturbances and sound out an alarm when unusual activity is recorded. This would ensure the pool is always alerted to any unusual activity especially when a kid or pets fall disturbs the water. A shrill best pool alarm for inground pool would be sounded to attract the attention of those around. This is a more or less permanently fixed pool alarm system where it would sit on the side of the pool and extend its sensors down below.

These are very sensitive swimming pool alarms and are effective under the right circumstances and are very popular with pool owners around the United States. These are best for inground pools and could be also be used in above ground pools with slight adjustments to its installation procedure.

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Pooleye Immersion Pool Alarm

The way this pool alarm works is smart: Attach the device to your pool deck or ladder, and the submerged part of the unit detects abnormal waves and movement, setting off the 85-decibel alarm. Because the alarm is designed to catch sub-surface movement, it reduces the false alarms that come from strong winds, rain, or light debris falling in the pool.

Admittedly, the reviews on this product are split. Some users were not thrilled with this product, noting the lack of an auto-off feature and difficulty in getting the alarm properly calibrated.

The PoolEye Pool alarm comes in three different models, built for in-ground or above-ground swimming pools respectively.

Will It Work With Your Pool

10 Best Pool Alarms Reviews

Compatibility refers to how suitable a particular alarm is for a given swimming pool, usually based on things like pool size, depth and the particular style of pool you have .

As an example, many subsurface alarms will require your pool to have a flat edge, making them a poor choice for most above ground setups.

Ive covered these aspects to some degree when talking about the different types of pool alarms available, but all of them will be accounted for my individual reviews, coming up shortly.

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Smartpool Yg03 Yardgard Gate Pool Door & Window Alarm

Smartpool YG03 is one of the most reliable sensor base and alarm system to ensure 100% safety around the water pool. The entire alarms can switch off intimately when pushed according to the barriers code. You can reset the alarm manually as well as automatically within 3 minutes to continue alarm.

It can be set in such a way that if any adult comes around the pool the sound not on. Its frequency ranges from 120 DB to 95 DB at 10 feet distance. This pool alarm is water and weather resistant. It operates on one-9 volt battery. For child pool safety law meet UL standers. For sliding on glass doors and screen doors, extra sensors are added. Having low auto chips and available in 4 different colors.

Safety Turtle 20 Child Wristband Pool Alarm

This is a unique and handy pool alarm that is suitable if you have small children or pets. We recommend that this pool alarm be used as part of layered protection rather than on its own. The Safety Turtle is a wristband that each child wears, or can be put on the collar of your pet. The alarm is triggered if it becomes wet. So if a child or pet falls or goes in the pool without permission, the base will sound an alarm.

There is no programming involved. Simply put the Safety Turtle wristband on the child or pet and plug the base in. The receiver must be within 200 feet of the pool. Make sure you test it before putting it in place. The wristband is cute and comfortable and features a latch and pull mechanism that, once in place, requires a key to be removed.

If you have more than one child, you can purchase additional Turtle bands and use them with the same system. The reason we recommend this alarm system be used as part of safety layering instead on its own is that otherwise, the child must wear the wristband 24/7. Even though comfortable, the wristbands may get damaged, be triggered when washing hands, and become uncomfortable over time.

Batteries cannot be replaced, the only option is to buy a new wristband. Wristbands can last approximately 3 to 5 years and come with a 1-year warranty.


  • Relatively inexpensive on-child safety system.
  • A secure application that cannot be taken off by a child as it requires a key.
  • Comfortable and very effective.

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Best Affordable Pool Alarm

On the hunt for something that will secure your swimming area? This affordable pool door alarm is so good one dubbed it the best pool alarm ever. What makes it so special? First, its priced under $40. Second, its built for all pool entryways, from gates to windows. Plus, it meets UL standards, which are used to evaluate pool door alarm efficiency. Finally, it boasts a high-output alarm, which essentially means the siren is nice and loud.


  • Loud siren for added safety
  • Screen door sensors are included
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Two bypass buttons allow adults to enter and exit without triggering the alarm
  • Three-year warranty

Safefamily Life By Safetytech Pool And Alarm

Top Rated Pool Alarms

This pool alarm is one of the few alarms that is recommended for an above ground pool. This easy to use device is affordable and has an alarm system that you can control easily with the help of a remote receiver.

The primary purpose of the alarm is to alert you when a child or a person falls inside the pool. Thanks to the electric sensor, the device detects something when it enters the swimming pool, including pets, kids, and other items.

Similar to the other pool alarms, the product is a useful device that should be installed at your pool. This will help you in thwarting many unpleasant or tragic scenarios. Another impressive aspect of the product is that it is pretty straightforward to install and operate.

Lastly, the alarm is powered by 6v batteries capable of lasting 12 months.

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Swimming Pool Safety Alarm System

Maytronics swimming pool alarms – The only active safety devices For raising the alertness and saving lives.

The Maytronics new generation swimming pool alarms comply with the new version of the standard NF P90-307-1: 2009, controlled by the National Test Laboratory, the only organization authorized to issue certificates of conformity for pool alarms.

Best Pool Door Gate And Window Alarms 2020

To ensure the utmost safety its a good idea to equip the area with alarms on any doors, gates, or windows that lead directly to the pool.

Be sure to check out a related article on the best pool fences and gates.

With that said, here are the best alarms for securing the perimeter of your pool area:


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Types Of Swimming Pool Safety Alarm Systems

Safety in a pool is obviously important. However, many people do not understand the types of alarm systems available for their pools. So next, well run through the different types of swimming pool alarm

  • Surface

The surface alarm system lies at the surface of the pool. And the best place for it is in the center of the pool and to keep it in the middle, you need to tie it to a string.

It uses a simple mechanism to operate. Once an object hits the water surface, the ripples in the water or waves touch the ball at the center. Once the floating object moves, the sensor will trigger the alarm.

They work well on pools that do not have hard edges and additionally, you can use them on ponds and fountains.

  • Subsurface alarms

The subsurface alarm systems detect any movement inside the pool and will trigger an alarm. Subsurface alarms offer two designs; one relies on the movement of a magnetic float, the other on a pressure-sensitive switch.

The alarm is best suited for small above the ground pools, ponds, and fountains.

  • Perimeter alarms

The perimeter alarms use infrared sensors which have invisible laser beams. When an object crosses the laser beams, they set off an alarm and alert the owner. They are very much like the ones you see in all the Hollywood action movies protecting some treasure, but without all the terrible plots and bad acting.

  • Personal immersion pool alarms
  • Wearable alarms

Blue Wave Pool Watch Pool Alarm System

How to Buy The BEST POOL ALARM | Swim University

Here we have a unit suitable for passing pool alarm requirements in your area as it is NSF certified to ASTM F2208. The electronic sensor of the Blue Wave NA4121 Pool Alarm System detects entry into the pool. The remote receiver sounds an alarm if the pool sensor is triggered.

The remote receiver has a 100-foot range. It works on a 110 volt A/C or 9-volt reserve battery. The pool sensor is designed to detect objects falling in the water that weight 18 pounds or more. The sensor requires 6 D sized batteries that are not included.

The use of this pool alarm is suitable for both inground and above ground pools. Simply install onto the pool rail or deck. You must drill the side of the swimming pool to attach the alarm. If mounted with screws, it can be removed for winterizing and reattached quickly again when the swim season starts again.

This pool alarm system is New York compliant for passing regulation requirements and may meet most other state and city requirements as well. If triggered, the alarm must be turned off on the sensor side, requiring you to make sure there is no one in danger.


  • Fast and straightforward installation with proper instructions.
  • Pass regulation requirements for New York and other cities and states.
  • Suitable for inground and above ground pools.


  • Requires drilling for installation.
  • Must turn the alarm off on the outside unit, which requires you to crouch down to reach.

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My Buddy Tag With Silicone Wristband Blue

This is one of the best trackers that you can get for your kid. The child simply has to wear it as it was a watch. Just like that, you should be able to track the kid regardless of where they go. The model also works great when it comes to fitting. The strap comes with many holes so that it can easily fit kids of various ages and size. You also get it in multiple colors so that you can pick one that is favorite for your kid.

You will like the fact that it also comes with a free companion app. It is available for both the Android and iOS users. This is crucial so that you can track the exact location of the child at any point. You can also view the recent history to know where your kid is. The model comes with a geofencing function. This allows for setting up a small digital perimeter that you can get a notification when the child enters or leaves the location.

The model functionality is based on Bluetooth technology. This means you have to be close to the child at around 120 feet away. Well, some would have wished for more distance, but since it is Bluetooth connectivity, the distance is always affected.

Our rating:

  • Limited transmission range

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