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How To Replace Hayward Pool Pump Motor

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Should I Repair Or Replace My Pool Pump Motor Or The Whole Pump

5 Minute Hayward Super Pump Pool Pump Motor Replacement

This ultimate question depends on how the damage occurred and if you caught the issue in time.

Mechanical wear and tear can be complicated, especially for swimming pool pumps that operate outdoors and have very essential moving parts. It takes a qualified technician to check your pool pump for issues and to properly diagnose the problem.

Thats why Select Home Warranty offers home warranties on swimming pools and spas, including the pumping system, filtration system and heating system. When you experience a mechanical breakdown, you can place a claim which covers repairs and replacements covered under your terms of service.

Dont spend your summer wishing your pool was operating and get ahead of pool pump breakdowns with a home warranty instead.

Sign up today for your free quote on optional pool coverage to keep your pool open all season long! Select is here to shield your home and your wallet from costly breakdowns.

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Replacing Your Pool Pump

When replacing your existing pool pump, it is important to carefully evaluate your pool and spas needs before deciding on a replacement pump. In fact, Hayward recommends you always work with a Pool Pro before buying a replacement pool pump. The Pros will help you determine the right pool pump for your particular pool application and lifestyle. Theyll take many factors into consideration when sizing your pool pump: such as filter size, plumbing size, spa jet and water feature requirements, along with the water turnover rate needed to keep your water properly filtered. Incorrectly sizing a pool pump could render it ineffective and inefficient, and could possibly cause damage to your filtering system. What you really need to know is whats available, and what theyll do for your pool, spa, water features and wallet.

Hayward offers a replacement pump comparison on our web site called Replacing a Pump? This series of product cross reference charts is intended to help you find the closest suggested Hayward replacement for other manufacturers equipment. Note: Recommended replacement pumps may not be an exact feature match they may include enhancements. Please review the models pump literature, manual or consult with your local pool pro.

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The Pool Pump Is Making A Humming Noise And Will Not Start

If your pool pump will not start and you hear a humming noise, check you impeller for any debris. If debris starts to build, it can block the impeller and disable the pool pump. To check the impeller, turn the power off to the pump and remove the screws in the middle of the pump body. Once the screws have been removed, pull the assembly out of the housing and remove the gasket away from the impeller, remove any debris and re-assemble.

Replacing A Hayward Pump Motor

1.5HP InGround Swimming Pool Pump Motor w/ Strainer ...

Sure, you could just replace your entire Hayward pump, but replacing only the motor is just as easy, and you dont have to touch any of the plumbing. Plus, you can save $100 or more.

In case you need to know, a pool pump motor is the rear-half of the pump, the black metal cylinder, or for original Hayward pumps, a motor painted in a bright gold color.

The plastic front-half of the pump, known as the wet end of a pool or spa pump, can last for decades with a few new pump parts mainly gaskets, baskets and lids.

Hayward pump motors last 8-10 years, if youre lucky but when they begin to overheat and shut down, or when the bearings begin to squeal, or if your motor trips the circuit breaker, it may be time for a new motor.

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Hayward Pump Motor Replacement

Our schematic diagrams of Hayward pool pumps can be very helpful to look at during a motor replacement to see how all the bits fit together, and for help in naming the various parts that connect to the motor.

Replacing a Hayward pump motor is no different than replacing a Pentair or any other brand pump motor its basically dis-assembly and re-assembly.

Service Factor Service Factor Service Factor

So youre telling me a 1 HP motor is the same as a 1.5 HP motor? Well, in some cases this is correct. The topic of service factor is often an area of confusion, but can be fairly easily explained by understanding a few key concepts. The label on your current motor will have two very important pieces of information namely horsepower & service factor .

If you multiply the horsepower rating times the service factor, you will determine your True Horsepower. So in our example below the 1 HP motor is the exact same as the 1.5 HP version of the motor.

1.0 HP X 1.65 SF = 1.65 True HP

1.5 HP X 1.1 SF = 1.65 True HP

High service factor motors are typically called Full Rate motors and low service factor motors are called Up Rate motors. Normally a Full Rate motor is equivalent to the next size HP in an Up rate model. Below is a handy-dandy chart illustrating this phenomenon.

Motor Rating

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Common Pool Pump Issues

When theres a problem with your pool pump, youll notice many immediate issues. Once your pool pump is down for a few days, youll quickly notice algae scum building up.

Take care of these problems right away before your pool requires serious maintenance to re-open. The difference could amount to hundreds of dollars when deciding to replace the whole pool pump or just the motor mechanism.

Call us today to learn more about optional pool and spa coverage and recieve a free quote to begin comparing your options: 860-288-4791

Pump Is Loud Or Noisy

How to Replace a Hayward Pool Pump Motor – Complete Video

A loud or noisy pump can be either a plumbing or electrical problem. If the pump sounds like its gargling rocks, or there is heavy vibration noise, it may be cavitating, a term that means its starved for water. Its either too powerful for the incoming plumbing, or too many suction lines are closed, or the skimmers are clogged.

A motor with a more high pitched squeal or screech is usually in need of shaft bearings. There are two sealed bearings inside pool pump motors. They can be replaced, but unless the motor is quite new, most pool owners will replace the entire motor.

Thats all Folks! If these quick tips didnt solve your problem, feel free to call our pool tech supporters at 1-800-288-7946 for more Hayward pool pump troubleshooting.

And if you are in need of Genuine Hayward Replacement parts, we have Hayward pump parts and motor parts stocked in 12 warehouses for fast delivery with same day shipment!

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Hayward Pool Pump Troubleshooting

We carry the other brands, but Hayward pumps and filters have always been our flagship line.

Reliable & durable, Hayward pumps will still likely need some type of troubleshooting at some point during your relationship.

Often what appears to be a pool pump problem is actually a filter problem or a valve problem, so the first step is to rule out any mis-aligned valves or obstructions in the filter or pipes.

Barring problems with other pool equipment, a pool pump problem will either be an electrical issue or a plumbing issue. On the electrical side, problems can occur with the electric motor, timeclock, breaker or wires. On the plumbing side, you can have problems with air leaks, water leaks or just getting the water to flow properly.

Pump Flow Rate Is Low

When the filter pressure is high, the filter is dirty ~ and when the filter pressure is low, the basket are dirty. Lower than normal pressure on the filter corresponds with lower than normal flow rates.

Check the pump impeller by removing the pump basket and reaching through the hole to feel for any debris or rocks stuck inside the impeller. If you feel anything unusual, remove the bolts to pull the motor out for a good cleaning of the impeller.

An air leak will also reduce water flow rates, as air is drawn in to the pump, and a dirty pool filter or baskets can clog up the works, and reduce the flow rate. In some cases, it can be a clog in the skimmer line, or even a partially collapsed suction line that is to blame.

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Replacement Pool Pump Motor Cross Reference Sheet

We get a lot of questions about pool pumps here at PoolSupplyWorld. We hear this one on a near-daily basis during the summer:

My pump is making a VERY loud noise when turning on. Whats happening?

Unfortunately, if your pool pump is starting to complain, you likely need to replace the motor. Replacing a pool pumps motor isnt difficult, but you do need a few pieces of information. On the label attached to your pool pump, you should be able to find the Pump Model Number, the Motor Model Number, the Horsepower, the Voltage, and the Service Factor. For an example and instructions on how to read a pump label, .

Once youve collected the right pieces of information, finding a motor is pretty simple. Two manufacturers, Century & US Motors , make nearly all replacement motors and between them make models compatible with the large majority of swimming pool pumps. Weve created a cross-reference sheet of the most popular pool pumps and motors to help you find the right motor replacement for your pump.

Quick Tip: When replacing your pool pump motor, we always recommend changing out the seals and gaskets to ensure the proper fit and a good water-tight connection.

How Long Do Pool Pumps Last

UST1102 1 Hp Swimming Pool/Spa Replacement Motor C

Your pool pump should be replaced anywhere between 8 to 15 years depending on the quality, and a full replacement may cost over $800.

Your pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool as it circulates water throughout, bringing water through the filtration and heating systems. Its made up of a motor, impeller, and a hair and lint trap with a basket. Often when theres a problem, you can simply replace one of the mechanisms, such as the motor, without replacing your whole pool pump.

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The Pool Pump Is Making A Loud Screeching Noise Or Sounds Like Its Full Of Rocks

Screeching or gargling noise can be frustrating for pool owners and surrounding neighbors. If your pool pump sounds like its running with rocks inside the pump basket, it might be starved for water. This can be attributed to a couple of different things. First, check your suction lines. If too many of them are closed off, the pump will struggle to get water and become noisy. Next, check your skimmers. If they are clogged, remove any debris and re-assemble. If all else fails, your pump could be too powerful for your pool. If this is the case, youll want to downgrade to a pump with less power to avoid future problems.

If your pool pump is causing a screeching noise, it could be caused by worn bearings. You can change the bearings out, but many pool owners opt to switch out the oldermotor for a new one.

Pump Is Smoking Or Sparking

Whoa, shut the pump off quickly. Smoking pump motors are usually caused by connecting 230V to a motor wired to receive only 115V. Check the motor diagram for the Low Voltage / High Voltage wiring diagram. An incorrectly installed shaft seal can also produce friction smoke, and a blown capacitor will throw off a lot of smoke, following the small explosion.

Sparking motors can be caused by loose wire connections or two wires or terminal connections touching each other, which is usually easily fixed. Sparking can also come directly from a short in the windings of the motor, which usually means the motor is near the end.

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Do I Need To Keep Grass Shrubs And Vegetation Away From My Motor

  • Always keep the pool equipment clear and ensure that there is nothing growing over the motor. If insects are a large problem in your area, treat for insects. The air circulation around the motor is crucial for proper operation. Failure to ensure proper air circulation will reduce the life of the equipment.

Replacing A Pool Pump Motor

Hayward Pool Pump Motor replacement: Century Pool Motor install and wiring: Pool Pump not working


  • Strap Wrench or Impeller Puller


  • Shut off power to the pump at the breaker to prevent unintended operation of equipment and for safety precautions. Remove the electrical whip from the rear of the motor. Using tape and a pen, mark the hot, neutral, and ground wires.
  • Depending on the pump model, remove the clamp assembly or 9/16 bolts holding the seal plate to the pump housing. Carefully remove the motor and rear of the pump from the pump housing and place it on a table or workbench.
  • Remove the diffuser.
  • Use the 7/16 wrench or appropriate size wrench to hold the rear of the motor shaft and prevent motor shaft rotation.
  • Using the strap wrench or impeller, puller remove the pump impeller. Note: If the impeller has a locking screw, remove the screw before attempting to remove the impeller. The locking screw will be reverse thread.
  • Using the 9/16 socket or wrench, remove the pump seal plate.
  • Remove the mechanical pump seal from the seal plate and impeller.
  • Wipe down and clean the components being reused during assembly.
  • Using the appropriate Go-Kit , replace the mechanical pump seal. Note: Take special care when installing the mechanical seal to NOT touch the white ceramic or black graphite surfaces with your hands or other contaminants.
  • Remove the new motor from its packaging and place the seal plate on the motor in the appropriate orientation and complete installation with the 9/16 bolts.
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    Aosmith Pool Motor Wiring Diagram

    Motor C48K2NB1, Hayward Pool Pumps, Hayward Super Pump Wiring Diagram, Hayward Pool Pumps HP, Ao Smith Pool Pump.

    How to Replace a Pool Pump Motor -The Ultimate Video Guide

    Motor C48K2NB1, Hayward Pool Pumps, Hayward Super Pump Wiring Diagram, Hayward Pool Pumps HP, Ao Smith Pool Pump. When you do, remember that A.O.

    Smith manufacture s replacement pool and spa motors for practically every brand you’ll ever encounter in . Wiring Diagrams. maintain, troubleshoot and service A.O.

    Smith pool Century ® motors first at any A.O. Smith distribu- . Wiring Diagram: On or near the nameplate is a.

    Pool pumps are wired to run on either V or V. Most are run on V See “How To Use a Multimeter to Test a Pool Pump Motor – Voltage”.

    . The model UST – A.O.

    Smith Round Flange 3/4 HP Up Rate Motor. Measured ..

    I have looked for a wiring diagram on the internet, but have not found anything. Reply.Ao Smith 2 Speed Motor Wiring Diagram Me And Century 1 3 HP er Motor DL The Home At Ao Smith Motors Wiring Diagram ao smith 2 speed motor wiring diagram Collection-Wiring Diagram Pool Pump Motor Valid Pentair.

    Emerson ESQ Square Flange Pool and Spa Motor 1 HP is the wiring correct on this? years ago I bought a motor and had to change because it was going the wrong way. I best recommend viewing our Water Ace Pump Parts diagram for the replacement motor, by identifying using the horsepower.

    The A.O. Smith 1 H.P Square Flange Up Rate Motor /5. printed on the motor nameplate.

    The Pool Pump Is Sucking In Air

    To operate properly, pool pumps must be air tight. If there is a leak, the pool pump will suck in air and become problematic. The first thing youll want to check is the pump lid. If not on properly, the pump will suck in air and the pump will not be able to prime. If that does not solve the problem youll want to check where the pipe enters the pump, the valve stem on any of the suction valves, the plumbing on the suction side of the pump , o-rings and gaskets. Look for cracks, leaks, loose or old fittings and replace or repair if needed. If you still cant find a leak, spray some shaving cream on to the areas listed above. The leak will draw the shaving cream in and leave a dimple.

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