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What Is The Best Pool Pump Timer

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Xtremepowerus 2hp Pool Pump 220v Dual Speed

âTimer for Pool Pump â?°| How to Setup, How Long to Set, & How Does it Work?

Durability and power are two of the characteristics that a pool owner is looking for in a pool pump. This heavy-duty and high-performing in-ground pool pump offers efficient water flow for your swimming pool. This self-priming pump has a corrosion-proof polymeric material to ensure long life and better performance.

Furthermore, its durable motor gives smooth running time and operations. This pump is also compatible for use with solar heating and other in-floor cleaning systems. You can now replace your low performing in-ground pool pump with this better product.

This can be used for swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. It is best in providing easy maintenance for the pool especially that it gives proper water flow. In addition, this is a pool that can provide you the efficiency in water circulation that you are looking for. With this pump, you get high performance at value for your hard-earned money.


The Importance Of Pool Water Circulation

One key factor in maintaining a healthy pool that is often overlooked by pool operators is the importance of pool circulation and turnover rate. Your pools turnover rate refers to the number of times the entire volume of the water is circulated in a 24-hour period. According to the Gage-Bidwell Law of Dilution, water that is recirculated with a turnover rate equal to one turnover in each 6 to 8 hour period will provide 95 to 98 percent dilution of contaminated pool water with water that has been filtered and disinfected.

Three to four turnovers per day, or one turnover every 6 to 8 hours, has become a standard in public pools and is highly recommended in residential pool owners who want a healthy pool that doesnt require large quantities of chemical disinfectants. For example, AOP systems make it possible to drastically reduce chlorine use to drinking water levels of 0.5 ppm or less in residential pools, but this requires the use of variable speed pool pumps running at an optimized flow rate 24 hours a day and with a minimum of three turnovers per day.

For those who are used to running their pool pump for only 8 or 10 hours a day, it may seem counterintuitive or wasteful to run your variable speed pump 24 hours a day. But remember that running your variable speed pump for a longer period of time is still much cheaper and more effective than running a single speed pump for a short period of time.

Need To Save Energy Size Matters

The efficiency of the pool cleaning operation largely depends on the size of the pool pump. Larger pool pumps suck up more energy and might lead to unbearable electricity bills. So when shopping, it would help to first equip yourself with vital pump information.

A home pool generally needs one horsepower pump or smaller. If this figure exceeds 1 , you might need to find yourself a new pump. These bigger pumps work too rapidly for an effective cleaning action through the filters. The good thing with modern day pumps is that you can adjust the flow rate so that the pump cleans up efficiently without excessive energy consumption.

Please do not run the pump for 24 hours, it might keep your pool in pristine conditions, but it will also lead to wear and tear on the pool pump apart from the exorbitant bills. Install a timer on the pump so that you can automatically run the pump at many intervals during the day for maximum efficiency.

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Hayward W3sp3206vsp Tristar Vs Variable

Variable speed pool pumps are the favorite of many pool owners because of the savings that it can give even when the pump is used heavily. This variable speed pool pump from Hayward gives the ultimate energy efficiency. Even its installation is easy, as there is no expensive rewiring needed.

Pool owners are particularly looking for a pump that is effective in improving the water circulation and flow but will not empty their pockets. Because of its intelligent all-in-one controllability, it can easily integrate with new or existing automation system. Likewise, it is easy to use from installation to operations making it an ideal swimming pool pump to own. Pool water operations have never been this cheap but very efficient.


Truly saves money and headache

Great pump worth the money

Do I Need A Timer For My Pool Pump

How To Set The Pump Times For Your Pool And Hot Tub

If running your pump and filter is good for the pool, why not just run it 24/7?

Welp, because its not necessary.

As you will see below, using a pool timer to set it to run the filter for specific chunks of time versus all day and all night, will save you a ton of money on energy bills.

Additionally, running the filtration system non-stop will cause inevitable wear and tear on your pump that can drastically shorten the lifespan of your pool equipment.

The good news is pool timers are a tool that doesnt require a ton of upkeep or work. Once it is properly set up, you can generally leave it be and get back to enjoying your pool!

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Best Setup For Variable Speed Pool Pumps

For the most part, pool owners understand the concept of variable speed pumps. However, when it comes to the best setup for variable speed pool pumps, pool owners are somewhat in the dark. We want to change that.

In this blog article, we provide tips on how to set up your variable speed pool pump to achieve the greatest performance and energy savings. Overall, we want pool owners to feel comfortable purchasing a new pump knowing they are capitalizing on the most savings.

Can I Use A More Powerful Pump With These Timers

Its recommended that you use a timer only with the recommended characteristics for your pump. An average pool pump uses 3.5 kWh annually. Most timers, including the GE 24-Hour Indoor/Outdoor Mechanical Time Switch, are designed to withstand power in this range. If the instruction manual on your device does specify its usage with more powerful pumps, then you can go ahead and use it. If not, its advised that you refrain from experimenting with your pump and timer. High voltages will cause the fuse to burn out or may lead to much more serious damage, such as a short circuit.

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I Have Alarms On My Phone Why Bother Getting A Timer

Were all about a DIY, can-do attitude around here. But you have to balance the perceived savings of doing it yourself with the potential effort and risks. If you forget to turn off your filter, you risk running up your power bill. Even worse, if you forget to turn your filter system back on, you risk completely wrecking your waters chemistry balance.

So do yourselfand your poola favor and err on the side of caution with an automatic timer instead.

Kokido Above Ground Pool Water Heater

Setting Timer For Your Filter Pump | Rising Sun Pools & Spas

The Kokido Keops Pool Heater with Solar Kit is a great small pool heating system. This heater comes at a very good value price and gets the job done efficiently for those who are on a budget.

The Solar Dome Water Heater is designed to heat water via natural sunlight, and it can also be set up to work in conjunction with your above-ground pools existing filtration system.

Like most inexpensive solar heaters, it doesnt have any way to store its own energy, so dont expect any instantaneous temperature changes in the pool water.

It has an adjustable mount that can help you get the most out of your sun rays during winter months or overcast summer days as well.

This Solar Dome by Kokido Keops is the ultimate in above ground pool heaters. It is cost effective, environmentally friendly and has an integrated rack to make sure you get the maximum sun exposure to keep your pool warm all year round.

Whether you have a small above ground pool or an enormous one, you can attach additional heaters for larger swimming pools to ensure maximum heating savings.

Integrated into the underside of this heater is a nylon skirt that helps achieve a powerful suction effect when fitting it to any traditional filter pump or foot pump.

As well as providing great sun exposure and getting rid of extra light which usually gets reflected on your water surface.

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Intermatic P1121 Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer

Best for Above Ground Pools

The P1121 is for the outdoor pools. It comes with a weatherproof enclosure that you can flip open. It also has removable trippers that allow for two settings per day and a minimum operating interval of 30 minutes.

The Intermatic also has a NEMA plug that works with a regular outlet. Despite these qualities, there have been complaints about its low durability compared to other outdoor timers. However, when we tested it, the timer held up well.

  • Not the most durable timer

How Many Gallons Of Water Are In My Pool

Before we start, let’s understand how many gallons of water are in your pool. To find your pools volume, use one of these easy calculations. If you dont want to calculate the pool volume, take a quick look at the table on this helpful article: Calculating Pool Volume.

Square and Rectangle Pools with Single Depth:

Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 = Approximate Volume

Square and Rectangle Pools with Variable Depths:

Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5 = Approximate Volume

Average Depth: If the pool has a shallow end and a deep end, add the two depths together and divide by 2. ÷2=5.5′ Average Depth.)

Round Pools:

3.14 x Radius x Radius x Average Depth x 7.5 = Volume

The Radius equals the diameter divided by 2.

Note: Most round pools have a single depth.

Oval Pools:

3.14 x Length x Width x .25 x Average Depth x 7.5 = Approximate Volume

Kidney-Shaped Pool:

x Length x 0.45 x Average Depth x 7.5 = Approximate Volume

(A and

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How Long Should You Run Your Pool Pump

The length of time you need to run your pool pump is crucial as good water circulation is critical to ensuring your pool is clean and crystal clear. Well, the simple answer is that it depends on several factors. The optimal time to run your pump is a little different for everyone. This is mainly because of the pool size and pump size.

A general rule of thumb, however, is to run your pump for 8 hours. However, the longer you can run it, the better. And thats because pool pumps take a certain amount of time to fully cycle through all the water in your pool once. This is referred to as the turnover rate, which is different for each pump.

The typical pump will have a turnover rate of between 6 to 10 hours. So, running your pump for at least 8 hours each day gets you a minimum of one full cycle, which is great.

But if you want optimal filtration, aim for two cycles. And it goes without saying that the amount of time your pump will need to go through 2 cycles will depend on your pump and pool size.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the best time of day to run pool pump turns out to be at night to remove any things thatll leave rust stains and more. While its possible to forget to run your pump before going to bed, you can invest in an automatic timer that will run the pump for you so you dont have to worry about powering the pump even when youre not around for your pools size and what you choose it to be.

What Kind Of Timer Does My Pool Pump Need

The best pool pump timers for more up

It is best to choose a pool timer that has several different configurations and settings. You will also most likely need something that is rated for outdoor use. Most pool timers are placed in garages, sheds, or even exposed completely outdoors. The most popular brand for the pool pump timer is going to be the Intermatic. These timers will give you complete control over your swimming pool and help with ground pools and above ground pools.

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Considerations For Buying A Pool Timer

There are several different types of pool timers. They all perform the same function, but each one might meet a different need.

In order to choose the best pool timer for you, you might want to take the following into consideration:

  • Type
  • The type of pool timer you choose might depend on your familiarity with technology as well as who will be setting it.

    A clock-style timer is set by hand, usually using pins or trippers. A digital timer will be set using buttons that program your times in.

    A smart timer is connected to your smartphone using an app. These are the most convenient if youre away from home a lot, but even if youre not, theyre super convenient.

  • Location
  • Some timers are not built to be protected from the elements and should be installed indoors or in a sheltered area. Be sure to pay attention to this detail before you buy.

  • Ease of use
  • Again, take into consideration your own technology skills. Smart timers are not hard to use at all, but if youre not comfortable with that sort of thing, stick to manual timers.

  • Ease of installation
  • Most pool timers are extremely easy to install. You just plug it into an electrical outlet and plug your pool pump into it.

    But some pool timers are wired in and may need professional installation.

  • Dependability
  • Theres not much point in having a pool timer if it doesnt work when its supposed to.

  • Size of pool pump
  • Dewenwils Wireless Controller Timer

    Next is the Dewenwils Wireless Controller Timer. This is an interesting unit because it is Wi-Fi enabled. You can control this timer from your phone even when you are not at home. We love this capability.

    The Dewenwils comes in a waterproof container that can easily handle outdoor climates and heavy rains. If you are worried about the pool pump being on in a thunderstorm, turn it off from your phone, without having to buy an additional hub.

    With the fair pricing and Wi-Fi enable technology, you are probably wondering why this is so far down our list. The Dewenwils Wireless Controller Timer is very difficult to setup. Even after people get this unit working, they struggle with activating it through Wi-Fi. Some say they gave up and just use it as a time with no Wi-Fi.

    • More expensive than a simple timer
    • Wi-Fi can be intermittent and does not always work

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    Pool Pump Timer Guide

    Although some products come with one built-in, if not, youre going to want a quality pool pump timer. Being able to set the period they are activated for will not only save you money on your energy bills, but it will ensure your pool looks its best all day long. However, some products are a better fit than others and there are definitely some you should avoid.

    To make this purchase simple, we have created the following buyers guide. By the end of it, youll have a pool pump timer that makes owning a pool a lot easier.

    Intermatic Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer

    Which Pool Pump Timer Do I Need?

    The P1121 is intended for use in outdoor pools. It includes a waterproof enclosure that you can quickly flip open. Additionally, it features detachable trippers that enable two daily settings and a minimum operation period of 30 minutes.

    Additionally, the Intermatic features a NEMA plug that is compatible with standard outlets. Despite these advantages, some users have complained about the timers lack of durability compared to other outdoor timers. However, when we put it to the test, the timer performed well.


    • The casing is built waterproof
    • You can directly fix and plug it into the wall
    • Settings are pretty easy to use


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    Game Solarpro Curve Pool Heater

    The GAME SolarPRO Curve has a lot of wonderful features that make it the ideal pool heater to choose over other models including efficient heating tools such as built-in heat traps and heat wraps.

    Because this unit utilizes passive heating, you can save a lot of money using this pool heater rather than using a gas-powered or electric heater.

    This best above ground pool heaters is designed with manual controls so you can easily adjust its settings without having to go outside on your deck.

    The biggest downside to this model is that its particularly small for the cost, so if you have a larger pool or an in-ground one, you may need to opt for something bigger.

    However, if your only real concern is raising your temperature just five degrees in four days to combat cold temperatures and pool cover installation, then GAME SolarPRO Curve will work for youThe GAME solar pool heater helps prolong your swimming season by maintaining your pools ideal water temperature.

    This efficient product is outfitted with adjustable heat ports to help save space and let you customize the layout.

    The clear cover ensures that no area is left unexposed to the suns rays and locks in warmth for a more comfortable swimming experience. It is waterproof, relatively lightweight and easy to maintain.

    The sturdy structure allows it to be used with most above-ground or inground pools, though some parts must be customized for each pool type.

    Is An Above Ground Pool Heater Worth It

    These are a little pricier than other types of heaters and they can be unwieldy as well. But they heat the water so quickly and efficiently that many people choose to buy them because it doesnt matter how cold it is outside your pool will be warm and inviting!

    These are some of the most energy-efficient pool heaters since they can operate completely on chemicals.

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