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Do It Yourself Fiberglass Pools

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What Should I Know Before I Install A Fiberglass Pool Myself

Do it Yourself Fiberglass Pools: The Ultimate DIY Project!

You have to budget for expenses such as equipment, dirt hauling, plumbing, water, and more. You’ll save about $6,000 to $10,000 overall. The most common challenge with DIY fiberglass pools is getting the pool shell level. Give yourself plenty of time to set it. For linear pools, you also have to make sure the pool walls stay straight.

Fiberglass Inground Pool Prices

Because they are more labor intensive, inground pools will cost more than above ground pools. The average above ground pool is under $10,000. Inground pools can be six times that amount or more.

The total cost of an inground pool will depend on the package you select from your pool provider. That price varies from seller to seller, so shop around and find the right fit for you and your budget.

Fiberglass inground pool prices depend heavily on installation and how much work the pool company needs to do. Turn-key installation costs associated with fiberglass inground pools range from $45,000 to $85,000. Fiberglass inground pool packages with a self-install option are much less at around $20,000.

In general, the more labor you take on yourself, the less you will pay for your pool. The materials themselves will cost about $18,000 total. Labor on top of that can cost upwards of $65,000. That includes permits, digging, backfill, grading, filters and electrical work.

How To Resurface A Fiberglass Swimming Pool

A fiberglass swimming pool is an older type of pool construction material. Fiberglass is not used much to make pools anymore because fiberglass wears out faster than other materials. Replacing a fiberglass swimming pool is also very expensive. Instead of making pools out of fiberglass, these days many are now just coated with it. A fiberglass gel, available in many colors, is applied to the inside of a pool and it serves to change the color of the pool as well as to protect the inside of the pool. If you have an old fiberglass swimming pool you can resurface it with this fiberglass gel. You can resurface newer pools as well to change the color or for added protection. Hiring someone to do the work will cost a lot of money but you can do it yourself.

Step 1 – Ready the Pool for Resurfacing

Step 2 – Mix the Fiberglass Gel

Make sure that the bucket you are using is completely clean and free of dust and moisture. Pour the epoxy gel coat into the bucket. Make sure there is enough room left in the bucket to stir the epoxy and hardener. After the gel coat is in the bucket add the hardener. Use the instructions on the container in order to discern the right amount of hardener to add. Once the hardener is added, use the drill with the mixer attachment and stir the chemicals together until full incorporated.

Step 3 – Resurface the Fiberglass Swimming Pool

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Why Choose A Fibreglass Pool

A concrete pool will last longer than a vinyl liner pool, but you will need to get it resurfaced about every 10 years due to chemical erosion, the tiling grout will also be eroded by the salt or chlorine over time. Plus concrete pools are higher maintenance and have higher chemical usage than a fiberglass pool. Most fiberglass pools last 30 years or more.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Kits

23 Ideas for Fiberglass Pool Kits Diy  Home, Family ...

At Pool Warehouse our mission is to provide your family with the perfect pool regardless of shap, style or size! With that in mind we offer a great selection of quality, made in the USA, fiberglass swimming pool kits. Our passion is making your dream of owning an inground pool a reality. Our fiberglass pool kits are made with the highest quality materials available and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. All of our pool kits are designed to be maintenance friendly and too require fewer chemicals than others on the market today. This forward thinking design allows you decades of enjoyment without costing you valuable time and money. Our fiberglass pool kits are available in various shapes and sizes but your having a hard time finding one that meets you requirements just hop over to the Inground Pool Kits tab and check out all of our custom steel or polymer pool kit options. Fiberglass pool kits do not come standard with free shipping but we always strive to get you the best rate possible!

Cant find what your looking for? Try one of our Polymer or Steel pool kits.

Our Fiberglass swimming pool kits are made with heavy duty fiberglass and require fewer chemicals and almost no maintenance. We want you to focus on enjoying your new inground pool kit and not tedious, costly upkeep. Whether you decide to purchase a Polymer or Fiberglass pool kit you cant go wrong with a long lasting swimming pool from Pool Warehouse.

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Diy Fiberglass Pools Buyer Beware

ITS vinyl liner pool kits;are one option for the DIY pool builder, another option is to use a fiberglass pool shell. This type of pool installation requires different skills from a DIY inground pool builder.

The most obvious difference between a fiberglass and a vinyl pool is the material used. A fiberglass pool is a one-piece pool thats trucked to your property, lifted by a large crane or excavator into a precisely dug hole and a bed of sand. Because of this there is only a small range of shapes and sizes to choose from. This may allow for the installation to move more quickly than with a vinyl liner pool. You may save a day or two by eliminating the wall assembly, concrete collar and liner installation.

On the flip side, you may add a day or two, in frustrating snags that hold up the process, and its not unusual to place the pool several times before getting the level correct. You may get to know the crane operator on a first name basis. Or you may have placed the pool perfectly, only to have it lilting and tilting after you fill it with water. Because of the difficulty in leveling a fiberglass pool, its important to have prior experience with balancing the shell perfectly on soil and sand.

Vinyl pool kits by contrast, are encased in a collar of concrete, 12 deep x 30 wide, poured around the outside of the pool wall, locking the pool in place, deep in the earth.

A Realistic Look At The Equipment You Will Need

At the moment, you are probably thinking in terms of getting that fiberglass pre measured and laid into the ground. Youll need some sort of crane to do that and since most people just dont happen to have heavy machinery lying about, you arent likely to have one at your disposal. Actually, there is much more to inground fiberglass pools than you might imagine. Its much more than digging a hole and popping in a fiberglass insert.

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Take Advantage Of The Diy Swimming Poolsextra Special Prices During The Crisis

Never before have our homes become such sanctuaries and having a pool in your backyard is a great uplifter. During this crisis, spending on home improvements and DIY has never been higher. People will continue to make their homes sanctuaries and a swimming pool, whilst it is a big expense, compared to the fun had over a lifetime, it is a great investment.

Keep the kids at home, order your pool for summer now. No hidden costs, 1 genuine price.

Dont Forget That Building Permit

1. How to repair and refinish a fiberglass pool with Aquaguard 5000

At the moment, we are using an inground fiberglass pool in Western Australia as an example of whether or not a DIY project is possible, so lets stick with that. In WA, as well as in most other areas of the country, you will need a building permit. The rules in WA stipulate that youll need a building permit if that pool is deeper than 300mm. You will also be required, by law, to construct a compliant barrier around a pool of that depth and this barrier/wall will need a permit as well. Are you prepared to go through all the legal red tape to get those permits?

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Fiberglass Pool Installation Costs

Installation costs can make up more than 25 percent of the total cost of a fiberglass pool. Pool companies offer different packages to customers at different price points. Those at higher price points include labor like installation and cleaning, and the budget options require the buyer to do that work themselves.

Homeowners who want to save money on their fiberglass pool can opt for a self-install or DIY package, which typically includes the pool shell and its shipping and can cost as low as $20,000. Then, its up to the homeowner to do the work.

Most pool companies will charge between $10,000 and $20,000 to install the pool. That includes the pools shell, excavation, backfill, pool water and a filter. They will also charge for labor on an hourly basis, which equals about $5.50 per square foot.

What Do I Need To Purchase That Is Not Normally Included In The Fiberglass Pool Shell Price

These expenses are usually separate from the shell purchase:

  • the equipment to complete the excavation
  • a crane to set the pool if needed
  • water to fill the pool
  • the backfill material
  • any necessary plumbing fittings and pipe
  • the pool equipment if not included

This is a very rough pricing guide to give you some concept of the expense of these items.

Equipment rental : $2,000

Crane: $400$800

Water : $700$1,200

Backfill material: $1,000$2,000

Please note that these are averages and may vary dramatically from region to region.

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Looking Like New 10 Years In

There are many appealing attributes of fiberglass pools, but one of the most compelling is their incredible durability. Its not unusual to visit someones home, comment on how great their pool looks, and have them reply that it was installed more than a decade ago.;

;That said, there are factors that will impact how well a pool holds up over the years, including:;

  • How the pool is manufactured. As you would expect, quality matters. The type of materials used and how the pool is constructed will have an impact on its durability.
  • How the pool is installed. You want to work with a company that has extensive experience installing inground fiberglass pools. The strategies they have picked up over the years can help them deliver the optimal install, which will maximize the life of your pool.
  • How the pool is maintained. While fiberglass pools are very low maintenance, you still have to keep them clean, maintain proper water chemistry, winterize and open them correctly, etc. fiberglass swimming pools

Why Fiberglass No Liner Low Maintenance Great Warranty Design Installation And Manufacturing Technology All Reasons To Have A Great Swimming Pool For Your Family Over 17 Years Of Innovation Have Resulted In The Creation Of The World’s Best Fiberglass Swimming Pool Shell Our Proprietary Gel Coat And Laminate Construction Ensures Our Inground Pools Withstand All Climate Conditions And Soil Types In Any Location

Do it yourself fiberglass pools: Hamilton $25,317 (DIY ...

How We Work

;Local Install Available or Do It Yourself and Save!! We Offer Top Quality Fiberglass Plunge & Patio ;Pools , They are The Highest Quality Pool Packages In All of; The USA.; The Fiberglass Pool Factory Offers over 33 years experience in The Swimming Pool Industry & Provides The Ultimate in Customer Service. The Future Of Pool Buying is Here! Online Pricing Combined with Local Service and Professional Installations Creates the Opportunity For You to Purchase Your Pool and Save Thousands of Dollars While Receiving the Service You Deserve. ;

;Properties of a Fiberglass Pool

Hearing that fiberglass pools are extremely durable is encouraging as you look to make a purchase. And thats more than just talk. Here are some details to back up that claim:

  • Fiberglass is considerably;stronger than concrete;and will not require re-plastering or acid washes over time.;
  • Fiberglass has a smooth, non-porous surface that is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Fiberglass is an insulator that, coupled with an autocover, can help owners save big on heating costs and maintenance.
  • Fiberglass allows for flexibility, enabling it to withstand ground movement that would destroy other types of pools.
  • Fiberglass naturally inhibits algae growth, resulting in significant savings on chemicals.
  • Add a Mineralizer Non Chlorine System & You’re All Set.

Add a Badu Swim Spa System to any Pool for $6995;

A Great Investment

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Steel & Polymer Wall Pool Kits

One common question we are always asked is; between steel wall and polymer wall inground kit packages, which is better? As a result, weve provided a quick comparison between the two. This can help you decide which pool kit is best for your family. Firstly, the two different pool kit styles only have minor differences. Both our steel and polymer pool wall systems are of the highest quality standards, built for a lifetime. For the last 16 years, Pool Warehouse has exclusively sold only premium inground kits manufactured by Hydra Pools. Hydra has been manufacturing swimming pool panels and braces since 1984, which means all of our kits are 100% American made. Hydras quality and years of manufacturing experience, alongside Pool Warehouses sales and service, guarantee that youll get the swimming pool youve always dreamed of!

What Are Some Common Challenges Associated With Do

The most common challenge associated with DIY fiberglass pool installations is getting the pool level.

For a first timer, this can be a frustrating experience. The key is to stick with it until you get it right.;

One word of advice here: be careful to give yourself plenty of time for pool leveling.;

If you’re having water delivered, build in a couple extra hours before they arrive and budget some extra time for the crane to sit on site while you work on getting the pool level.;

Few things are more stressful than re-setting a pool over and over while everyone’s standing around waiting on you.;

These situations can lead you to compromise and settle for a pool that’s not as level as you would like. Don’t do it. You’ll kick yourself later.;

Another common challenge with straight-wall pools is keeping those suckers straight. This requires constant monitoring while filling the pool and placing backfill.;

As soon as you set the pool, run a string line from corner to corner and keep it spot on until the pool is full.;

If the wall bows in or out, the pool will probably be fine, but you’ll have to do some digging to get it straight again. ;

Please leave any questions you may have about installing your own fiberglass pool below, and I’ll do my best to answer them promptly.

Thanks and good luck!

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So You Think Installing A Fiberglass Pool Is Easy So Did I Part 1/3

So you want to install your own fiberglass pool. OK. For most people the prospect of installing their own pool means savings. The process of installing a fiberglass pool is not that difficult. Most mechanical people after a glance over some installation pictures have a basic handle on it. Dig, set, backfill, form and pour the concrete. Lets face it $3,000-$5,000 in potential savings can get about anyone’s attention.

When I first got into the business, I did so almost by accident and thought it was going to be easy. I owned a construction company , had all the tools, equipment, trucks, and even staff to do it. I remember thinking how easy this was going to be. What turned out to be simple was an absolute battle. What wasn’t so obvious were the so called tricks of the trade and the “what not to do’s” learned only through experience. It took three 16 hour days to install my first pool and I earned every bit of it.

Do Fiberglass Pools Crack

Do It Yourself Fiberglass Swimming Pool Deck (part 4 of 6)

Yes, cracking can be a problem with fiberglass pools. Small cracks, also known as spider cracks, can occur in the gelcoat of a fiberglass pool. This can be caused by a manufacturing error or an unsupported surface. These cracks dont usually indicate leaks. If this happens you can hire a professional to resurface your pool and expect to pay about $7,500 for materials and labor.

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Welcome To Complete Fibreglass Pool Kits

We believe that every home in Australia should have a swimming pool. Thats why were dedicated to making owning a fibreglass pool an affordable reality for you.; With our award winning Australian made fibreglass DIY pools, you will have a low maintenance pool sparkling in your backyard for thousands less than you thought.; With a lifetime structural warranty and renownedAustralian made filter, chlorinator and pump, your peace of mind is also a standard inclusion.

About Our Inground Pools

Our inground swimming pool kits are designed as a complete package for the homeowner. These are truly the do-it-yourself swimming pool kits. Let’s be honest, when it comes to entertaining guests in the heat of the summer or hosting an ultimate backyard bash, NOTHING competes with inground pools. And wouldn’t it be awesome to brag to your friends about how much you saved by either doing it yourself or helping out with the process?

We offer many different shapes and sizes of inground swimming pools, from pools for small backyards to large pools, as well as the ability to customize just about any size or shape inground pool. Want a completely custom swimming pool? You got it! Just call or email us with your ideas, or the size of the area you want to put your custom swimming pool in, and we will help you design the best swimming pool to fit your needs.

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