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What Size Solar Pool Cover Do I Need

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How Do I Remove My Solar Cover

What size solar cover to get for an above ground pool?

Ideally, if you have a solar blanket, you will have a reel to keep it wrapped up nicely when not in use however, not everyone wants to spend the extra money. I get it!

If you dont have a reel, its best to have someone help you.

You will each stand on opposite sides of the cover and fold it over in sections like an accordion until it can be stacked at the other end of the pool.

With one person, its a little trickier, but it is possible.

You can do the same thing from the outside of the pool, but with one person, it might start to pull to your side and you will have to go back and forth across the pool to straighten it out.

If possible, for a one-person removal, get into the pool and fold from the center end of the cover.

Thicker covers are much harder to fold and may have to be pulled straight off, which is also easier with two people.

Reasons Below Why A Pool Cover Roller Is A Great Idea

  • Keep your life easy! The point is, with a roller, getting a pool cover on and off is a breeze the whole operation takes less than a minute. Without a roller you will be in a world of pain trying to fold, lift and store it. Not only is there a lot of material in these, they are wet, and heavy!

  • Increase the lifespan of your cover – If you take off a pool cover manually, theres a good chance that its going to get dragged over rough ground, rocks etc., and thereby possibly get scraped or torn on the side of the pool or surroundings. Not to mention that dragging pool cover over rough terrain may affect its warranty.

  • A few dollars more – The whole point of having a pool cover in the first place is that it doesnt just keep your pool warm and cuts down cleaning time, And the easier the process of taking the cover on and off, the more likely it is that youll do so. Don’t make it a chore when its needed to be done, a few minutes and its sorted and depending on the season, you are either back enjoying the pool or saving money!

  • Winter Debris Cover Calculator

    UK Price Beat Policy we will not be beaten on price!

    We’ve put together a helpful cover calculator so you can order your bespoke cover with ease! Fill in the pool or cover sizes and then follow the instructions.

    Please ensure you double check all your selections before ordering. If you enter in your pool size we will add 2ft or 0.6m onto the width and length to ensure the winter cover overhangs the edge of the pool – For example a 24 x 12 pool Size, the cover would be made 26 x 14.

    This calculator is only designed for in ground swimming pools for above ground pool winter covers

    Their will be a 20% surcharge for covers under 300sqft

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    Does A Solar Cover Stop The Pool Getting Dirty

    Although some seem to suggest that solar covers do at least help in keeping the pool clean, in my experience, this is not one of their benefits. You always have a small gap between the pool sides and the cover so dirt and debris often gets blown towards the edges and then enters the pool.

    Also, to keep the cover in good order it is good practice to hose any dirt off the cover before you roll it up so this ends up in the pool anyway while you are using the hose or when you roll it up.

    Physical Size Of Solar Panels

    400B  Blue Solar Pool Cover

    A 5kW solar system may produce enough energy to power your home, but you may not have enough roof space for a system of that size. Solar panels for households typically come in the standard dimensions of 1.70m x 1.00m, thats around 1.7m2 for every panel installed. However, the wattage output of the panels will likely vary between 250W and 360W for a more efficient module.

    As a guide, youll need 4 x 250W panels, or 3 x 330W for every 1kW of your solar system. If youre considering a 5kW system, thats between 15 and 20 solar panels that will require anywhere between 25.5 34m2 of roof space.

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    In The Swim Premium Pool Solar Blanket Cover

    In The Swim Premium Pool Solar Blanket Cover 12 Mil is our most popular solar cover that we carry. Using a pool solar cover has many advantages that will help save you time and money. Our solar blanket covers are made from a light-weight, yet durable polyethylene material. They are easy to install by cutting the cover to the shape of your pool with scissors if it is irregularly shaped.

    In The Swim Premium Pool Solar Blanket Cover 12 Mil will help heat your water temperature up to 8-10 degrees in approximately 5-7 days of consistent sunlight. Using a pool solar blanket cover prevents the water from losing heat which will help let you enjoy your swim season even longer. It reduces water evaporation, chemical loss, and the amount of debris that can get in the water.

    Warm the Water & Save Money!

    • Raises water temperature up to 8-10 degrees in approximately 5-7 days of consistent sunlight
    • Reduces water evaporation and chemical loss to save you money
    • Reduces heat loss and minimizes the amount of debris that can get in the water
    • Extends the swimming season by maintaining a comfortable swimming temperature in the pool
    • 7 Year Limited Manufacturer Coverage

    Re: Do I Need To Cut A Solar Cover To Fit

    You want to cut it about 1″ smaller than the pool on all sides so it “floats” on the water surface. Use a separate cover on the spa. If it is too big to handle and you don’t use a cover reel you can cut the cover into smaller sections and put them on the pool individually. THis is often useful with odd shaped pools.

    Retired pool store and commercial pool maintenance guy.


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    Making The Most Of The Swimming Season

    Caring for a swimming pool is expensive and time-consuming, and it is wise to make the most of it. Getting the right solar pool cover for your pool can help you to enjoy a warmer and more comfortable swimming pool. Use this guide to make the right choice for your solar cover, and enjoy a longer swimming season this year!

    Keep Water Off The Top Of Your Solar Pool Blanket

    Why do I need a Solar Cover for my Pool?

    The effectiveness of your solar pool cover will be significantly reduced if there is water on top of your solar pool cover. The water on top of your solar pool cover will evaporate and pull the heat through the blanket and actually cool the pool.

    Thus after it has rained, you need to roll up the solar pool blanked and drain the rain water off.

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    How To Save Money While Heating Your Pool Water

    Now you know how each type of solar cover works, a few benefits of using them, and the best way to do so. But wait! Theres more! Weve got a few extra tips to help you save even more money.

    • Run your filter during the hottest part of the day. This can help mitigate heat loss from evaporation. However, youll need to weigh this practice against power use during peak hours.
    • Remove your solar blanket or rings before shocking your pool. The high concentration of chlorine will damage them.
    • Prevent additional water evaporation due to wind by creating a windbreak around your pool. The higher the wind speed above your water, the more water will evaporate. Disrupt the wind with a pool cage, plants, patio furniture, or privacy screens.
    • Run water features only when youre around to enjoy them. Vanishing edge swimming pools and waterfalls can double your water evaporation rate because they create more surface area by constantly moving the water.

    How Do I Store My Solar Cover

    Theres no need to stow your cover every time you take it off your pool! You can simply lay it to the side until youre done.

    However, there are times you might want to store it, such as getting it out of the way for a large gathering or putting it away for the winter . So

    If you have a reel, a solar blanket will simply be stored on that.

    If not, you will need to remove it from the pool, make sure it is completely dry and then store in an airtight container with a lid.

    Same goes for solar rings. You can either store them in the bag they came with or in an airtight container.

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    What Is The Best Color For A Solar Pool Cover

    Solar blankets come in many colors, but clear and blue covers tend to be the most common. Which color is best for your pool depends on your goals and personal preferences.

    Because theyre translucent, clear solar covers allow more light and energy to access the water, so you may see more of a temperature increase. However, it works the opposite way as well, so more heat escapes and your pool may not retain the heat for as long. Dark blue covers, on the other hand, allow less energy to pass through, so the temperature change often isnt quite as dramatic, but the pool retains the heat longer. If youre looking for a good balance between heat absorption and retention, consider a light blue solar cover.

    How Big Are Solar Cells

    400B  Blue Solar Pool Cover

    Lately, manufacturers started to experiment with different individual solar cells sizes in order to reach higher solar panel efficiencies and performance.

    Nowadays, the market is dominated by two solar cell sizes:

    • 5 W x 5 L
    • 6 W x 6 L

    The 5 are mostly used by Sun Power in their 96-cells panels, making that panel to look like a common 60-cells one.

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    Do Solar Pool Covers Work

    How well do solar pool covers work? If solar blankets didnt work they would have died a long time ago. A 2016 study by Cal Poly found that solar blankets can reduce heat loss and evaporation of pool water by as much as 95%. Solar Pool Covers can also heat water to an average of at least 10 degrees.

    A 2014 research by collage found that pool covers can cut energy costs by as much as 30%. Meanwhile a 2012 study by the Michigan Energy Office found that pool covers cut energy costs by about 50%. The effectiveness of a solar pool cover depends on how much pool coverage the blanket has and how much direct sunlight the swimming pool is exposed to.

    Fast Payback On Additional Kws

    The cost of increasing the size of the system to 5kW is only $657 per kW. If we assume that you receive a feed-in tariff of 11.1c for every kWh you export back to the grid, it will only take 4 years to pay back the extra 2kW this is assuming that all of the additional solar power output is exported back to the grid. If you self-consume the power, it will pay back much faster. You can expect the panels to continue generating solar power for another 20 years.

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    What If I Need To Trim My Solar Cover To Fit My Pool

    After your solar cover has come out of the box, and has laid over the pool for a day or two, it is time to trim it. Use a sharp pair of scissors or a razor knife. The idea is to have the cover fit edge to edge, end to end. Cut the solar cover all the way around the pool if necessary be sure to cut the corners to the proper radius.

    We like to use the edge of the coping stone as a guide for our razor knife. This also ends up with a cover that will curl up on the edge of the pool. This keeps the pool cleaner than a solar cover that does not quite cover from edge to edge, but has gaps on the sides.

    What Size Heat Pump Do You Need For Your Pool

    What size winter cover do I need for an odd-shaped pool?

    This is the most important thing to consider when investing in an electric heat pump for your pool. Heat pumps are very similar to air conditioner units, if you have one that is too small it will work extremely hard all the time and struggle to get you to the temperature you require. It is so important to not undersize a heat pump. Generally speaking we work out the size you need based on the pool volume. BUT there are other very important factors. Do you get much sun on the pool, is it inground, is there a water feature? All of these things will affect the heat pump size you need for your pool. Get in touch**link to quote form with us for free quote and advice on what heat pump size is suitable for your pool. We cover Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Tweed Heads

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    What Is The Best Thickness For A Solar Pool Cover

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    Do you want to get the most out of your pool and reduce chemical costs? Did you know that the type of pool cover you choose plays a big role in your pools upkeep? Just the thickness alone can make all the difference in the world. So, what is the best thickness?

    To answer that, lets look at some facts about pool covers. Well also dive into some frequently asked questions to determine what kind of solar pool cover is best for your needs.

    How Will You Save Money By Getting A Pool Cover

    • Save more of the sun’s warmth.Some pool blankets can warm your pool by up to 8 degrees celsius for free!
    • Save on water, up to 10,000L per month.Less evaporation means less water consumption! Good on the wallet, good for the environment as well!
    • Save on heat loss.
    • Check with your local water authority.

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    Measuring And Cutting Solar Pool Covers

    A solar cover is a very efficient and economical way to keep a swimming pool warm and extend the swimming season. During the day, soar blankets absorb thermal energy from the sun and transfer it to the pool water. At night the blanket insulates the water from the cooler night air, decreasing night time heat loss.

    Sizing and installing a solar cover is a simple process that requires nothing more than a tape measure, a good pair of scissors, and perhaps the help of a friend.

    Below are links to the three main steps of installing a solar blanket.techtips/cover.jpgHow to Measure a Pool for a Solar Covertechtips/measuringpool.jpg

    Most backyard swimming pools are not perfect rectangles. Even those that are rectangular are rarely the exact size of a solar cover. This means that solar blankets have to be ordered in a size that is slightly larger than the actual pool, and then cut to fit the pool precisely.

    The first step in adding a solar cover to your swimming pool is to measure the pool. The longest length in two opposing directions will be needed in order to properly size a solar blanket to the pool. Basically you need the length and width of a rectangle that will completely cover your pool without leaving any water exposed.

    It is always a good idea to add a foot or two in each dimension just to be safe. A cover that is too large can be easily cut to size, while a cover that is too small cannot be fixed.Preparing a Solar Cover to be Cut

    Solar Pool Heater Sizing: Other Factors

    400B  Blue Solar Pool Cover

    Inground or aboveground? Aboveground oval pools, without a deep end, have as much surface area as an equally sized in-ground pool, but without a deep end, there is much less water to heat. However, aboveground pools have more heat loss through the sides or walls of the pool, which is reduced on in-ground pools. So, it may equal out.

    Windy or calm? As with all of our pool heater types, we ask how much your pool receives. Pools in coastal or mountain areas, or other windy areas, may think about adding an extra solar panel to compensate for the winds heat theft. Using a cover or installing windblocks like fences or hedges can help reduce the problem.

    Manual or automatic? Solar pool heaters can be operated with a solar controller, which increases performance and efficiency. It does this by bypassing the solar panels when conditions are not optimum for heating during cloudy or rainy periods. Sensors monitor the temperature of the water and of the panels, and an automatic valve sends water to the solar panels when the sun is shining. A thermostat allows you to set a desired temperature for your pool.

    Most aboveground pools dont install a solar controller, although they could. I always recommend the solar controller to anyone with a larger solar system, because it really maximizes heat output and makes it automatic! Without a controller, many heat gains are offset by heat losses during cloudy, rainy and windy periods of the day.

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    +use An Automatic Timer

    Ever wondered what happens on the days you leave the cover on but forgot to run the rest of the pool system? In short, heat loss. Thats what happens, and lots of it.

    Of course, with an automatic timer, you never have to worry about any of that. With just a few adjustments, an automatic timer can be set activate on a set schedule, powering up your heater and pump even when youre away.

    You know what increases evaporation? An increase in surface area.

    And theres only one thing that can increase your pools surface area: movement.

    But even if there are no swimmers in the pool, and the cover is applied, theres still one factor to account for. And that factor is good ole mother nature.

    Specifically, the wind.

    As the wind blows across the surface of your pool water, it creates small waves and ripples. Although appearing small, these waves greatly increase your waters surface area.

    So the best way to combat the wind is to simply block it. Most pool owners make use of pool enclosures to accomplish this. Of course, anything that can reliably shield your pool from the elements is a step in the right direction.

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