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How To Choose Pool Deck Color

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Consider Saturation Of Hue

Applying Color to a Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Within each color family are different saturations of hue which refers to how dark or light the color is.

White & Bright

Lighter deck colors including light grays and tans give your deck design a sophisticated, refined vibe.

Plus, light colors give you an ideal neutral backdrop to showcase your unique sense of style so add in pops of color to your hearts content.

Contemporary Gray

When it comes to deck color ideas, gray is a trend-forward choice that gives your deck a decidedly modern feel.

Your deck décor choices will depend on the shade of gray chosen but remember: Plants are a timeless accent, so dont be shy with on-deck greenery.

Better Than Black

Go with saturated browns and dark grays for a bold, striking aesthetic. Darker colors can also lend sense of coziness and a feeling of being grounded, as compared to their lighter counterparts.

Pair dark decking with light accents in your furniture and décor for contrast that lifts the ambiance of the space.

What To Consider When Selecting Pool Deck Pavers

Choosing pool deck material requires more than simply selecting the one you find the prettiest . Here are the key points to consider:

  • Safety: The decking material should not get slippery when wet.
  • Comfort: People usually walk around pools barefoot. Ensure the material isnt uneven, bumpy, coarse, or rough.
  • Heat: The sun can heat pool decks quickly on summer days. Select a heat-reflective material, which will keep the surface cooler.
  • Longevity: Prioritize materials resistant to chemicals, algae, acid, mildew, mold, and frost, ensuring durability.
  • Blending: You dont want your pool deck to stick out like a sore thumb. Choose decking that blends with other hardscaped or paved areas in the yard. Check out these backyard pool ideas for ideas on how to create a streamlined design.
  • Incorporating other features: For larger pool decks, consider whether the material needs to accommodate other elements, like an outdoor grill, firepit, or spa.

Finally, consider how you will integrate any safety fences or barriers into the pool decks design. Many states have laws requiring pool barriers to prevent kids from drowning or getting hurt. There are also often regulations defining necessary positioning, minimum barrier height, and types of materials allowed.

Add Texture And Color

Pool decks have so many options for color and texture that it can be confusing. Heres a rundown of some of the more common pool deck treatments used on todays pools.

Stone Pool Decks: Natural stone is the ultimate in luxury pool decks. Flagstone is the most commonly used pool deck stone, but field stone or other natural or milled stone can be used. Never needs resurfacing, and is naturally slip resistant.Wood Pool Decks: Wooden decks can be an expensive option if you use luxury woods such as redwood or ipa wood, but can be more cheaply built with less expensive woods. The design of a wood deck is very flexible and can use curves and built in benches, planters or storage areas. Wood is a nice contrast to the harder materials used around pools, and provides a great transition to natural borders.

Spraycrete Pool Decks: Spray-on concrete coating applied over new or existing concrete. Choose a color, and a texture or finish. After deck prep, a colored cementitious or acrylic coating is sprayed over the concrete and knocked down with a trowel. It can also be taped off to resemble brick and tile. Common in the south and west under names like SunDek, Kool Deck, Lace Deck.

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Design A Colorful Deck:

will appear great in shades, which suggest natural outside surroundings. Colors of brown and maroon hint masonry and brick, colors of gray hint at natural stone and slate and hues of tan bring hint sandy beaches and colors of blue and dusky green hint to clear water.

While you can just color the whole deck in one shade, the pool decking colors will add more liveliness if used in combination. For example, a pool deck thats mainly dusky sea foam or slate gray might be matched by adobe-colored winding pathway or by a brick-colored border, which leads to a pool entryway.

Factors That Influence Your Color Choice

Pool Decks

While all three primary factors will likely play a role in your deck color choice, its the one you prioritize the most that will have the biggest influence.

Complementing Your Home

Certain styles of homes are often associated with specific colors. For a cohesive look, match deck color schemes to your homes interior flooring as well as its exterior style.

Look& Feel

Colors play a big role in not only your decks aesthetics, but also its atmosphere. Light colors will give you an open, airy feel, while dark hues will feel cozier.

Functionality of Your Space

Colors can affect your decks use decks in full sun benefit from light colors that hold less heat, so bare feet dont get burned.

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Concrete Pool Deck Paint Ideas: 5 Popular Colors And Designs

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to breathe new life and color into your concrete pool deck.

Since concrete easily takes to paint, texturing, and various surface finishes, theres plenty of possibilities when it comes to designing the perfect pool deck. With so many colors and designs to choose from, how do you know which options are best for your pool deck?

In this post, well run through some of the most popular concrete pool deck paint colors and designs and discuss how each choice can help your pool deck blend into its surroundings. Read on to learn more and discover the right color choice for your pool deck!

Use Color Wheel Rules

For the best house and deck color combination, consider a scheme that consists of three colors: a dominant, secondary, and accent color. You can use these colors on new or existing siding, trim, doors, decking, outdoor furniture, and more. To help you build a pleasing palette, follow the rules of the color wheel, either with a combination that’s analogous or complementary. It is a good idea to replicate that same setup in your deck colors and design, with a dominant tone as the main hue and two additional colors in supporting roles, such as with outdoor pillows, planters, and other accessories.

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Leading Deck Color Trends

Right now, the prevailing deck color trends include both very modern and traditionally rustic choices. Ultimately, more than anything the main factor that determines the best deck color is the color of your house. Pairing your deck color to your siding color can create a truly standout style that makes your newly-renovated deck feel like it was meant to be there the whole time.

Lets dig into the hottest deck color schemes and break it all down by the most popular housing colors:

From a stylistic standpoint, white homes are something of a blank canvas because they go with almost everything. Plus, white tends to make the colors paired with it really pop. A bold deck color scheme would be choosing a redwood color while a more traditional choice would be a darker coffee-colored brown. Adding a white vinyl railing to either of these colors really completes the space.

Tan vinyl siding happens to be one of the most common looks throughout the country and for good reason, too. Just like with white vinyl, tan is a versatile color that matches just about any of the leading deck color trends. Some of our favorite deck colors are either rustic dark browns and different shades of gray. The gray represents the slightly more modern option, while the brown hues are a safe and traditional choice. Once again, white vinyl railings look incredible here.

See the most popular Hardie siding colors.

What Is The Coolest Pool Deck Surface

Applying H& C Colortop solid color stain to a concrete pool deck.

One of the coolest options for pool deck surfaces are textured acrylic coatings. A coating thats made of concrete and acrylic will absorb less heat than other materials. Texture also makes the surface feel cooler to the touch because when a person walks on it, their bare feet are exposed to less surface area.

In addition to keeping your pool deck cool, a textured surface is also slip resistant when the proper sealer is applied.

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Pool Deck Repair And Refinishing

Does your pool leak? Are cracks or other signs of disrepair visible?

You might need pool deck resurfacing, re-plastering, new mastic, or other pool deck repairs and thats a great time to consider new pool decking.

While the pools plaster and coping do the work containing the water, your pool decking also plays an important role. If the decking becomes cracked, worn or damaged your entire pool can become damaged.

Frequent damage to decking can indicate unseen leaks, so youll want to schedule a professional inspection.

If your pool needs repairs, adding changes to your decking is usually pretty easy and inexpensive. Even something as simple as concrete pool deck resurfacing can help prevent leaks while adding a fresh new look to your pools design.

Raise Your Patio To A Whole New Level

Pavers have numerous advantages over plain concrete slabbing. The durability and decorative superiority of pavers increases the value of your home, and creates a signature look that’s unique to your backyard resort. Pavers around your pool reduces maintenance costs and can create an aesthetic continuity that ties the spaces around your home together

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Apply Deck Colors With Wear And Tear In Mind

Different parts of your deck get used in different ways, so both the shade and finish should be considerations in choosing your deck color. Stairs have much more traffic than railings, for example, so they might need a more durable seal or require restaining more often. Remember that all decks need to be regularly cleaned, and any finish will require periodic upkeep and re-application.

Stenciling The Pool Deck

Travertine Pool Deck Colors

A pool deck is constructed of concrete slabs, but there’s no reason it can’t take on the appearance of brick paving stones, mortared slate, or worn cobblestones. The Concrete Network notes that all these concrete pool deck paint ideas for designs — and many more — are available in concrete stencil kits. These multi-colored painting schemes will require painting a base coat and then following up with one or more additional painted layers, depending upon the complexity of the effect. recommends protecting your newly painted concrete pool deck by applying a low-lustre clear sealant with a slip-resistant additive.


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Tips On Choosing The Best Pool Deck Fall Color That Is Perfect All Year Round

The fall season is popular for a natural phenomenon when most deciduous trees change their colors from green to a variety of autumn colors. The most common colors include red, yellow, orange, brown, and pink. Some leaves even turn to purple, blue, and magenta. If you want to incorporate fall colors on a pool deck repair or remodeling project, here is how you can make it look trendy all year round.

Choose One Fall Color

Just because there are several fall colors, doesnt mean you have to have all of them on your pool deck. Although it would definitely look like autumn in your pool area every day, it would look inappropriate when other seasons come around. Instead, choose one color and stick to it. For example, if you choose a concrete pool deck colored cream or orange, use that hue and different tones on the deck or strategically around the area.

Do Not Overdo It

Consult a Paint Swatch

Best Pool Decking Options And Materials

You need to walk across your pool deck before you get in the water and more importantly you walk across it after getting out of the pool dripping wet. So, the pool deck material needs to be good looking, it needs to be slip resistant, and it needs to be cool on your feet on hot summer days. Youre about to discover much of what you need to know to make an informed choice on excellent swimming pool deck surfaces and the types of pool decking that will require minimal maintenance while delivering maximum pleasure.

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Pool Decking Colors The Best Way To Beautify Your Pool Area

The best way to beautify your pool deck in Redding, CA is by considering the different options of pool decking colors. By doing this, you will provide it with more contrast, and make your deck area match with its surrounds. Color often goes together with other decorative concrete treatments, like stenciling or stamping. This will let you create unique decorations or let you replicate the shades of natural stone or other customized art.

Dry-shake hardeners, integral color, and chemical stains are the most common ways of coloring exterior concrete. You can use these methods alone or in combination to create stunning effects. Most pool decking colors provide many colors to select from. Youll be able to choose a color that will best complement your landscape, house, or other elements close to your pool.

What Do You Want Your Basic Swimming Pool To Look Like

How To Choose The Best Waterline Tile For Your Pool | California Pools & Landscape

From a designer’s perspective, the first and foremost consideration is the resulting tonality of your swimming pool derived from the tile for your swimming pool.

A large pool installed in a splendidly ample exterior space requires a reflection of the sky and a resemblance of the ocean in the pool water. Blue is a universally accepted tile hue for such pools to achieve a uniform appearance.

You can choose similar tiles for the pool periphery and pool deck. Another option is to use pavers and exterior floor tiles for these applications.

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Consider These Features When Selecting Pool Deck Material

Although you want to choose a material that will give you the look that you wish to attain, there are other things you should take into consideration when choosing materials for your deck.

  • The material must be safe to use when wet.
  • Material should not be rough or uneven.
  • The material should be heat-reflective no burning bare feet!
  • Algae and chemical resistant materials should be chosen if possible.
  • Will the material work with safety precautions required by local laws?

Tips For Choosing Deck Colors That Complement Your Home’s Exterior

Done well, deck colors can help to enhance your outdoor space, complement your home, and add visual interest. Choosing the wrong color or material, however, could turn your deck into a distraction as well as a maintenance nightmare. The ideal deck color scheme will depend on a variety of factors, including your home’s existing color palette and exterior features, as well as the deck’s level of use. Use these tips on choosing deck colors to select the paint, stain, or material that works best for your lifestyle and your home.

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Excess Antiquing Color Causes Problems

Question: I have a pool deck in which the sealer seems to be flaking off and coming up in some areas. This is not an issue that we have dealt with before, so I am a little concerned. Can you let us know what is occurring and how we can remedy this issue?

A good rule to work by is that secondary color should make up 5% to 30% of the final color. In this case, the secondary color makes up almost 100% of the surface color, causing sealer failure.

Answer: This is actually one of the most common issues we face with coloring stamped concrete. It is in fact not a sealer issue, but rather the antiquing color that is causing the sealer to fail. The sealer failure can occur within weeks of application, but more often shows up 6 to 12 months down the road.

The repair is fairly simple in theory, but more difficult in practice. The sealer has to be chemically stripped, but the process will usually remove most of the secondary color as well. Once the stripping is complete, you can remove any residual secondary color, give the surface a good cleaning, and then allow it to dry before resealing. The hard part is selling the client on the new “correct” color combination of their patio. What was mostly dark brown with hints of tan is now mostly tan with hints of dark brown.

Think About Color Pairings

Concrete Pool Deck Color Ideas &  Inspiration

Who says you can only choose one color? Combining deck board colors can give you a totally different look and feel than a single color. Draw inspiration from these multi-tonal deck color ideas.

Combine cool and warm tones for a statement-making outdoor living space.

TimberTech AZEK Color Combinations

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Other Things To Consider

Here are a couple of additional things to consider as you think about choosing colors.

How much of a role does landscaping play in choosing the correct colors?

Unless your home is in a wooded or unique natural environment, your homes landscaping has little effect on your color scheme.

What do we mean by a wooded or unique natural environment?

If your home is in a setting with a lot of natural beauty, such as in the woods, overlooking a lake, or nestled into picturesque mountains, then you dont want colors to distract from the natural beauty surrounding your home.

In these situations, you want to consider natural colors and designs that draw attention to nature around you. You dont want the focus to turn towards your home or outdoor space.

For the majority of homeowners, however, this situation does not apply, and the focus should be on complementing your existing home.

What about the color of my porch ceiling?

We recommend keeping the ceiling a white or lighter color. White reflects light well and helps keep the porch feeling airy and spacious.

If the porch covers several of your home windows, keeping a light and airy ceiling is especially critical. The design needs to focus on allowing as much light as possible to enter the home.

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