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Can You Wear Thinx In The Pool

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What Do They Feel Like

Competitive Swimming : Can You Wear Contact Lenses While Swimming?

Most of the absorbencies feel exactly the same as regular underwear. The heavy flow ones feel a bit more padded, but not as noticeably as reusable or even disposable pads. They are also soft and smooth, unlike disposable pads. And theyre more comfortable than they used to be, with flatter seams now too.

One of my first pairs of heavy absorbency Modibodi underwear. The absorbent layer is attached at the front and back but not the sides, and theyre comfortable to wear but the newer version is better. Theyre still in great condition after more than 50 periods though!

My more recent pair of Modibodi heavy period undies. The sides are fully stitched now, and theyre even more comfortable.

Some womenincluding me!felt a bit strange to free-bleed into underwear the first time. Especially if youre used to tampons or menstrual cups, it definitely feels different. Now, I like the freedom of not having to be plugged up. To me, it feels more natural, but I understand that others find that cups or tampons feel safer.

Is Modibodi Socially Responsible

Modibodi also has their own Give a Pair program, which helps customers donate menstrual underwear to women in need across Australia.

They also offer a student discount to anyone registered with Student Beans, and they are registered with the NDIS in Australia to help people with a disability access leakproof support.

Is Swimming With Your Period Against Maori Culture

We loved the story of;Wairaka, who was swimming at the mouth of the Tarawera river after the Mtaatua waka arrived in Bay of Plenty from Hawaiki. Her bleeding began, and when her father the Rangatira Toroa asked ‘whos godly blood’ it was, she replied and the place was named Te Awa a te Atua.

Being on your ikura is a special time in Maori culture, and menstural blood is tapu and special, given that it is linked to the story of Maui being crushed between the thighs of Hine Nui Te Po – “she then crushed him and made him the first menstruation to come into the world.” .;;

Because of this, menstrual blood is not supposed to flow into the ocean – so we believe it is culturally appropriate to retain your flow in your AWWA period bikini.; We respect all viewpoints however and if swimming on your period is not for you then we totally respect that too.

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Spoiler: Over 3 Years Later And I’m Still Their #1 Fan

My mind flashed back to a middle school nightmare my BFF had in math class where she got up to use the restroom and Aunt Flow had left a little gift on her chair in the front row, I clearly remember the boys next to me snickering,;to this day my stomach churns with embarrassment for her. Needless to say after witnessing that experience, I have always been a little anxious anytime I was menstruating. Frequently taking trips to the bathroom to make sure everything was okay. Even asking my fiance to check my butt when we are hiking.

I read through the Buzzfeed article in disbelief and amazement. My interest had piqued. I headed over to the Thinx;website, only to find an amazingly adorable site and totally great customer service policy: your first pair ships free . They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so at that point it was a no-brainer, I had nothing to lose. Some of the pairs are a little pricey , but not compared to other period panties on the market. Plus you;re-use them just think about all the dollars you’ve thrown away on pads and tampons in your life!

How Do Thinx Compare To Competitors

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I’ve tried other comparable brands and Thinx are still my absolute favorite too. They feel high quality compared to others that feel kind of cheap. Plus when you put them on, you feel secure. I never worry about leakage or anything. With other brands they’ve felt loose or flimsy; and while I never had a leak in those brands, I just don’t feel as secure as I do in my Thinx.

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The First Time I Wore Them I Was Uncomfortable To Say The Least I Felt Like Everyone Could Tell That I Was Walking Around Just Leaking Blood Into My Underwear But I Was Pleasantly Surprised By How The Fabric Really Did Its Best To Absorb So Much Of The Wetness Of My Flow That I Didn’t Feel Like I Was Just Sitting In A Pool Of My Own Blood

Although I could definitely feel the liquid at first, after about 3045 minutes it would absorb pretty well and I wouldn’t feel it after that. I will also say that the underwear definitely feels bulky. There was never a second where I was like, “Oh haha, am I even wearing underwear that doubles as a pad? I forgot!” These babies are thick. But not so thick that you can’t wear them with jeans or under the right type of dress, etc. They were just thick enough to remind me that they were different underwear, but unless I was wearing leggings or skin-tight dresses, no one else could tell.

Period Swimwear: What Is It And Does It Really Work

Leak-proof or period swimwear is a relatively new invention, but its becoming increasingly popular. Learn how period-proof swimsuits work and the different styles available.

Period swimwear looks like regular swimsuit bottoms, but it contains a hidden lining that helps absorb menstrual fluid and protect against leakage.;

Some people wear a menstrual cup or tampon while swimming but want extra protection. People who use pads may avoid swimming altogether when theyre on their period. Period-proof swimwear is made to hold menstrual fluid and prevent leaks in the water.

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What Countries Is Modibodi Available In

Modibodi is an Australian brand that can be shipped to many different countries from five depos around the world. As shipping comes at a cost, I suggest purchasing with other girls or women in your life to reduce the financial and environmental burden.

  • Period underwear Australia:
  • Modibodi Australia ships to the Cook Islands, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tahiti and Vanuatu.
  • Period underwear Asia, Canada and the Americas:Free shipping within the US for orders over US$75, flat rate shipping of $10 to Canada plus taxes and duties.Modibodi USA also ships to: Mexico, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, The Phillipines, South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. All prices are in USD.
  • Period underwear UK and Northern Ireland:Modibodi UK ships within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland only.
  • Period underwear Europe and Republic of Ireland:Modibodi EU ships to: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Wales.

How Long Will My Period Proof Panties Last Are They Cost

Its Never Too Late to Learn How to Swim: 3 Simple Tips

Modibodi says they will last up to two years with good care, but in my experience, they will last even longer. I wore my original light absorbency and moisture-wicking panties for three years before I retired them, and they were in constant rotation each month.

I still wear some of original heavy underwear from 2017! As I only use them during my cycle and each pair only gets worm once a month, they have great longevity.

Modibodi are certainly cost-effective when you compare many years of wear with two boxes of tampons or pads for every period. Like all reusable products, they cost more initially, but over the long run, theyre far cheaper than their disposable counterparts.

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Do You Need To Change Leak Proof Swimwear While At The Beach Or The Pool

No. Modibodis swimwear is equivalent to two tampons, or 10ml/two teaspoons of fluid. That is why theyre only for light to moderate period days, so for heavier days its recommended to use another product as well.

I actually tested mine in the bath on a heavy flow day and had no leaks, and I see some other women also say their absorbency is greater than the recommendations. But Modibodi makes no guarantees for flows above moderate.

Modibodi Review #: Leakproof Period Underwear Reviewed

So Ive been using menstrual cycle underwear from Modibodifor over four years now, both at home and while travelling overseas, and Ive never been more confident having my period. Theyre really easy to travel with, simple to care for, and I find them much more comfortable and easy to use than menstrual cups.

I recommend Modibodi in my Ultimate;Sustainable Gift Guide;too, along with many other ideas for gifts that reduce waste and are made ethically. Read on for how and why theyre so awesome, and check out the gift guide if youre in need of some eco-friendly and socially-responsible inspiration!

How do period panties work?;

I believe all brands have the same idea, which is combining a reusable pad with knickers/panties to make them leak proof underwear. However, from my experience with several brands of washable menstrual pads, period briefs are really, definitely, SO MUCH more comfortable!

Modibodi have several different absorbencies, and they all have a moisture-wicking top layer, an absorbent middle layer, and a waterproof bottom layer which provides the leak-proof protection.

In over four years of using Modibodi for every one of my menstrual cycles, I have NEVER had a leak, so I can verify that they do their job well.

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Bonus: Swimming May Actually Help Relieve Any Pms

Still need convincing before you hop in the water on your period?

A 2018 study looked at 70 people who experience PMS and concluded that swimming significantly decreased many of their physical and psychological symptoms.

This means that, while you might not be interested in a super heavy workout during your period, engaging in some light physical activity might be exactly what you need to find relief.

Do You Need To Change Reusable Menstrual Underwear Throughout The Day

Pin by Thinx on Thinx Speax in 2020

Not like a pad, no. On my heaviest days I use the heavy absorbency, and they last me all day or overnight. I do like to have a quick shower before changing into another pair after waking or after a whole day of heavy flow.

Modibodis heavy absorbency holds 20ml of fluid, which is equivalent to three-four tampons or four teaspoons. It doesnt sound like much, but it has always been enough for me for a whole day or whole night throughout my heavy days. I have never changed mine in the middle of the day, or even wished I could.

Four teaspoons of blood is an average heavy flow.

However, if you have a very heavy flow you might prefer Modibodis new 24 hour absorbency range, which holds up to 50ml or 10 teaspoons! These are also perfect for long travel days, and more frequent incontinence.

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No More Uncomfortable Surprises

Can you imagine the horror of wearing your favorite bright green and yellow Billabong bikini, only to go to the bathroom at the beach and find out the bottom of your bikini is all blotched with menstrual blood it will ruin your entire day!

If you are someone with unpredictable periods and consider yourself a water baby in the summer, then you absolutely must own at least one or two pairs of period swimsuits to protect you from any nasty surprises.

Manage Your Pms Symptoms Or Skip Your Period Entirely

Unless youre one of *those people* who enjoys exercising on your period, it can sometimes be rough doing strenuous activity during shark week. Keep track of your cycle, and take the appropriate dose of painkillers;the night before your beach day to stop cramps in their tracks. To be fair, light exercise like swimming is said to alleviate cramps naturally, so if your PMS symptoms are mild, you might be in the clear!

Alternatively, if you are on hormonal birth control like NuvaRing or the pill, you can consider consulting your doctor about skipping your placebo week ;no period, no problem !

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They Pack Well Into A Suitcase

When I used disposable pads, I found I was pretty attached to a certain brand.

So, when I went traveling, Id take enough with me to last the entire trip. They took up quite a lot of space, as you can imagine!

The period panties, on the other hand, take up next to no room. You can just fold them up and pack them with the rest of your underwear. Easy.

You Have A Few Different Options Though

Can You Catch COVID-19 at the Swimming Pool?

There are many safe and effective options for preventing leakage when youre in the water on your period. The most important thing to consider is your own comfort.

Whether youre using tampons or something different, changing whichever menstrual product right before you go is a great way to prevent leaks.

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So What Do The Period Proof Swimwear Look Like

There are three styles in the swimwear line by Modibodi. A;newRecycled Hi Waist Bikini Brief, a sleek full piece;and an;active bikini bottom. Modibodi also have a teenage range of period swimwear that includes a bikini bottom and a racerback style one piece.

Here is a comparison of the different styles, click any of the links to view the styles in more detail:

Both the bikini brief and one piece styles come in two colours black and navy. The recycled hi waist bikini brief comes in black only.

All styles are light to medium absorbency and are perfect for swimming on your period.

The bikini bottom can easily be mixed and matched with different bikini tops.

Is A Modibodi Discount Code Available

Yes!;You automatically get a 10% discount off your first order with Modibodi, and if you know what you like already you can get discounts on multiple-purchase orders with their Mix & Match offer: 5% off for 5, 10% off for 7, and 15% off for 10 or more!

Occasionally Modibodi has bigger sales too: sign up for their email newsletters to stay in the loop.; I also notify my followers on social media when Modibodi is having a big sale so follow me .

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Will Everyone Know I Have My Period What If I Stain My Bikini

Theres no reason that anyone should know that you are on your period while swimming. If leaks and stains are a concern you could wear a dark coloured swimsuit, or tell a friend who can alert you to any issues and set your mind at rest, allowing you to splash around to your hearts content.

The latest issue of Cosmopolitan UK is out now and you can .

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Do They Smell Even After Wearing Them All Day

THINX Period Panties: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright ...

No! The moisture-wicking layer fights bacteria with a non-toxic antimicrobial. I was concerned about that too, especially as pads do smell after awhile. But Im happy to report that they really are sanitary underwear!

After a whole day of wearing Modibodi during a heavy flow, you will notice some blood when you take them off. But they do a great job of containing all odours, as well as containing fluids and perspiration.

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Do Period Panties For Swimming Smell

Modibodis do not smell at all, due to the top layer which fights bacteria and odours. Im not sure how exactly, but there was no smell coming from mine after they had been used.

I even ahem tested several functions while in the bath for you, and am happy to report that no odours were detectable!

What Are Period Panties

Period panties are undergarments that provide protection against leaks during your menstrual period. Depending on which brand and style you choose, you may have a waterproof lining or an extra-absorbent lining that prevents any accidental leaks from a tampon, cup or pad getting through to your clothes. Some period panties assist with keeping pads in place and also act as shapewear.

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They Could Be A Pain To Use Depending On What Kind Of Travel Youre Doing

THINX are ideal in the way of providing extra protection when youre out and about all day, traveling. When that turns into days upon days of rushing here, there and everywhere, theyll probably become a bit of a bummer to use.

Mind you, I wore them on a two day horse trek and considered them a lifesaver, as they were merely back up for my menstrual cup .

What Fabric Are Modibodis Period Swimmersmade From Are They Vegan

Going in the POOL with a PAD?! | Pads vs. Tampons

Yes, they are vegan! The regular bikini and the one-piece are comprised of:Outer Polyamide Lycra, Lining Polyester, Trims Polyester & Nylon.

The new hi-waist bikini is made from:Outer 78% Polyamide 22% Elastane, Lining 84% Polyamide 16% Elastane, Gusset 84% Polyamide 16% Elastane

Do Modibodis waterproof swimwear for periods have sun protection?

Yes, both the bikini and the one-piece swimsuit are rated UPF50+. Youll still need a to cover up with a hat, rashie and/or quality sunscreen for full protection though! We choose reef-friendly, palm oil-free sunscreen that is made from natural ingredients.

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