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What Are The Best Pool Chemicals

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Clorox Pool& spa Xtrablue Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets

What is the Best Pool Care Chemical? | Team CMP

This pool chemical brand is one of the most effective tablets for the above-ground type of swimming pool. The price may be a bit expensive for some and may take time to dissolve, but this product is safe to use and surely great for your moneys worth.

It creates a silky smooth texture for your swimming pool, removes visible algae while killing bacteria. It provides long-lasting sun protection and helps block equipment corrosion, surface stains, and scale.

Test For Ph And Free Chlorine Levels

After becoming an above ground swimming pool owner, you will have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. To fulfill them, youve got to learn what is required, otherwise, youll be lost in the dark.

We recommend using a quality pool water test kit. Below, we include a general guideline that you should use. That way, you can quickly check the appropriate parameters.

What Is A Pool Sanitizer

A pool sanitizer cleans and sanitizes the swimming pools water and makes it safe for swimming. It does this by eliminating harmful pathogens that can cause illness for swimmers. As an added bonus, pool sanitizers also help to keep algae at bay.

As you may already know, chlorine is the most popular pool sanitizer, but there are a host of other sanitation methods that you can use to keep your pool clean.

Before we get into these various methods, let’s talk about pool chlorine and explain why it is so popular and effective for sanitizing pool water.

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Best Pool Chlorine Tablets Reviews

When pool owners only need to address a specific issue, they wouldnt need kits that have other chemicals and only a small pack of the chemical they really need. Some pools would only have a sanitary issue that can be resolved by using chlorine tablets. Looking for the best swimming pool chlorine tablets is a matter of which is compatible with the needs of your pool and its existing water chemistry.

Here are different chlorine tablets:

6. In The Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets 50 lbs.

In The Swim offers powerful 90% available stabilized chlorine with 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione. These tablets come in 3-inch, round forms and are individually wrapped. It ensures that the tablets are not exposed to moisture and humidity, preserving the quality of the tablets. These slow-dissolving tablets can keep your pool clean and bacteria-free using only 1 to 2 tablets for every 10,000 gallons of water per week. This product is good for those who are looking to stick to a brand for a long term as they only come in 50lbs buckets. These may last a year when kept in a dry storage space, depending on the temperature of the area. Pools in warmer temperatures may require more chlorine tablets as heat disintegrates chlorine.

7. Nava chlorine large tablets

8. Clorox Pool& Spa 22012CLXW Active 99 3-Inch Chlorinating Tablets

9. Robelle 1410M 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose 3 Chlorine Tabs

New product:

Does It Matter Where You Buy Your Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide

As with most things in life, quality usually matters. This is also true when it comes to enjoying your backyard pool .

The clarity and cleanliness of your pool water is one of the key factors determining how much youll enjoy your pool water. With quality chemicals that really work, you can count on crystal clear, algae-free, clean water.

So, to answer the question, Does it matter where you buy your pool chemicals, we can say without hesitating, Absolutely.

Having the right amount and the right kind of chemicals on hand is vital to your pool enjoyment. Chemicals really arent just chemicals. Saving a few dollars at a big box store can cause you problems in the long run.

Here are a few reasons good chemicals matter.

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The Secret To Great Water Is Finding The Right Balance Of Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals are used to sanitize swimming pools, and chlorine and bromine are commonly used chemicals in pools. The pool chemicals you use play an important role in the maintenance, health and longevity of your pool and pool accessories. When you have a pool with balanced pH levels you spend less time on pool cleaning and maintenance. With the right combination of chemicals working to keep your pool clean and safe you’ll notice your swim wear lasts longer, you’ll experience less irritation to your eyes and skin, and you’ll find your hair will be healthier after prolonged pool use.

If you have a pool then you need pool chemicals to disinfect and sanitize your water and control the growth of harmful algae and bacteria. For many new pool owners pool chemicals come with a steep learning curve. Pool Supplies Canada is here to help you find the right balance of pool chemicals to keep your pool water clean and safe while remaining gentle on your skin, eyes and hair. Our chemical experts have created a variety of pool chemical kits which include all the chemicals you need to keep your pool’s water pH balanced, all for one convenient low price.

What Chemicals Should Be Kept On Hand

As a minimum, the average pool will want to keep the following chemicals on hand, even if you use a salt chlorinator, you will need these other pool chemicals from time to time:

  • Chlorine tablets and pool shock
  • Pool pH Up and/or pH Down
  • Test strips or test kit

Every pool will also need other chemicals to raise calcium, cyanuric or alkalinity levels, usually once per year, and clarifiers, enzymes, algaecides can be an important part of the overall routine or are especially handy when youre in a pinch!

Theres lots to learn, with 12 categories of pool chemicals. You wont need them all, but its important to understand what they do, so that when you do need them, you know which chemical to use!

Safe swimming!

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Best For Leaves: Polaris Vac

Dimensions: 20 x 23 x 10 inches | Weight: 6.2 pounds | Type: Pressure-side | Pool Type: Inground | Cleaning Coverage: All surfaces

  • Has an onboard filter bag

  • Works on all pool surfaces

  • Cleans floors and walls

  • Requires booster pump

A pressure pool cleaner hooks up to the return side of your pool pump, using the incoming pressure of clean water to power the vacuum on its cleaning mission. While some models require the use of a separate booster pump, the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 is a standalone unit that simply connects to the pressure line.

This model is a great choice as a pool cleaner for leaves since its equipped with an onboard filter bag that collects larger debrislike pine needles, acorns, pebbles, twigs, and more. The advantage of this system is that collected items are contained for easy disposal, rather than clogging your skimmer or pool filter. The Vac-Sweep 360 features three propulsion jets and an all-wheel-drive system that powers the three wheels for better maneuverability and efficient cleaning.

Swimming Pool Sanitizers: The 7 Best Options To Consider

Beginners Guide to Pool Water Chemistry

A swimming pool is quite unlike anything else that you may ever own.

If you dont clean your house, you can still live in it. If you dont clean your car, you can still drive it.

But if you dont clean your pool, you cant swim in it. At least you really shouldnt.

Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your swimming pool and, unfortunately, keeping leaves out is only half the job.

There are also invisible pathogens and parasites that can make swimming in your pool unsafe. So how do you keep them out?

The answer is simple: To keep your pool safe for swimming, youre going to have to use at least one pool sanitizer.

At River Pools, we manufacture and install fiberglass pools for customers across North America. Having been in the pool industry for years, we’ve seen many sanitation methods in action and know how they work with the various inground pool types.

In this guide, were going to introduce seven pool sanitation options and give a brief overview of how they work so that you can decide which is right for your swimming pool.

Lets jump in.

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Best Shock Treatment: Clorox Pool & Spa Xtra Blue Pool Shock

This multifunctional pool chemical uses special crystals that dissolve quickly and take the fight to algae. Its a product that will kill and prevent the growth of a variety of different types of algae, including black, green, and mustard algae. This product will also kill bacteria and destroys contaminants that lead to cloudy, dull water. As a result, the water not only looks better after using this product, but the filter will also work better. And because this is a fast-dissolving product, the pool will be ready for swimmers in as little as 15-minutes.

  • None.

Find The Right Supplier For Your Swimming Pool Cleaners

Keeping your pool chemistry balanced is an important part of fully enjoying your pool. However, pool cleaning chemicals are dangerous and should always be handled carefully.

You can help protect yourself, your pool, and the environment by using biodegradable cleaning products. LayorCaremakes a complete line of cleaning and sealing products that are effective, non-toxic, and environmentally safe.

Check out our selection, and let us know if you have any questions. We’ll help keep your pool clean and looking good all year.

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Blue Wave Ny976 Pool Chemical Spring Start

When its time to shock your pool and clear out all the contaminants that have been growing and festering over the winter months, our pick of the best pool chemical for the job is the Blue Wave NY976 Pool Chemical Spring Start-Up Kit. It contains everything you need to treat your pool and open it for the season. Even if your pool is green with algae or the water is murky and dark, this kit will take care of it and leave you with a perfectly clear, swimmable water.

This kit contains algaecide, a clarifier, rust and scale remover, and shock treatment as well. Its available in three different sizes to clean out pools of different sizes. You can purchase these chemicals sized for pools of 7,500 gallons, 15,000 gallons, or 30,000 gallons. Each kit contains the right amount of each chemical to clear a pool of the designated size, so theres no guesswork involved. Its all pre-formulated and pre-measure, making your job very simple. However, youll have to balance the PH before beginning your shock treatment. The lack of directions also made things a bit more difficult, but our pool ended up so clean and clear that this product is our favorite.

  • Three pool sizes to choose from
  • Great for opening your pool at the start of the season
  • Directions for individual chemicals but not for the kit as a whole

How Many Chemicals Do You Need To Start Up Your Pool

How to use hth pool chemicals

Once you know the state of your pool prior to start up, you can start to add and adjust the chemicals in your pool. The amount of chemicals for pool start up that you need to use is going to depend on what state your water is in.

Each chemical that you add to your pool needs to be doing something to the water to help it reach those targets. However, you need to be careful of chemical interactions and not overload your pool all at once.

These are the chemicals that you might have to add to your pool to get it in working order.

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Clorox Pool & Spa Small Pool 1 Chlorinating Tablets

Clorox Pool Chemical will help you clear out bacteria efficiently so you wont have to worry about the growth of algae in your pool. This pool chemical is used for pools with 5,000 gallons of water capacity.

It is an outstanding product that works just like other commercial pool chlorine without having issues about your safety.

Best Pool Chemical Start

Chemical Start-up kits are packs or boxes that usually come with a shock chemical that serves as the sanitizer, an algaecide, and a water clarifier. This mix of specialized chemicals ensures that you get all that you need to keep your pool clean and clear without stretching your budget. Start-up kits are perfect for first-time pool owners who want to test which is the best pool chemical for them and their pool.

Here are some chemical start-up kits:

1. In The Swim Basic Pool Opening Chemical Start Up Kit

This In The Swimbasic opening chemical start-up kit covers up to 7,500 gallons of water. It includes a pack of chlorine shock to remove bacteria, a bottle of algaecide to kill algae, a bottle of stain and scale remover, 2 phosphates controllers, an oil absorber, and a bottle of water clarifier. What sets this kit apart is the oil absorber, also called Sun Sorb it can absorb most oils and scum that contaminate your pool. Its important to remember that this package only covers 7,500 gallons of water and using it for a pool with more water is not advisable as it may dilute the chemicals and render them ineffective.

2. Blue Wave Pool Chemical Spring Start-Up Kit

3. Spa Frog 3.5 20Swimming Pool Start Kit

4. Dohenys Start-Up Kit #3 For Swimming Pools

5. Deluxe Spring Pool Start-Up Opening Chemical Kit For Pools

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Bromine Or Chlorines Cousin

Nava 1-Inch Swimming Pool and Spa Bromine Solid Tablets

Bromine, also known as chlorines halogen cousin, is another option for keeping your pool clean without worrying about that strong pool smell or irritant side effects you can get like red eyes and itchy skin. Usually used in hot tubs or indoor pools, its sold in either 1-inch tablets or in granular form.

Bromine works a bit differently than chlorine and its not as effective when dealing with certain types of algae. Because bromine is unstabilized, its not recommended for outdoor pools in the sunlight since it can be eaten up rapidly. If you must use it in an outdoor pool, be sure to use it at night or dawn.

These Nava 1-Inch Swimming Pool and Spa Bromine tablets are an ideal chemical sanitation treatment for use in both spas and pools. Its germ and algae killing abilities are less dependent on pH compared to chlorine and theres no stabilizer build up. You can insert these tablets in a floating dispenser or automatic brominator for cleaner and clearer water without the side effects of skin irritation, rough hair, or red eyes.

How Do You Vacuum A Pool

The Complete Guide on Basic Pool Chemicals

Assuming you are using a manual pool vacuum that is not robotic or automatic, first make sure it is properly assembled. There should be a vacuum head, hose, and a telescopic pool in most cases. Use the handheld pool vacuum over the underwater surfaces of your pool and go over the pools surfaces in a slower, non-rushed manner.

Follow your pool vacuums instructions that it came with to make sure its settings are correct before starting. Outside of that, the technique is essentially the same as vacuuming the carpet in your home.

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Ph Adjusting Chemicals For Pool Start Up

Your pH level is really important for keeping your pool in good working order. If this is off, then your chlorine wont be working properly which can lead to unsafe water and too much chlorine.

Your pH level should be the second thing that you address when adding chemicals. The ideal range is between 7.2 and 7.6. This is perfect for your chlorine and for keeping your water safe for use.

If your pH level is too high, you can use the same pH decreaser that you would use for adjusting alkalinity. Be sure to check that level again afterwards.

What Makes A Good Chlorine Tab

Theres no one quality that makes a better tab, but there are some interconnected ones that do. They have to do with how fast it dissolves, how well it prevents algae and kills bacteria, and how breakable the tabs are.

Shock is powdered chlorine and dissolves almost instantly, shocking the water with a sudden infusion of chlorine hence the name. But chlorine doesnt last in the water. You have to keep adding it on a regular basis, which necessitates the use of chlorine tabs.

A broken tab, or one that dissolves too fast, is basically just chunky shock. Youll wind up using a lot more broken tabs than unbroken ones to achieve the same result. Tabs arent free, so youll be wasting money that way too.

You need tabs that dissolve in a predictable, regular manner to create a steady addition of chlorine to the pool to maintain the levels. But too many additives will bond with the chlorine and prevent it from preventing algae and killing bacteria the way it is supposed to. Once again, this defeats the purpose of having the tabs in the pool.

A good chlorine tab wont break easily during use or transport, will dissolve in a consistent, steady manner, and doesnt have too many additives to keep it from doing its job.

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Best Choice Vs The Cheapest Choice

You can compare the Pros/Cons, ratings, reviews, and prices of each product listed above to find the best pool shock or the cheap pool shock treatment. As you see, both choices are listed.

But my mind is made up and my favorite is Clorox Xtra Blue with the easy-to-open-bottle because, after years of testing different pool chemicals, Ive learned to get the best price and products for my DIY swimming pool needs.

And thats not all, another benefit I discovered along the way is how easy it is to buy pool chemicals online and get supplies delivered straight to my front door in 2 days or less by using my Amazon Prime account

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