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Light Fixture For Pool Table

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Choosing The Best Pool Table Lighting

Custom Pool Table Light

Remember, all of the advice given in this article is just a basic guide.

Different types of lighting canopies, differences in shade shapes, and even the wattage of the bulbs you choose will all affect the atmosphere around your pool table.

Dont be afraid to do some testing when youre trying to find the perfect lights.

Installing Stained Glass Pool Lighting

Stained glass light fixtures tend to be heavier than conventional and more modern light fixtures. To prevent the stained glass from crashing down, you will need to install stained glass light fixtures with stronger hooks and chains than for other lightweight pool table lighting.

In addition, you will also need to make sure the light bulbs used are compatible for the stained glass pool table lighting before installation. Different lampshades have different translucence.

Stained glass light fixtures tend to block out more light from reaching the audience. Most of them also alter the color of the light emitted. Light bulbs used for stained glass lighting tend to be of higher power but it is important to test out the different light bulbs with the lampshade before making any hasty installations.

Billiard Table Light Pendant Suspension Drop

Pendant drop rods are threaded to insert the light fitting into the ceiling canopy therefore the required length needs to be specified. Rods are used to eliminate the potential for swaying in areas of high air movement, such as air conditioning or near a doorway. For a cable pendant style fitting see our Vintage Edison Extra Long Billiard Table Pendant. Both bar connections supply power.

When placing your order you will need to specify the drop length required from the ceiling canopy to the top of the shade. The total pendant suspension drop will then vary depending on the shade you choose. Total suspension drop = . We have included a short list of shades available and their drop dimension listed under Lamp shade dimensions tab so you can calculate the total pendant suspension. You can also select no shades option and choose your own shades in 2 1/4 fitter size or choose bare bulb to add a larger fitter and shade.With a larger pendant drop the bar will be made from more than one components and joined with a decorative coupler. This enables us to extent the pendant suspension for longer drops and also allow us to dismantle and save on shipping costs.

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What Size Light Will Best Fit My Table

As we always advocate, you have many options when it comes to the length of light you should be choosing. While the below chart is mostly a recommendation, we highly suggest you try staying as close to the guidelines as possible to get best use out of your lights.

Pool Table Light Sizing Chart
4 to 5 lights or 60 to 75 in length
5 x 10 snooker pool table 4 to 5 lights or 65 to 90 in length
6 x 12 snooker pool table 5+ lights or 90 to 110 in length

Industrial Steampunk Pool Table Light

Carver Pool Table Light at Hayneedle

This is by far one of the coolest pool table lights Ive been able to find. The industrial look of this light makes it really unique and looks like something out of the Steampunk era. The chain is adjustable up to 40 and the light itself is 31 long. If you like industrial styling, definitely check out this light. Its one of the best in its class hands down.


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Rustic Industrial And Farmhouse Styles

There are many more styles if you want to really match your rooms decor or customize the look of your table.

Also, you can find many multi-shade dining room or kitchen chandeliers that are designed to hang from the ceiling and that would work well over a pool table.

You just have to be creative.

Some of the most popular styles for bars, breweries and game rooms these days are industrial, farmhouse and rustic lighting fixtures.

Ultimately, the options for the best pool table lighting are practically endless.

While no-one can tell you which style is right for you, the best option is to go with something that fits the aesthetic youre creating for your pub, game room or bar.

If the rest of the room is designed in a rustic fashion, stick to rustic lighting, and so on.

Tips On Using And Installing Your Pool Table Lighting

  • Installation should be done in conjunction with the official standard which is provided by the World Billiard Association. However, it is tough to do this as it needs a light meter. Instead, make sure the table is lit evenly all the way across, including the center of the table all the way to the rails and the pockets. Nothing should be significantly brighter than the rest of the table.
  • Installing a dimmer switch will give you a lot more control over the light and allow you to customize it to your specific needs.
  • Never put yourself in danger trying to install if you are not confident doing so. It is always advisable to get the help of an electrician if you are in doubt.

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Finding The Right Lighting For You

The right table lamp, outwardly sculptural chandelier or understated wall pendant can work wonders for your home. While were indebted to thinkers like Thomas Edison for critically important advancements in lighting and electricity, were still finding new ways to customize illumination to fit our personal spaces all these years later.

Today, lighting designers like the self-taught Bec Brittain have used the flexible structure of LEDs to craft glamorous solutions by working with what is typically considered a harsh lighting source. By integrating glass and mirrors, reflection can be used to soften the glow from LEDs and warmly welcome light into any space.

Although contemporary innovators continue to impress, some of the classics cant be beat.

With decades of design evolution behind it, home lighting is no longer just practical. Crystalline shaping by designers like Gabriel Scott turns every lighting apparatus into a luxury accessory. A new installation doesnt merely showcase a space carefully chosen ceiling lights, table lamps and floor lamps can create a mood, spotlight a favorite piece or highlight your unique personality.

The sparkle that your space has been missing is waiting for you amid the growing collection of antique, vintage and contemporary lighting on 1stDibs.

The Basics: Finding The Right Size For Your Pool Table Lights

A LED Smooth Box Fixture For Basement Pool Table

Before we get into lighting styles, youll need to figure out what size the light fixture should be to adequately illuminate your table.

First, the pool table focuses attention on the pool table.

It does not need to illuminate the surrounding areas. Nor should other lights in the room be too bright, as that can be distracting for players.

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Pool Table Lights696 Results

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Proper Installation Is Important

Once you order your new pool table lights, you need to properly install them so that you dont encounter problems like loose wiring, bulbs that cannot be switched on or worse, lights falling. This is not something you should do on your own because many light fixtures must be mounted to your ceiling properly. It is in your best interest to hire a professional electrician to complete the installation.

Sizing Your Billiards Light Fixture

Springdale Lighting 4

Make sure that the light is large enough to flood the entire table, but dont go over the top.

Pool table lights for full size tables generally range in length from 48 68 inches.

If you have a smaller table , youll be looking for a lighting fixture closer to 45 inches or smaller, and that uses 4 bulbs or fewer.

Some lighting manufacturers will state that their lights can be used for most tables in the 7 to 9-foot range.

For example, this hanging billiard light fixture is suited for 7 to 9-foot pool tables.

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Things To Remember While Hanging Your New Light

Hanging your new pool table light is probably one of the more technical tasks throughout this entire process. You dont want to hang your light too low where you end up hitting it with a cue stick. But, at the same time, you dont want it too high where you are blinded by the light. The goal is to get it at a perfect height, and this is typically achieved by hanging the light at a minimum of 40 above the bed of the table but not more than around 70.

Along with the height, your light should be above the middle of your pool table. You might hear a lot of a little to the left or right, but ensuring your light is spot on centered in the middle is paramount to proper light distribution on the bed of your table. If its off and unevenly placed, it could result in unwanted shadows and improper lighting in some areas of the table. This is where we recommend a professional to come in and install the light .

Number Of Bulbs And Type Of Bulbs Needed

Each of the lights mentioned above uses multiple bulbs. It is rare to find a pool table light which has a strip light or similar method of lighting the whole unit, instead, there are likely to be between three and five bulbs built into one central unit. For instance, the Baiwaiz Wood Pool Table Light has five different bulbs whereas the more affordable Hathaway BG2576 3-Shade Billiard Light has three.

It is a bonus if the lights take eco-friend LED bulbs such as the E26 light bulbs which can be bought from supermarkets and hardware stores with ease, so you can always have a supply. Having such an economical bulb can mean that your energy use doesnt go up a huge amount when you have a light like this installed, and the fact that most use multiple bulbs should mean you still get enough light coverage.

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Shard Led Pendant Black 1500mm

  • Delivery Lead Time: Leaves warehouse in 2-3 business days
  • Slimline LED pendant the SHARD is 1500mm long and very efficient.
  • Supplied with a 1.8m suspension, which can be shortened to suit your application.
  • Ideal choice for meals, dining or pool table.
  • Driver is built into the ceiling canopy and can be dimmed using a suitable LED friendly dimmer.
  • Available in black or white, with an opal acrylic diffuser and stainless support wires.

Pool Table Chandelier Lights

Height to Hang a Pool Table Light, plus Tips & Considerations

There are many different types of chandelier lighting on the market, both in elegant and practical options for various settings. These lights can go inside and outside, in your bathroom, on a patio or over a pool table.

Pool tables are popular additions to man caves, game rooms, family rooms or dens in most homes today. If you have a pool table, you will need the most appropriate type of light. While the overhead lights can help to light up a room, the playing area or table top will need a little bit more. For this reason, the pool table light must have the right size to cover the playing area and cast away shadows.

Functionally, a pool table light or billiard light must be bright enough to spread light evenly on the table. These lights are typically designed with one to four fixtures. Whether you want the light for a sports bar or a personal pool table, the antler chandeliers are great alternatives to the regular overhead lighting fixtures.

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Choosing The Design For Your Pool Table Lights

After deciding on the type of light fixture that is suitable for your pool table, you need to choose the design for your lights. There are many designs available to the average consumer and the type you buy will be based primarily on what you want to have in your room. If you are decorating a new media room, for example, and you just invested in a sleek chrome bar at one end of the room, then a chrome dome design might be the best pick for your lights. If instead you are selecting pool table lighting for a new billiard room at the end of your restaurant or club, then you may want a brass bar light or stained glass promotional light for the beer brands you sell such as Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors, or Miller.

You wont go wrong if you compliment the design for the lighting of your pool table with the rooms decor

What You Want To Achieve With A Billiard Light

The purpose of a billiard light is to provide adequate lighting on your tables playing surface. The goal of a pool table light is not to illuminate the surrounding room, players, or floor. Instead, you are looking for a light that will do a superb job at illuminating your pool table. This is achieved mostly by proper placement and good light length which we will go over below.

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Pulley 3 Head Billiard Light In Balck Finish Barn Shade With Wire Guard For Pool Table Kitchen Island

  • Wattage Per Bulb: Max 40W
  • Dimensions

  • Fixture Height: 12″
  • Fixture Width: 34.5″
  • Chain/cord Length: 51″
  • Shipping Weight: 6.5KG
  • Bulb Included Or Not: Bulb Not Included
  • Package We provide exquisite package for every item, which contains a lining bag and sturdy cardboard box with Beautifulhalo tag attached. It’s the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.
  • Shipping We are dedicated to providing all the customers in the world with equal service, and FedEx covers pratically all the grounds on the planet. Your parcel will reach you with lightning speed.

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Just Bought A Pool Table And Dont Know What Type Of Lights To Hang Above It

59"  Modern Pool Table Light Fixture Hanging Billiard Lights with Black ...

Pool table lights are a great way to illuminate any pool room but more importantly they need to create the right kind of lighting. Their purpose is to light the table, not the room, floor or the players.

The lighting above your pool table should eliminate shadows and glare, to allow the players to clearly see the balls.

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Pool Table Lighting Height

If your pool table lights hang too high then youll end up spending the night searching for your snooker balls. On the other hand, if your pool table lights hang too low, then youll have to avoid hitting them with you cue every shot. The lights should also be centred across the length and the width of the table and should be between 75 and 90cms above the tables surface. Taking into consideration that most tables are around 74 to 79cms high, the bottom of the lights should be 152 to 167cms above the floor level.

Pool table lights should hang so that the bottom of the lighting fixture is at the height of an average persons nose.

Furthermore, wattage is another component that needs to be considered for pool table lights, this can vary from 40 watts to 150 watts per globe brighter is usually better.

  • Pendant lights

Customized Pool Table Lights

Pool table light shopping can be exciting and quite challenging. There is a wide range of styles and materials which makes that one selection difficult. Light fixtures are available for every pool table. Choose from stained glass or Tiffany, frosted glass, wrought iron, metal, pewter, contemporary, and traditional styles, sports or memorabilia, and more. If these variants dont appeal to you, then you can get custom light fixtures made for your custom pool tables. Start by shopping for function, while working on matching the textures come next. The addition of the perfect color and style only enlighten the area more than ever. Hence, even before you get to know it, youll have pool table lights that perfectly compliment your overall home decor. You will find the space highly intriguing, which only facilitates the play.

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