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Hot Springs 3 Person Hot Tub

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Hot Spot Gets Right To The Point

HotSpring Highlife Sovereign – 6 person hot tub

To create the ultimate spa pool experience, Hot Spot® spas offer just the right number of jets, configured to relieve the tension in your back, neck, shoulders, calves and feet and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

The small directional Precision jets pinpoint specific muscles to provide relief precisely where you need it, while bigger jets offer broad massage great for larger muscles. You can adjust the strength of these jets to create a truly customised massage.

Prodigy 5 Person Hot Tub

6 6 X 7 X 33H | 325 GALLONS

  • Comfortably seats five people, with a variety of innovative jet configurations in each seating location
  • Incredible 22 jets that relieve-tension in targeted areas including your back, neck, shoulders and calves
  • Moto-Massage® DX jet that provides two powerful streams of water that sweep up and down the length of your back

How Big Should A Hot Tub Be

Make sure you choose the right hot tub size by considering, firstly, how many people will be using it, and secondly, the space you have available. Small hot tubs will fit two-three people larger hot tubs can fit eight or more. Most hot tub manufacturers websites list both the dimensions of each hot tub and how many people can sit comfortably within the tub, so you can be sure you’re picking the right size.

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Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience

HotSpring Hot Tubs are designed for the very best ownership experience with one-of-a-kind massage such as the exclusive MotoMassage, innovative new water care systems that help owners enjoy sparkling clean water, and our Energy Smart System that keeps water hot and operating costs low.EVERY DAY IS MADE BETTER WITH HOTSPRING

How Much Does A Good Hot Tub Cost

Hot Spring Highlife Jetsetter 3 Person Hot Tub

The cost of a hot tub can be anywhere from $3,000 for a budget-priced tub to over $16,000 for a top-of-the-line spa with custom upgrades. Generally, inflatable hot tubs are the cheapest above-ground hot tubs are more moderately priced and in-the-ground hot tubs are the most expensive.

Your budget will dictate which options are available to you, so first consider how much you have to spend on your new hot tub. Also, it’s a good idea to research how much a certain hot tub might cost to run and maintain .

Hot tub manufacturers rarely list the prices of hot tubs online because there are several factors that affect the price of each sale, including geography, dealer promotions and even the time of year. Of course, this also allows retailers to negotiate a higher price with people who dont have good bartering skills.

Many hot tub companies will categorize their selections into price ranges: budget, entry-level, mid-level, premium and luxury. However, some won’t provide price guidelines unless you enquire. Bear in mind that the final price of your hot tub might differ significantly from the price of the tub itself, after you’ve included any upgrades or extras, installation and operating costs.

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Jetsetter Hot Tub: The Luxury Hotspring 3 Person Spa

Jetsetter hot tub is the family of Highlife Collection®s spa presented by HotSpring®, the world-leading spa brand in the world. When we talk about the Highlife Collection, then we are talking about luxury in ultimate pleasure, because not only the performance but the collection also offers the stunning design and exclusive features.

This is the smallest size model of Highlife® NXT and Highlife® collection which can fit for up to 3 people inside. So, Jetsetter is very suitable for you who are looking for a hot springs hot tub that can create extra intimacy when you relax your body with your lovely partner. It is also a good choice if you dont have a large backyard because it doesnt need much space to install.

Committed To Our Customers

Our dedication to high-quality construction and unparalleled customer care means you can enjoy your Hot Spring spa for years to come. You can count on support from our network of experienced and professional retailers and our straightforward warranties to ensure your spa is always running at its best. We dont expect you to take our word for it though. We are proud to share the real experiences of our customers, right here on our website.

Read what Hot Spring owners have to say.

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Are Hot Tubs Expensive To Run

How much it costs to run a hot tub depends on your situation. Your running costs will depend on your energy supplier, where you live, and your hot tub of choice, as well as how often you plan on enjoying those gorgeously warm bubbles. Obviously, the bigger your tub, the more capacity it can hold, meaning the more energy it will use to heat the water.

If you want to avoid hefty bills, take some time to consider exactly which size of hot tub is right for you, so you can prevent potentially unused space from racking up running costs unnecessarily.

Better insulation is the key to energy efficiency, so choose a reliable hot tub manufacturer who goes the extra mile with their materials to ensure heat stays inside. That includes insulation within your tubs shell as well as the cover you choose for whenever its out of use.

Another external factor that will affect your hot tub running costs is your location, as energy prices vary across states, as well as climates in colder places, your hot tub will have to work extra hard to maintain a warm water temperature.

Maintenance is an essential part of owning a hot tub, and the cost of cleaning materials is also worth factoring in when it comes to finances. Whilst some tubs have self-cleaning systems, others require traditional bottled chemicals to be added in on a regular basis, which in turn creates monthly expenses.

Why Hot Spring Spas

HotSpring Limelight Flair – 6 person hot tub

A spa provides the powerful combination of massage and hot water. Hot Spring strive to do these things better with one-of-a-kind massage, innovative water care systems, and features that keep water hot and operating costs low. Plus, you can count on our decades of experience and our unparalleled customer care for the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®.

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The Best Hot Tub Upgrades And Extras To Consider

When it comes to getting the hot tub of your dreams, upgrades and extras can make a real difference. So whilst jets and pumps are essential, theres also a bunch of add-ons available to take your comfort to the next level. Unsurprisingly, one favorite among hot tub users is Bluetooth-connected speakers, because everyone wants to blast out their favorite tunes as they soak.

That, plus LED mood lighting that you can change to create different types of ambience. These aesthetic features will definitely get your hot tub party off to a great start, and get your guests into the spirit of fun and relaxation.

If you like the convenience of controlling your appliances from your phone, then naturally the best hot tub for you is one with smart features. For example, luxury hot tubs often have touch screen controls so you can get your temperature and cleaning settings just right, as well as compatibility with your smartphone, so you can control your hot tub from wherever you are. If you dont want to lift a finger when it comes to your tub, also look out for models with self-cleaning programs to make maintenance a breeze.

How Much Does A Hot Tub Cost To Run

TheHot Spring Spas Energy Calculator can tell you exactly that!

Hot tub running costs come down to one major factor:insulation. A bargain hot tub rarely stays a bargain for long, as a lack of insulation means inefficient heat retention, resulting in surprisingly high running costs as much as $2,000 or more in electricity every year!

But dont just take our word for it we are the only spa company whose spas have been independently lab tested, and weve published the results. We are proud to say that Hot Spring Spas create the most energy efficient spas in the world!

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Does A Hot Tub Add Value To A House

A high-quality hot tub that is seamlessly integrated into the look and landscape of your property can add real value to your home. Even if your hot tub doesnt add to the bottom line of your property appraisal, it can still act as the X-factor that attracts potential buyers.

For the owners of holiday rental and Airbnb properties, a spa can be the sort of big ticket item that can see you attracting far more guests. The right choice will require minimal maintenance and operating costs. “Spas are a key reason people book holiday homes, especially during winter” says Sarah McIlwrick, General Manager of luxury accommodation provider Relax It’s Done.

Chlorine Vs Salt Water Hot Tubs: Which Type Is Right For You

3 Person Hot Tubs by Hot Springs

Spa water purification plays a vital role in the health of your hot tub, and whichever one you choose, it will need to be maintained, so its important to get to know the difference between these two types.

Chlorine has been used to keep hot tub water clean for decades, and helps to eliminate bacteria and other nasties from the water in your tub. Chlorine usually comes in a liquid or dissolvable solid form, and is effective at killing salmonella, bacteria, some viruses such as influenza, and E.coli.

Sounds good, right? Yes, but chlorine in hot tubs also has some drawbacks. Firstly, it smells. Secondly, while weak, hydrochlorous acid is still an acid so it can irritate your eyes and skin. It also needs a lot of upkeep, so youll have to test your chlorine level at least once a week, but far more if you use it regularly. Youll also have to test the pH level of the water. Thankfully, many of the best hot tub brands package their tubs with water care kits, with full instructions included, making it easy for you.

Any hot tub can become a salt water hot tub if you add a salt chlorine generator. Salt water hot tubs have far less salt in them than seawater, and are regarded by some to be a more natural solution. Some salt water systems claim to clean and sanitize your hot tub water for up to a year, so you can soak and forget about that side of things.

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Hotspring Hot Tubs Stride 3 Person Hot Tub


With seating for 3 this low-profile spa features a full lounge and 18 hydrotherapy jets. Its a compact massage powerhouse that is great for tight spaces. This easy-to-care-for hot tub includes a No-Fault® heater, and FiberCor® insulation.

Size 7 x 55 x 292.13m x 1.65m x .74m

How Much Does A Hot Tub Cost

If you are in the market for a hot tub, one of the first questions you might ask is, How much does a hot tub cost? The answer is, it depends. Hot tub prices are not an industry secret. The main reason they are not readily displayed is that prices vary, depending on several important factors. Here well explain those hot tub price factors and provide the typical price ranges youll see when shopping for a spa of your own.

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Hot Tub Prices: How To Get A Rough Idea

Do your homework. Wed recommend viewing a hot tub in person, if possible, to do a wet test. It is best to try the hot tub out before buying it, as the moulded seats are designed for an average size person and if you are on the smaller or taller size these seat can become uncomfortable.

However, there are lots of features to consider when buying a hot tub, from seating style to jet type, the water filtration system and more. Try to choose an energy-efficient hot tub, too. Here are some areas to think about…

Hot Spring Highlife Collection

Hot Spring Aria Overview

The Hot Spring Highlife® Collection was brilliantly redesigned with help from the experts at BMW GroupDesignworksUSA.

Each spa in the Hot Spring® Highlife Collection offers exclusive features that provide you with the ultimate spa experience day-in and day-out for years to come. As Hot Spring® Spas best-selling line, these hot tubs offer innovative jets, the very best in filtration and water care, and money-saving efficiency you cannot find anywhere else.

Poolwerx Redlands is an authorized Hot Springs Spas dealer and is proud to offer the Hot Spring Highlife® Collection featuring Hot Spring® Grandee, Vanguard, Envoy, Aria, Sovereign, Prodigy & Jetsetter models.

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The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience

No matter which model you select, you can count on superior quality, comprehensive warranties and outstanding customer care from our experienced dealers.

Committed to our Customers

Our dedication to high-quality construction and unparalleled customer care means you can enjoy your Hot Spring spa for years to come. You can count on support from our network of experienced and professional retailers and our straightforward warranties to ensure your spa is always running at its best.


Hot Spot Spas feature attractive shell and cabinet designs that will integrate beautifully into your backyard. Colorful lighting and soothing waterfalls add to the fun.


With quality craftsmanship that only comes from Hot Spring Spas, Hot Spot model owners will enjoy the benefits of spa ownership for years to come. All Hot Spot Spas feature the following:

  • Stylishly sculpted, comfortable shells

$4000 And Up Starting Range

While spas in this price range offer a very basic set of features, their affordability makes it very easy for first-time hot tubbers to start enjoying hot water massage.

Typically, spas in this price range are rotationally-molded meaning the spa interior and exterior are formed out of a durable plastic. They look different than spas with shiny acrylic shells offered at higher price points. One benefit of a rotationally-molded spa is that they are lightweight and easy to move. When shopping in this price range, expect to hear the term plug and play, which means that the hot tub only requires a 110 V electrical connection. So, getting started is easy and you will likely save on installation costs without the need for an electrician. Fill the spa with a garden hose, plug it in and enjoy.

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How To Reduce Spa Pool Or Hot Tub Running Costs

If you are buying a mid-market spa but want the low running costs of a Hot Spring® spa there are a few ways to achieve this.

  • Upgrade to a higher level of insulation. Insulation is one of the most important features of spas and swim spas as it’s the main influence on heating costs. In theory the better the insulation, the lower the running costs. There are three main ways spas are insulated each with their own pros and cons. Most spas come with some insulation , although its effectives varies. Some retailers offer the option of ugrading to higher quality insulation such the ‘Artic Insulation upgrade’ offered by Spa World. Learn more abbout different types of spa pool insulation and what to look for.
  • Upgrade to a spa heat pump. Testing has shown that using a spa heat pump instead of the spa’s inbuilt electric heater, can save you up to 75% on your heating bill. Spa heat pumps range in price from $2,000 up to $4,000 depending on the size and brand. When the cost of the mid-level spa is combined with the cost of the heat pump, it may be a more cost-effective solution for you. Another major bonus with a heat pump is that you can actually cool the spa water as well making it ideal on those hot summer days.
  • Small Size Ample Comfort

    Hot Spring Highlife Jetsetter NXT 3 Person Hot Tub

    Designed for small spaces and easy installation, the Jetsetter is ideal for shoppers seeking a luxury spa that can operate on 230 volts. This compact spa is ideal for smaller spaces yet provides interior space to seat three people in comfort. Its 74 cm height also enables it to fit through a standard doorway.

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    My Little Slice Of Luxury

    “My Hot Spring Relay spa is hands down the best thing I have ever purchased. Not only is it great for our whole family, it is my little slice of luxury where I can enjoy peace and quiet at the end of a long day. The Hot Spring spas are the best quality out there I wouldn’t go for any other brand, they just don’t live up to Hot Spring! The team are also very helpful with after sales care, so all in all it was an amazing experience with amazing service.”

    Angela Besant – Brisbane

    $7000 And Up Starting Range

    This is the starting price range for spas with high-gloss acrylic shells, durable composite cabinets, more jets and a greater variety of features. It is important to understand that in this range, spa manufacturers might make trade-offs. In fact, this may be the most precarious price range for first-time hot tub shoppers.

    A manufacturer offering a hot tub in the value price range may focus on offering features that get attention, such as a lot of jets, dramatic lighting and water features. To keep prices low, they may be compromising on quality or leaving out important performance features, such as heat insulation that keeps energy costs low. Or they may not be investing in a strong service network or comprehensive warranties.

    On the other hand, Hot Spring Spas manufactures value-priced spas in the Hot Spot Collection that provide a blend of quality, performance and value to deliver years of reliability and energy efficiency.

    Spas in the Hot Spot Collection use the , which automatically dispenses SmartChlor® chlorine and minerals for easy water care. It self-regulates based on the waters sanitization needs, maintaining a consistent level of protection.

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