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Where To Buy Dolphin Pool Cleaner

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Leaves Wheeled Cleaners In Its Wake

Two dolphins rescued from abandoned hotel pool in Indonesia

Water in between the wheels and pool surface make it difficult for the robot to maintain traction. Continual slippage results in lost energy efficiency and reduced performance. The Quantum takes a radical departure from the conventional wheel with continuous rubber tracks. Quantum maintains constant contact even when climbing slippery surfaces. No more slipping.

No more wasted energy. The rubber track also improves directional control and provides greater force than wheels. Tracked robots also glide smoothly over obstacles like drains and are capable of climbing straight up vertical walls. The Quantumâs traction is further improved with a high grip, water-optimized tread and geometric shape, which minimizes rolling resistance for superior providing superior weight distribution, traction, and wall climbing.

The Truth About Pool Cleaners: What Your Pool Store Isnt Telling You

Fifteen years into the 2000s, the landscape has changed in the world of retail. Where we used to have to go to visit a specialty store to purchase any given item, the presence of the internet makes essentially any searchable product a click away. Traditional brick and mortar stores are becoming less and less viable, particularly those that service niche markets. Change is difficult and small businesses have to be comfortable embracing an adapt or die philosophy with the emergence of competitively-priced web stores who fill a similar need as a physical store.

This can be difficult because web stores operate with lower overhead and can typically offer lower price points on the exact same products. Ailing stores have implemented many tactics as a means to compete, like preaching our store provides superior service, which often falls on the ears of a generation to whom that is no longer a top priority. Another tool is price matching. Providing a price-match guarantee can be risky, but instead of losing the sale, the retailer sees it as better to have a loss of revenue rather than have that money walk out of the door altogether. However, price-matching can have its negative long-term effects that result in stores not making the kind of money necessary to be successful. As a result, retail stores have turned to a few new tactics including branding products that are exclusive to their store.

Private label pool cleaner:

Aquabot Breeze XLS

Comparable pool cleaner:

Polaris P955

Programmable Frequency & Duration

Quantum is equipped with programmable run frequency and cleaning duration so youâre always in full control. With programmable modes, you can set Quantum to automatically run when you need it – daily, 2x per week or 3x per week. Quantum comes with a built-in, programmable weekly timer to ensure that even if you are out of town, your pool stays clean and ready to enjoy.

Quantum is engineered to clean quickly and thoroughly. This means you can schedule your robot to run less often. Quantum will complete a cleaning cycle in pools up to 50 feet long in just two hours. The new advanced controls allow you to run Quantum only as needed instead of every day, saving even more energy.

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Dolphin Bio Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Bio Suction is the first and only automated solution for maintaining both bio and natural pools. It combines the best of proven Dolphin techn ol,ogies and is designed with additional features which address the special challenges of bio and natural pools. Unique triple active brush action using two bio brushes and an additional double speed brush efficiently scrubs dirt algae and bacteria even from extremely slippery and uneven pool floors and walls. Advanced technologies deliver precise scanning with in-built Gyro and smart sensors which identify nearby walls and enable the robot to avoid the regeneration area and ensure full coverage in minimal time without interruption.;

From £162.00 to £2,399.00

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Supreme M3 CB + SWV Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • Navigation: Microprocessor controlled SmartNav learns subject pool
  • Logic: Calculates optimal pattern for faster cleaning & improved efficiency
  • Propulsion: HyperGrip rubber tracks improve power delivery and control
  • Capacities: Vacuums leaves, debris, pollen & green algae
  • Surfaces: Power scrubs and vacuums doors, steps, walls, and water line

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Dolphin M200 & Filter Bags

Previously known as the M3, this is an excellent quality automatic pool cleaner at an affordable price. Cleans the floor and coving of pools up to 10m . An efficient, self-contained filter bag collects the dirt and debris.

All Dolphin cleaners supplied by us benefit from UK based factory trained service and support. We can assist you with choosing the right Dolphin cleaner and offer full warranty and non warranty service back-up.

Relax; – ; let a Dolphin clean it for you!

From £68.00 to £980.00

A Dolphin First & Only Innovation

Itâs natural to want to keep things under control. Itâs natural, that is, if youâre the new Quantum. Long suggested to be part of the ultimate in pool robot mobility, 3D Jet technology has arrived. Instead of the traditional single jet, the Quantum employs three jets in a prescribed way throughout the range of motion. Three jet nozzles produce multiple streams of fast-moving water that combine to create vectored thrust. The patent-pending technology provides constant grip on vertical surface for superior wall and tile line cleaning. As Quantum traverses and climbs the wall, the jets provide the robot with precise control to move in any direction at any time.

PowerJet 3D Mobility provides real advantages when compared to conventional pool cleaners. Jet drive propels the robot with vectored thrust, providing unmatched maneuverability. For the first time ever, a pool-cleaning robot has the ability to precisely hold itself in a fixed position against the effects of gravity. As a result, the Quantumâs advanced track driven navigation system can operate to its full potential. PowerJet 3D Mobility provides efficient cleaning along water lines and improves navigation accuracy while enabling escape and avoidance from any obstacle.

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Dolphin M400 M500 Automatic Pool Cleaners For Domestic Pools And Replacement Cartridges

The Dolphin robotic pool cleaners deliver top-of-the-line performance with the absolute minimum in effort and hassle. With a Dolphin working for you, you can relax and enjoy your pool, with full confidence that the water is clean and hygienic for you and your family.

Dolphin cleaners provide reliable filtration in all pool conditions and have an exclusive, dual-level filtration system which ensures a dust and debris free pool. Advanced technologies deliver precise scanning and total cleaning efficiency in minimal time and without intervention. They allow for convenient maintenance with patented top-opening filtration compartments for easy emptying and cleaning. The gyroscopic navigation system inside maintains stable navigation and ensure maximum cleaning efficiency.

All Dolphin cleaners supplied by us benefit from our UK based factory trained service support. We can assist you with choosing the right Dolphin cleaner and offer full warranty and non warranty service back-up service.

Relax and let a Dolphin clean it for you!

Please note: The M400/M500/M600 powerpack requires a Wifi connection.

Exceptional Cleaning With The Dolphin E30 Robot Cleaner

Mighty Magiswords – Pool Fools (Original Short)

The Dolphin E30 pool cleaner belongs to the Dolphin E-Series robotic pool cleaners. With one of these pool robots you will get an exceptional experience and crystal clear cleaning results for your pool.

The pool robots in this range, such as the Dolphin E30, stand out for their active brushing, which removes algae and bacteria, their effective and easy-to-use filtration system, and their high retention capacity that collects fine and coarse dirt.

It is a range of economical pool cleaners that provide excellent value for money. A simple and accessible way to have clean, crystal clear and disinfected water. They incorporate some of the world’s most advanced scanning and cleaning technologies.

Get your Dolphin E-Series pool cleaner at Momentos Piscina, official Dolphin by Maytronics dealer.

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Dolphin Automatic Cleaner E10 & Filter Basket

Made by Maytronics, the leader in robotic cleaners, this light, small robot is ideal for all types of small pools, including above-ground pools. It gives crystal clear cleaning results with all-surface brushing action. It has an efficient, easy-to-use filtration system with effective dirt collection. ;

The top access filtration system means that it is easy to remove and clean as it is lightweight and easy to handle. It comes with a fast, debris-free water release, and is fast to fix and easy to repair.;

The Dolphin Poolstyle Plus is the robot of your dreams on an affordable budget. This lightweight, small robot is ideal for all types of small pools. Cleans the pool floor and walls.


Dolphin Pool Cleaners And Vacuums For Sparkling Clean Splashing

If youre on the hunt for a tool to clean your pool with minimal effort, one of the new or pre-owned robotic Dolphin pool cleaners in this eBay category might be right up your alley. There are a few things that you should know about these robot pool cleaners before you make a decision, so these answers to common customer questions might help you brush up on the details and make the right choice.

What are the advantages of robotic pool cleaners?

Unlike conventional pool cleaning methods, the affordable robotic pool cleaners in this category are fully automated. This feature means that you can simply set a weekly timer and let these cleaners loose in your pool and return to sparkling clean water. These cleaners are compact, which means that they are easy to store when they arent in use.

What are the different types of Dolphin cleaners?

Dolphin makes three different kinds of robotic cleaners that are designed to filter out debris from the entire pool. Each type of cleaner is designed for a particular application. The three robot models are described below:

How do you pick the right pool cleaner?Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Maytronics.

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Jet Driven Lateral Movement

The dynamics of propelling a robot straight ahead are simple. Thereâs nothing overly complicated about movement straight ahead. To appreciate the essence of the Quantum, one only has to observe the remarkable lateral movement of the robot as it effortlessly adheres to the vertical pool surface. This is where Quantum separates itself from every cleaner made before.

Equipped with 3D Mobility, Quantum was engineered to ensure that every inch of your pool is deep cleaned. For the first time ever, powerful vortex jets were added sides and top of a robot. The result is the worldâs first robot that can move laterally along the walls of your pool. With its superb weight distribution and low center of gravity, the Quantum is engineered from the ground up for next generation mobility.

Smart Efficient Robotic Navigation

Review of Premier Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

Gone are the days of watching your robot aimlessly wander around your pool, wondering if it will ever pick up the leaves it has skipped day after day. The new Quantum is equipped with a SmartNav 2.0 Robotic Scanning to ensure that every inch of your pool surface is reached. SmartNav software delivers highly optimized scanning and coverage for a new level of clean. Quantum calculates the optimal pattern for faster cleaning and improved efficiency.

With its remarkable pool mapping system, the Quantum knows where it has and hasnât been to avoid overlapping cleaning paths and minimize cleaning time. With the ability to sense ladders and drains, Quantum won’t get hung up like ordinary cleaners. Microprocessor controlled Pool Scanning ensures complete efficient pool surface coverage.

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All Swim No Work Our Goal Is To Make Owning A Pool Enjoyable And Easy

We do this by offering our customers the absolute best in pool products and services. Thats why we are proud to carry a complete line of Dolphin robotic cleaners for above ground and in ground pools.

No one knows robotic pool cleaners like Maytronics the company behind Dolphin robotic cleaners. Founded in 1983, Maytronics pioneered the field of automatic pool cleaning and has been an industry leader in innovative eco-friendly pool technology ever since.

Inground Automatic Pool Cleaners

Save time and effort cleaning your pool with a new inground automatic pool cleaner. Available in 3 different types, you can choose from a fully autonomous robotic, or a suction or pressure side model, all available brand new and at great prices with fast shipping across Canada! We proudly carry cleaners from some of the best brands on the market, including Dolphin by Maytronics, Zodiac, Polaris, Pentair and Hayward.

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Dolphin Active 10 Pool Cleaner


Maytronics Dolphin Active 10 is the introductory robot by Maytronics – bringing you all the benefits of more than 30 years of experience in robotic pool cleaning.;

All swim, no work. Forget about scrubbing the floor and scooping out leaves and dirt – the Maytronics Dolphin Active 10 does it all for you, automatically. It leaves your pool floor clean of dirt and leaves, and the pool water sparkling clean, ready for fun whenever you are.


  • Performance Above Ground: Most Reliable. Deepest Clean. Easy-to-use. Designed for above ground pools.

Cleaning Features:

  • Pool Sizes: Ideal for up to 30 feet
  • Cleaning Cycle Times: 1.5 hours
  • Cleaning Mode: Standard
  • Filter Type: Top Load and Fine Basket
  • Number of Brushes: 1
  • Pool Cleaning: Floor
  • Caddy Included: No
  • Swivel: No
  • Warranty: 2 Years – Limited. 24 months – Plastic Parts. 12 months – Power Supply, Cable & Motor. 0 months – Brushes, Tracks & Filters

Programming Features:

  • Superior filtering capabilities keeps your pool stunningly clean
  • Simply, plug it in and let it clean for you
  • Cleans the floor without letting obstacles get in the way

Ultimate Cleaning Technology

  • The Most Reliable
  • Easy-to-Use

Precision Navigation:

Single-Level Filtration

Our filtration system separates and filters rough and fine dirt for highly efficient, clog-free filtration.

Best-in-Class Warranty:

Sustainably Designed. Energy Efficient.

No More Tangling:

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners Perth


The Dolphin robotic pool cleaner is renowned for its ability to clean any size or shape of swimming pool. As all Dolphin cleaners are based on innovative technologies, you are guaranteed a consistently high level of pool cleanliness that is both efficient and cost-effective.

There are 3 classes of cleaners: basic, classic and top-of-the-range. The difference between the three classes the additional features each group has. And that is no different with the Supreme range the next generation in robotic pool cleaners! Here at Southside Pools we;have a Supreme model to suit every pool.

All our Dolphin cleaners come with a minimum of two years warranty so you get peace of mind when you buy one.Why not and get a FREE no-obligation on-site demonstration so you can see for yourself how effortlessly the Dolphin robotic cleaner can clean your pool!

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The Largest Cartridge Ever In A Pool Robot

The new Quantumâs filtration system is so large, easy and convenient, youâll never consider messy, cumbersome debris bags again. Cartridge filters have been around for years but pool owners found them small and difficult to clean. Previous generation cartridges made debris removal nearly impossible with small cavities that trapped small debris and fine dirt.

Consider this problem solved. With the new Quantum, Dolphin introduces a new 400 square inch cartridge with the highest capacity ever recorded on a pool robot. The new Dolphin SnapLoc Filters make robot cleaning easier than ever. All four sides of the Quantum filter simply snap apart for quick and easy cleaning. In addition, the bottom panel is hinged to allow debris to simply fall out during cleaning.

Creating More By Consuming Less

Thereâs a new mandate that guides the engineering principles of Dolphin. Conserving resources while maximizing output. Thatâs why the Quantum operates on nearly 90% less power than old fashioned pressure side and suction side cleaners. While other pool cleaners can expend a massive 1800 watts of power, the Quantum requires only 180 watts. The newest Dolphin robot requires just 5 cents per hour of operation.

Quantumâs dual 24-volt, 3000 RPM DC motors propel its lightweight Exoskel body and dual scrubbing brushes over every square inch of the pool effortlessly, and with a quantum leap ahead in efficiency. This economical balance of power and efficiency is what keeps the Quantum ahead of traditional, power-hungry robots. Its motor lies low in the underbody, lowering the robots center of gravity and enhancing its lateral dynamics. Even weight distribution between front and rear promotes better balance and allows electrical energy to be converted into propulsion more efficiently. But thatâs not the whole efficiency story. Quantumâs two hour cleaning cycle means it cleans quickly and thoroughly so it operates less.

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Choosing Dolphin E30 Pool Cleaners

Main reasons why you should buy the Dolphin E30 robot

  • Suitable for pools up to 12 meters in length
  • 18 meter cable
  • Cleaning of bottom, walls and waterline
  • 2-hour cleaning cycle
  • Double active brush: front + rear
  • Power Stream mobility system
  • Basic power supply ON / OFF
  • Combined spring and ultra fine filter basket
  • 2 year warranty;

The Dolphin E30 cleaner features front and rear active brushes, which rotate at twice the speed of the robot to tackle the most stubborn embedded dirt.;

It incorporates the combined basket that includes spring filters on the front and rear and ultra-fine filters on the sides, it also includes 2 panels of ultra-fine filtration.;

It features the CleverClean scanning system, which uses advanced navigation software to ensure total pool coverage, mapping out the most efficient route. It also incorporates the Power Stream mobility system to channel water flow and improve the robot’s maneuverability.;

Quick release of water for removal from the pool after the cleaning cycle.;

The Dolphin E30 is equivalent to the following models in features and performance:

  • Dolphin Carrera 30

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Oasis Z5 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin is the worldâs first climate care certified robotic pool cleaner. Dolphin Robotic pool cleaners are proven to reduce pool cleaning energy consumption by up to 83% translating to up to $350 per year. By cleaning your pool with Dolphin robot for 2 to 3 hours a day you can dramatically reduce the load on the filter, and your total water usage for backwashes shrinks by 60-80%. You can use fewer chemicals for your pool, simply because you donât use up as much water backwashing to waste.

Worldâs first climate care certified robotic pool cleaner.

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