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Hot Spot Hot Tub Control Panel

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If The Display Flickers On And Off

Hot Spring Hot Spot Control Panel Operation

A flickering display is a sign that the voltage from the transformer is too low.

You can test it using a multimeter, but if voltage isnt your specialty you may want to call a professional to fix it.

Additionally, you may have an issue with the cable from the control panel being too close to another cable in the filtration system.

These lines can cross if theyre too close to each other, causing the display to act erratically.

If The Spaside Buttons Wont Work

Unresponsive buttons are an issue you may encounter with your controls.

This could be the result of a damaged panel, insufficient voltage, or a faulty connection between the control panel and the circuit board.

To fix it, try the following:

  • Start by verifying the DIP switches on the board are in the factory default positions. If they need to be repositioned, turn off the power to the tub before resetting them.
  • Inspect the connection between the board and the control panel. The connection could be compromised in some way and needs to be fixed/replaced.
  • Ensure the voltages between the control panel and the system pack terminal block are compatible.
  • Enter Priming Mode on your control panel and test the buttons.
  • Set Filter Cycle Duration

    Press SET button until TOOLS is displayed:

    Press TEMP UP button

    Press SET button until FILT1 is displayed:

    Press TEMP UP button

    Press TEMP UP or TEMP DOWN to set Filter Cycle 1 duration

    Press SET button until FILT2 is displayed:

    Press TEMP UP button

    Press TEMP UP or TEMP DOWN to set Filter Cycle 1 duration

    Press SET button until EXIT is displayed:

    Press TEMP UP button to exit

    Filter Cycles & Heating Modes

    • Two filter cycles per day
    • First filter cycle starts 10 minutes after power-on
    • Second filter cycle starts 12 hours later
    • Filter cycle duration programmable 0 to 6 hours

    IMPORTANT: “Tranquil Mode” disables heating and filtration cycles for 10 minutes after high-speed jets are turned off. Pressing the Jet button to activate low speed will override Tranquil Mode and start a heating cycle if the temperature control is calling for heat.

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    Know Your Hot Tub Control Panel

    The hot tub control panel is a functional display system that operates all your tubs features. It handles everything from the main power, to the spa jets, and even things like the lights and music.

    A standalone hot tub has the control panel built into the top of the tub. This is known as a topside control panel.

    It consists of a small screen outfitted with LEDs or LCDs, with various buttons and indicators covered in an overlay. The buttons control the functions and the screen communicates to the user what current function is being carried out.

    Both digital and analog panels exist, and theyre designed to work only with specific control boards.

    If you have a tub that was built from the ground up, the controls will be housed with the rest of the spa equipment. This is known as a spa side control panel.

    Many spa side controls will be linked up with a remote, so you can still access the control system while in the tub. In most cases, the remote will be installed at the tub, and hardwired back to the control panel through tubing.

    With recent advances in technology, wireless remotes are also available, although they are usually only compatible with certain controllers.

    Why Is My Hot Tub Light Flashing

    76843: Control Panel, Hot Springs, Hot Spot, 2012.5 to CurrentHot Tub parts

    Typically, there are either red or green lights that will blink on a hot tub to indicate a variety of issues that may occur. For example, a red flashing light may indicate a hi-limit trip, a dirty filter, or a stalled circ pump.

    Meanwhile, a green flashing light often indicates an error with the hot tubs sensor. Additionally, if both red and green lights are flashing, the hot tub is likely experiencing low flow.

    However, many hot tubs also contain lights that also blink but are not used to indicate any issues. For instance, the power indicator turns on when the hot tub is sufficiently powered, the ready indicator flashes when the hot tubs temperature is within its set limits, and the clean indicator lights up and remains on throughout the entire cleaning cycle when the clean button is pressed.

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    If The Display Wont Turn On

    If the display isnt showing anything, youve got a problem.

    Follow these steps to get it operational again

  • Start by resetting the spa controller. Sometimes this universal trick can fix any electronics issue. Turn off the power, wait for 20 seconds, and turn it back on.
  • Check the controller for any condensation that may be present between the overlay and the display.
  • Inspect the cables that run to the controller. They may have come loose, or been damaged in some way . Ensure all cables are connected cleanly as well. You may have a situation where the termination point has failed for one reason or another and needs a new end on it.
  • Check the circuit board transformer to make sure there is power.
  • Ensure power is present at the fuse and that it isnt blown.
  • Double check that the topside controller is compatible with the circuit board model.
  • Look over the circuit board for any damage on it. Any compromised areas could cause the display to fail.
  • If none of these work, you may have to fully replace the topside controller, as they do have a shelf life of around 10 years.
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    Welcome To The Hot Spot Spas Section Of Our Store

    In this section, you will find all replacement spa parts that we stock for Hot Spot Spas including Air Blowers, Circuit Boards, Heaters, Pumps, Covers, Ozonators, Control Boxes, Pillows, Jets, Filters, Topside Control Panels and many others.

    We are constantly adding hot tub parts to our brand’s categories on a weekly basis as we gain more knowledge on each spa brand. If the part you need is not listed below please take a look at our other parts categories listed to the left of the page as we may just have it in stock but not organised yet into the specific spa brands. A lot of spa parts are licensed by spa brands and can only be obtained from them directly, just let us know what part you need and we will obtain it for you from them, in most cases cheaper than their retail price.

    If you are still having trouble trying to determine exactly what part you need for your hot tub, then please get in touch or if you simply want more information, you can contact us by email or call us.

    If The Display Is Wrong

    How To Operate Your Hot Spring Hot Spot Collection Hot Tub

    Sometimes, a display will begin showing the wrong information.

    This borders on error messages , however, it also may be presenting the right information, but with compromised LEDs that make it look incorrect.

    An issue like this could be the result of a cracked panel, or one that has been exposed to moisture. In this case, a full panel replacement is usually the best solution.

    A wrong display can also be a sign that the control panel has run its course, and again, will require replacement.

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    Hot Tub Control Panel Not Working

    For most people who own hot tubs, the issue of hot tub control panel not working is something theyll have to deal with sooner or later. Most people even ask themselves: How do I reset my hot tub control panel?

    Issues with the main control panel in your hot tub can cause a world of problems for you. Its incredibly infuriating to come home after a tiring day at work, only to find that your hot tub is not working properly.

    However, in most cases, all it takes is a basic reset to get rid of the problem and get your hot tub back in order. But, you may find that a single reset doesnt do the trick and you will have to reset it multiple times to get it working.

    This is not something that you should ignore. Its an indication that theres something seriously wrong. If there is a flashing light in the panel or you hear some sort of beeping, its also something that you need to worry about.

    To reset the main panel, you need to turn off the hot tub and then give it a break for around 30 seconds before you turn the hot tub on. If you still receive the error signal, you may want to check the official instruction manual that came with your hot tub.

    If the panel does not work at all, you might want to take a close look at the main connections and see if theres any water in there. Moisture in the main panel could spell a lot of trouble.

    How Do I Know If My High Limit Switch Is Bad

    When a high limit switch has gone bad, the most common giveaways will involve issues with water temperature regulation. For instance, a high high limit switch is designed to keep a hot tubs water at safe temperatures, typically preventing it from reaching anywhere beyond 120 degrees.

    However, if water begins to climb beyond this temperature, it is likely the high limit switch is faulty. In order to test the switch, users should first ensure that the hot tubs thermostat levels have not been altered causing a change in temperature regulation.

    Next, users should ensure that the thermostat probe is placed properly within the water. If it is not submerged sufficiently, the temperature readings will be faulty.

    Finally, if the hot tubs temperature is still not regulated, the temperature of the high limit thermowell should be measured. If its temperature is the same as the waters, the high limit switch must be replaced. How do I know if my hot tub circuit board is bad?

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    How Do I Reset The High Limit Switch On My Hot Tub

    High limit switches can easily be reset by simply pushing the button on a hot tub. Typically, the high limit switch is a big red button located on a hot tubs spa pack.

    The high limit switch is used to prevent hot tubs from overheating. Therefore, if the switch detects that a hot tub has heated beyond temperatures of 110 to 120 degrees, it will trip and shut off the heater. When this happens, the high limit switch works to break the energy circuit to prevent the hot tubs heater from literally melting. When water temperatures reach safe levels once again, the high limit switch must be manually reset.

    Led Hot Spring Control Panel Light

    76842 Control Panel Hot Spot 2013 Warm Grey grey
  • This 3-Button Auxiliary Control Panel is the factory replacement one-Jet systems This Aux Control Panel is for the white or jade-colored spa interior $141.61
  • 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction GuaranteeFree shipping on orders over $99.00No Sales Tax

    Craig was very knowledgeable and helpful…. he placed the order right away and I received the order in great shape in three or four days plus it was a lot cheaper than what the local spa stores prices …. great experience and I will call you again if I need youOn 08/04/2022 by D. J.

    We are 1st time Hot Tub Owners in Michigan. I called and spoke with two your troubleshooters, both of whom were very helpful. From diagnosing our problem, to ordering the correct replacement components, and then walking me through installing them. Ours was a very pleasant customer experience. Thank You ALL so much! We’re back up and running here in “The Mitten”.On 08/04/2022 by E. M.

    Always stellar tech support, great prices and quick shipping. If I need parts, I always call them!On 08/02/2022 by K. C.

    I have a repair business and rely on quality parts. Back yard plus not only has them but they also are fast at delivering them. The combined technical knowledge of the staff is awesome. Always a pleasure to deal with this company.On 07/29/2022 by D. B.

    Absolutely “over the top” customer service! They helped me locate the problem, checked my work and together we solved my hot tub issues!On 07/29/2022 by B. M.

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    Control Panel Hot Spot

    Control Panel Hot Spot/Solana Cool Gray, 2006-2012

    Obsolete: No factory suggested replacement available at this time. Please contact our technicians for advice 541-9000 or [email protected] is recommended to upgrade the control box and control panel to the new versions 76840 and 76843.

  • This is the cool grey colored control panel used with the Hawk control system for Hot Spot model spas This control panel is only compatible with the 76840 control box $175.68
  • How Do I Reset My Hot Tub Control Panel

    If your hot tub control panel isnt working then when it can be really frustrating. Having said that, sometimes all you need to do is a simple reset on your hot tub control panel to clear the problem and to get it back into action. However, you might find that you need to reset it several times, in which case this could indicate a more serious problem. You might also find that your hot tub control panel is flashing at you, beeping at you or showing you all sorts of worrying symbols. You if your control panel is is not doing what you expect and you need some help with it then this is the post for you.

    So, how do I reset my hot tub control panel? You can reset a hot tub control panel by switching it off, waiting for between 10 and 20 seconds and then switching it back on again. If the error signal continues on the control panel then you will need to consult your hot tub manual to see what the problem is. If the control panel simply seems not to be working you can check the connections to it and also see if any water has got in it which could be the problem. If all seems well then you may need to replace your control panel or consult your hot tub dealer.

    Resetting a hot tub control panel

    There are two different scenarios where you might need to reset your hot tub control panel.

    Depending upon the model of your hot tub, and also the type of control panel, it should be relatively easy to change the cable and solve the problem.

    How to Reset a Hot Tub Heater
    Related questions:

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    Blinking Red And Green Lights

    If both red and green lights are blinking, this could indicate low water flow. Resetting the spa by turning off the power, waiting and turning it back on is likely to resolve the issue.

    If these troubleshooting tips dont solve your problem, consult the owners manual for your controller. You can also contact the manufacturer for technical help.

    When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commissions at no cost to you.

    How Do You Diagnose A Hot Tub Problem

    hot spot control panel operation

    There are 5 common problems that may cause a hot tub to malfunction including an inability to heat up, fluctuating water temperatures, faulty jets, an error code displayed on the control panel, a loud pump, or the GFCI breaker tripping.

    To troubleshoot the problem, users should first identify the source. To cover all bases water levels should be adequate, and filters should be clean and free from debris. Then, if the water is cold or irregular, there may be issues with plumbing lines or the heating element. If jets are not working well, the issue often exists with the jets being dirty or turned wrongly, or there may be an airlock in the plumbing.

    The control panel is easy to read and will typically tell users the type of error occurring within the hot tub. Finally, if the pump is loud or not working and all other elements such as water level and blockages have been checked, there may be an issue with old components.

    If specific problem areas have been addressed, and a hot tub is still malfunctioning, it may need to be completely reset. However, the easiest way to troubleshoot any issues is to call a professional.

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