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Hot Tub With Built In Tv

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Benefits Of Tv Hot Tubs

The Ultimate Hot Tub

Stereo hot tubs add an unprecedented amount of entertainment to your hot tubs. TV hot tubs can be hooked your cable provider and most come built in with a DVD player, so you can watch movies, sports, your favorite shows or the news all from your TV hot tub! If you are planning on throwing a big hot tub party in your portable hot tubs, your guests will be amazed and guaranteed to have fun if you have a TV hot tub.

Keep It Away From Chemicals

If you have your TV mounted near your hot tub, be aware that it could be exposed to chemicals like chlorine and bromine. These chemicals can damage the TV over time, so its important to wipe it down regularly with a damp cloth. You may also want to consider investing in a cover for your TV to further protect it from the elements.

Use Wireless Speakers To Hear Your Tv Over The Jets

If you plan to have parties, you might want to pick up a good set of Bluetooth speakers to go with your hot tub since jets can get pretty loud. Some hot tubs have Bluetooth receivers, so you can pair the hot tub speakers with your TV source.

They also make some pretty cool waterproof Bluetooth speakers that float nowadays if you want something simple.

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This Ultimate Hot Tub Has Two Tiers With An Attached Endless Swimming Pool

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When it comes to hot tubs, there are two different types of people. There are those that go for the cheapest hot tub that you can get to get a quick and easy soak in, and then there are those that go way overboard, and plan on having a hot tub party every night of the week. This ultimate hot tub is for the latter group. It’s a massive 2 leveled hot tub that seats up to 12 people, and yes, it even has an integrated television built right into the side wall of the top level tub.

This ultimate 2-tiered hot tub is called the Sunrans Endless Swim SPA Pool, and it has two different uses depending on which tier of the hot tub you’re using. The lower level is for sitting, and can seat up to 8 people with built-in molded seating that’s filled with jets, whereas the top tier to the hot tub is for lounging with large molded areas for 2 adults to lay down and relax. Though the top area can fit more than 2 people if they’re not laying down.

With a water capacity of 3,300 gallons, the ultimate hot tub also features a waterproof TV that’s built-in to the side of the top tier where you can watch movies or listen to music while you relax using two integrated speakers, a wi-fi control panel lets you control everything on the the hot tub wirelessly, plus the entire tub is filled with color changing LED lights that illuminate the water to your liking.

Fontana Sierra Whirlpool Massage Indoor Bathtub With Tv

Bathtub with TV and Jacuzzi, fits two people

When it comes to new bathroom upgrades, FontanaShowers is offering shape, finish and style that you are looking for. This has an elegant design and elevates the appeal of your decor made from the highest quality and for great tastes, a real eye-catcher. Give your bathroom an elegant touch with the Fontana Sierra Whirlpool Massage Indoor Bathtub with TV that takes your bathing experience to a whole new level. This is one of the most trendiest finishes across bathroom design styles. This can accommodate up to two adults. It comes super seal technology inside, capable of delivering superior performance with a solid construction for long durability that will upgrade your bathroom with a modern and cool look for a long period of time.

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Option : Purchase Or Make A Tv Lift Cabinet

If you want to keep your TV protected when outside, a lift cabinet is what some hot tub owners prefer. These lift cabinets can be placed alongside your hot tub so you never have to worry about moving your TV inside.

You can find TV lift kits on Amazon like this one, and actually, build your own by following instructions like these.

The more expensive route is to purchase one like in the video below:

If you want the ability to move your TV to your pool or another area, this is an ideal solution that can be designed to match your patio or pool surround.

Option : Mount Your Tv To A Canopy Or Outdoor Structure

Since many people place their hot tub underneath a canopy for a gazebo these days, adding a TV mount is a pretty simple addition. Unless you have the area wired, I would recommend a TV you can snap into the mount and remove at any time.

Check out my post on a few of my favorite canopy and gazebo options for hot tubs if youre currently looking for one.

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Option : Mount Your Tv To A Permanent Structure

If you have a hot tub on a screened-in porch , your best bet is to permanently install a flat-screen TV on one of the posts around the porch using a standard TV mount.

Since you already have power and lighting, installation under a porch or permanent indoor structure will be easiest for most people. If you do have a hot tub indoors, I wouldnt bother with the added expense of a weatherproof television if you dont care all that much about picture quality.

For most people just wanting a simple HDTV, you can pick one up for less than $100. If the humidity gets to it after a few years, youre not out too much.

Ensure You Have A Waterproof Remote

A Hot Tub Filled with Liquid Sand | Outrageous Acts of Science

Firestick remotes and many modern TV remotes are waterproofjust dont submerge them in water. They are meant to be used in water, just not thrown around your hot tub like a rubber duck! You can find floating waterproof remotes by a brand named Luckystar that pair with most Smart TVs.

If you have a ledge next to your hot tub and a smartphone, you should be fine so long as your phone is water-resistant or waterproof.

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Hot Tub Cover Replacements

Is your old hot tub cover getting heavy? Has it started lift around the edges? It may be time to replace it. At York Region Pools & Hot Tubs, we offer Canadian made, environmentally friendly, CFC free foam insulating covers that are custom made to fit your hot tub. We can also deliver your new cover and remove and dispose of your old cover.

Cool Bathtubs With Built

Buying a bathtub with built-in TV is usually one of the most expensive ways to put TV in your bathroom. Although its also the most aesthetic and comfortable one. The TV usually comes waterproof and its close enough to get the full experience from watching movies or cable. There are plenty models on the market that vary a lot. Some of them are stylish substitutions to usual tubs for one while other ones could provide enough space for several people to enjoy a spa-like experience. Here are bathtubs with built-in TVs that we find the most cool ones.

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Protect Your Tv From The Elements

Even if youve chosen a weatherproof TV and found the perfect spot for it, youll still need to take some extra steps to protect it from the elements. A good rule of thumb is to treat your outdoor TV like you would any other piece of patio furniturecover it when its not in use. This will help extend its lifespan and keep it looking good as new for years to come. You can find TV covers specifically designed for outdoor use, or you can repurpose a patio furniture cover.

Waterproof Tv For Hot Tubs: Is It Safe

7 Person Hot Tub with Built

Some users considering the purchase and installation of waterproof TV for Jacuzzi or Spa may wonder whether it is safe to use such a device in the rooms where humidity can quickly damage the internal mechanisms of TV and even cause a short circuit fault in your house. But AVEL TVs are fully waterproof and totally safe and passed IPX4 test, the certificate was issued accordingly, which makes them totally usable even by kids. They are all supplemented with waterproof remote control the speakers of such TVs are also totally waterproof, and safeness of the TV construction itself is guaranteed by the producer with total waterproof protection of electronic components. Your AVEL waterproof TV will never become a burden but only a source of enjoyable content viewing for your entire family!

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Hot Tub Drain & Fill Swim Spa Drain And Fill

Draining and refilling your hot tub can be a huge pain. Take the headache out of changing your hot tub water by hiring the professionals at York Region Pools & Hot Tubs to do it for you! Our expert technicians will first drain your hot tub, then properly clean all of the hot tub surfaces, deep clean the filters. Once the hot tub has been fully cleaned we will then start the refilling process so that there will be no FLO errors when you turn the hot tub back on. Swim Spa customer encouraged to use bulk water delivery to refill your spa quickly.

Popular Hot Tub Tv Setup Options + Install Tips

So you want to add a TV to your hot tub area? There are many ways to do this, some installations a more complex than others. Youve got a few variables to account for: water , power, the outdoor elements, sound quality, and last but not least your budget.

In this post, Ill cover a few hot tub/TV options Ive seen, and give my recommendation at the end for what I think would be best for my own setup.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal taste and why you want to mount a TV. Let me know in the comments what you decide!

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Waterproof Tv For Hot Tubs

A television display technology that utilizes a liquid crystal display is called LCD TV. TVs of this kind use much less power in comparison with plasma displays, because they operate on the principle of blocking light rather than releasing it. LCD panels consist of two polarized sheets of a glass-like material, which are glued together. One of the sheets is covered with a special polymer that sustains the individual liquid crystals. Electric current passes through individual crystals, allowing them to pass or block light and create images in this way.

LCD televisions are usually very thin they can easily hang on a wall or stand on top of a table, desk, dresser, or cabinet.

At SunBrite TV the waterproof LCD TVs are created to add that extra touch of luxury to your hot tub and designed to merge with the decor of your bathroom. Waterproof LCD panels are complete and always ready to fit they are easy to install, enhancing style and beauty of your home decor.

Place Your Tv Strategically

We built an indoor portable hot tub ski chalet | Brojects: The Webisodes

Once youve got the right TV for the job, its time to start thinking about where youre going to put it. The location of your TV is key to keeping it safe from water damage, so avoid placing it directly above the hot tub or anywhere it could potentially get splashed. If you have a gazebo or pergola over your hot tub, thats the perfect spot for your TV. Not only will it be out of the way of any potential water damage, but youll also be able to enjoy your show or game without worrying about the sun ruining your view.

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Maximize Tv Viewability If Needed

Since a hot tub has a seating capacity of 5-6 max, you may want to consider mounting your TV to a canopy or outside structure that allows more people to see it.

Ive seen a few hot tubs include a swim-up bar on one side with barstools this configuration is perfect for people hanging out or taking a break from the hot tub for a while.

York Region Hot Tubs & Pools

Richmond Hills #1 choice for Hot Tub, Swim Spa & Pool Service!

At York Region Hot Tubs and Pools, were proud to sell and support Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas and we service all makes and models. Hydropool has been making hot tubs and swim spas right here in the GTA for over 35 years. In that time, they have become one of the largest and most innovative hot tub manufacturers in North America. Whether youre looking to reconnect with friends and family, to soothe tired, aching muscles, or simply to relax Hydropool have the hot tub that is perfect to suit your needs!

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Proofvision 43inch Lifestyle Outdoor Tv Features

Fanless outdoorenclosure

With a depth from just 67mm, we offer a compact and attractive solution. The unit is made of aluminium avoiding the need for noisy fans like other products on the market. Our system uses a unique fanless temperature control system.

Anti-reflective screen and high brightness panel

With the powerful 700cd/m2 brightness screen you are able to view in direct sunlight. There is also an anti-glare covering on the front of the screen to prevent glare on a bright sunny day.

Super slimdesign

With a depth from just 67mm and a weight 50% lighter than the average outdoor screen, we offer one of the most compact and attractive solutions on the outdoor market.

LG FULL HD LED commercial panel

The LED panels we use are from one of the most respected manufacturer of LED panels in the world ensuring we deliver the most reliable and best product on the market to our customers.

Hot Tub And Swim Spa Maintenance Services

7 Person Hot Tub with Built

If youre having problems with a chemical imbalance or water clarity issues in your hot tub, look no further than York Region Pools & Hot Tubs. Our professional and experienced technicians will know how to get your hot tub looking sparkling new again! We provide ongoing weekly hot tub maintenance services that include:

  • Testing the hot tub water.
  • Adding weekly maintenance chemicals.
  • Cleaning all hot tub surfaces.
  • Cleaning the hot tub cover.
  • Adding balancing chemicals .
  • Cleaning the hot tub filter .

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Optional Hot Tub Entertainment Accessories

Optional hot tub entertainment accessories

There are so many ways to enjoy audio entertainment with a Hot Spring spa. When you opt for a music-ready spa, you get built-in factory speakers. But if you want to, you can add a wireless Bluetooth® audio system, which allows you to connect your spa to your home entertainment system and other devices. Add a subwoofer, too, and you might never leave the water.

22 HD wireless monitor

To enjoy live TV, stream video, and more in your hot tub or while entertaining in your backyard, add an all-weather, 22 HD wireless monitor to your spa. The monitor offers excellent picture quality with 1080p screen resolution, tempered glass, and anti-reflective/anti-glare coating. HDMI-enabled, it can connect to your in-home video sources or a streaming stick for a range of display options. A monitor pedestal that slides under the base of the spa is included for easy mounting and installation, and a heavy-grade vinyl monitor cover offers additional protection and comes in a range of colors to match the spa cover.

Top notch service with sales, delivery and setup. Was given a thorough walk-through of all the functions, including setting up the awesome Bluetooth sound system! Platinum service!

Highlife Owner | Grand Forks, ND

The Hot Tub With A 61

Because you can’t have a big enough TV in the spa.

This can safely be categorized as one of those only-in-California items because 1) it requires a hot tub, 2) there’s a huge TV involved and 3) it’s absolutely ridiculous. Making it even richer, there’s competition between two appropriately named companies: CalSpas and Catalina Spas.

The first purveyor was featured awhile back with a 42-inch plasma that rises automatically from the side of the tub. But now we’re treated to a competing four-seater from Catalina Spas that boasts–get this–a 61-inch LCD HDTV, according to BornRich.

Which begs a couple of obvious questions, of course. If you had the means to purchase something this absurd, wouldn’t you want more than four seats? And wouldn’t you go blind from watching a screen this size with your nose just inches away, pina colada in hand?

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Cal Spas Minnesota Is Here To Help Create Your Dream Space

With these tips in mind, you can safely install a TV near your hot tub and enjoy all your favorite shows and movies in the great outdoors. Just be sure to take the necessary precautions to protect your investment.

If you have any questions about safely installing a TV near your hot tub, or if you need help finding the right model for your space, please contact your local experts at Cal Spas Minnesota. Were always happy to help!

Neatly Concealed Pops Up At The Touch Of A Button Sit Back And Enjoy Your Favourite Movie While Soaking In Your Hot Tub

Installing a 100″ Cinema Projector for the Hot Tub in My Garden! *insane*

It’s like having a home media center and a wellness retreat in one. You can still find small tvs with lift cabinets as an option in some luxury hot tub models. Outdoor tv setup hot tub outdoor hot tub backyard hot tub lights luxury 5 person lcd tv spa with 7 color light whirlpool bathtub waterfall from china manufacturer manufactor whirlpool bathtub hot tub backyard sunken hot tub

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