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How To Keep Pool Cool

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Great Tips To Keep A Florida Pool Cool This Summer

How to keep your pool water COOL

The tropical Florida climate makes the state one of the best places to live. It also means that staying cool can be challenging. A swimming pool during the summer is a lifesaver, but it’s not always easy to maintain the right temperature.

If no action is taken, the odds are the water can quickly get warm, and then you won’t be able to enjoy the pool as much. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep the pool cool all summer long.

Why Does Swimming Pool Water Get Hot During The Summer Months

The reason why your pool water gets too warm during the summer months is because of the warm summer heat. When the outside temperature is too warm, the water in your pool will automatically heat up. If your swimming pool is 6 feet or shallower, then it is also more likely to get too warm in the summer. Other factors that can make your pool water temperature rise include your swimming pool location and the overall design of the pool.

Ways To Keep Your Pool Cool During The Summer

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During the hottest part of the summer, there’s nothing better than taking a dip in your nice and cool backyard pool. But if you neglect taking care of the water, it can get too warm for your liking in a hurry thanks to the hot sun. At The Pool Store Inc., we want to help you keep your pool perfectly relaxing all summer long with expertpoolside sales and service in Minneapolis, MN. Here are 4 quick and easy ways you can keep your pool exactly the way you like it during the hot summer months.

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What Temperature Is Too Hot For A Pool

What temperature is too hot for a pool rather depends on what you like to do in a pool.

If you like to just soak and splash around then you will likely be happier with a temperature higher than someone who likes swimming lots of lengths to get fit. In fact, doing strenuous exercise in water that is too high can be dangerous.

Many competitive swimming associations lay down maximum temperatures that a pool can be. For example, for Olympic swimming events the pool temperature cannot be above 82ºF.

However, for a home pool, personally I wouldnt be happy going in my pool at below 82ºF but then I hate the cold. 86ºF to 90ºF is about right for me but any more than that is getting too hot.

Consider A Reversible Heat Pump

Keeping Ducks Cool In the Heat of Summer

Reversible heat pumps are pool heaters that can instantly transform into pool air conditioners with the use of refrigerant and handy temperature controls.

Installing one of these bad boys for your pool is going to be the easiest option, literally cooling your pool on-demand with the flip of a switch. They are, however, a fairly expensive proposition, especially when you consider the initial price and long-term operating costs.

If youre looking for a pool appliance that can do double-duty: heating your pool in the winter and cooling it in the summer, a reversible heat pump may be just what the doctor ordered. Not only will you be more comfortable while using the pool, youll be able to extend your pool season far longer and truly get the most out of your investment.

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Install A Pool Chiller Or Heat Pump

If youre not inclined to get overly creative, theres always the option to install a pool chiller. After all, if the tool exists, why not use it.

Modern pool chillers use fans to cool water as it travels through its system. Its as simple as that. Pool chillers claim to be able to drop a pools temperature up to ten degrees overnight. And in a lot of cases, thats true. But, it will largely depend on the size of your pool. They can be installed in as little as a few hours and you can get to work immediately. Pool chillers will set you back a few thousand dollars, depending on the size of your pool.

Alternatively, you can install a heat pump. You read that right. Pool heat pumps have a reverse function used to cool water by extracting heat from it. However, a heat pump will see very little use in the Miami area. Chillers are significantly less expensive if you just need to cool the water in your pool. Moreover, chillers are much cheaper to run than a full heat pump used to cool your pool.

How To Keep Above Ground Pools Cold

ugafan said:for my intex ultra frame i got one of these sprinklers, attached it to the hose, and wrapped the hose around one of the beams. instant fountain for $3.

ugafan said:i don’t have it plumbed to to the pool because i don’t run the filter when i’m in the pool. i simply ran a garden hose to the pool and wrapped it around one of the vertical beams. the sprinkler screws into the garden hose.

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Cool Pool Water: 6 Ways To Keep Your Pool Water Cool

  • |February 10, 2020

Swimming pools are a cool and refreshing way to beat the heat during the sweltering dog days of summer. There is nothing better on a hot day than jumping into the cool and rejuvenating water of your backyard pool.

So what can you do if your pool water has passed the point of refreshing and now just feels like warm chlorinated bathwater? Dont despair were going to share the best options out there for how to cool your pool in no time so you can actually enjoy your pool all summer long.

Is A Chiller Even Necessary


I’m always amazed when I speak to a customer that has received 2 or 3 quotes from other pool companies and no one has yet mentioned the potential need to cool the pool water as well.

Frankly, when I see such a lack of teaching from other pool guys, I want to slap my forehead and the first thought that comes to my head is:

Are you kidding me??

Here’s the deal: If your pool is 6′ or less in depth and receives good amounts of sunlight throughout the day, then you’ll likely have need for a chiller at some time or another .

If you follow that advice, I promise you that you’ll make the right decision as to whether to go chiller or not with your heat pump purchase.

As always, happy swimming to everyone in this blistering weather!

At River Pools, we manufacture world-class fiberglass pools for customers across North America. If you’d like to get a fiberglass pool for your home, you can browse our catalog of models, try out our pool pricing calculator, or request custom pricing using the button below.

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How To Keep Your Pool Cool

Sweltering, sticky, sweaty these are just a few of the words that describe the weather in Wichita and the surrounding area. We bet you cant wait to beat the heat by taking a dip in your swimming pool. But, what if your pool isnt cool?

While bombarding your pool with large blocks of ice may reduce the temperature, it certainly is cost prohibitive and only temporary.

In this article, we look at how to keep your pool cool.

Waterfalls Fountains Aerators What Have We

This is perhaps one of the most innovative ways to get the job done. You not only get to cool down the heat of the pool but also make it appealing. Kill two birds with one stone and get a waterfall, or a lovely little fountain, and even an aerator, whatever you please. When youre sitting by the pool relaxing in the calm and quiet, the sound of the waterfall pouring will just add to the experience while also cooling down the temperatures.

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How Do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work

Similar to HVAC heat pumps that keep your air cool & conditioned in your home, swimming pool heat pumps circulate water through its system, draw the heat out of the water and return it to your pool at a cooler temperature.

As mentioned above, there are many different manufacturers of pool heat pumps and chillers, each with their own proprietary features that cool pool water for you so with a little research you can understand which make/model is best for your particular pool.

Run Solar Heater At Night

Keep Your Cool with Tips and Tricks for Proper Pool ...

Yes, solar heaters are designed to warm up your pool whenever the sun is out. But they also have a cool side feature that you can make use of on ocassion.

That said, this will only have a noticeable effect if theres a significant different between the hottest point of the day and coolest point where you live. Also consider that if you live in a hot climate,, then youll have to do this constant just to lower your pool temperature. A habit that can qwuickly drive up your electric bill

But odds are, if you dont already have a solar heat, then you prob wont be byying one jsut to cool off your water. Especially when far more effective, and reliable options exist for that very purpose.

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Keeping The Pool Deck Cool On A Hot Summer

A concrete pool deck is common and practical. Although not as appealing as one would expect, there are many ways to enhance its look with stamped patterns and color stains. One common issue with a concrete deck, however, is how got it could get when exposed to sunlight for long hours. It makes walking around barefoot almost impossible. Here are ways you could keep the pool deck cool to the feet during a hot summer.

How To Keep An Above

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Do you know! How to Keep an Above Ground Pool Cool in the Summer? Every year the summers get hotter and the heat waves keep us awake on long and restless nights. With global warming no longer an issue just on the news but more prevalent in its presence, our pools arent getting any cooler either.

The last thing youd want is your pool turning into a body of molten lava in your backyard. And if you happen to own an above-ground pool, you do have a cause for genuine concern every summer. With in-ground pools, because theyre built-in, they dont heat up as much. However, with above-ground pools, their exposed edges leave the body of water prey to the hot air and high temperatures.

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How Do I Keep My Concrete From Getting Hot

Bare concrete tends to get hotter than painted concrete surfaces. Use this to your advantage by painting your patio a color that is less likely to heat up. Darker colors tend to become slightly hotter than lighter colors when exposed to direct sunlight, so its best to paint your patio a shade of white or off-white.

My Swimming Pool Water Is Too Hot And How To Cool It Down

How to cool your pool water cheap.

My business partner Jim got an email this week from a previous inground customer that gave me a little grin, mainly because it is such a perfect representation of a conversation we have when talking to potential customers the first time regarding Heat Pumps:

Dear Jim,

We know that we balked when you told us that we needed a chiller for our pool. We could not imagine the water ever getting so warm that we would require such a thing . We are here to testify that without that chiller over the last week of 90 degree plus days, every single day here in Northern Virginia, we could/would not have been able to use our pool. When the water temp finally hit near 90 degrees last weekend, Cynthia said, “Let’s give that chiller a shot”. What a lifesaver! Instead of getting in what felt like pretty un-refreshing bathwater, since then, the chiller has kept the water temp at a manageable and refreshing 84 degrees. Feel free to have anyone who is on the fence regarding chillers just give us a call – we’ll more than endorse them.

Scott Conrad

Chantilly, VA

A special thanks to Scott for taking the time to write this note that addresses the question of whether to get a regular heat pump vs. one with a chiller.

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Use Your Solar Panel To Cool Your Pool Water

This may come as a surprise to many people. How can a solar panel help to cool water temperature in the pool? Most people assume that the solar panel can only help to warm temperature in their swimming pool.

However, studies show that they can also help to lower water temperature in your swimming pool. A solar panel is not just good at absorbing heat but they are also good at expelling it. If you use your solar panel at night when the outside temperature is lower than the temperature of the water, the solar panel will expel heat from the water, keeping your pool clean. This water-cooling technique only works when the outside temperature is slightly lower than the temperature of the water.

How Do You Cool It

Between 2:30am and 5:00am each day, panels of jets attached to the side of Mr Bruvel’s pool have been pumping water back over the pool’s surface.

The size of the droplets the jets spray are like a Goldilocks formula too small and they risk being carried away by wind, too large and the relationship between volume and surface area becomes skewed so heat transfer is less effective.

“Basically they’re coming out of the jet at the temperature of the pool, and then as they pass through the air they take on the temperature of the surrounding air,” Mr Bruvel said.

“This pool used to be stuck out in the blaring sun and it used to get 32 degrees plus, and even with my early prototypes I was getting it down to 28.”

The inventor is fine tuning technology that will allow web-enabled algorithms to make decisions about when to activate the jets based on weather forecasts.

The jets will switch on automatically when they have the greatest capacity to reduce the pool’s temperature to the desired range.

“I’ve also developed a cost-calculation algorithm that can look at what the temperature target is and what the existing climatic conditions are,” Mr Bruvel, who works in air quality analysis, said.

“Then you can input the price of water and the price of power, and it can develop a cost estimate for you to reach a given temperature target.

“That’s just a little quirky thing I’m working on on the side.”

Mr Bruvel has a provisional patent for the product and is seeking feedback from the market.

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Cost Effective Ways To Keep Your Pool Water Refreshingly Cool

A deep-seated garden tub is a somewhat upscale amenity that has made its way into master bedroom suites across the country. Also known as a soaking tub, it is typically oval and free-standing. Because it is larger and offers more depth than the typical bathtub, it has become synonymous with luxury. Submersion in that warm, soapy water is a great way to end a busy day.

Whats another great way to end a busy day and beat the summer heat? A refreshing dip in the sparkling water of your backyard pool!

Unlike your garden tubs temperature that you can regulate as you fill it, your pools water temperature gets turned up when subjected all day to the suns powerful rays. Since you likely prefer the experience of cool and rejuvenating water in the summertime, how do you most effectively keep that temp a bit more consistent?

Top 5 Ways to Put the Cool in Your Pool

First off, maintaining that refreshing coolness to offset the summer heat is fortunately good for you and bad for the algae. If you want to make your pool maintenance an easier chore, the cooler water will help inhibit the promotion of persistent growth as well as that of bacteria. Retarding that development will also help save you money on pool chemicals.

Here are some suggestions for putting some more cool in your pool:

  • Shade Sails
  • Additionally, you will reap the benefits of protecting your pool water from UV exposure, thereby decreasing chlorine loss, which in turn saves money on costly pool chemicals.

    Which Option Is Best For Me

    Keep the concrete pool deck cool to the touch despite the ...

    Personally, I recommend getting an evaporative cooler if you need cooling for extended periods. Its affordable, easy to install, and highly effective. Ice is exceptionally useful for fast cooling, but its also a one-time strategy for most people and your pool will likely end up heating back up in just a short amount of time. Solar cooling is also viable, especially in warm regions that get a lot of sunlight, so its worth considering as an alternative. Before you buy any new product though assess your backyard environment and make sure youre providing enough shade for your pool or enough wind exposure to allow mother nature to help out, especially if youre in a hot region.

    For more temperature related articles, check out my guide on the perfect pool temperature.

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