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How To Patch An Above Ground Pool Wall

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How To Patch A Vinyl Liner In An Above Ground Pool

  • Get in the pool with a mask and preferably a diver weight belt
  • locate the hole in the liner and mark
  • Open the underwater patch kit
  • Using a quarter or something round, cut out a round piece of the clear vinyl from the patch kit.
  • Glue on side of the round piece and fold in half.
  • Go down into the water to the hole, unfold the piece of repair vinyl and press it glue side down over the hole in the pool liner.
  • Continue to press down and in place until it sticks well over the hole.
  • Come up from the water and have a beer. Youre done.
  • 16 If you could not find the leak, replace the liner

    This is really your last option. Well, you could just keep adding water to your leaking pool, but when it comes to an above ground swimming pool, thats never a good idea.

    Leaks that make the wall wet on the inside of an above ground will cause it to start rusting. A pool wall can be wet from a leak for a week or a month and not be a problem. But if you allow the wall to stay wet for an extended period of time, it will begin to and continue to rust. That is not good.

    Its unfortunate and unfair to have to go through all the expense of changing an entire pool liner just because it has a small leak. But for many situations, theres really no choice. And if your liner is 5 years old or older, then getting a new liner is an even better idea as liners start to get brittle when they get older. This means that even if you did find and patch a leak, there will be more to come soon.

    How Do You Repair Rust Holes In Above Ground Pool

    1.Tape metal sheets

  • Take a screwdriver and poke it all over the walls to find for holes.
  • Cut small metal sheets to desired patches based on the holes sizes.
  • Place the metal sheet pieces over the holes to cover them and secure them with a tape.
  • Drain the pool water to below the skimmer, take off a few top rails to pull back your liner and then remove your skimmer. Next you will cut out a piece of sheet metal to cover the old rusted skimmer hole. The sheet metal will go on the inside wall and is simply secured to the pool wall with several strips of duct tape.

    Similarly, can you use duct tape to patch a pool? Duct Tape = Instant Pool LinerWhen pool liners tear, it can be very costly to repair them. But duct tape can do the job. Simply cover the tear, and keep and eye on it to make sure it doesn’t start to peel off. Believe it or not, a single piece of duct tape can usually last underwater for an entire summer.

    Also to know is, can you patch a pool from the outside?

    Today, most pool vinyl patch kits can be used underwater or above the water level. You can also use If you can drain the pool down to patch the leak, it will be easier to make the patch. For an underwater patch, apply the vinyl liner glue to the patch only, and fold the patch over on top of itself, loosely.

    How long does an above ground pool last?

    15 years

    Finding And Repairing An Above Ground Pool Leak

    It just sucks when your pool is losing water. You want your pool to be your getaway from the stresses of life. And when it has a leak, it becomes one of those stresses.

    Finding a leak in an above ground pool requires dye, a mask, something to weigh you down, and a lot of patience. Once found, repairing the pool leak is easy.

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    The Only Guaranteed Way To Repair A Rusty Wall

    Over the years Ive tried to repair damaged pool walls in many ways. It was easy to experiment as people facing an apparent pool replacement would take a chance on my repair. I started by just duct taping some rigid steel sheeting over the holes and some failed. Then I would bolt the pieces of sheet metal to the existing wall all the way around the rust holes. Some failed. Then I tucked bigger pieces of sheet metal into the pools bottom track and upward to cover the holes and bolted them. Still some fails.

    I finally realized that I needed to reinforce the damaged walls integrity from top to bottom and not just in the local bad spots. So, this is what has to be done:

  • Get an entire piece of above ground pool wall.This may be the hardest part of the above ground pool repair for the do-it-yourselfer. The two ways to get an entire piece of pool wall are from an old pool that has been taken down or by buying a piece from a pool maker. The wall piece should be at least 4 long or long enough to cover all the bad areas of your pool wall.
  • Get at least 30 stainless flathead steel bolts and nuts and four pieces of metal steel channel.Youll use these to bolt your new piece of wall to your existing pool wall.;
  • Place the new wall piece against the pools wall on the inside.Youll have to move away the bottom cove in that area so the wall piece can fit right up against the existing wall from top to bottom.
  • Replace the coves at the bottom and youre done.
  • Pool Wall & Structure Corrosion

    Pool wall repair inside after

    All pools are susceptible to corrosion on the metal at some point during its lifespan.; Over time, aluminum pools are designed to withstand this process longer than steel pools.

    The most common area for this to take effect is the skimmer and return area.; Metal exposed to chemically treated water will corrode over time.; This is also why it is so important to maintain correct water chemistry.; Our fully staffed laboratory is available year-round to perform free water testing.

    If you notice any leaking on the outside of the pool wall near either the skimmer or return, it is important for this to be addressed IMMEDIATELY!; In most cases, it is a simple remedy, such as changing the gaskets in this area.; Over a period of time, neglecting this leak can corrode your metal pool wall and result in your pool wall splitting.; This usually means you will need to replace your whole pool!

    You may also notice pinholes, or small holes in your pool wall.; This is called pitting, and again, is usually a result of pool water coming into contact with the metal.; Most commonly, this is a result of a small pinhole leak in your pool vinyl liner in that area.; If you see this, it does not necessarily mean your pool is defective, as it is also a natural occurrence.; Please contact us or call our Aboveground pool service department, 413-594-2666, extension 134, for advice.

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    Patching Your Pool Liner In An Above Ground Pool

    If you determine your above ground pool needs a pool liner patch it’s important to take care of the repair quickly. Your pool will continue to drain until it reaches the level of the hole. Depending on the location of the tear you may need an expert to complete the repair. If the leak is near the top rail, the water might only go down a couple of inches. But if it’s near the bottom of the wall or the floor of the pool, the extensive water loss could collapse the pool and turn your yard into a muddy mess.

    What To Do If Patching Does Not Work

    If holes or tears are constantly appearing on your Intex pool, then you might want to check first if your pool is properly leveled. Also, look for any sharp objects that may have caused this issue. Draining your pool might help.

    If your patching kit is not doing a great job, you might consider buying one or two of these patching solutions.

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    What Caused The Pool Wall To Buckle A Leak

    The number one cause of pool wall buckle or roll-up at the bottom is a leaking pool liner. The Ice formed on top of the pool like it always does. Then, the pool water that supports it leaked out from under the ice on top. The incredible weight of the ice hanging on the top rails transferred to the pool wall.

    Swimming pool uprights and top-plates are not made to carry much weight.

    We tell you not to let the children walk on or sit on the top of the pool wall. If you allow heavy people do this, it will damage the pool. Now, imagine a 1-ton kid;walking across the top of your pool framing. You get bent or cracked top plates, bent wall posts, buckled pool walls, and more winter damage than you can imagine.

    PRO TIP*** If you ever suspect a leak remove the pool cover!

    How To Patch An Intex Pool Final Thoughts

    How To Repair Rusty Pool Walls

    Patching your Intex pool all by yourself is not that difficult. With the right patching kit and knowing how the patching process work, things could be solved within 15 minutes and you and your family can start doing some water fun activities again.

    Make sure you regularly check the patch if it holds to avoid having to spend money for a more expensive pool repair.

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    Can You Repair Above Ground Pool Wall

    repairabove ground poolswallsyou willwall

    People Also Asked, How do you reinforce a pool wall?

    It is also possible to reinforce the wall by taping a flat piece of steel or aluminum to the inside. If the liner has any holes in it they can usually be patched. The only time the liner would need replaced is if it has shrunk and there is not enough to pull back up and over the wall.

    Also know, how long does an above ground pool last? 15 years


    Does Gorilla Tape Work Underwater

    Gorilla Waterproof Patch and Seal Tape instantly seals out water, air and moisture. With an extra thick adhesive layer and UV resistant backing this tape conforms to form a permanent bond indoors and out. At 4 in. wide use it to patch holes, cracks, gaps and tears, even underwater.

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    How To Confirm It Needs Repair

    Before you conclude that your pool needs a repair, you should first confirm if the discovered rust is just resting on the inside surface of pool walls or is it something more.

    If it is just a surface rust, then it is not an issue that you should worry about. You can manage it with a sandpaper by sanding the rusty areas to turn into smooth surface and then following it up by Rust-Oleum. Then, your pool walls are good to go.

    However, if you have found it to be more than just a surface rust, then it is something you need to be serious about. In certain cases, the rust gets so deep that it starts falling off in layers which means that the corrosion has gone quite deep. If this is the case, then you should doubt the strength of the pool walls. It is the pool walls that hold thousands of gallons of water and if they start getting weak, then they may lose strength then the wall may collapse.

    To know how deep the walls are rusted, poke them with a screw driver and scrape off the rust. If you find that the screwdriver has just removed the rust, then it means that the wall still has strength. So, you still have chances to repair the wall. On the other hand, if the screwdriver pokes completely through the wall, then it means that the walls have lost their strength.

    Above Ground Pool Dangers

    Above ground pool wall replacement parts

    If an above ground pool springs a leak, the water will drain until it reaches the level of the hole. If the leak is near the top rail, the water might only go down a couple of inches. But if its near the bottom of the wall or the floor of the pool, the extensive water loss could collapse the pool and turn your yard into a muddy mess.

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    What Caused My Pool Liner To Shatter Into A Million Pieces Or Get Cuts

    Pool Liner cuts or total obliteration happen to many pools with buckled pool walls. The cause is the same, a leak!

    The pool walls are metal, and the metal conducts the cold to the pool water. This;conduction causes sheets of ice form along the whole length of the pool wall first. Then wall ice combines with the massive ice-cake that formed on the top of the pool. I have seen Ice cakes 18-inches thick on top. When the water leaks out from under the ice, the ice caves-in. The giant blocks of ice pummel the cold non-pliable vinyl liner and break it to bits

    Customers told me they heard it happen, but did not know what it was until later. They report hearing a thunderous crash!

    Sometimes you get what I call guillotine cuts in your pool liner all around the edges of the pool wall. It looks like some came in with a razor knife and put cuts in your pool liner. These cuts are from the sheets of ice that formed along the pool walls. As the water came down, it drove the wall ice right through your pool liner like dropping a guillotine blade.

    How Do I Find The Leak In My Intex Pool

    The easiest way to find a leak in your Intex pool without draining it is using a pool dye testing kit. The dye test is a great way to discover the exact location of the leak. Just make sure that you choose dye colors that will stand out from your pool liners color. You can use either red or yellow dye when trying to find the leak on blue-colored Intex pool liners.

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    Winter Damage What Caused It

    In my friends case, he did not put on the winter skimmer cover. I gave him one he forgot to use. So when the Ice formed over the winter, it also froze in the skimmer opening. When the warmer temperatures came, and the ice began to melt, the ice that had formed across the entire top of the pool and in his skimmer, started to drop. When it fell, it tore his pool wall as like a hot knife going through butter.

    Quick Fix Options For Patching Your Pool Liner

    Protecting Your Liner From a Rusty Wall for Above Ground Pools

    There are a handful of options for patching your pool liner. If youre especially in a bind and need more time to figure out what to do, you can always use duct tape.

    All you have to do is grab your roll of duct tape, cut a piece thats larger than the tear, and apply it right onto the liner. This can be done above or underwater, and it should provide a strong hold for a little while until you figure out what to do.

    Here are your other options.

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    Replacing A Vinyl Pool Wall

    If you need to replace the entire vinyl pool wall panel, it can be done in the same way as a small patch. You’re going to need to get an entire piece of the above-ground pool wall and bolt the new part of the wall to the existing pool wall. The wall piece should be long enough to cover the bad areas of the pool wall.

    First, you’re going to place the new wall pieces on the inside of the pool wall and line up the metal channels to the edge of the wall piece. Then, you’re going to drill holes through the inside of the pool to the outside channel, wall piece and existing wall. To secure everything, you’re going to bolt everything through the drilled holes. Make sure the nuts and bolts are drilled tightly.



    • Use gloves when using rust remover chemicals or epoxy putty. Wear a face mask when spray painting.

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    How To Patch A Pool Liner In 4 Steps

    Step 1: Clean the area. Get rid of any algae or build-up on the pool wall or ground.

    Step 2: Trim the patch as needed. Make sure the diameter of the patch is 2 inches away from the tear on all sides.

    Step 3: Apply adhesive if youre using it.

    Step 4: Stick it and immediately apply pressure. Push on it to remove air bubbles. If its possible, put a weight on it to apply pressure for 24 hours.

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    How To Perform Above Ground Pool Repair

    We all know that its the pool walls that hold water. If you maintain your pool to be at a decent quality, then it can last between 20 to 30 years. After this period, the top rails start rusting. Sometimes, the uprights and pieces of bottom track will also start to rust. The pool walls that hold the pool waters get corroded. Because of this, the pool looks no more lively and will not please the swimmers.

    Usually, it is when you change the liner that you will observe the rusty pool. This is because, when you change the liner, you will need to first drain the pool. And then, you will need to remove the liner. As soon as you remove it, the empty pool exposes the rusty and unpleasing walls. When you look at the rusty condition, you will surely ask yourself if this is normal or is it something that seriously needs to be fixed. Hence, you would want to get the pool into normal condition.

    If you are really wanting to fix such issues, then this is the right place to guide you. Here, we will guide you how and when to perform advanced above ground pool repair.


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