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Is 20 Gauge Pool Liner Good

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Antilles Dolphin 25 Gauge Swimming Pool Liner

Mil vs Gauge What is the deal with liner thickness

This one is the fourth pool liner on our list. It is suitable for 48 or 52 constant depth swimming pool. This is made in the shape of a standard swimming pool.

The liner comes with lap welded seams and this is why the lateral and vertical tension is reduced. It has got extra heavy duty and 100% Vinyl material which protects against chemicals and any other UV. Thus, it prevents the fading and any cold crack resistance.

The pool liner comes with reduced wrinkling folds. It is hand folded flat and no automatic machine folders are used. Thus, there is no permanent creasing in the pool liner. Apart from this, there is also a Universal Gasket Set which comes with the gaskets for the pools skimmers and returns.

The skimmer gaskets can work on both the standardly sized skimmers and the wide mouth skimmers also.


  • The pool liner has a 100% virgin vinyl material and this is why the liner is very durable.
  • It comes with extra heavy duty and protections against the fading, UV rays, cracks, and chemicals.
  • It has got high-temperature curing; the computer-controlled process ensures that the device is fully vulcanized to its extreme.
  • It has got high-pressure heat bonding.
  • The pool liner is created with computer balanced combination of high pressure and temperature which offers a void free permanent bond.


  • Some of the customers felt that the liner could have been a little bit longer.

How Is The Thickness Of A Vinyl Liner Measured

Options and Accessories;|; Vinyl Liner Pool Information

Looking for the perfect vinyl liner pool? Youll eventually have to choose the vinyl liner part of that. Color and design, of coursebut how thick are the different pool liner options? How do the manufacturers measure it? What does the measurement mean in normal people terms?

River Pools specializes in fiberglass poolsbut we know they arent for everyone, and thats okay! We want to provide helpful info about all three pool types. Well walk with you as you make your big pool decisions, even if youre not buying from us.

Lets have some real talk about how we measure pool liner thickness:

  • Mils vs. gauges as units of measurement
  • Embossed vs. non-embossed liners
  • How thick the liner should be

Inground Vinyl Pool Liner Thickness: Basics Costs And Options

Installation & Construction;|; Pool Manufacturing Process;|; Swimming Pool FAQs;|; Swimming Pool Design;|; Vinyl Liner Pool Information

Are you shopping for vinyl pool liners for your swimming pool and uncertain what thickness is best? Want to verify in laymans terms what your pool builder has offered? Unsure what a mil measurement even means?

At River Pools, we specialize in manufacturing fiberglass pools, and we also know a lot about other inground pool types. If you’re interested in a vinyl liner swimming pool for your home, we want to share some key information on the thickness of the liner to help you make the best choices while buying your pool.;

To start, vinyl pool liners are usually 20, 27, 28, or 30 mils thick. The decision on whether or not to upgrade the thickness is yoursbut keep in mind that this detail that will be with you for 5-9 years.

What youll want to know:

  • The basics
  • If thicker liners last longer
  • How much more they cost
  • If theyre worth it
  • How to make sure your liner lasts as long as possible

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What Is The Difference Between Beaded And Unibead Pool Liners

Because they install evenly around the pool wall, Beaded liners flaunt beautiful designs and patterns including wall borders and tile trims. Unibead Beaded Liners: Unibead pool liners are the ultimate in versatility and have a two-in-one feature that allows you to replace an Overlap liner with a Unibead liner.

Three Important Features Of Above Ground Pool Liners

Heritage 20

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Before you purchase an above ground replacement pool liner there are three important features you should understand.

1. Attachments2. Patterns3. Material Thickness

In this article you will learn three important features regarding above ground pool liners. These features will help you decipher a good liner from a bad one.

Today many online pool stores are using deceptive information to persuade the public to purchase their pool liners.

At the Above Ground Pool Builder we feel it is important to discuss these three features in order to prevent you from having problems with your above ground pool. We have over 50 years of pool installation experience and our instinct says buyer beware!

Lets get started

1. AttachmentsThe terms: overlap, regular bead, uni-bead, J-hook, V-bead, EZ-bead liners etc. are telling you that the liner has a feature which attaches the liner to the pool. Most people are under the assumption that if you have a particular liner attachment then you need the same kind of attachment liner when replacing. This cannot be further from the truth! You can easily convert from one attachment to another.

This chart shows a few different attachments to explain what is possible.Wall attachment conversion helper



Above Ground Pool Builder Safe Zone

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Is A Light Or Dark Pool Liner Better

The natural lighting surrounding your pool will also have a major role to play in the color of your finished pool. … Deep Blue- A darker liner is more likely to absorb sunlight, and therefore can help to warm your pool water. Darker liners will also make it more difficult to see debris and dirt in your pool./span>

What Is Virgin Vinyl

I figured this term deserved a paragraph or two because you will see it everywhere.

I wish all vinyl were created equal, but then you would not be looking for pool liner reviews, and would not be reading this article to find the best above-ground pool liner. So, know this, while thickness matters, you only want to buy pool;liners made of Virgin Vinyl .

Virgin Vinyl is a term used in the industry to describe vinyl that is 100 percent new vinyl or pure if you like. There is no;added plastics or recycled vinyl in virgin vinyl. Liners made with added plastic or recycled vinyl, do not expand and contract evenly, and thus, do not fit as well, or stand up to extreme weather conditions. Ultimately, all this means is;that pool liners made with recycled vinyl or plastic, do;not last as long and should cost less.

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Faq On Above Ground Liners

Q: What is virgin vinyl?

A: Although thickness matters when buying a pool liner, you should only buy liners made of virgin vinyl meaning without recycled material. Virgin vinyl means that your product is made of 100% pure or new vinyl. Virgin vinyl expands and contracts evenly, and thus fits well.

Q: Why do different brand produce liners of similar patterns yet with different names?

A: This is often caused by the suppliers who sell these patterns to different brands. The brands can later name these patterns accordingly. They are purchasing vinyl from one supplier. However, note that just because the patterns are similar it doesnt mean that the liners are of equal thickness.

Q: What is gauge?

A: It is used as a true measurement in some industries, but shouldnt be used as Mil or be used to describe a liner. Pool manufacturers dont use 20, 25, or 30 gauge to describe the thickness of a liner; it is used by salespeople and stores. Therefore, it is a measure that is often used but you shouldnt use it to determine the thickness of your liner.

What Type Of Pool Liner Do I Need

How thick should a pool liner be?
  • Beaded liners have a beaded edge that snaps into a bead rail that runs around the top of the pool wall. This makes installation easy but you cant use one unless your pool has the right rail. If you have an inground pool, you will probably need this kind of liner.
  • Overlap swimming pool liners wrap around the top of the pool wall and are locked into place by the top rails, so they are usually used with above ground swimming pools. This can make installation a bit harder. However, you can trim the overlap liner so it doesnt have to perfectly match your pool.
  • Beaded and overlap vinyl liners come in a lot of different colors and patterns. Solid vinyl colors provide a nice neutral background, but there are also more interesting patterns to choose from like pebbles or tropical fish.

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Measure Twice Buy Once

All you need to determine which size liner your pool requires is a tape measure and something to write down your measurements. Because pool walls can warp and shift, take each measurement twice.

To get the height of any shape above ground pool, measure from the bottom rail to the top. Remove any obstacles from the ground to ensure an accurate measurement.

Check your result by measuring the height on a second section of wall. If the figure is between standard liner heights, round up.

Best Times Of The Year To Replace Pool Liner

Pool contractors need between two and six weeks to make a simple liner and between five and eight weeks for an extremely difficult job, such as converting a concrete pool into a liner pool.Choosing a time of year when business for pool companies is traditionally slower can save you money. Plus, the company will have more time and energy to devote to your project. Consider these three best times for replacing your pool liner:

1. Late Winter

Pool contractors have time on their hands before mid to late March when pool installation season ramps up. The opportunity to take advantage of this pre-season time makes this a good time to order your pool liner.

2. ;Mid-Summer

Mid-summer, July and August, is another slow time for pool companies. Most pool liners are already installed and up and running.

3. ;Post-Season

The third, but in my book, the best time to replace your swimming pool’s liner is after the season is over and most pools are ready to be winterized. September – November in most areas. Replacing your pool liner in the fall will also help you avoid next season’s price increases. It is also drier and less likely to have ground water issues. Look for blog on ‘Ground water issues’.Pool liners, though durable, need to be replaced every 13 – 15 years, depending on wear and weather conditions. Replacing pool liners keeps your pool looking fresh and new and helps to prevent costly repairs.

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How Much Does Thicker Vinyl Cost

It can cost several hundred dollars to upgrade to a thicker vinyl pool liner. Each time a vinyl liner increases total thickness or increases from embossed to non-embossed, the cost rises due to the increase in required material.

For example, a non-embossed 20-mil liner is 20 mils across the whole top . This liner will cost less than an embossed liner that measures 28 mils at its high point and 20 mils at its low point because the embossed liner has more material. By the same principle, that same 28/20 embossed liner will cost less than a non-embossed 28-mil liner , which uses even more material. Each upgrade increases the cost by $200-$400.

Above Ground Pool Liners Secret

33 Foot Round Overlap Above Ground Pool Liner

The majority of above ground pool liners on the market wont fit your swimming pool. At least not the way you want. You will buy off the rack.

Manufacturers are allowed by law to advertise a swimming pool as a 24 round pool, as long as is true measurement is 10% more or less. This rule is also applicable to all swimming pool materials including pool liner thickness. The manufacturer can lie legally within 10%.

Therefore, if you purchase a liner rack for a 24 round, and your facility true diameter is 23 ft. 9 inches, the liner will be too big and end with wrinkles. Worst case, you get a liner that is too small.

With that in mind, it is important to take a tape measure and measure the true measurement of the liner you want to buy. It is also a good thing to ask for a custom-made product than to buy a liner that is too small for your swimming pool.

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What Is The Best Gauge For Pool Liners

20 gauge25 gauge

To start, vinyl pool liners are usually 20, 27, 28, or 30 mils thick. The decision on whether or not to upgrade the thickness is yoursbut keep in mind that this detail that will be with you for 5-9 years. What you’ll want to know: The basics

Beside above, what is the best pool liner? Here are the best above ground pool liners you can buy:

  • Best overall: SmartLine Waves of Poseidon 24 Ft. Round Liner.
  • Best 24 ft pool liner: SmartLine Antilles Dolphin 24 Ft.
  • Best SmartLine pool liner: SmartLine Stone Harbor 12 Ft. by 24 Ft.
  • Best Swimline pool liner: In The Swim 24 Ft. Round Overlap.

Thereof, is a thicker pool liner better?

The thicker a liner is, the higher the cost tends to be. Thicker liners offer a little added puncture/tear protection. Thinner liners have greater elasticity and can therefore provider a better fit in many cases. Thicker liners are more challenging to install properly.

How long will a 20 mil pool liner last?

10 years

How Thick Should My Pool Vinyl Liner Be

The economic option for a vinyl pool liner is 20 mil embossed.

In general, we recommend you upgrade to a thicker liner.

It helps protect the liner from punctures in the first place.

It also provides insurance when the liner is punctured. In many cases the damage can be patched rather than completely replaced.

That extra protection is especially handy if you have a dog that likes to play in the pool.

Take a look at the pros, cons, and costs of thick vs. thin pool vinyl liners in order to choose the best option for you and your family.

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How Is A Liner Gauged

Because gauge isnt standardized in the pool industry, one 25 gauge liner could measure 25 mil, while another could be 22 mil. Gauge sizes differ between manufacturers, too. The difference is usually slight, though.

If you stick with respected pool brands and pay careful attention to size and fit, the difference is unlikely to affect your pool liners lifespan. But for a more accurate idea of an above ground pool liners strength, youre better off looking for the mil measurement.

Above Ground Pool Liner Information

How Much Does a Pool Liner Replacement Cost?

Choosing the right above ground pool liner is one of the important aspects of establishing the identity of any above-ground pool. Aside from aesthetics, there are also some more practical factors to consider about vinyl pool liners for above ground pools. The right above ground vinyl liner secures the longevity of your pool.

The gauge or thickness of pool liners can affect the overall durability of the vinyl liner. The standard gauge for an above ground pool liner is 20 ga, yet you can upgrade to a thicker vinyl liner for increased durability and puncture resistance. In The Swim liners are made in the USA, with a quality control process that ensures a defect rate of below 0.1%; above ground pool liners that you can count on for season after season.

New above ground pool liners let you define the style of your pool and yard, and of course serve to keep the water in the pool. Replacement above ground liners are one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to give your pool a makeover, but make sure you use the right type of liner. Above-ground pools require a specific type of liner, using either an overlap or J-hook, expandable, or beaded liners. You can convert your pool from overlap liners to beaded liners by using liner conversion strips. Beaded liners offer many more designs and tile patterns, they are easier to replace, and you won’t see any overlap vinyl on the outside of the pool wall.;

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Top 5 Best Swimming Pool Liners Reviews In 2020

The swimming pools come in different forms, shapes, and variations. These days you can choose the conventional in-ground pools or you can also opt for the above the ground swimming pools too. The above ground swimming pools are a bit easy to install and they have a very smooth internal surface.

On the other hand, the swimming pools which are built in-ground, they need a very smooth, separate, hard-wired and attractive lining. And this is why you will need a Best Swimming Pool Liners.

Vinyl Liner Manufacturer Stock

All manufacturers;buy stock from suppliers, some from the same suppliers. Some;vinyl is cheap and includes recycled plastics with little plasticizers. Some prints will not hold up well to chlorine and UV rays, some will. Some liner prints/patterns come in more than one thickness. Same print/different vinyl quality!

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The Types Of Vinyl Pool Liners Available

There are different types of vinyl pool liners available. They are as follows:

  • The first one is the recycled Vinyl pool liner. These are generally thinner in shape and they can be stretched out of shape easily. But there is a disadvantage in the recycled vinyl pool liners. Since they can be easily stretched, they are more vulnerable to the punctures and cuts after using for quite some time.
  • The second one is the Virgin vinyl above ground pool liners. These are thicker and molded. Thus, it allows a greater resistance to the stretch and cuts. This is why they are better to use and they will also last for a long period of time.
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