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Who Makes The Best Pool Filters

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Do Water Filters Remove Bacteria

Who Makes the Best Pool Filter Cartridges? Part Two of Two

“NSF certifies filters that remove bacteria under a standard called P231,” says Andrew, but those tend to be designed for activities like camping, when you may need to drink water from a stream. If you have specific concerns about bacteria in your drinking water, be sure to buy a filtration system certified specifically to remove bacteria.

Intex 16in Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump For Raised Pools

This is a low cost pump and filter system that keeps water clean and free of growth like algae, not to mention dirt and particles. It has an indicator that is color-coded making it easy to read. There is also a basket filter built-in and the maximum capacity of the pool is 19,600 gallons. This is good enough to prevent leaves and large debris from clogging the filter.

I recommend you install the system outside a housing unit to avoid restricting air circulation. However, you can install a shield over it to protect it from the suns rays.

The Bad
  • The sides are two wide and sometimes they can cause the sand to seep into the pool.
  • You must obtain very specific sand cartridges that is only sold through the manufacturer.
The Good
  • Built-in RCCB , which is a great safety feature.
  • It has a system flow rate of 2400 gallons per hour.
  • There is a menu control valve that allows you to filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain and close the system.
  • Contains two connection hoses.
  • Works with chlorine and salt water pools.

Troubleshooting: Signs That Your De Filter Is Faulty

A DE filter is pretty easy to troubleshoot than a sand filter. Moreover, the filter medium in DE filter does not go bad since it is changed every time backwash is done.

Basically, the filter elements or parts will go bad. However, troubleshooting a DE filter is straight forward and here follows signs you can identify to detect spoilt parts:

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Best For Above Ground Pools: Carvin Laser 225

Use a pool filter with sand to filter your way to cleaner, clearer water in your above ground pool. The Carvin Laser Sand Filter relies on naturally abrasive sand as a filter media to keep your pool sparkling. The system draws water evenly across the surface of the deep bed of sand in the filter tank, allowing for higher flow rates, better filtering, and more efficient backwashing. The pump is also equipped with a 7-way valve that can easily be adjusted for functions like filtration, backwashing, rinsing, draining, winterizing, and more.

Like all sand pool filters, it will require occasional backwashing and the sand will need to be replaced about every 5 years. However, this above ground pool filter can keep up with pools up to 21,000 gallons in size.

What Size Swimming Pool Pump Do I Need

Top 10 Best Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pool Filter ...

When trying to determine what size of swimming pool pump you need for your new pool, what youre looking for is a pool pump that will be able to fully pump all of the water from your pool through the filter in no longer than 8-10 hours. This generally ends up being a 40-50 GPM pool pump for smaller to medium pools around 24,000 gallons or less and an 80-100 GPM pool pump for larger pools over 30,000 gallons.

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Hayward S210t93s Proseries Sand

The Hayward S210T93S is a remarkable pool filter for pools above the ground. It is known for extreme ruggedness and energy efficiency. The filter employs the sand filtration system to make your water clean.

The entire operation is powered by a heavy-duty 1.5HP motor and yet energy-efficient. Of course, it is the innovative filtration system that earns that quality for the Hayward machine.

The filtration system employs the full-flow technology that ensures every inch of the sand media is utilized for filtration. This way water is uniformly distributed and there is no lagging. In the end, crystal clear water is released into the pool and your pool users are elated.

The product comes with 7-position valve operations which include filtering, waste, winter, closed, backwashing, recirculation, and rinsing. The backwashing can be effectively monitored using the sight glass. A pressure gauge is also affixed to the device.

The powerful motor coupled the filtering system makes it possible for the machine to deliver up to 4440 gallons of water per hour. Thats quite much, isnt it?

On the part of ruggedness, the material used to make the filters housing is the popular color-fast polymeric stuff. This ensures that the machine stands up to various weather conditions as well as corrosion-resistivity.



Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Cartridge Filter


  • Low maintenance. As a pool service professional, a cartridge filter in my opinion is the easiest to maintain. Pop out the cartridge, rinse and you’re done.
  • Not a high cost to replace the filter once a year. These also do a very good job filtering water and maintaining decent water clarity. As stated above, it’s the middle of the road as far as microns capturing debris. This is a good filter for a residential pool and highly recommended for a screen enclosed pool.
  • Cost for a cartridge filterâ element only, depending on sizeâ runs between $65 and $150 . Entire new filter with cartridge included, between $200-400.


  • If a pool has some problems such as algae or water cloudiness, these cartridges have a tendency to clog quickly when trying to filter cloudy or “green” water. The cartridge needs to be rinsed every few hours until the pool is clear. If the pool is maintained regularly and you don’t have many algae issues, then I would certainly recommend this type.

Sand filter

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Hayward S210t Proseries Inground Sand Filter


This best inground pool filter is superefficient and good value for money it is versatile in performance and long lasting too. It is a good buy and with the name of Hayward backing it is just what you would need to clean up your pool.

Review Summary-Hayward S210T ProSeries Inground Sand Filter

Optimum water flow even when the water is at a lower pressure is achieved with the Vari-Flo valve which has a seven point control to ensure highly efficient performance. The filter tank is anti-corrosion aided by the one block injection molded color fast tough material for long lasting use. The Hayward S210T ProSeries Inground Sand Filter is design engineered for superlative performance for all types of swimming pools, from above to inground, spas, aquariums and for a host of other applications. This inground pool filter consists of a large pressure sand/water draining system for rapid winterizing and servicing.

This pool filter is able to withstand the vagaries of Nature and would come out always unscathed. The tank casing which encompasses all the important internal components is strong, durable and tough to ensure it would last the test of time. The installation is further facilitated by the 360 degree rotatable upper casing which is held tightly by the flange clamp design. The filtration area is impressive and just what would be needed to ensure efficient filtration is executed to the optimum.


Choosing The Best Pool Heater

Who Makes the Best Replacement Pool Filter Cartridges? Part One of Two

The process of choosing the right pool heater may seem challenging. But it is not that difficult to pick the perfect pool heater for your needs. You should take into account several factors.

  • You have to understand what goals you want to achieve while using a pool heater. For example, if you want to heat the pool water in the shortest time, the best option for you will be a gas heater.
  • Decide how much you can spend on the operating costs per month. The most expensive will be gas and electric heaters. While heat pumps will be cheaper, and solar heaters are the cheapest.
  • The type of pool you need: inground or above ground. The same size inground and above pools in the same climate conditions will need different heaters. Above ground pools require a more powerful heater since while heating the water, a lot of the heat escapes through the sides and the top of the pool. It will be indicated on the pool heater whether it is for ingroundor above ground pool.
  • Climate features. This is extremely important if you would like to heat water with a heat pump or solar heater since both are highly dependent on air temperature and the amount of sunlight.
  • Law regulations in your area. In California and Texas, there is a law that establishes some emission limits. If you live in these states and want to heat your pool with natural gas or propane, you should take the regulations into account.

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Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter And Pump

This filter and pump is very affordable, easy to clean, maintain and has a good flow. I always recommend replacing the pump that comes with the pool with one that has better performance. Based on the reviews, this device seems to do that. The Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge has a system flow rate of 1,180 gallons per hour.

The Bad
  • The cartridge needs frequent replacing.
  • It does not come with piston valves and the cost is almost as much as the pump.
  • The pump makes a very loud sound while running.
  • Requires an adapter if you want to update the pump.
  • You can only use it in small pools above ground.
  • Some people have reported that the pump burns quickly or loses power.
The Good
  • Comes with additional cartridge and two hoses.
  • It has automatic pre-set timers from two to eight hours.
  • Double insulated pump for longevity.
  • It has a built-in timer to set the operation times.

Pentair 188592 Quad Cartridge Style De

The Pentair 188592 is another built-to-last product from the Pentair brand. Whilst it comes in a bulkier design, the device accommodates four cartridges which offer large capacities. It is designed mainly for inground pools.

The four cartridges ensure a large surface area for holding back unwanted materials. For easy maintenance, the device is fabricated for easy removal.

Its tank is made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropene tank that can withstand corrosion. Furthermore, the device can filter up to 7200 gallons per hour.


  • The filter may be costly to replace.
  • Requires very high maintenance.

Williams Take:

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Pentair 188592 Quad De Cartridge Style Inground Pool Filter


This is one of the many inground pool filters that carry the Pentair brand name which makes it special. If you are looking for a poolfilter to clean up your pool then this is the one you should be looking. It is good value for money.

Review Summary-Pentair 188592 Quad D.E. Cartridge Style Inground Pool Filter

The Pentair 188592 Quad D.E. Cartridge Style Inground Pool Filter has all the trappings of technology attached to it and is a great performer. It is precise in operation and delivers on its promises with no strings attached. It has the stamp of quality and with the reputation of Pentair behind it. This pool filter traps dirt and debris efficiently with its four large cartridges which provide a very large surface area of filtration. This allows for extended periods between the cleaning cycles which save on time and maintenance. Optimum filtration and troublesome back washing is efficiently executed with the unique flow water path.


Pleatco Pa120 Cartridge Filter Replacement

The 8 Best Above Ground Pool Filter 2020 Reviews

If you own a Hayward C-120 Star-Clear Plus Cartridge Pool Filter, then this replacement is the best to stock in your supply room. Its a high-quality filter replacement that is made in the USA and has many features.

Key Highlights:

  • Comes with an antimicrobial end cap, ensuring that the filter is totally effective in filtering dirt and bacteria
  • Compatible with filters model number C-8412 and FC-1293
  • Its easy to install.
  • Filter is made from REEMAY fabric, which is known for its superior strength.

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Hayward Xstream Cc1000 Above

  • BUILT TO LAST – Durable filter tank will provide…
  • A CLEANER POOL – For above-ground pools, XStream…
  • FEATURES – Sleek, flush mounted pressure gauge….

Hayward XStream cartridge filters provide a wide-area filter body for the added capacity of dirt and debris and longer, more efficient filtering cycles. Its large size and non-corrosive filter tank mean years of trouble-free filtration. Designed specifically for the rigors of above-ground filtration, the XStream is engineered for easy use with flexible or rigid plumbing.


Featuring an assembly of reusable polyester cartridge elements, Haywards SwimClear Multi-Element Cartridge Pool Filter provides heavy-duty dirt-holding capacity and extra-long filter cycles for in-ground pools and spas. SwimClears top manifold configuration has great hydraulic performance, allowing for maximum flow through all cartridge elements for superior water clarity and increased energy savings. Available in 325, 425, and 525 square foot sizes.


  • Comes fully assembled with 4 cartridges
  • Easy 30-minute installation, no-hassle cleaning
  • Excellent customer service from Hayward


  • The manifold may crack if left in direct sunlight longterm.
  • Sub-par packaging. Make sure to buy from a trusted seller.

Finding The Right Fit

A cartridge filter performs the essential function of cleaning the water in your pool. In order to do this, the dirty water must pass through the pleated fabric so the debris is removed from the water. If you do not filter your pool water, it won’t be long until your water turns green.

The cartridges in a cartridge filter system are tube-shaped, and they stand upright in your filter tank. Depending on your system, you may have one or several filters inside that tank. The dirty water fills up the tank and flows through the cartridges to the center of the tube. The filtered water exits the bottom of the tube and is pumped back into the pool.

When replacing a cartridge, its essential to get one that is the exact same physical size. This includes height, outer diameter, and inner diameter. If the cartridge is too large, it simply won’t fit. If the cartridge is too small, unfiltered water may be slipping by, which means your pool will shortly turn green. Additionally, it is important to remember that a cartridge is basically stiff polyester fabric and plastic, so the pressures exerted on a cartridge that doesn’t fit properly could easily crush or crack that cartridge, making it useless.

When purchasing a replacement cartridge that isn’t an OEM cartridge, be sure to double-check the measurements. If they aren’t exactly the same as the cartridge you are replacing, keep looking.

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Why Trust The Spruce

This roundup was researched and written by Theresa Holland, a professional writer, and a homeowner who is always on the lookout for products that enhance the at-home experience. In addition to The Spruce, she regularly contributes to MyDomaine and Byrdie.

To make this list, Theresa considered each pool’s size, type, and if it includes additional features, like filter pumps, pool liners, ground cloths, and debris covers.

Buying Small Swimming Pool Filters Here Is Your Checklist

What Swimming Pool Filter Is BEST For Me?

All pools require filters and pumps. Small pools use filters adapted to their size and specific needs. However, there are a number of different filters that can be used with small pools.

So, how do you choose the right filter for your small pool?

The first way is to speak to the small pool manufacturer and ask them to recommend the best pool filter for your specific model. This is the best option as they will be in the best position to help you select the right filter.

If your pool comes with a filter already installed, simply re-purchase that specific make, model and size.

You can use the instructions below that will help give you an idea of how to get the right small pool filter size. It can be a bit complicated and include mathematical formulas.

BUT dont worry.

I have broken down everything you need to know to make this process as simple as possible.

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Hayward Ec50ac Perflex De Filter

Unlike the previously mentioned Hayward DE pool filter, this filter can be used for both above round and in-ground pools of different sizes. There are 3 different models of this filter system available: the EC40AC, EC50AC, and the EC75A. Each model is a different size to be used in smaller or larger pools, according to your pool filter measurements.

This filter works very well to remove tiny particles from your pool water and give you the most beautifully clear water possible. In addition to small particles and debris, this filter system also works to catch algae. It generally manages to catch particles on the first pass through the filter without allowing many to pass by and go back into the pool itself.

The Perflex filter systems uses less resistance so that the use of your water and electricity is more efficient. Its efficient and dependable with reliable cleaning power that will make your pool much cleaner than many other types of filter systems. This is a comparable system to other DE filters available from other brands.

Best features:

Best For Kids: H2ogo Underwater Oasis Spray Pool

Dimensions: 8 feet x 26 inches | Shape: Round | Water Capacity: 555 gallons | Frame: Inflatable | Set-Up Time: 10 minutes

  • No warranty

If you’re looking for a safe, affordable solution for entertaining kids outside in warm weather, the H2OGO! Underwater Oasis Spray Pool. They’ll love the included inflatable dolphin, which can be connected to your garden hose to spray water . The pool as a whole can hold up to 555 gallons of waterand at more than 8 feet wide, there’s plenty of room for multiple kiddos to splash around.

Parents will also be happy to know that this pool is super easy to set up: it takes just under 10 minutes to inflate, deflate, and store, so you can easily schedule playtime, anytime. What’s more, the 3-ply Tritech liner is puncture-resistant , making this a pool that will last you for seasons to come.

Our number-one pick for above-ground pools is the Intex Ultra XTR Pool Set . Intex is a reliable brand, and this reasonably priced round pool is the perfect medium size. Plus, it comes with a sand filter pump, ladder, ground cloth, and debris cover. If you are looking for a rectangular-sized option, we recommend the Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set. The pool is 52 inches deep, comes in various sizes, and has a puncture-resistant, triple-ply liner, and a powder-coated steel frame.

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